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  1. DRBee

    Our support....

    Confused ... you say Leeds were dirty and cheating and question why that was necessary as they are a good team and then stayed to applaud them ..? WTF. They are good and we knew that from watching their first match but why applaud players who drop to the ground without any contact from a Derby player , drop to the ground when unhurt after a fair challenge, dispute every decision, kick or throw the ball away so often when a free kick is given against them , verbally harangue and surround the referee in groups in an intimidating way. All of this is organised and a deliberate tactic. I hated Revie's Leeds and could end up hating this Leeds team for similar reasons.
  2. it's not a case of giving fringe players a chance , Lampard has to introduce his other new signings gradually or or otherwise - only 4 of these were actually in the starting line up yesterday.
  3. On the evidence of this, Frank is the most intelligent, articulate manager we have had in recent years. His "we are here to entertain" is an welcome statement given some of the discussions on here earlier this year and the posters who claimed we supporters have no right to expect to be entertained.
  4. DRBee

    Lee versus Hunter

    Those of us who at the game will never forget it. Though an incomplete version of the truth , the incident epitomised "dirty Leeds vs innocent Rams" and the punishment of Franny Lee an outrage. All of those Leeds players fully bought into the vile Leeds behaviour encouraged by Revie. Being truthful , they were a superb team and watching Clough's Derby getting thoroughly outplayed at Elland Road is as unforgettable as the Hunter/Lee incident. I met Johnny Giles a few times after he had left Leeds and knew some of his friends. He was a charming, intelligent bloke and a great footballer.
  5. DRBee

    A common theme

    Hope some of our new players are prepared to be a little bit thuggish on the pitch - for years we have been too 'nice' a team.
  6. DRBee

    The call we DON'T want on Deadline Day...

    We can say no and presumably would unless it was a ridiculous amount of money. Still if they read this forum no club will be interested, as so many have been so critical of Lawrence.
  7. Garbage that ruins the credibility of anything you say , now and for a long time in future.🤢
  8. DRBee

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Garbage I'm afraid ... so nobody was unhappy with MacClaren's sacking?Some of us were.
  9. DRBee

    Sportscene Talk-in

    At least we are spared the dual commentaries when we had to play them. Ramage will not be happy about the exclusion of Vydra, who he somewhat over-rates.
  10. DRBee

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Sadly people are in denial over this. Watching him play last season we saw a shadow of the player from before. Ineffective in the tackle, slow mover, slow thinker ( his awareness of others poor) and often poor distribution. The qualities that made him such a good player have gone. There is no point in expecting he will get these back after his last big injury.
  11. DRBee

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    it will be the end of loans period before we shift some of our deadwood
  12. I wouldn't argue that Martin should stay now but guess you never actually saw Derek Hales ... cos otherwise you would know the stupidity of the comparison you are making . Your hate has removed your intelligence filter.
  13. DRBee

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Thought you had gone ... still peddling the same tripe. Who knows who will have gone before the end of the deadline or if Lampard can get more out of players than your no-hoper Rowett did.
  14. DRBee

    Is anything happening ??

    the players are not back yet. the moaning has well and truly started in this thread
  15. DRBee

    Keogh hate

    Self-contradictory post ..... True we have failed to get promotion and Keogh has been here but the two are not necessarily linked ( you provide no justification ). There are many more obvious reasons why we have failed to get promotion. For me, poor recruitment, unbalanced squad and too many managerial changes would be much more significant.

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