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  1. We are lacking creativity from open play. Knight, Shinnie and Bird is a sluggish midfield that has a pretty defensive balance and the current wide players who are in favour are both runners. It has made us solid and hard to beat but I think at some point we have to forego some defensive stability to have more of a threat outside of corners. That said I don’t think Cardiff is the game for it
  2. Feels like that is very generous on Knight, assuming it is the 0.25 ish jump at 20 minutes?
  3. Well at least you’ve taken it well
  4. The nature of this league though is that you are rarely going to be better than the other team for 90 minutes. Yesterday we were the better team for the first half an hour and the last ten minutes which is nearly half a game. Still not great but the better team so I don’t really buy that we snatched it. As for the other games you list ultimately they are pretty even games that went one way. You can say we snatched those, fine, I don’t disagree. But what about the Watford, Sheff W and Preston games that were snatched the other way. It is just the nature of being a mid table team in this l
  5. Rumour has it he was willing to take a pay cut to stay. Hope we didn’t take him up on it. His value to us is far higher now than when he signed
  6. Wycombe game aside, when else have we played badly and snatched a result?
  7. Imagine your captain posing with that silly trophy with a big fat grin on his face after conceding a late equaliser.
  8. 2 goals and 2 assists this season and they all love him. Lee Gregory was half way to that half an hour into his debut. Bizarre football club. Sure the narrative around him being a top championship player will fade one day. Maybe when he’s 50 and Chris Hughton has just signed him for the 42nd time at this level.
  9. God this Sky narrative that Forest played well is boring isn’t it Knocakert does a few pointless step overs and they’re acting like we’re seeing the second coming of Maradona.
  10. Any close ups of Joe Worrall’s horrible orc face when that went in?
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