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  1. I’m surprised Bogle hasn’t made any of the age group squads! He’d still be eligible for their U18’s I think, which seems ridiculous. He’s probably slightly unfortunate England youth squads are quite stacked at right back
  2. Can’t stand that fat oaf Wilder but god it would be funny if Leeds don’t go up
  3. Bannan seems to be one of those players who seems to think racking up 100 5-10 yard passes is controlling a game. It looks quite good but is ultimately pointless. With better players I think he’d be very good in terms of creating angles across the pitch (similar to Cairney) but he’s in a very average side
  4. Bet they sung Wonderwall before Oasis did as well didn’t they
  5. I noticed Sheff Weds fans singing our Sam Winnall song. Strange hearing that as I was under the impression they have written every song released to date? They must make a fortune off the royalties
  6. Judging by your posts, clearly it won’t
  7. You think Frank Lampard isn’t used to taking criticism? Being a part of the failed ‘Golden Generation’ has made him one of the most criticised footballers of recent times! That’s before you even consider that his nickname was Fat Frank and his early career was plagued by accusations of nepotism.
  8. Will wait to see what Bris says before I make my mind up
  9. Unfortunately for him I think RamsTV prefer their employees to be good at their job
  10. It’s only a few short weeks ago Malone didn’t give the in form winger in the league a sniff. He was dropped and we’ve not won since. A good team and system will highlight the strengths and hide the weaknesses in every single individual player within it. We aren’t a good team and don’t have a good system and so the team plays less than the sum of its parts. 13/14 Bryson wasn’t an outstanding footballer (in fact I’d say within the players regularly used that season only 2 or 3 were) but we had a ridiculously good system that got the best out of everybody.
  11. 87% Possession, 3 Shots 0 on Target, 0-1
  12. Was quoting the poster who said the last time he was happy with a line up was the last time we won. Was just pointing out there was very little difference (in fact, it was probably worse) between the team vs Hull and the team vs Forest
  13. Differences between Hull XI and Forest XI: Cole in for Malone (probably an upgrade) King in for Bryson (about par) Marriott in for Josefzoon (definitely an upgrade) I think what you’re actually saying is that if we lose, you think we picked a bad team, and if we win you think we picked a good team.
  14. We’ve won the most games from being behind in the league this season, maybe second behind Norwich
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