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  1. It is a lot slower, takes a while to get going. Not sure it manages introducing new characters as well as it could. Still a good season and looking forward to the third season starting tonight
  2. Started 'Stranger Things' a couple of nights ago, we've just finished season 2. The first season was really good, the second not as much but still enjoyable. Looking forward to what they are going to do with the third season (and beyond)
  3. Lost starts brilliantly, good writing means you think you know what's going on for a few episodes until another revelation. I liked the flashback formula as a way of revealing character info too. However, it does get to a point where it is just silly, and you lose some of the character development for more ridiculous storylines. Glad I've finished it, would probably only watch the first 2 seasons again. As far as kids TV goes, there isn't really a better programme to be subjected to. I used to enjoy watching that with my 2 when they were younger. Look out for the Apocalypse Now moment in one of the episodes, if you've not already seen it!
  4. I think thats the only answer for me too. Didn't go to Old Trafford when we beat them 3-2 and that Wanchope goal. But having been privileged enough to see playoff semi final wins and been to Wembley 3 times in the last 13 years, the Leeds game is just different class. I agree that its rare to get a sense of jubilation when watching or listening, than you do when sat in the ground. But I was beaming, standing with hands on head in delight and shock, for about an hour after the full time whistle!
  5. Not an automatic extension, especially loans. Think we have to agree loan extensions with clubs individually, and probably contracts with our players too. Could be messy if teams lose a large number of players...
  6. It would be fitting though, wouldn't it...failed on a number of occasions, including in front of fantastic vocal support at Wembley, but put us in an unnamed venue in front of no fans, superb
  7. Both...? In other words, we should look to get youngsters game time now, but only if they're looking ready for the step up. And we should always be playing to win and climb as high up the table as possible. If playing more youngsters means less chance of winning, then I am looking at the experienced players to step up too. Our youngsters have shown they know how to win, just look at the youth team records. It's more about managing the expectations in game, which our experienced heads can lead them through.
  8. Why? 3 teams still go up this season, and every season going forward. Every team in the league will be struggling financially as a result of Covid. We have an owner who is limited in the amount of money he can put in, but does have a lot of money and seems willing to keep the club afloat and alive. Our team has as good a chance as over half the league of making progress and challenging for top 6 next season. I don’t expect big signings or big wages next season, and we may see a couple move away, but the main part of the team is experienced players towards end of career and young academy prospects. It’s not all doom and gloom
  9. Without going into specific players and possible wages, etc. I agree with the idea of risk vs reward. I've said for a while, we should be looking at players who are a low point in their career, whether it be confidence, failed at bigger club, struggling for game time, etc. If the deal is right for the club, and the player has ability and fits our team ethos that Cocu is trying to instill, then it could be a good piece of business. Still a few boxes to tick there, but too often people want to buy the in-form player. Ibe is a good example of someone who had a couple of good loan spells, played well in a decent (not great) Liverpool team, then got a big move and has essentially flopped. We know he has talent, and is well thought of here. Wages will be the issue, but I would say definitely to this move if it works for our club. Who knows what financial position any club is going to be in come the next transfer window.
  10. Football Manager free for a week, so similarly thought why not when working from home. I’m in preseason, not sure entirely what is going on. But we’ve not conceded a goal yet and may be bringing in a couple of wonderkids. Mel has given me 3 seasons to get promoted, so they’ve got time to develop
  11. Derby 1-1 Blackburn FRGS Waghorn
  12. Derby 1-3 Man Utd FRGS Waghorn
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