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  1. Are we sure it’s Keogh they interviewed? It’s just that there’s some direct quotes attributed to him but none of them begin with “Yeah no like you say.” Perhaps it was Rylan Clark or that one from X Factor a few years ago that they got hold of instead which might explain some of the obvious inaccuracies.
  2. Have they fined the referee for making the poo decision that caused it as well? Hope so. Although if they were doing that yesterday’s would probably end up bankrupt.
  3. I don’t think it was a red but I’d probably be screaming blue murder if we hadn’t got it if the roles were reversed so hard to complain too much. Whether we’d have got it if the roles were reversed is a different question and I’m pretty sceptical of that Daft by Roos but never mind.
  4. To be fair it makes sense that a random Forest fan on the internet would have been shown the financials by a party involved in the takeover despite the hugely strict NDA they would be under
  5. If certain criteria needed to be met to get access to the funding, and we didn’t meet them, that is not their fault.
  6. There is no defence of Mel Morris anymore, quite simply.
  7. At least it stopped short of blaming Kelle Roos for us not getting promoted
  8. Good to see them taking responsibility for it all in that statement 🤪
  9. Given we appear to have submitted the information for them to now be considering, what is it we’re now guilty of that is causing us to be under this ridiculously strict embargo that is harming the careers of our young players? Is it just the HMRC payments that may or may not be openly available deferrals?
  10. I guess it’s one of those where if he takes Swansea up he’s done a great job. If he doesn’t then it’s a poor job as all he’s done is waste time and resources developing other clubs players with no real long term plan. With a strategy like that there really is no in between in my opinion. Then he walked away when it went stale. Don’t see it as much different to Rowett or Lampard here.
  11. Pretty sure that Steve Cooper would just be more of the same turgid football with perhaps the extra benefit of getting some slightly better loanees His Swansea team were very grim
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