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  1. Hopefully everyone who doesn’t rate Lawrence can now see what he brings. Knight is a willing runner but there isn’t much quality there, not from out wide anyway. Nobody is breaking lines, nobody is getting or even attempting to get in behind.
  2. Interesting that our starting XI there only cost around £1m in transfer fees
  3. Not bad after losing two England internationals and Harry Wilson!
  4. How was that not a red for their player right in front of the ref? Great FK though
  5. Not sure what it is but I really, really cannot stand Bristol City. Think it’s their little weirdo manager. I remember after they beat us at PP earlier in the season he said he took no joy from it because he used to play for us. Thought it was when he was young and before my time but turns out it was in the Nigel Clough era. Clearly the club left a longer lasting impression on him than he did on me. Also, this: Bamford
  6. How has it? I thought he was rubbish? Three whole games of him not being picked to look forward to now! Exciting!
  7. Do wonder what the reaction would be if it wasn’t Lawrence. Chris Martin, perhaps?
  8. ???? anyone not reacting to having their neck grabbed TWICE has the patience of a saint
  9. Miazga wants banning for ten games just for that pathetic little slap. Lawrence is a wally but doesn’t do much wrong there
  10. I know, I rate him. But seen people say he’s rubbish but then also bemoan him being suspended, can’t have it both ways. He can be a bit of a muppet but we all know he’s fiery / petulant (delete as appropriate depending on opinion of his footballing ability) and he seemed to be provoked, as both players were sent off and the Derby players were a lot more angry than the Reading ones. We’ve survived without him this season so we’ll get by. It’s a miss but Knight is a good player.
  11. Great news for everyone he’s suspended if he’s as bad as is made out on here. Win win. Seemed to get provoked and we all know he’s fiery. Not really the end of the world because we have options, good chance for Knight to play his way back in.
  12. Steady and unspectacular, basically what has become his usual Won the ball well on occasion, possibly a touch safe with his passing but for the most part he’s had Rooney next to him so that’s no real problem
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