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  1. Sheffield Wednesday are amongst a few clubs I will never ever feel sorry for, and I don’t even know why. Might be to do with their arrogant fans I suppose
  2. He wasn’t really helped last season. Would come in, have an average game then be dropped for five games. Just a strange fit, and him coming on to change the game at Wembley after not being trusted for months was a pretty good microcosm of Lampard’s bizarre use of him
  3. Young Jason Knight appears to be getting quite a lot of airtime on this tour, wonder if that’s indicative of him being considered a genuine first teamer
  4. Okay sorry Sean. Not really sure where I’ve said I know better than him but you carry on arguing with points nobody has made 👍
  5. Maybe eventually one of these Portuguese lads they sign will actually be good. Otherwise it’s going to start looking like they’re a vehicle for dodgy businessmen to transfer funds around. Oops have I just implied something I shouldn’t have? At least when other clubs sold their soul their fans got to see good players. Forest will still have Ben Osborn running around a lot for them next season bless him.
  6. To me he is a newer breed of defender, competent defensively but also largely responsible for starting attacks from deep. In a Sean Dyche team that relies on clean sheets you can’t have a centre back that has probably one brain fart per game and is at this stage of his career weak in the air. I haven’t done so but if I was to go back last season and count the amount of times his man scored or won a header from a set piece I think it would be a lot. To us that was less important because he was so important in other ways but Dyche would have a heart attack at the first sign of one of his centre backs taking a risk on the ball. Then you consider that £15m would smash Burnley’s transfer record which makes it even more of a risk. A far more likely move would be to Brighton I imagine if they lose one or both of their centre backs. Think he’d fit in perfectly well with Potter’s style.
  7. Just about the furthest thing there is from a Sean Dyche defender
  8. But Lampard’s appointment was supposed to signify a change in approach. This is the same thing Chelsea have always done, spend big on players that barely improve them. Certainly doesn’t set the tone for what Chelsea fans seem to expect from Lampard very well. Mount is easily capable of getting the minutes Kovacic got last season, but all this does is push him one more rung down the ladder. Sets the wrong tone in my opinion, which admittedly isn’t worth much! Maybe the RLC injury has played a part but again, hardly signals a long term approach if you’re spending £40m covering a 6 month injury.
  9. I see the first thing Frank Lampard’s Chelsea youth revolution has done is splurge £40m on a back up centre mid. Poor old Mason Mount. Bitter? Me? Never.
  10. So he signed a new contract on vastly reduced wages but is now in talks over a newer contract on better wages because we want to keep him, but if we can’t agree a new contract it is likely he will leave despite being under contract? Am I being stupid and misunderstanding?
  11. Surely Callum Ball wasn’t still playing for us in 13/14?!
  12. How often do you see a manager who needs a strong support staff to do well? I see that with 92 Football League clubs every Saturday for 40 weeks of the year.
  13. Results pre- and post- Redknapp were largely similar. Maybe we were able to convert losses into draws slightly better after Redknapp came in. However there is absolutely no way you can reasonably conclude anything positive or negative about the effect Redknapp had. Maybe improved results were down to Wassall learning on the job?
  14. If we’d had a player sent off would you expect to see a game out from 3-0 up with ten to play? If the answer to that is yes then you can’t blame the substitutions and if the answer is no you are the biggest pessimist in the world. The home leg of the play offs was a poor performance, you’re right. There was a bit of tactical naivety there in chasing the game on the day. That’s something I might expect from a relatively inexperienced head coach, which he was.
  15. Quick read through of this suggests our fans are still as confused as ever with regard to Darren Wassall, purely because of one game where our £3m centre back poo the bed for ten minutes against Leon Best, then threw his toys out at full time. Good stuff.
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