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  1. There is a distinction between what is made up and what is actually based on facts - not too difficult to distinguish the difference. Please don't give the vile sports media a free pass.
  2. There must be a Govt job for you as a recycling manager.
  3. Rest assured , there is no confusion about whether or not you will be viewed as a liberal or an intellectual.
  4. So what ? The risk is on Lampard and Chelsea. We were prepared to appoint an inexperienced manager and look how that turned out.
  5. Really hope this is not true. No real reason to appoint an untried manager twice running - just because he was also from Chelsea and an Eng;land international.
  6. Should someone your age not be wrapped up in bed , this time of day?
  7. This comment doesn't do a lot for 'online marketing' . Not surprising more want him to stay after the experience of last season - surely online marketing wouldn't suggest otherwise. It probably applies to your good self.
  8. What events are you on about? It's like you want to be jilted.
  9. I am not asking him to say anything until the situation is resolved - I am not one on those demanding constant reassurance from FL ( nor from SM previously) . But until we reach the situation where FL does speak for himself we have to put up with inaccurate representations from the press and posters on here.
  10. This is really insulting to Mel - do you doubt he is doing everything he can to keep FL
  11. only words from FL himself will add clarity to the situation.
  12. This is just naive - should he say something before a formal approach has been made? It assumes that it would be a simple decision for him and ignores his responsibilities to the rest of his managerial team and what they might think. MacClaren made public assurances he wanted to stay but then people kept asking for more.
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