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  1. DRBee

    Best of luck Gary x

    Didn't enjoy the football , even in the best spell too often we only played well for 20 minutes max. He did not seem to value skilful players, just 'energy'. I accepted he should be given a chance next season given we got to the playoffs but our overall performance against Fulham was embarassing, He never took responsibility for anything and looked for excuses. Sorry but it's good riddance from me.
  2. DRBee


    If our playing style changed not sure Winnall would suit anyway.
  3. This thread would be better if you did not feel the need to respond so often ..
  4. DRBee

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    No he doesn't. We need a manager who can stand up for himself.
  5. DRBee

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Why are we complaining about a 'get out of jail free card'?
  6. DRBee

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Some on here are delusional ( and i mean people like you) What is more telling as a measure of success for the club , a drop in numbers going to games or a few fans posting criticisms of the manager ? In the late Clough years, GSE had increasing attendance as one of their key measures of success. We are not alone. Fans of many well publicised clubs are complaining about style of play. Why have managers like Allardyce and Moyes found themselves sacked last week ? Fans I sit with don't do message boards, and like me they go back to the B Clough days. The view about our boring our style of play is shared by all of us. We don't boo players or manager, we turn up to all home games but we are a bot fed up. Rowett is not being hounded by us, we are just ordinary fans.That the poll on here is giving the same indication about style of play suggests to me it is reflecting what many fans think - though we don't know exactly what the proportion of the whole is. Rowett has earnt the chance to continue as manager by virtue of us getting to the play-offs, but examination of the stats of our play in those games makes frightening reading since it offers no basis for future success. Possession, shots on target and the shear incompetence of our technical play in the second game don't give hope for the future. The argument for stability at all costs is unintelligent. true there have been many managerial changes but there is no point in keeping a manager for stability's sake if they are not delivering what is needed.
  7. DRBee

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    Don't see how Mac 2 can be included with these - if you didn't spot the difference one has to wonder. Passing well in the opposition half was a hall mark of Mac and its what we do so poorly now.
  8. DRBee

    Ahhh another season of Rowett

    No it aint.
  9. DRBee

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    You could purchase three or four of good hoofers with £8m.
  10. DRBee

    The Kasey Palmer Situation

    I haven't posted about kasey palmer, but what exactly does 'nursing a knee injury amount to , could be anything including an anti-criticism defence strategy. Why keep it quiet?
  11. Very difficult to have any sympathy with such a feeble , everything must be positive view, allied to the laughable killer argument use of 'true fan'. The quality of football is what counts and however 'brave ' we were in the playoffs, Rowetts strategy is taking us nowhere. grim propsects.
  12. DRBee

    Thank you Mel

    If you don't read Davids post its you who is the thick . So the comments on the forum don't count? The main point of the post commented on was about fans making a verdict after one bad match and my reply was directed at that. ******.
  13. DRBee

    Thank you Mel

    You speak as if the Burton or Sunderland games were single events, they were not. They were part of a long bad run without many wins. That the last 4 games have turned out well is pleasing but only after change in formation and flexibility that posters had been calling for . The Sunderland performance was one of the worst I have ever seen in over 30 years and in itself justified criticism but it wasn't an isolated event. Don't recall that many posters wanted the instant sacking of Rowett even after that, rather perhaps at the end of the season. Don't look at polls, only comments and don't think anything like 80% of posters wanted Rowett to pack his bags at that moment.
  14. DRBee

    Tortuous Hope

    My response was meant as a compliment by the way ..... nothing else to be read into it.
  15. DRBee

    Tortuous Hope

    proper fan ............

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