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    Lord_Ram reacted to BuckoBeast in New Manager   
    Give it big Sam until the end of the season with a big bonus if he keeps us up. It can’t get any worse really. We simply can’t score. Get him in and give them a right dressing down, get us organised and get some players in the box. Couldn’t care less about the style of football. Let’s just get some points on the board. We are very lucky that Wycombe Coventry and the Millers might be on par with us 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Ambitious in New Manager   
    I’d definitely take Big Sam. I think he keeps this team up if nothing else.
    Seriously, relegation in this climate needs to be seriously considered as a threat that could potentially kill this football club. Turning your nose up at a manager of his ability because of his style of football really should be the least of our worries. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to admira in We have an England International!   
    Will Hughes must be a bit gutted. Playing for a top 10 Premier team and still not called up.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Bwash_Ram in least funny 'comedian'   
    Noel Fielding
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    Lord_Ram reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Things you wish you were good at?   
    Sounds like you're simply an introvert. Life and soul sometimes, inexplicably shy and withdrawn at other times, often happiest in your own company or with pets, doing what pleases you most. Not everyone can be massively gregarious all the time and close friends will doubtless understand your character traits and not take offence - bar that there's nothing to worry about save for folk telling you to cheer up and the like which really ought to be a hanging offence. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in If it’s Frank   
    We've got the best deal. Because we've got a lying, arrogant, money grabbing **** out of the football club who plays football that could send an insomniac to sleep and got £2.2 million for the privilege.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to MACKWORTHRAM in Next season   
    Sacking Rowett would be ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. We've just lost in the play offs to a team that went HALF a season unbeaten and didn't lose at home. 
    The effort was there but we just don't have enough quality. Our use of the ball in the final 3rd is terrible. Weimann, Lawrence the main culprits. Look at their use of the ball and look at ours. They have better players all over the park. I'd have Davies from our team and Wisdom at a push. But from there on in. Every single one of their players would get in our side. 
    Think it's time to thank Keogh for his efforts and move him on. Keep Davies and get a young centre half in to play alongside him. 
    Forsyth is horrendous. He was embarrassing today and has been embarrassing all season. Terrible footballer. Has to go. 
    Then we need some quality in midfield and the final 3rd.
    Weimann. Cant fault his effort. But no end product. 
    Nugent is past it. 
    Jerome has had a good run but he ain't the answer. 
    Huge season for Lawrence next season. Cos he's frustrated the life out of me. 
    Can't see us keeping Vydra. Think we'll sell him on the back of his best ever season. 15 million plus and he's gone. 
    Would like to see us sign Winnall and a striker on loan maybe? Hugill at West Ham as an option. 
    We need a left back, midfielder and a winger. A good old fashioned winger. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to RoyMac5 in Ahhh another season of Rowett   
    We were poor tonight. But the way Rowett set us up and then didn't change it before Fulham scored - you could see we were struggling. ******** another year of negative Rowettball. Too much for me.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Bazal77 in Best team won   
    Only one “football” team turned up tonight 
    Performance was disgusting and an insult to everyone who watched it and backed the team 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Alpha in Was Steve McClaren ultimately a failure at DCFC   
    Where'd he pick us up from under Nigel? 
    Where did he leave us?
    Where did he pick us up from under Pearson?
    Where did he leave us?
    What's the record number of points for Derby in a season? What year?
    What was the atmosphere like at games both home and away before McClaren and after McClaren?
    Answer those and then tell me if why you think he could be a failure.
    😓 cus we didn't get pwomoted 😓
    You didn't even know what the play offs smelled like before McClaren. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Ellafella in Burton Albion v Derby County   
    Don't worry...GR has a plan.................................................
    Palmer for Vyds on 65........................................................................................................................................................................................and Cam for Nugey on 88. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to GenBr in Burton Albion v Derby County   
    Good thing we dropped Keogh - really seems to have improve our defence.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to ossieram in Rowett - In or Out?   
    Some of the people voting to sack Rowett would have voted the same before the season started.
    Last night was embarrassing , but you can't blame GR for defenders heading the ball into their own net or stupid back passes and crap tackling in the box. The players have to take the blame for last night and GR now has to either drop some of them and stick a couple of youngsters in, or get a massive reaction on Monday.
    I still think he needs at least 2 more transfer windows and a big clear out at the end of the season no matter how we go on until the season ends. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to The_Sheriff in Rowett - In or Out?   
