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  1. nottingram

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    It’s also a good job Brentford gave us Jozefzoon for free as we definitely couldn’t have afforded him otherwise.
  2. nottingram

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    Shame Thomas is going to West Ham
  3. nottingram


    What, in his incredibly limited game time for us, has drawn you to that conclusion?
  4. nottingram


    There is nothing more bizarre than the hate Derby fans have for Nick Blackman. It is honestly so, so weird.
  5. nottingram

    Scott Carson

    I don’t really see why he’d go to be honest. His last serious chance at an England squad was for this World Cup. He might’ve got in if he was playing in the Prem but he wasn’t and he didn’t. I’m pretty sure he’s said before he’s very settled, loves it here. They’d surely have to give him a serious rise to go there and play second fiddle, and I can’t see them doing that.
  6. nottingram

    Craig Bryson

    Great player and great bloke. Imagine he’ll still pop down to our games if he can, his reception when pictured at the Forest game was one of my favourite moments of last season.
  7. nottingram

    Luke Thomas

    Is it time for the fortnightly bedwetting over a local rag and no one else speculating that we might sell a youth player for a seven figure fee? My favourite.
  8. nottingram

    Favourite Songs by other Teams

    Would give a nut for Derby to have something similar to this. Absolutely amazing.
  9. nottingram

    Andreas Weimann has joined Bristol City

    I do like him as a player, through his endeavour and pace alone he is capable of producing something out of nothing (see QPR and Leeds last year) but hopefully our only tactic this year won’t be Huddlestone directing balls into the corner for him to chase so we might be more successful with others. I also don’t think we should be against offers for basically anyone in the squad apart from a couple, so I’d let him go.
  10. nottingram

    Lampard and Bryson

    He’s a footballer not a London Underground train.
  11. nottingram

    Rowett’s interest a potential blessing?

    I don’t think he’ll come in for Vydra, based on body language alone I think their relationship had pretty much broken down by the end. Just little stuff like when Vydra was subbed there’d be absolutely zero acknowledgement from either. Probably a case of both being professional enough to know it wasn’t in their interests to make a song and dance of it. I’d not be bothered if either of the others went really. Both very good and I love them both but I’d not care if any of our players went I don’t think. Carson is brilliant but we really should be getting big money for him if we sold and it would be a good opportunity to do so. Davies is brilliant obviously and I’d be the most opposed to him leaving but again, big earner and we could milk that ******** for plenty of cash I’d imagine. After all, he’s gone there because they’re oh so ambitious.
  12. nottingram

    Best of luck Gary x

    He’s a *******, and I’ll look forward to telling him that for 180 minutes of the season. If he’s not been sacked by then.
  13. nottingram

    Luke Thomas

    Please read the article before getting your knickers in a twist.
  14. nottingram

    Blaming Rowett

    I just think what he’s done is a big **** you to an owner who has placed enough trust in him to let him have entirely free reign on what goes on, and who backed him despite a run of form that included 4-1 and 3-1 losses to two truly terrible teams. His **** or bust strategy of last summer hasn’t worked and he’s pissed off as soon as there’s a sign of him having to take some responsibility for it and cut costs.
  15. nottingram

    Blaming Rowett

    Unless you left a job half finished and thus left your employer in a worse state than they were in when you joined, I don’t think it’s really comparable.

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