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  1. r4derby

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1-1 Reading FRGS Wilson
  2. I just can’t be bothered to get up for this game after last nights poor showing. Few changes for me - Roos in goal, both full backs changed for Bogle and Malone, Waghorn on the right and Holmes moved central with Bryson dropping out. Marriott May need to rest but we just don’t offer the same threat with Nuge on his own up front
  3. Saints 2-0 Derby no FRGS
  4. r4derby

    v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 3-1 Derby FRGS Keogh
  5. r4derby

    NFL 2018 Season

    There’s not a lack of respect, just a lack of regular conversation. Over the season people have either talked about their team or larger league wide developments. FWIW I think the Ravens are well placed to go deep into the playoffs, but anything can happen. The Chiefs have gone off the boil slightly, and we all know the Patriots come alive at this time of year.
  6. r4derby

    v Southampton (H) - Cup Predictions

    Derby 1-2 Southampton FRGS Holmes
  7. r4derby

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    Playoffs count as rounds so there’s time still. Although I had another strong week this week!
  8. r4derby

    NFL 2018 Season

    Coaching change madness, Black Monday indeed. Can’t argue with most of the decisions, possibly Gase unlucky in Miami but they opitimise 8-8 mediocrity. Mayock going to the Raiders to be GM is surprising, although shouldn’t be with Gruden as HC and running things there. I liked Mayock on draft day, will miss him and his insight
  9. r4derby

    v M'Boro (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1-1 Boro FRGS Wilson
  10. r4derby

    Jayden Bogle

    Cyrus showed the flaws in his game over a number of seasons without really improving or changing them. Could bomb forward but didn’t have the composure in the final third and was occasionally caught out at the back. Jaydon is still in his first season. You would hope he shows improvement throughout the first few seasons and learn the art of his role. Agree with those issues. It’s a concern that our full backs tend to struggle with wing play, but this could be down to the way we’re set up. Every formation and approach will have weaknesses.
  11. r4derby

    Jayden Bogle

    You could see it that way, or you could see it as a young full back willing to run forwards with the ball towards the oppositions penalty area and back line. His issue at the minute is his decision making when he gets to that point. I like the fact he is willing to run at teams, it’s something we missed last season when we didn’t have the ball and were camped on the half way line
  12. r4derby

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    The sound of that kebab convinced me to install you as our new director of football. And go get that food my lad!
  13. r4derby

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    You say we need a midfielder with bite, then suggest Jeff? Would love him back, but he does not fit that mold! We need a Eustace figure/fully fit Thorne and for Bryson to lose a couple years
  14. r4derby

    v Norwich (A) - Predictions

    Norwich 3-0 Derby no FRGS
  15. r4derby

    NFL Fantasy 2018-19

    1 week to go in the pick-ems. Close at the top, most seem to have missed a week or given up. At least the fantasy league wasn’t like that and most people commited to playing each week

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