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  1. Does this mean he will be selected in starting eleven for every game ? OMG
  2. DRBee

    EFL appeal

    'Boiling' would be even better.
  3. DRBee


    This is a very lenient and complacent attitude. I have never been in favour of Morris's one man leadership of the club. He's made so many mistakes largely down to his overinflated view that having the money entitled him to make all the decisions. This was a flawed attitude on his part cos he needed people round him telling him he was doing things wrong. He did put in a lot of money but that doesn't give him a get out of jail card for taking the blame. With Pickering we had some of the same issues though we had several great seasons.
  4. Lame response from you ... anyone who is a long time fan will know that however we might despair or be out of sympathy once a match starts we can do no other than support the club. Fans like you simply can't take any criticism of the club and have to rationalise by 'deciding' some fans want the club to fail.
  5. Not really , since though on top we failed to score more than one goal ..... so typical. Crazy not to start with Kazim Richards, Rooney using his random team selector again.
  6. Its not rocket science - Dowell is now playing with better players and under a manager who sets his team up to attack - just look at the positioning of Norwich full backs yesterday.
  7. Thats the second time the ref has done that
  8. His good 'passing phase' was sadly very brief !
  9. But blind of you not to take note of the much more attacking formation & intent, the other players he was on with. He can't show his skill if there are no other players getting forward for him to exchange passes to. If he had been on in the first half he would have failed like everyone else.
  10. Excellent post. Sibley has had a poor deal , though admittedly it might be his discipline that has cost him. He has great skill and thinking back to the way he linked up play with Chris Martin last season, surely he has something to offer us now. Rooney is making far too many changes in team selection match to match and as you point out the " only 2 consecutive starts " is a very telling stat.
  11. Too many changes in selection and formation in the last few games , too unadventurous when attacking. Rooney has a big test in front of him. It's as though he doesn't know who our best players are.
  12. We are just set up too defensively, passing back or sideways seems the default
  13. I had the same thought mid match, that Rooney was beginning to believe the hype about his progress as manager. He has made good selections and substitutions but not this evening. Reminiscent of Lampard in this respect cos he did the same sort of thing with the same consequences.
  14. We've relied on Lawrence coming back already this season and look how that went. ( One decent match?)
  15. Too many team changes over the last few games and selection tonight just is not attacking enough. Cocuesque
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