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    Leeds fans often sing about the EFL being corrupt. I think that gives them too much credit that they have a clue what they are doing. Hilariously incompetent.
  2. Thought you were genuine at first, it’s a reasonable discussion point. Then you seemed to seriously claim Mel could have hired a 70 odd year old who has been in his last season for about ten years and has never even heard of an academy to undertake a long term rebuild of the club from top to bottom. Again I’ll probably give you too much credit and take you seriously but I think you are seriously struggling to grasp Cocu’s remit. Good one.
  3. I think you know full well why not and have now left the thread having got the bites you were looking for. Good work and silly us.
  4. That’s because I would suspect traditional Championship managers would be hired with a very different, much more short term remit. You wouldn’t hire Warnock, Hughton, Pulis et al to oversee a long term rebuild
  5. Are you new here? Those aren’t fireworks, just gun shots
  6. nottingram


    I suspect that may be it. However they can’t give that explanation because then the game should’ve been stopped when Trent handballed, as that would’ve been advantage over and therefore Liverpool’s free kick. There is just a ridiculous lack of consistency even within games let alone across the whole division. The official line today is that Trent’s arm was not in an unnatural position (it was). Okay fine but then what about Dele Alli’s last week against Everton where his hand was outstretched above his head? That’s before we even get started on giving players offside because their toenail is offside and they forgot to cut them last night
  7. nottingram


    With VAR in its current state I hope we don’t get promoted. Refereeing mistakes I can live with. ‘Mistakes’ like those for Liverpool’s first goal today would leave me wondering quite what the motives are of those using them
  8. It was a red card. At minimum a yellow with a warning that if he even looks at somebody funny for the rest of the game he’s gone. About ten minutes later he kicked the ball at Lawrence while he was lay on the ground. Lawrence’s was a red card as well although he was fouled twice in the build up to it.
  9. Good job the player was adequately punished for the challenge then isn’t it
  10. Are we supposed to discuss the statement or what a wally you are?
  11. Crikey have they won the league AGAIN?
  12. Be nice if any of the midfield would show for the ball at some point. Dare I say we miss Huddlestone. He has his flaws but one forward pass a game that comes off is better than 0 attempted
  13. Look on the bright side, now you can carry on posting in every thread how good you think Forest are and that they’re definitely going up
  14. We are so wasteful and careless at times
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