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  1. but you wouldn't have been able to say this at this stage last season -- premature writing off of Cocu is unfair and counterproductive.
  2. "arrogant look " is entirely subjective and a pathetic comment. At least base your complaints on something important.
  3. A pathetically juvenile attitude. Fans , including me, might use swear words to talk about how bad the game was or how bad a player had performed - but to think its right to swear at and abuse an individual such as the manager is not acceptable in any situation. This is nothing to do with whether one is a 'proper' fan and shouldn't be normalised.
  4. What a stupid post. Even if the results so far were better it wouldn't amount to proving anything.
  5. Pathetic. So the new young players he is prepared to introduce ( replacing mistake-ridden old lags ) are not being inspired. Time is needed before you make your ignorant assertion that Cocu can't inspire. Think back just a short time to when Mason Mount was injured and how we struggled -- showing that quality personnel are important and that even FL's supposed motivation couldn't get us the results at that time.
  6. That don't explain the vast number of other negative posts from you .
  7. I hope the refereeing decisions really upset him cos he's at his most entertaining when he's upset 😀 .
  8. Selective memory. There were many posters saying he should be dropped, that his performances had become less effective etc. Quite rightly Frank always played him if he was fit.
  9. Really? Only the usual suspects......
  10. There are many spoilt, self-entitled fans on this forum demanding instant success. There were many such fans in the days before social media existed. But they are not the reason we have been in the Championship for so long .
  11. Sorry but footballers are offering a service - its part of the entertainment industry. What other end product is there? They are not just playing for themselves and their remuneration is based on the fact that football is in demand , people want to watch it. I won't boo or abuse Malone ( or any of our players ) but I can say objectively that I do not find him a good player to watch because his mistakes matter. My support for the team does not mean I have to rate Malone as a good player. In fact he consistently disappoints. Many of us in our jobs find ourselves evaluated by the people we do the job for - teachers,doctors, policemen are rated by the public. We can expect support from the people we serve but not if we consistently do the job poorly.
  12. In truth last season we were sometimes as bad as we were last night - the same problems with some of the same personnel are on view. Too easily brushed off the ball , too slow to make even wrong decisions and poor passing. When we-played well last season it was when we passed the ball much quicker and got more players forward. Cocu's teams are looking a bit defensive to me. One up front against a back three and a midfield ( as it started last night) with both Bielik and Huddlestone centre midfield just won't work.
  13. DRBee

    Winging it

    Turgid imagination is a good description of you thought processes. You make no allowances from the stage of the season we are at with a new manager. Do you expect instant improvement? Guess you have forgotten the Leeds home match early on last seasons or some of the other early performances. Patience is required.
  14. We have not yet seen Bielek in midfield, ....... but hey write us off.
  15. Coaching for taking penalties ( or other things) can't lead to guaranteed results - if it could football would be a different game. You don't know what coaching instructions were , if any , and you don't know what Waghorn was trying to do. With more power he could have cored regardless of what the goalkeeper did. That you are telling our coaching staff what to do is laughable.
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