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  1. If he felt someone was out of line I have no issue with him letting them know. It is a fact, at least where I sit, he is treated differently to other players. He misplaced a pretty adventurous pass at one point on Saturday, there was way more audible groans than if it were someone else, and someone near me (East Stand) shouted “Christ, you can’t wait to get rid of it can you Lawrence.” It’s perverse and counter productive. If Lawrence had shouted back that that bloke was a Bamford I’d have probably given him a round of applause
  2. Commentator just said these teams are 23rd and 24th based on shots on target. I’m by no means an xG nerd but implies their relative success isn’t particularly sustainable
  3. Exactly that Thought he worked really hard alongside Lowe to stop Bowen. Just added to my suspicions that Ramage doesn’t watch the same games that I do
  4. Just heard Ramage say Lawrence didn’t create anything today. Shame we drew 0-0 isn’t it
  5. Can’t wait for the reaction to that team
  6. As an individual yes absolutely. What Leeds or Forest think about us is just not important enough to lose even a seconds sleep over. The more games that have a bit of spice to them the better. If fans of Bristol City or Swansea or whoever want to work themselves up about Derby then more fool them.
  7. We have two clubs now being charged who are claiming the EFL signed off on their accounts. Fact is the EFL are a hilariously incompetent organisation. Wouldn’t trust them to run a bath let alone a multi million industry.
  8. Swansea already have 6 loans I believe if they sign Gallagher, and can only name 5 in a match day squad. You would imagine Woodman, Wilmot, Guehi, Gallagher and Brewster would be those 5 non negotiable really. Can’t see Uwakwe going there and having one of those displaced from the 18.
  9. Cocu said it took Bennett quite a while to get his head straight following the incident
  10. Best player on the pitch in the half an hour he’s played this season. Sums him up really, he can be incredibly effective but he just isn’t fit often enough. Imagine he is not on a huge amount though so not a bad thing to keep him on
  11. Wonder when it was that being a “happy clapper” i.e. supporting your team, became a negative thing
  12. No reason at all, apart from of course Jack Marriott being injured and Lawrence being part of a balanced and winning team just last week versus Crystal Palace.
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