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  1. Charlton 3-1 Derby FRGS Waghorn
  2. Listen, I agree with you, and there were people in the North stand near me groaning every pass it seemed (like normal I suppose) but there was a couple of times in each half when the crowd could sense we might get a chance and got loud, baying the team on...then the ball was quickly passed all the way way back to Roos/Clarke and play was slowed down again. There does need to be a point where the team push on and get the ball forward quickly. It just felt slow and methodical all game. Again, Cocu wants possession and I understand that
  3. Agree with the fact he isn’t better than the 3 we have. Marriott is a better version of what Rhodes is now.
  4. Derby 1-1 Luton FRGS Waghorn
  5. The players they pick up usually need a season playing at league 1 level though, before they start showing ability and form. Playing and competing (we hope) at the upper end of the Championship means we can afford to take less risks with aiming unknowns. I agree we should do it, but I’d be looking at Brentford’s model which has shown to recruit players able to play at this level (and even then has flaws - no playoffs in a few seasons)
  6. The lack of signings in the Summer (I assume) were down to less time for a new management team to adjust and prepare for a season. Q - Is the plan to recruit players in the Jan Transfer Window, or is the lack of signings a part of the plan? The smaller squad allows more squad space for our own youth players. A positive. However, if the young players are not ready for first team football, we leave ourselves short of quality and numbers.
  7. Derby 1-1 Birmingham FRGS Hudds
  8. What a difference a last minute Chrissy Martin goal can do... look, I’m still not sure we are playing the style of football Cocu wants yet, and certainly hope we are far from a finished article. We were lucky to get a point at Leeds, and need to step up in all areas to consistently be picking up points in this league. If we can get players back and fit, and find a team that fits the system, we may start seeing better football and results. Until then, we look like a mid table side that may have its moments. And that’s what we are at the minute. A mid table side
  9. Why you got to go and remind him? thought I had an (slightly) easier match up there!
  10. Blade Runner 2049 watched on Netflix. Having only seen the original for the first time about a year ago, I can’t say I'm a big of the franchise. But I enjoyed and understood the first so expected something good from this. weird film. It’s a modern version of the first films ambience and scenes. Actors a good. Story is intriguing and keeps you guessing what’s actually happening. But it’s also long, far too long for the storyline. I understand it’s designed that way, but at its heart it’s a very basic story with a lot of plot points set up and then nothing done with them. Will they make another? Don’t know. 7/10
  11. Brentford 1-1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
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