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  1. DRBee

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    So is skill needed by the player to produce this result? Keep digging.
  2. DRBee

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    You need to talk to some B'ham City fans .... Rowett did what does and looked for something he thought would be better.
  3. DRBee

    Will Mel Morris be well happy.

    Of course thanks are due to GR for jumping ship, but that still left Mel with a big decision. Newspaper talk that other clubs had rejected Lampard as manager because of his demands was worrying. But anyone listening to the interviews Lampard has given since his appointment as manager will have heard someone who seems to speak with great intelligence and modesty. Someone who is very likeable and knows what he wants to do. That must have helped make the decision. Was Jody Morris part of the package in the application? Whatever, Mel should be thanked for the decision he made. Its far too dearly to know how things will work out. Fans still need to give Lampard time and patience when we hit a blip, as we will do. Bit it is great the that the entertaining football which 9 months ago some posters on here said we had no right to expect has actually arrived and is a core part of the managers philosophy.
  4. Many thanks, looked for film of this and didn't find it. Good to see it again.
  5. Agree. Certainly it was a long way out. Pity we slumped out against Arsenal in the next round .
  6. My response to the original post was made on page 1 , I merely respond to replies to my posts. Sorry if it has upset you so much. Wonder why? Read the responses more carefully - your post is not true.
  7. Except for the title .
  8. Nope ... there will be many in Derby who do not yet have UK citizenship, and the British people from ethnic minorities will have plenty of relatives who are non-British. Will they enjoy the " no foreigners please" ? And what about the Polish and other EU migrants who are not British? How do you think Josefzoon would react on reading the original post?
  9. DRBee

    Mason Mount

    If Mount is as good as some think he is going to be, might Chelsea not want to keep him? Delusional fantasy may keep a message board going , but this speculation is premature. Promotion is not a given and were we to be promoted it might be more likely we have to bring in foreign players to fill the skill gap as we couldn't afford players like Mount. Mount is a much better player than the likes of Ibe and Bamford.
  10. Derby is a multi-cultural city - look around you at matches, even if the supporters are not an exact match of the actual proportions who live here. We do support Derby cos we come from Derby, but that doesn't mean the players have to come from Derby or the UK. Stimac, Eranio, Baiano, Wanchope, Kinkladze, Idiakez and quite a few more - would we not have wanted these players?
  11. You seem to lose courage in your post , missing out the nasty provincialism of the header. We have had some great foreign players and DCFC is not UKIP.
  12. DRBee

    Lampards Permanent Signings

    'Not slagging FL off ' disingenuous or what ? 'After admittingly only 10 games,' its too ff in early.
  13. DRBee

    Does Frank know his best 11 ?

    Of course not ........ we have had significant change in players and a big change in playing style, and it is Lampards first managerial post. We are just into the second month of the season , why even ask the question when the answer is obvious? It could be worse if he had already made the decision about this. There will come a point when we will need stability in selection but I don't think we have yet reached it.
  14. DRBee

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Some of the negative comments on here about Mount are unbelievable . He may sometimes try too hard , but his skill, vision and involvement are exceptional for someone of his age. He was very unlucky not to score last night. Like Lampard, he needs to be given time. He will get even better during this season .
  15. DRBee

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Except that this ignores how well Nugent has done this season... still you can watch the match when you get home. He needs to be in starting team or on the bench at least.

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