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  1. think complaints about Friday were more to do with level of performance rather than score.
  2. Even more so now he is a trained referee......insufferable.
  3. Mardy drama queen is a better description of your good self - in as much it reflects your own inability to tolerate adverse comment about the match even when well deserved. No shots is far from the whole story, as equally deserving of mention were the misplaced passes or woeful crosses. I wonder what an objective neutral watching the match would have made of it? Rooney ... who ? was it really him playing? It was the opposite of the Crystal Palace performance , with too many changes.
  4. Craig Rammage overrates him, that's for sure.
  5. But the best performance at home was the one Rooney didn't play .....before he started.
  6. Their goalkeepers floundering means we didn 't need a Van Dijk to score. Your response shows you know the answer to my question. The point is how effective are Lawrence's corners? Your the one claiming he delivered a very good corner. The real problem for fans re Lawrence is we have all seem him do excellent things , but his lack of consistency means it doesn't happen that often. Some people think its down to him, but he isn't being played in his optimum position. (Though whether that affects his corners is another matter.)
  7. Just an objective question ; how many corners has he taken this season or last and how many times did we score a goal like that yesterday?
  8. Agree about position ..... there was one great moment in the second half when he got the ball, went past several players almost brushing them aside. He can't do this if he is too deep.
  9. Assume he has had no role within the EFL over this .... he wouldn't have been allowed to be involved in any decision.
  10. In a previous life you were clearly Captain on the Titanic
  11. Feeble - and the presence or absence of these two was the only difference between these two matches and the rest where we failed to win back to back? It could just be that they were back to back home matches!
  12. Good try .... linking "being a happy clapper " with "supporting your team" . Sadly ( for you) the link between those is not as you would wish. Being a "happy clapper" in the final two Clough years was a negative thing because it meant being in support of sterile , declining quality football. Those who voiced criticism at that time were being positive , and eventually the owners changed the manager bringing in MacClaren. What's not to like about that.? We are all supporting the team.
  13. Cocu and his management team have to take some responsibility for the difference between our home performances and those away . To have gone so long without an away win is without recent precedent and can't just be put on the players. Given we could easily have lost again yesterday, there is no immediate sign of getting a win though the two recent away draws are an improvement on the regular 3-0 defeats
  14. No its that you dismiss the opinions of those who disagree with you by the false claim that it is only the opinions of professional managers that count. Fans are entitled to opinions and these may be valid - many of us thought Phil brown was a poor manager , he was poor and he was sacked. I did not look at the thread until after the game and the point I made has nothing to do with these premature critics, simply the evaluation on Lawrence.
  15. Pathetic response. Giving the ball away as many times as he has done is sufficient reason for dropping Lawrence and no great insight is required to spot that. . We might as well watch football with a paper bag over our head a just listen to the commentary if we are not going to form our own opinion of how good a player is. Lawrence can be good if played in certain positions.
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