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  1. Outgoing Prices

    So you think teams that expect to be promoted next season are going to buy the players from a side that they deemed not good enough from a team that has so far failed to get promoted? Not going to happen.
  2. Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    I'd go to Hooters instead for my birthday, much more fun
  3. Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    Rowett won't get sacked until mathematically we have no chance of reaching the Playoffs which probably will meander down to the last game of the season.
  4. Mac3

    Some people are so willfully living in the past that I pity for them. Do they still go on about their first girlfriend infront of their wives, wouldn't be surprised.
  5. A poll:- Mel Morris

    7? Wow, what would you have given him if we'd have got promoted automatically this season.
  6. Should Gary

    How old is your son, middle aged?
  7. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    Wisdom is a hit? If so then why did Rowett hardly ever play the guy this year until Forsyth had his mental aberrations against Sunderland. Huddlestone in isolation is a hit but given his place in an already totally immobile midfield negates a lot of that. Jerome - I've seen enough already to make my own mind up that he'll never be a player, happy to be proved wrong. Lawrence may not be the worst player you've seen but make that same comparison against other players signed for £6 million then start making an informed statement.
  8. Why do Derby fans not want to give Rowett time

    Rowett should have been instilling in his players that every game from now upto the end of the season should be treated as a Cup Final to get us enough points to qualify for the playoffs if the players would even need reminding of that. Looking at last night's performance and the one against Sunderland there was a serious lack of application and determination, I could see no evidence of us raising our game against undoubtedly the best team in the division which is totally unacceptable and down to Rowett. If this translates to the playoffs IF we get there and come across a decent team such as Fulham well I can predict the outcome already.
  9. Andreas Weimann

    If he was at good Wolves would have bought him last season and he would be playing in the Premier League again.
  10. Time to get some pay back at wovles

    If you don't think Wolves are that good at all what does that make us? I know which position I'd trade for out of the two.
  11. Still 5th

    What are you alluding to please?
  12. Return of the loans, keep, sell or loan again

    The sell option is a totally moot point should be changed to pay the receiving club to take off our hands.
  13. Rowett - In or Out?

    We won't attract any managers that aren't currently out of work herein lies the problem - we can't afford to pay off an existing manager and then fork out compensation to another club to release their existing manager.
  14. Preston North End V Derby County

    Why would they be?
  15. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    You've now mixed in the Miner's Strike into your argument. Interesting. Let it go, it will only consume you with bitterness.

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