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  1. All this uncertainty means we are in for a busy July...I hope Frank/whoever or manager is gets another couple of exciting loan players in.
  2. A journo on Twitter (verified) saying Rangers have agreed £600k deal for him. Phil McNulty from BBC in agreement.
  3. And the only comment some would make is that he’d be there 3rd choice of the loan players... (mine too, but I don’t need that point to be stated again and again on a thread about a good young player)
  4. If Frank was to go to Chelski, we may be able to get a few loans in for free anyway as a gesture of goodwill...
  5. Well, there you go. Showed limited signs of promise
  6. This makes sense. Like all topics that divide opinion, there will be sceptics. Good to see the majority are like minded to myself and not fussed about sexual orientation when it comes to football, as it has nothing to do with playing the sport. However, it’s obviously something that affects a whole person, including their experience of sport.
  7. Question - why is this in Rams chat and not Pub Talk? While I understand inclusion is a big issue in our society and sport, I go onto Rams talk for that - talk about football and the Rams. My sexual preference has nothing to do with that. I know that people’s identity is important and some people feel marginalised and unable to be themselves at the minute...I hope Rams fans of all persuasions feel able to attend matches as equals. Unless you’re a day tripper at Wembley...!!!
  8. The Mummy (Universals Dark Universe) Is this the first and only film in the ‘Dark Universe’? They certainly set ideas up with some big name actors, but this came out 2 years ago and no other films have been announced... Anyway, not sure I’m that fussed as film was ok. I remember the Brendan Fraser one being silly, light hearted fun which didn’t take itself seriously. This had some of that, but also got stuck trying hard at times. Cruise plays someone who’s not perfect for the first time in a while well, and Crowe is interesting as a spoiler character I won’t mention in case some want to watch on Netflix. Interested to see what they would do with future films and crossovers (they’ve set it up for more characters and crossovers), but Frankenstein’s Bride was due to be released early in 2019 but no noise yet. 6/10
  9. No it isn’t. Look at Bournemouth and Eddie Howe. Look at Wolves and Nuno. Played football with an attacking edge, while also being able to defend when needed to. I would look at any manager who tries to play football in an attractive manager. Playing pragmatic football, finishing 6th and crashing out of the playoffs is not as attractive to me as getting a manager who may lose a few but at least we play football I want to pay to watch.
  10. I wouldn’t. Good coach is Mr Hughton. However, he plays football in almost the opposite manner to the way we want to play. It’s similar to Rowetts ‘anti-football’ - effective but can be a chore to watch. I said after last season that I would rather we got a manager in that developed an attractive style than try to scrape promotion. Brighton fans will tell you that they are grateful to all that Chris did but not the football his teams played. Get a manager in who will continue the style that Lamps is trying - hard working but also attacking. Not Pulis/Hughton
  11. r4derby


    Not seen this yet, but heard good things. My mate is an actor in this, his first role in a major TV show so proud of him! (Actor Joshua Leese who plays Igor Kirschenbaum)
  12. At this moment, with the season not even finished yet (Champs League final), we will be front runners due to our interest for a little while longer. It will not stay that way, as clubs start to get linked to him
  13. This is not the time for a chat about what ifs and maybes. We are a club who has a manager, one that the majority of our fans are happy with. No need to see who’s out there, we'll cross that bridge if we need to cross the river again soon. Right now we’re resting before another assault at promotion next season
  14. So, now we know which division we are going to be in - players for our run to the title in 2019/2020... Im not sure if Roos is the answer. He’s been ok in spurts, and a mistake at Wembley shouldn’t define him, but he’s also not been fantastic. Made some good saves, but so has Carson. If another keeper who can play franks style becomes available for a reasonable price and has more ability... We also need a new midfield. Shimmied gives us a mobile tackler (hopefully), even if we resign Bradley to reasonable wages, we need some creativity. Holmes gives us some drive and skill, but we could use a ball carrier and a playmaker. Villa’s midfield is their strength, with a good mix that we’ve been looking for since 2014/15. Hourihane and McGinn didn’t cost them the earth either, so it’s not impossible for us to sort that this preseason.
  15. r4derby

    Jayden Bogle

    Not quite the same. James is a decent full back (mainly right hand side according to my Luton supporting mate), but hasn’t played above league 1 level yet. Bogle has played a full season at Champ level and held his own, particularly in big matches and against big teams. If Luton get £7m plus for James, well done them. We shouldn’t be looking to sell Bogle unless someone wants to pay silly money (we're talking £10m plus if we’re in champ next season, over £20m if in Prem)
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