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  1. Will anyone pick up Rooney in their predicted/chosen teams. So far, nope! Marshall Byrne Buchanan Knight Shinnie Jozwiak have earned the right to start given performances this season.
  2. I’m not sure it is. It’s not just 1 moment. While massively unfortunate at Wembley 7 years ago, the incident at the bar last year shook this club in a different way. Our most consistent defender, trusted by nearly all managers and a leader at the back for himself injured and out of the club. That one was on him completely for poor choices and leading players. Mel is a good businessman but has managed the money so poorly (not including Covid) all by supporting his many managers. Sam Rush takes blame too. Big moments in big games have more often than not gone against us (QPR, Reading,
  3. Really enjoyed the returning cast from season 1. I'm still waiting for the new storyline to kick into gear. Ahsoka coming in, Moff Gideon getting his nefarious plans underway and Mando making a choice about which side he will fall.
  4. I'm surprised anyone is relaxed at this time. The team look absolutely shot of confidence. There is zero confidence in this side. We can keep it together while 0-0, yet as soon as the other team score we fall apart. The only game we have won is because we scored so late, Norwich didn't have a chance to equalise. And they still nearly did! The lack of confidence is what worries me the most. We need to stop the slide now, otherwise it will be too late. Go and get the manager now, and give them the time to get the players playing.
  5. What a way to give up the 3rd goal. Rooney looks lost
  6. In this instance, people are justified in their complaints though b4. People have paid money, and are owed it back. Many fans may now be struggling financially due to the current situation, and that refund may help keep their family afloat, or help pay for the busy period that is Christmas. Without knowing peoples individual circumstances, we can’t know if people are just being impatient or in a desperate place. And many have also said they are happy to wait if it helps the club
  7. Based on the reports of how big the PS5 is, how big is your cat!? Enjoy and let us know how it plays!
  8. Are you stating that you think Rooney has been underperforming on purpose, so to undermine the manager and hopefully get his job? See I think that’s just not in Wayne’s character. If there’s one thing he has always done, it’s try his hardest playing the game he loves. It’s just that his legs don’t allow him to do the things he wants to do so regularly now. Under performing, sure. But I’m fairly certain there’s not a hidden motive behind it. He’s just being honest now that an opportunity has presented itself
  9. Okay with a weird ending - how about Tyrone Mears?
  10. I admire your resolve. That was always my stance, but now I’m outnumbered 3 to 1 in the house they go up earlier and earlier. They’ve agreed to wait for the tree to go up next weekend, but I still feel like I’ve lost! Oh well, a month before Christmas is ok I suppose. Better than our friends who have had their tree up since the first weekend of October!
  11. I bought a new TV about a month ago. It’s a 4K LED LG, so ticks most of the boxes but I didn’t go for the nano cell as the guy in Curry’s said that it was nearly identical to the one I got. Turns out the nano cell LG is the cheapest TV that can use all of the next gens capabilities! Not sure mine can, but should still be good enough! looking forward to the Series X?
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