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  1. Far easier to blame a player than make the manager take some responsibility. We were set up wrong last night and it ain't surprising some players struggled.Wilson is always capable of getting a goal and should be in the team.
  2. So why does the thread title express a single point of view if it's not attention seeking guano ?
  3. Agree . Some on here seem not to notice his ability to keep the ball, find another Derby player and when he loses the ball to actually try,often successfully to get the ball back. He may not be scoring the spectacular goals but his skills are badly missed - just look at our careless play when in possession and lack of forward options for our last two games. FL will always play him if fit.
  4. If you respond to a post is it unreasonable to expect your comments to relate to that post? Or perhaps you didn't read it. Where do I mention expectation of the autos? We are actually struggling to stay in the top six, despite having what some call an 'easy run' of fixtures. My complaint is selecting two midfield players who haven't played before or played recently. Wake up.
  5. Penalties are just as good on the radio 🤣
  6. Picking out one example of a player with an injury doesn't prove its not a cop out - there are many other selections where such information is not known and selection is not down to injuries. When Lampard kept the same winning team in our league Cup run it stood out and was effective . After that some of the 'tinkerings' have been surprising and the results not favourable. Perhaps its part of the Chelsea culture that he has acquired.
  7. That's a bit of a cop out. I strongly support Frank as manager, but he shown a readiness to tinker with the team ,without there necessarily being injuries as an explanation. What we don't know is the priority he gives to league games versus the FA Cup. To rest both Huddlestone and Bryson and replace them with players who had not played before or recently seemed an error on hearing team selection never mind in hindsight. There is an option of starting a player and bringing them off early , when the game might have been won.
  8. Spot on. To have two unfamiliar midfielders when we are not full strength anyway shows complacency on Lampards part.
  9. Quite a moaner - still better to complain about this ( something really trivial) than your moans about performances and players or specifically blaming Frank for the state of these flags.
  10. You really believe this true so use the word 'always' . Pathetic and demonstrably not true.
  11. For the last few matches Roos distribution has been much better than Carsons - it's not Carson's strong point
  12. Those who can't do ....become tv pundits
  13. So why was CB cover Lampard's stated priority?
  14. Except he is currently injured and when he has played his inconsistent performances have ranged from good to awful , so not sure there is 'nothing to worry about',
  15. I am not sure if I know all the possible factors that produced the decision to allow Pearce to leave - for example whether they thought he wasn't good enough cover or whether personal reasons were involved. However with no cover now, we do run the risk that we have made exactly the same mistake we made in Rowetts summer transfer period - letting players go and not having replacements in place. If that proved damaging if/when Keogh or Tomori got injured, then there could be legitimate criticism of the management of the club. Please don't drag up the 'real fan' garbage. (By all means class yourself as a real fan to make yourself seem superior, but it's an illusion since 'real fans' can and will express legitimate concerns.)
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