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  1. This has made me understand your position better. I will argue that Sinclair was fantastic in this division with Swansea, and therefore has shown he has pedigree at this level. Could do a lot worse. The value part I agree with, particularly if any deal involves us paying millions for him that we will not recoup...
  2. The Manchester clubs love our back up goalies...big loan fee?
  3. I also want Bielik to start, and I’m not sure the XI that started against Rangers is our best. However, if that’s what Cocu has been working with all preseason then I can see him starting Evans, Hudds, FloJo etc for this first game.
  4. I’m not sure Cocu will change the team yet, even with the new boys coming in fit and healthy. A lot of work on his tactics will have happened over pre season, so new players will take time to learn them. I would start Bielik at least, but I can see the team being similar to Rangers on Monday Back 5 as expected (Evans at CB) Shinnie in middle with Hudds and Dowell FloJo Lawrence and Waggers Subs - Mitchell, Clarke, Bird/Youngster, Bielik, Bennett, Anya, Marriott/Martin
  5. From what I’ve seen/know of Kent, he could fit the Cocu winger type. So far in preseason, we have seen a Derby team that try to get the ball forward with pace, particularly seeing wingers run with the ball or run onto long passes. Kent is blessed with pace and can run with the ball direct well. I’m not sure we could go to £7m (I’m not sure anyone on here knows what we can afford) but like the Bielik deal, if structured well it could be possible for us to get him in too.
  6. Huddersfield 1-1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  7. Kellan Gordon: Mansfield Town sign Derby County winger on two-year deal https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49121538
  8. BBC Sport reporting that he has signed for Mansfield Town on a 2 year deal.
  9. While I want to agree with you, weren’t people saying a similar thing last pre-season, when Lowe looked great in friendlies. Then capitulated as the season started
  10. I wouldn’t worry about it, you can make any nickname stick if you want. We called Jake Buxton ‘Buckenbauer’ for a while. One of those players was a world class defender. The other was some German bloke
  11. r4derby

    Steve: III

    Can we also stop quoting David’s original post!? I’m tired of scrolling down for minutes at a time to reach the next comment!
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