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  1. I think he’s quite an exciting defender to watch. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. But I really like him. He has made an impact on the team and is really passionate about playing for Derby. I might be a silly bugger but to me that is really important.
  2. nottingram

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Pretty impressive that Bielsa has managed to persuade the football world that he’s the only coach that does any analysis. “When Harry Wilson puts two arms up at a corner we know where the ball will go.” Yep so does every Derby fan, Marcelo. It won’t beat the first man. His performance yesterday had a little bit of a Kevin Keegan or a Rafe Benítez facts vibe about it.
  3. nottingram

    The Loanee Update Thread 18/19

    Is it possible we want him back but the only way to do so was to ask them to cancel it? No idea if he’s good enough to get minutes for us?
  4. nottingram

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Expect a 5 game ban for Holmes for simulation
  5. nottingram

    Alex Pearce - Joined Millwall on loan

    Cracking bloke and has done well for us generally. His run of form when we went back to basics under Mac2 was brilliant and he never took playing for Derby for granted. Is also the first on the bench to celebrate goals etc. Model pro.
  6. nottingram

    Vs Middlesbrough (home). Matchday thread.

    Climb out.
  7. nottingram

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Sky highlights just not bothering to show the fourth goal, are we all sure we won?
  8. nottingram

    No more Chelsea loans please

    Literally the opening post of this thread. By all means, question the loan signings. Wilson is good, Mount slightly above par and Tomori probably about par, but using it for ANOTHER dig at Keogh as the OP did is just pointless. We have so many threads criticising him which is actually useful as I know I can ignore all the muppets that post in it, that we don’t need it brought up here as well. (I actually agree with you. They aren’t a good partnership and Keogh is much better than Fik).
  9. nottingram

    No more Chelsea loans please

    Finding a way to dig out Keogh in a thread about Chelsea loanees 👏🏼 the lengths some will go to eh?!
  10. nottingram

    V Bristol City (h) match day thread

    Lots of talk about Keogh’s mistake from the usual suspects but not much about his full length goal saving block. I wonder why!
  11. nottingram

    Craig Bryson

    I like him playing, I think him and Mount are very important to our high press as they restrict the central areas of the pitch and often panic the central defenders. Getting an early yellow as he did yesterday obviously affects his game way more than it used to because he has lost a yard, and so has to know he can get there before he actually does. That said, for home games in particular I would move Wilson inside to play CM. He doesn’t do much worse than Brys but definitely gives us a fair bit more. Brys is still a very good player and guy to have around however and FL knows a lot more about central midfielders than me, so I can’t complain too much about him being picked.
  12. nottingram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Every foul has to be intentional? Is that what we’re now saying?
  13. nottingram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    He literally kicked him in the chest mate...
  14. nottingram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    I think a red for Tomori would have been incredibly harsh, how is it dangerous if he gets absolutely nowhere near the man. A foul, maybe, even a yellow maybe but I don’t think you can give a red card for a tackle as clean as that? Bogle’s I would have been screaming for a red card if it had happened the other way around, but I actually think that was about the one thing the ref dealt with very well, in calming everyone down. Osborn also deserves some credit as he didn’t make a meal out of it (possibly aware of his histrionics a couple of years ago) even with Robinson going over to him and pushing him back down to try and con the ref. The rest of the game was allowed to become very bitty by a ref who never allowed either team to build momentum by giving a free kick at the first opportunity, aside from when he somehow forgot that for the advantage rule to apply, you actually have to gain some sort of advantage.
  15. nottingram

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Forest and Stroud got the point they came for. We are a bit naive in the fouls we give away but referees who will give a foul as soon as they go down are so, so frustrating.

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