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  1. That doesn’t impact the film or my enjoyment of it...My excitement for Avengers Endgame reached a new level!
  2. Captain Marvel I appreciate that by this point, the 21st film in the MCU, only fans have any excitement for another Marvel film. But once again, like a few other recent Marvel movies, this is a great watch regardless of how many minutes you’ve racked up watching the others and the amount of knowledge you have. There are lots of references to previous characters and films, knowing nods to the past and a glimpse into the future. But this, at its heart, is a good action movie with a likeable female lead. Builds towards Endgame nicely. 8.5/10 Mason Mount
  3. r4derby

    NFL 2019 Season

    Imagine being a Giants fan...😳 I’m finding it really hard to root for the team at the minute. Garbage compensation for OBJ too. We will not trade up in the draft, not how Gettleman rolls, 95% certain of that. We should tear it all down right now.
  4. Derby 1-1 Stoke FRGS Waghorn
  5. Derby 1-1 Sheffield Weds FRGS Waghorn
  6. Good point this. Ole is working wonders at Old Trafford, which has surprised some as his previous managerial experience has been average at best. Look no further than Mike Phelan. A man who won it all alongside Fergie, and is the one you see on the sidelines barking orders and instructions a lot. Uniteds success is as much down to Phelan as it is Ole
  7. Another issue will be the release of Disney+ by the end of this year (reportedly). That will be another big hitter competing for the majority of the market with Netflix. As you say @Wolfie the market offering more options isn't a good thing at this point, as people will decide to just stick with 1-2 instead of committing to several different streaming subscriptions.
  8. Aston Villa 3-0 Derby no FRGS
  9. There was 1 point in the second half on Weds where Holmes was hugging the right touchline and one of our CM’s was pointing in space for Holmes to run, but he didn’t. This tells me Holmes is someone who is given instructions and sticks to them rigidly, which I think makes him a good professional but leaves out any type of creativity. He needs to be given a bit more freedom to express himself, as he has the technical ability to do so. Also, not sure why some are complaining about him doing too much. I think he does the right amount, every time he went past a man against Millwall he got his head up and looked for a pass/cross, and invariably either found a white shirt or put a decent cross into empty space where neither of our strikers were (their poor movement) Duane is 1 player I am not worried about
  10. Forest 3-0 Derby no FRGS The fact that some people voted our last performance as 5 or 6 out of 10 shows there are still some optimists (which is good) but they obv weren’t there as that is wrong. We were awful against Millwall, who let us have the ball and despite not being very good themselves, still managed to beat us without being troubled. We are going to lose this match if our players don’t start playing with an intensity and positivity
  11. r4derby


    Moving house, I found an old laptop. Imagine my joy when I found, not smutty pics or Uni assignments, but a copy of FM11 in the disc compartment! I loaded it up to find a Derby save in 2012, 1 season in. Here’s the update - knowing players that will make it helps a bit. Derby are into the Prem, with a strike force of young Hazard, Lukaku and Griezzmann. I’ve just signed Pogba (he was still in the United reserves) to compete with Ramsey in CM. Mamadou Sakho is a beast at CB, keeping Shaun Barker captain from the bench. Miles Addison is learning from Patrick Vieira how to become a CDM, and De Gea is just about keeping the goalie shirt away from Opsina. While I have used no cheats or naughty practices, I do have a fair amount of capital in the bank, so I’m starting to wonder if young me might have tinkered a tad. Even if that’s he case, I’m gonna take this team on and see if we can’t make the top half this season, maybe even top 4...
  12. It’s hard to know what we need until we see who’s sticking around next season. With so many senior players either out of contract or returning to parent clubs, and question marks over long term absentees. I can see Huddlestone getting a 1 year option. Davies will be back from injury but shouldn’t be counted on. Same for Fozzy. Realistically we are going to need at least 1 CB, a couple of midfielders to add bite and energy, possibly a winger and maybe even a GK. When contracts start getting sorted, or not in some cases, we wil know what we need. And then there’s the finances and what we can spend...
  13. Derby 1-1 Millwall FRGS Waghorn
  14. That’s the way the world seems to work at the minute, particularly on the internet. “You said something I don’t agree with, I’m offended! I’m going to shout about how offended I am and point it out to you and everyone. What do you mean it’s only a sentence...” sad but the reality. I enjoy the podcast. Keep it up lads @Steve Bloomer's Washing
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