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  1. I understand the point of no return aspect (Managing is pretty cut-throat business at this level). I guess it's a me-problem. Because I can't wrap my head around someone deciding any Manager has hit a point of no return within a couple of seasons. For me, that is just too small a sample size. Maybe that's why I'm not a Manager in the League 🙂
  2. I say 3-4 years; Could be 1...Could be 2...Could be 6. My point is, why do folks think swapping Managers every 6 months is the solution? Especially when we have so many players brought in for different systems/styles/coaches. Just my opinion of course. But why not give a single Manager (Lamps seems like a smart choice to me)a few years to actually put his stamp on a team? Why is that a hard decision to see as useful?
  3. Are you honestly advocating the sacking of another manager (yes...stop sacking managers is pretty important), when the team still sit within a shout of Playoffs with 14 games left? This isn't just directed at you RoyMac5...but any who are even thinking about a new Manager...what do you want here? Do you really sit and think a new manager is just going to come in and say...OH, that's what needs changing; and all of a sudden - promoted! ?? It's going to take a good 3-4 years with the same Manager slogging through hold-over players, new signings, tactical changes, Big wins, crushing losses, and most of all our support. YES- Lampard deserves to have more time. Silly argument- really. 6 Managers in the last 3.5 years. Let's stabilize that area for a couple years, then see what happens. COYR
  4. Seeing a few folks who are confused about the pace of play here. Are you bothered that Derby are taking too long on the ball, or that Derby should have more action in front of goal(shots on etc)? i understand wanting a little more urgency. But very difficult to play fast flowing football(different than urgency) when Millwall are sat 9-10 men behind the ball. COYR
  5. Best case (my opinion) Roos gets a contract to be number 1- he continues to prove his worth for a few years Carson settles into a role as the best backup until his playing career comes to a close. He can work on his coaching credentials along the way. Whether it’s Roos or another keeper on the team, having Carson push them week in week out will make for a solid shot stopping department. To note: love Carson. But im ok with that spot being earned by someone else...as of today, Roos has earned that spot.
  6. As a former programmer...the Mandelbrot set has a special (dark) place in my heart as well 🙂
  7. Saying the Championship is not a tough league, is like saying Mandelbrots set of complex numbers is a little convoluted. Seems a bit disingenuous.
  8. Agreed. Not quite their yet...and that's OK:) I also expect quite a bit from Derby. I expect them to challenge for promotion (playoffs or autos). I expect them to produce exciting football (for debate by fans what is exciting). I expect them to compete. I also believe they are attempting to do those things. I can't fathom the idea that the team would not be doing everything in their power to achieve promotion...satisfy fans...be a solid business (for community and team). A big issue for me: having six different managers in the past 3 years 8 months. That is such an eyesore from my perspective. I think Lampard has done wonders in spite of that. I think Derby fans have done well in spite of that. I think the team, and the fans deserve some stability (more correctly...probably need the stability) to properly have a go at the championship. I for one, think Derby on the right track; Frank and Co. is an exciting step (and continues to be for this season...not just the next.)
  9. Yes. I just said it. Because...it’s a point away, In the championship. That’s important. I understand Derby 'should have' won. But ‘should have’ has no place in the Championship(in my opinion.). Every match is a spectacle. That’s why it’s such a tough league.
  10. Out come the FM managers! We would of if... All that’s needed is... Player X would have... Type of play should have been... What happened: Derby drew a match away from home(which is generally considered the hope for away matches.) Derby are still in the playoff mix. Im not happy with the result today...but it’s not dire. COYR!
  11. The stick Lawerence gets; generally warranted, I don’t believe makes sense tonight. He has been playing quite well. Tracking back, thoughtful passing, stuck in, and of course- the composed goal (despite injury)
  12. I get the argument of having Hudds in..calming and all. Also- this is not the type of match Hudds is best suited for. it seems to be a brawling type of match. Which...maybe Johnson is the right choice? Will be up for debate if Derby fold in the second...but let’s not have that debate. COYR!
  13. Lawrence looking more thoughtful in his play tonight. Just an observation. COYR
  14. When I’ve had patchy video stream; resetting my WiFi/connection has always helped. (At least for me.
  15. Nice awareness by Bogle Composed from Lawrence well done!
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