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  1. We haven't won away all year for a reason
  2. I had a dream Nugent scored a goal full stop. Am just being silly now.
  3. Am very happy if we confine our signings to free transfers. Our record in the transfer market has been at best poor at worst abysmal. Can we start a thread on signing a new recruitment team?
  4. He speaks highly of you as well
  5. Just saying it's down to the result of the Bristol City game is over simplifying things in my opinion.
  6. You get prizes for finishing second from bottom and getting relegated? Forget the playoffs in that case then who needs them
  7. Sorry that was a bit hypersensitive so I retract that last bit
  8. Seeing as he quoted me then that's not actually true though is it....as long as it makes you happy that's the main thing though
  9. You've just restored my faith in humanity
  10. Put them on Ignore. That's the modus operandi of most of the posters on here when they hear something that they don't like or agree with.
  11. Bristol City 11 to 8 on to reach the playoffs Derby 16 to 5 against
  12. Absolutely. When there still is a mathematically possibility, regardless of how slim or highly improbable it may be, then you can't say that the seasons over until that point.
  13. Hat trick against Forest. Oh hang on......
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