    I would like to know how many of the current 37 rowett out brigade would have taken 5th pre season.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Bris Vegas in Richard Keogh.   
    I like Keogh. Rate him highly.
    He had a mare today, but who doesn’t have a mare every now and again in the Championship?
    You can accept it when it’s once every 20 games or so.
    His mistakes are no worse than Vydra missing a sitter. 
    He’s an easy scapegoat. But he’s one of the last players I would actively try to get rid of. 
    @Alpha Agree with everything but BJ. 6/10 is generous. He’d average 4/10. Awful footballer.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Alpha in Richard Keogh.   
    He actually has. Because he tries to construct attacks.
    Nobody minds when he plucks the ball out the air and get us in possession rather than firing it back where it came from. Straight to the other team
    Nobody minds when he has a little dribble or feint and skips out what would be done in 3 or 4 passes by any other CB.
    Of course it's going to go wrong on occasion. But you play the percentages. 
    His mistakes are always going to be costly because he's the last man. There's players higher up that constantly make daft decisions but their bacon is saved.
    Keogh's errors are not much more costly than say Vydra missing a sitter. It happens.
    Overall he has a positive effect imo. There's a few who you can't say the same about. They are consistently 'meh'
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Alpha in Richard Keogh.   
    Wasn't this guy one of the standout performers for most the season? 
    Am I making that up? 
    What is **** is Johnson. Apart from a spell under Mac while playing DM he has been garbage since signing.
    Weimann. Skips around like he's won on a scratchcard. Has he had 10 good games
    Lawrence. Was greedy ballet dancer and Blackburn. Was the only player under 8ft and none hoofer in an Ipswich side. A crap Ipswich side. He may have looked like Maradonna on occasion but c'mon... Ipswich! He's a freestyle exhibition advert for Adidas. Never been good 
    Forsyth was pretty good under Mac. Consistently stupid under anyone else  
    There's players the consistently get picked and consistently are crap. Totally unreliable and live off one good effort in ten. 
    Keogh isn't perfect. He makes some howlers. As did Davies at the start of the season. 
    I'd suggest get rid of those that contribute next to nothing. You can't change a whole squad over night. Although this squad has changed since 2013/14.
    Maybe I'm just furious about the Sunderland game. But I actually believe we'd be better with 10 men than thinking Johnson is on our side. He wastes half of the opportunities we begin to carve out. Brief spell under Mac. Other than that he's a donkey. I'm embarrassed to say I was happy we signed him. I rate him as highly as Stephen Pearson. Another blind kick and chase counter productive waste of a shirt
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Alex W in Richard Keogh.   
    I'll allow him one horror show, he has been immense this season for me, him and Davies. 
    Forsyth however... He doesn't look right. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Alpha in We won't finish in the top 2   
    Sack McClaren
    Sell Martin, Hendrick, Hughes, Christie, Shotton, Bryson, Russell, Ince and Bent and any other bottlers
    Stop playing 433.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Boycie in Riyad Mahrez   
    Greedy, especially when you think what they paid for him, how instrumental he was in them getting the prem title.
    I think they’re acting a little too Billy big boll**ks for some reason.
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    Lord_Ram got a reaction from Timdcfc in Kamil Grosicki   
    well he hast spent the last year or so in Hull.
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    Lord_Ram got a reaction from Papahet in Kamil Grosicki   
    well he hast spent the last year or so in Hull.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Posh Ram in James McClean   
    I think McClean would be a class signing, he's the ultimate version of Russell and Weimann - hard worker, good defensively, maybe lacking a bit in end product. Would fit so well in a GR team.
    Those who claim they don't want him to sign ought to remember that British soldiers died in WW1 and WW2 to defeat dictatorships and protect freedom of speech and opinion for everyone.
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    Lord_Ram reacted to Nuwtfly in James McClean   
    Would be an excellent signing. He'd perform very well at this level. 
    To those who have instantly chundered into their coffees over this: please read some of the very articulate, measured things James McClean has said on his reasons for not wearing the poppy. Politics should play no part in football, but for those who insist on making it so, you should warrant yourself some balance by hearing both sides of what is an extremely complex story. 
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    Lord_Ram reacted to richinspain in My scan did not go well   
    That’s terrible. I remember some thug once viscously groining me in the knee.
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