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  1. But you would be hugely limited on who you can replace him with. Neil Taylor I have seen mentioned - is he accepting a contract worth less than £11.5k p/w? You might argue that the fee for Buchanan could go towards paying the bills to get us out of embargo, but that depends how much the bill is. If we’re scratching around for a million here and there to pay it, it’s hard to see that we’ll be paying transfer fees once we’re out of it. Loans would be a different story of course.
  2. Surely we can offer a contract but it cannot be above 11.5k p/w? Would he be in a position to demand that wage currently?
  3. It’s a strange one - I fail to see how an over of 6 balls is more complex than an “over” ( for want of a better term) of either 5 or 10 balls. And that is fundamentally the difference. As well as the weird graphics
  4. Strikes me that everything they have done for the Hundred they could have just done with the T20, if absolutely necessary they could rebrand the county teams to city teams and give them fancy kits but I’m not sure I really see the point. Enforce rules on teams to stop them playing slowly, pump some money in on ticket subsidies and to allow bigger squads with more overseas to increase the overall quality. Play all the games in a 3 or so week window where it isn’t interfering with the 4 day or 50 over stuff then put it on terrestrial TV as well. Weirdly I tend to follow Leicestershire rather than Derbyshire when it comes to cricket, why would I have any interest in “Trent Rockets” when they have basically just drafted Nottinghamshire players? At the end of the day I may still watch it. It is still cricket and I still find that entertaining, but I just don’t see the point.
  5. Everton only said a first team player had been suspended. It is the media who have been playing Guess Who without actually naming them to the point it can now only be one player
  6. Good of the newspapers to commit to not naming names before embarking on a Guess Who style crusade of clues that eventually narrows it down to two people, then saying “well it isn’t one of them two people.”
  7. They were in a position to do whatever the rules allowed them to do, which is not let us sign anyone. Hopefully this shows a softening stance on both sides and we can just get back to football without this boring Derby v EFL side show.
  8. Easy to criticise the EFL but they do deserve some credit for showing some common sense here. Would’ve been easy for them to sit behind their rules that didn’t allow for this. Still a bunch of bankers though
  9. Is a real shame that we seemed to lose perhaps the most highly regarded young forward (ignoring established ones such as Haaland obviously) in Europe for around a million quid, with absolutely nothing we could do to stop it.
  10. How would that look to the families of young players entering our academy at X years old? How would it look to prospective signings, or just our reputation in general? Would be an utterly ridiculous and irresponsible thing to do. Those players stepped up admirably in an almost impossible situation through no fault of their own. It isn’t their fault, it isn’t even Derby’s fault. Something like this is fairly understandably not in the rule books because it’s relatively unprecedented but luckily it seems like common sense is taking hold.
  11. No I wouldn’t and I am not saying that everyone should wear masks now? Just that I will be happy to do so if I feel the need arises e.g. if I am sat near someone elderly on a train. They might be vaccinated, they might not. My decision might affect them, it might not. I have no idea but seems a small price to pay for me personally. Might not be the same for everyone 👍🏼
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