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  1. Sadly Olsson is just another of our inconsistent performers that we need to let go.
  2. Recycled garbage and perhaps wishful thinking on your part. Perhaps little more can be expected from a 'new' poster.
  3. If we can win our next two games we will be in with a chance. If not , away games at Brsitol and Swansea will kill us off as confidence will be shot. A draw at Bristol might then be good enough. But our inconsistency means my confidence is shot already.
  4. But you underplay MacClaren's achievements here, as though success was ready made. He added key players to the squad and had a tactical nous that far exceeded that of the too cautious Clough. Like Lampard this season, MacClaren was unlucky with injuries in his second season.
  5. Do you not think the data would be much more useful if the goal timings were in half minutes rather than whole minutes?
  6. But you are referring to performances months ago - he hasn't looked good since he came back from injury. However he won 't have lost his skill and needs to be reintroduced at some point. We have been scoring goals without him. But this questioning of team selection from fans who are essentially ignorant of exactly what has happened is naive. If Frank has had a bust up with Marriott he wouldn't make it public.
  7. This is a wind up? I really hope so even if I am slow to get it.
  8. You expect to win your case ???? Distinctly average player - headless chicken runner far too often, though better at defending tan some other of our forwards. Wanting to see him back would only be justified if we had dropped back in standard also.
  9. A repetitive, strident group of moaning posters on here doesn't quite equate to 'large proportion of our fan base'.
  10. We don't know exactly what was said in negotiations between Morris and Lampard when Lampard joined us, but I am pretty clear that it wasn't " you must get us promoted this season" and recall statements that he wasn't expected to do this. Now we have all this uncertainty over Morris's continued ownership of the club at what seems a strange time, when fans are renewing their season tickets, to give just one reason. Morris has been nothing if not unpredictable during his time as owner and the arrival and departure of managers should have alerted Lampard to this. Does cancellation of the Dubai trip and public statements on ownership indicate Morris is at it again? Is Morris fed up with the drudgery of the Championship and the money it is costing him? It's not like Morris has done anything to damp down the uncertainty. I have renewed and like most fans am here for the long term but I will be seriously fed up with Morris if he triggers another bout of instability.
  11. This has become an anti-Radio Derby thread - ignoring the fact that many posters have been posting that our post-Christmas dive in form is inevitable and is the 'Derby way'. Frank has certainly complained about people with this attitude cos there is nothing inevitable about it. Accepting this idea creates the negativity Frank is on about.
  12. Take it you missed his run across the front of their pen area then . It was a useful substitution He is finished though, but not because of his speed or lack of - sadly he has completely lost his goal scoring touch.
  13. Agree completely - the midfield was ruined by Rowett (selling without replacing etc) and still hasn't been fixed and wont be fixed this season. What price the idiots on here moaning about Mason Mount? But Frank is floundering at the moment and his future is at risk. His constant tinkering and excessive changes in team selection will never work. As against Ipswich, when the team for yesterday was announced we all new what would happen. Useless. If FL starts blaming the fans (and he is walking a fine line at the moment ) it will soon be over. He's the professional being well paid to take responsibility.
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