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  1. nottingram

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    I think as Sean Morrison trotted over to the other side of the pitch to take his 15th throw in halfway inside their own half I realised it wasn’t for me.
  2. nottingram

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    I think it’s worth noting how good the fans have been the last couple of games as well. I’ve been critical of the atmosphere at times but it makes such a difference when everyone is pulling together. I know there’s the whole chicken and egg thing, who should inspire who, but let’s keep that up for the final 2, 4, or 5 games of the season.
  3. nottingram

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    Makes Rowett look like Guardiola (I voted no)
  4. nottingram


    I think a left footed CB is pretty key to the balance of the side though, otherwise I’d agree. If say you moved Davies out there, all of a sudden that’s a pretty big attacking outlet lost as a) he wouldn’t be able to overlap and b) a lot of passing options are cut off as he’s coming from a different angle. I reckon the best thing to do would be make do with Olsson for now if we can push him a little further forward, and make a left footed CB a priority in the summer if we’re sticking with this shape.
  5. nottingram


    We didn’t go to a back 4
  6. nottingram

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Potentially the worst display from a centre forward I’ve ever seen.
  7. nottingram

    Sean Morrison

    Just noticed the first goal was his fault as well. Ah well.
  8. nottingram

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    That right sided centre back role of a back three was absolutely made for Keogh
  9. nottingram

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Picking Vydra would’ve sent out totally the wrong message after his performance on Saturday in my opinion. Probably wouldn’t have brought Jerome in and might have wanted Ledley in for Johnson but can’t say I’d have changed much other than that.
  10. nottingram

    Tom Lawrence

    I think Rowett didn’t anticipate Vydra’s success initially. Lawrence was probably signed with a view to playing centrally in my opinion.
  11. nottingram


    If there looked like being any sort of plan in place I’d have taken finishing just about anywhere above the relegation battle. It sounds kind of mental but not so much now, but last year, I was kind of jealous of Forest. Obviously they ended up a little too close for comfort but at least on the pitch there looked like a plan and direction. Young players with an affinity to the club who are all learning together. We could’ve made do with Johnson until Guy was fit and then thrown him in next to Huddlestone, instead we signed Ledley. Elsnik could’ve easily got loads of games off the bench, would Zanzala have been a worse option than Jerome? As it is we’ve exacerbated all the problems that we’ve had by chasing promotion too quickly again. I’d ban the signing of anyone over 25 next season, they get three or four year contracts and have no resale. Stick with what we’ve got, supplement that with our academy players who are out on loan and a couple of loans and then we’re in a munch better place when all these contracts run out at the end of next season.
  12. nottingram

    Derby County Football Club vs Middlesbrough

    Wasn’t the case when Clayton brought down I think Nugent as we countered whilst already on a yellow!
  13. nottingram

    Vydra and Palmer

    I’m not questioning his ability.
  14. nottingram

    Vydra and Palmer

    Criticised no end = people rightfully pointing out that his attitude and demeanour is shocking. No one is doubting his ability.
  15. nottingram

    Vydra and Palmer

    The same is said every year. Without Martin’s goals where would we be, without Hulse’s goals where would we be, without Ince’s goals where would we be. It’s not like without him we’d be playing with ten men. If he wants to act the baby and stroll around not looking arsed and giving up on everything then he can do that but I’d rather it not be here.

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