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  1. nottingram

    Mason Bennett

    Meanwhile you’re edging towards 7500 posts on an Internet forum talking about him, with a mighty 0 good posts......
  2. nottingram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Well for one, there was Bogle’s that the keeper stopped. Numerous wasted balls in from wide that came from good build up. Your post is riddled with so much absolute knicker twisting guff it is pathetic.
  3. nottingram

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    With respect, you are talking absolute poo here
  4. nottingram

    Frank charged with improper conduct

    Referee sees his name in lights as the first to get Lampard charged as a manager
  5. nottingram

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    I’ve just watched the highlights. I don’t think Lawrence gets sent off without that reaction, which included their number 19 grabbing him round the neck.
  6. nottingram

    Baked Beans

    Beans are fantastic. I ‘overcook’ them to the point where they have the consistency of mushy peas. Quality.
  7. nottingram

    Lewis Walker - Contract mutually terminated

    I might be wrong but I believe he was referring to Marriott’s release from Ipswich. McCarthy said when they played P’boro I think that he was released as he was so unfit it was a disgrace.
  8. nottingram

    Jody Morris

    I would suggest the success of Chelsea’s youth teams under his coaching would point to him being pretty useful. A quick scan of their results this season has them 2-1-1 from 4 games without him.
  9. nottingram

    Luke Thomas Watch

    What about Christensen who got two years out on loan in Germany and then came back to play in Chelsea’s first team? He wasn’t deemed good enough at the time to play, clearly. So it was loan, sell or play for their U23’s at a level quite obviously beneath him. Which would’ve been the best option, if loans are pointless?
  10. nottingram


    I’d rather just play him tbh, think the midfield is missing someone who can control the game like he can at his best. Maybe Lamps has decided he’ll never hit that beat again. What I do find interesting is that largely, the same players out of favour under Rowett are out of favour under Lampard. Is that a coincidence?
  11. nottingram

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Come on these are clearly photoshopped. Look at Butterfield’s big grin for goodness sake!
  12. nottingram

    Mason Mount

    Mount and Hughes would actually perfectly complement one another. I see Mount as much more of a Bryson style player (and, dare I say it, Lampard) than a playmaker. Hughes would knit it all together nicely.
  13. nottingram

    Will Hughes Watch

    Pretty annoyed with myself I ever supported him. I’m all for the support Mel provides the manager with, and this should put to bed any notion he meddles! This wouldn’t have been allowed to happen if he did!
  14. nottingram

    Will Hughes Watch

    Good article. Also confirms Rowett told him he didn’t fancy him. Hopefully Frank will be the first manager since Mac1 (and tbf, Mac2) that doesn’t set us back years during his tenure.
  15. nottingram

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Everyone wants to be the tactical genius to point out what’s going wrong. It’s called MNFitis

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