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  1. r4derby

    Jack Marriott

    I agree with this. To answer the last question - Watkins was a winger playing in League 2. Marriott is a striker playing a division higher who has just scored over 30 goals in a season and is still seen as young/has potential to grow. Pboro sold Assombalonga for £5m+ to Forest a few seasons ago and he didn’t score as many goals. Now I’m not saying Marriott is worth £6.5m, that’s just what Pboro are asking for. But it’s why they can ask for big money.
  2. r4derby

    NFL 18/19

    I've organised a league the last couple of years @thederbyram. @Srg also ran a league on ESPN as well. If the interest is there, I am more than happy to set up another league for this season. We will probably draft late in August though, a week or so before the league season starts to avoid people drafting players now who get season ending injuries/suspensions over the next few weeks.
  3. r4derby

    Chris Martin

    Martin and Vydra occupied the same spaces, because Rowett saw them both as number 10s. He said so in preseason, that despite Martins lack of pace he could see him filling that role well. So if Martin has been told to play the number 10, and Vydra is used to playing it, they’re both going to find similar spaces. It takes players a few games at least to get used to a position in diff managers formations and systems. FWIW, Martin and Vydra could play together really well or be shocking. None of us know because we haven’t seen them together over a period of 5-10 games minimum.
  4. r4derby

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Cant believe no-one picked up on this. The positive side of me, where England get to semi-finals and win on penalties, agrees with you and wants George to become the player we thought he could with a solid preseason and a run in the team. However, the realistic side of me, where I support Derby and England who both go out in semi finals after stopping attacking and losing the midfield battle, questions whether Thorne will ever last a season playing week in and out. And surely, if he can’t last full 90 minute games, let alone a season, he shouldn’t be the player we build around. Lets see if George can get to full fitness and fight for a place in the side. Then we can dream of him being our leader
  5. r4derby

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Until we start giving young players a chance to develop over any ‘lean’ periods, which may last a season or 3, we will continue on this cycle of 1) good young player emerges 2) sets world alight in first season 3) fails to meet heightened expectations after poor season 4) is binned due to a new youngster turning up. Raheem is young, even though he’s been around for a few years. He has been really good and positive in both knockout games, and has much to offer.
  6. r4derby

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Not much of a decision to make then. Thanks mate (and @curtains)
  7. r4derby

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Getting conflicted views - wallchart in office says our QF is on ITV... can anyone confirm?
  8. r4derby

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Good news for him, he is a wonderful talent. If he plays on Tuesday, makes things tougher for England but if you want to be the best, you must beat the best.
  9. r4derby

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Ha nope. Just getting them in there before someone else comes on boo-hooing the suggestion. Saw it and thought “he used to be good, and probably still is when his body is fit and healthy”
  10. r4derby

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Danny Ings being released by Liverpool to search for first team football. Downsides are big wages he’s been on will mean he will be looking for not a big drop off, injury record is bad and yet to prove full fitness and likely Prem interest...however, he has proven himself to be good at Champ level and may want to a challenge/to play under Frank
  11. r4derby

    Inside info

    What!? George is off to Chelsea?
  12. r4derby

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Funny, well cast. Different to the first but still a few Easter eggs thrown in, and room for a threequel if/when they choose. Seth Johnson (was thinking of players who have signed for us twice...)
  13. r4derby

    NFL 18/19

    First of all @Nuwtfly booooo! Next @BurtonRam7 others have suggested some good options. A couple of things I do (as a Giants fan). I follow a couple of the local beat writers on twitter, as they tend to have scoops or links to the team and latest news. Another way is to literally search “LA Rams” into google and click on the ‘news’ tab. It will bring up loads of articles. For general NFL, I listen to the ‘Around the NFL’ podcast which is twice a week and check in with the NFL app a couple a times a week to keep up. lastly, assuming interest is high again, we will do another fantasy draft this year. I found it a good way to find out about other teams and players, and keeps me invested during the season
  14. r4derby

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 7/10 I really enjoyed the first Jurassic World, as popcorn flick that was fun and enjoyable to watch. This is not that film. You can tell a horror director has taken the reins - it is small scale (comparable to previous films), claustrophobic at moments. One problem is it’s without the feel of wild dinos roaming the world. I didn’t feel like I was watching a Jurassic movie. For some that’s a good thing, for me it wasn’t. I’ll give it 7 as I can appreciate it’s good points (main characters, humour, jumpy moments). Expected more though
  15. r4derby


    Watching a few of the E3 bits. I own an Xbox and a Switch, and have very little time for either at the minute, yet find myself wanting to get a PS4 just for the Spider-Man game. It looks like they’ve put Spidey into an Arkham game. Microsoft have got some good stuff coming up. I’m disappointed the Switch won’t have a store for their huge back catalogue of old games, although we may yet see a subscription service for that.

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