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  1. I’m talking about when Rooney came in as manager, before Colin became an integral part of the team. There wasn’t a big song and dance, just stating why Colin wasn’t in the squad. Needed to work harder and apply himself more. And boy, has he stepped up.
  2. Maybe, but then he also revealed that Colin wasn’t in his first squad because he didn’t apply himself in training well enough. He’s now become one of key players. Since the disciplinary, Ibe has been seen working hard to get back to fitness. If he can get himself fit he could be a key addition, maybe not until next season...but then we only have about 4 players under contract then so he’s guaranteed a game!
  3. I'm always amazed how many people choose Sibley in their starting XI. He was ok when he came on against Forest, but he didn’t exactly light it up either. He also has a petulance at the minute which gets him into bother. I think Rooney still sees him as an impact sub until he shows better control of him emotions and impacts games more when he comes on. I know we’re lacking consistency from our attacking midfielders. Wayne will choose the 2 that fit his plan for this game and train well. Think Gregory will get the nod alongside CKR, which could see a change in formation (352?)
  4. Big final episode coming up. There was an end of credits scene last week too.
  5. We’ve been really disappointing tonight. Poor. Of all the games to not turn up. Knight has had his worst game in a Derby shirt. Which is a shame, as other games he buries his chance and makes an impact on this game. Nothing going forward. Sad
  6. Living in Notts means I’m surrounded by Reds. They seem to be similar to us - quietly confident after their uptick in form. Krovinovic will be their key man, plays as the number 10. One of our centre Mids will need to snap at him when he gets the ball (or both Knight and Shinnie)! We also need our wide men to ask lots of questions of their fullbacks. Get Buchanan and Byrne up to double team. That is where they appear weakest. Cyrus and Bong stand off their man at times and this should allow us to cause problems. Kazim can also bully their centre backs when the balls in the air. Got to keep it
  7. @maxjam with 2 episodes left, we’re getting somewhere. Saw the reveal coming but still think there’s more...
  8. Derby 1-1 Huddersfield FRGS Hol...no, Keo...Knight
  9. heard great things so watched it with high hopes. Expectations too high sadly, thought it was good without being special
  10. The ball took an age to fall to Kebano, but he has buried it. This game isn’t over, need to keep doing our thing. Press from the front and play nasty, in their faces.
  11. I dunno, we seem to have gone back to how we were a few weeks ago before the good run of form. People were lamenting our situation and talking about who would be left after the fire sale and relegation. Then we were talking about playoffs the next weekend! I wasn’t overly concerned then, I’m not now. We’ve lost one game, to Rotherham. Barnsley would have been tough, so will Boro today. But we have shown we can fight and stay in the majority of games. Get a goal and we usually look good enough to hold on. It’s still not time for doom and gloom. If we start to find ourself adrift of 21
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