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  1. Commentary from the game " good teams move the ball quickly". Under Cocu we almost never do this preferring slow build up, back passing and getting ourselves into trouble, we don't press other teams - its horrible.
  2. Well it was ironic to hear Cocu in his prematch interview saying how much we needed a central striker , "someone who can hold the ball up" and we are nowhere near finding anybody. We played better last season with Martin in the team . That Cocu preferred to get rid is a decision of which he has to take the consequences.
  3. He is beginning to look like some of the other celebrity foreign players mutated to manager who have tried management in the Championship and ended up sinking. Given he has managed elsewhere already it seems that it is the demands of the Championship and English football they don't get. I don't think the presence of Rooney helps him - and yesterday Rooney was a passenger,
  4. start with on the right side of central pair.
  5. True, but it's still a problem that has to be solved. Selected on reputation only and even his dead ball kicks recently have been poor.
  6. Or perhaps the manager doesn't know how to best use him !
  7. we have taken Marriott off and don't have players in their box ... we need to score. Pure Cocu attacking play -ineffective.
  8. Great to comment when not watching. When you watch the highlights do tell us what's unlucky about Rooney's misplaced pass for the goal - just poor football
  9. Ha gave the ball away a lot at the end of last season ... it continues.
  10. Agree and Cocu's caution means this doesn't look like changing.
  11. That was Jim Smith's first season.... we have had a full season of Cocu already, and how many straight losses does this loss add to?. The excuses you make for him don't really explain what is happening. As for your instruction for us to "grow up " - your just mardy and can't stand people who have a different opinion.
  12. Somebody as good as Martin but cheaper must surely be the limit of our ambition.
  13. Do we know if he is injury prone ? ? ( just joking)
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