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  1. Just sums up how petty I am that I am absolutely delighted this rick put in a disasterclass tonight
  2. I think I must becompletely desensitivised (is that a word?) to the nonsense that goes on in modern football
  3. I think there’s definitely a foul there, and there’s no other way of getting the penalty than to go down. Not complaining mind 🤣
  4. He kicks Bogle who has got to the ball first. Can’t see how it isn’t a penalty really. Leeds players have influenced both referee and linesman so well done to them
  5. What? I criticised the linesman because he overturned it for a foul by Bogle. There is absolutely no way Bogle has fouled anybody there so it was an awful, awful decision. If he says to the ref “no that’s a corner” it is a bit more understandable but he didn’t. He saw something nobody else at all saw. Awful officiating.
  6. The reason it was overturned was for a Bogle foul. Go and find me a Bogle foul anywhere there please and thank you
  7. I’m a bit torn on this. Head says we should let him go. A minority of fans (not on here) who can’t accept that he deserves a lot of respect for what he’s done at the club risk souring fans relationships with him and I don’t want to see it go that way. But my heart just can’t seem to let go. Vastly reduced wages for a year wouldn’t hurt surely. He is a genuine legend and a great bloke who loves the club, surely there’s space for that somewhere?
  8. Just watched the highlights, Sibley getting right in one of their players faces when we scored the 5th was amusing. Does he always have such an edge about him?
  9. IF (supermassive if) we go up will we still want him? I’ve never seen him play but from what I’ve read and heard it would seem he is more of a Championship target)
  10. Fantastic today, misjudged the long ball for their goal but hard to blame him as there was still a fair bit of play between that and it hitting the back of the net. Has there been a more productive full back in the league this season? Not counting Sheff U as they are essentially wingers
  11. Both good points, I worded what I meant really poorly. Basically if we can’t beat West Brom at home then we probably won’t be winning the play offs anyway because in my eyes they are not as good as Leeds or Villa.
  12. Between Rotherham away and WBA at home I’d take the latter every day of the week. West Brom is a game we really should be winning at home and if we don’t then we don’t really deserve to finish in the play offs.
  13. Out of the four teams you mentioned here we’ve only won away against one of them. Which one was it?
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