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  1. Paul Jewell by some distance in my lifetime After that is probably Pearson, although I have since come to respect him quite highly, read a really interesting interview with him recently where he comes across very decently. Clement the only other shocker, mind numbing football, set us back years with his decisions and a skin thinner than a cheap condom
  2. Still set to have an accountancy exam on Thursday It’s in the same place they do driving theory tests, don’t really fancy it as three or four people will have already been using the same mouse and keyboard that I will be that morning. Feels like a bit of a farce it’s still going ahead
  3. I remember my first beer
  4. Only if we play every game at home
  5. Wouldn’t be against you having a third star if you manage that
  6. Imagine he’ll be up for the main one as well. But if there’s a Leeds player up for it then it’s game over. Don Goodman may as well be Don Revie
  7. Great performance and result but it’s a shame our season ended on Thursday night
  8. Pretty sure we had Blind Faith by Chase and Status for a bit, Clough era. Quite appropriate.
  9. Okay thanks for the Latin lesson
  10. I have no idea why I am even engaging with a grown adult who is referring to a league as the “Premiershite” but here we go anyway They aren’t the worst United team in years at all, they are 5th in the Premier League, have conceded 2 goals in 9 games and are on a great run of form. Many many people have explained this to you. They are by no means the best United side of all time but they are significantly better than us. Norwich walked away with this division last season, and have added to their squad since. Them being the worst team in the Premier League is a completely meaningless statement because they are in a higher division than us, ergo are better. ”And then a semi final win.” Easy as that eh? Man City at Wembley no bother at all for us. Then we have your assertion we would need 13 wins from our remaining league games, which is odd as we have only ten left. Winning those ten would leave us with more than enough points for the playoffs, in reality we’d not need to win that many at all, probably 7 or 8. Unlikely but more likely than beating the best teams this country has to offer not once, twice, or even three times. Four times in fact. This is all because apparently if we’d played Curtis Davies who has been exposed time and time again this season anyway, we’d have beaten United. Bonkers
  11. Very much enjoying the idea that winning against 4 Premier League teams in a row to win the cup is somehow more achievable than putting a run together to push up the league table and seeing what happens.
  12. Are the pompous twits who criticise those who whinge about the team before a ball has been kicked, worse than the pompous twits who whinge about the team then come on here after the game and say I told you so? They must see themselves as superior. Just wondering. The way I see it people are absolutely within their right to moan about the team before a ball has been kicked if they wish, people are also within their right to laugh at them for being reactionary.
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