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  1. Pretty amazing to think that we had Tomori and Mount, both now starring for two of the biggest clubs in the world (Mount arguably a CL finalists best player), and only just scraped into the play offs.
  2. Said it on another thread, but if the people in charge have full faith in Rooney then I am comfortable with him staying, make some sensible transfers and give him some time to implement a style. However, I don’t see how anyone can truly have full faith in him to take us forward so if we are going to end up sacking him in 10 games time after a rough start then we may as well do it now and let someone build their own squad, so I’m Rooney out. Despite the above, off field problems are causing many of the on field problems so I see Mel as primarily responsible for that. Too many red flag
  3. Doesn’t really add up though because his disappointment was expressed when he was told that our game was 3-3 and not 2-3 as he thought it was. If they had won they’d have stayed up at either of those scores.
  4. The trouble with your last paragraph is that appointing a new manager mid season just strikes me as horribly inefficient, unless you have the right structure in place that you’ll be appointing a manager who will be able to work with what we have. This summer we are at a complete crossroads where we are likely to have new ownership and potentially a whole new squad. If we are only going to give Rooney a dozen games before pulling the trigger, it makes no sense to let him have input on recruiting the upwards of 10 players we will need. It makes more sense, if we are sticking with him, to ri
  5. But if he could have his good games more consistently he would not be playing for us and never would have At times in his time here, he has been the only ‘creative’ source in the team. Good squads need competition in the wide areas because they are all inconsistent especially at the level that we are at. We haven’t had that since 2015, back then it wasn’t a problem if Ward or Russell had an off day because Ibe or whoever else there was then could come on. The criticism of him drives me mad at times as it feels like he is held to a higher standard than others.
  6. Ruined their whole season without even having to beat Sheffield Wednesday, bless them At least they’ve consoled themselves by laughing at the over celebrations
  7. He is one of those players where you feel like he has everything to be an amazing footballer, he just needs to land in the right setup to really show it So far his career has been managed awfully. So much talent though, would love to keep him and get him some stability
  8. Spending my Saturday evening reading the replies to tweets of videos showing Derby players and fans celebrating Wouldn't change this football club for the world, ruined so many Forest fans seasons today without even having to win
  9. Very glad he didn’t end up responsible for us losing today Probably not up to it at this level anymore but he has never ever put in less than maximum effort which is all I care about. Would’ve been a huge shame if we’d gone down today and he’d have been blamed for it, even though we’d have been relegated over the course of a season, not just today
  10. He was pretty much still stood in Sheffield for both our first two goals today
  11. The players were under a hell of a lot of pressure today and indeed for the last few weeks and the end of the game there must have been a nice release. Plenty have not been good enough this season and they’ll know that but they showed a lot of balls today with 100% effort which is all we can ask. Pretty clear that for the most part this sort of thing will boost the relationship between the players and the fans, which is sorely needed. Really nice for the fans that went today for the players to go out and spend a few moments with them. Seeing them stony faced at the end of the ga
  12. We have no centre backs next season, I read an interview with him where he said he wanted to carry on playing May as well keep him around (on reduced terms as I’m sure he’d understand) - we’d only have to replace him if we didn’t
  13. The days of so many neutral fans across the country ruined Absolutely love to see it
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