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  1. And who did he play alongside?? It ain't rocket science. Our midfield is where the problem lies.
  2. Negative as always . Strikers who take every chance are non-existent , even Jaimie Vardy misses chances. How many goals has Marriott scored since he came back ?
  3. There's no way Bielik would understand the word 'mardy' and though well used to the word I am struggling to understand how it applies. It is quite a negative thing to say as he doesn't whine, complain from what I have seen. He did react to the tackle but the way he came back on and got on with it was wholly admirable. His passing and tackling were great on Saturday.
  4. A rather selective list of the' greats' . Phoney response
  5. Do bother to check your 'intuitions' before posting. Just another negative fan accepting what others say. I seem to recall a few occasions last season when we fought back having gone behind - look them up you will find quite a few. We have also quite a few games in recent years when we have scored first and then lost.
  6. Take it you are not familiar with employment contracts if this has to be spelt out to you. Perhaps look at at your own and see how your employers most likely have a reach that extends beyond the workplace.
  7. I support the actions of the club , accepting that like other fans I don't know everything. But Keogh actions seem to me to warrant disciplinary action. That he turned down an offer from the club is his responsibility and he must face the consequences. Perhaps the most troubling consequence is lack of provision of support and facilities for his physical rehabilitation. Personally I am happy that I will never have to listen to another Keogh post-match interview
  8. only if Cocu plays him instead of Malone.
  9. Too generous. Some of us were right and the others were JUST PLAIN WRONG AND SHOULD STOP POSTING ON FOOTBALL MATTERS COS THEY KNOW NOWT ..... ooops divisive comment. 🤐
  10. Well many fans are commenting when there are a lot of things they don't actually know, just making assumptions - how the players feel - assuming they are not sorry for what happened ; the players contract and what it says about disciplinary action ; the sanctions the club has taken and will take when the criminal legal proceedings are complete. Social media encourages a feeding frenzy of often ill-informed speculation and moral outrage. Some say the players involved must suffer but I suspect many will have their own history of ill-advised drunken exploits, even if not anywhere near as bad as drunken driving like these players. I would have hoped that the players would have been suspended until the criminal proceedings were over as many employment contracts do have conditions about 'bringing the company into disrepute' . There should be consequences for the players but I don't want them to suffer. The best thing the club can do is to bring about a permanent change in the drinking culture of the whole club.
  11. not universal and not an absolute disgrace - surprising yes, unwise yes.
  12. Really ??? You base this on what exactly ? Don't assume everyone else agrees with you.
  13. This is pure garbage - his last match before being moved on ( to Reading Jan 18) was Brum away - he came on as a sub and looked fine. He had also had a few good performances the previous November but the signing of Cameron Jerome by Gary Rowett meant he wasn't wanted by that wonderful manager,
  14. Really ???? Away performances at the team top of the league are often similar to this. Like most of your posts today you're just piling on the negativity and exaggeration ( like a League 2 team when we fought back ?)
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