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  1. I am still (relatively) new to the forum...at least in regard to posting anything. And hold my hands up- I’ve not thought Chris Martin has done anything to earn a sniff over the last couple years. Enter this season- I was fairly meh about him getting a look in. I am still terribly skeptical of continued form. But I will concede...I am smitten with CM. As a logical supporter of the club, I shouldn’t care about CM, his value as an asset is poor. As a romantic...CM is all there. Damn. I’ve been bitten by the CM love bug, I now want him to surge. Heavy personal sigh:). Rams above all...but come on Chris!!!! coyr
  2. Mid table finish this year? Yes Please! I said it before- in my opinion this is the most exciting season Derby have had (will have had) in a good many years. Of course playoffs/promotion will always be a top spot to be...however : Cocu seems to be wanting to build a team(long term). Not by binning everyone off, not by emergency spending, not by charm. He just exudes the confidence/approach of a manager that wants people to ‘hold on a minute’ and let him do some work. That is so refreshing!!! I get the sense this team is going to look so very different come the start of next season. And for the first time in awhile...The same manger, same plan, same direction will be there as well. That is so refreshing!!! I would be ecstatic if Derby made a push for playoffs/autos. And will cheer them every match for a positive result. But oh boy- are we going to have to live through some stinkers this season. Not because we lack talent, or have an inexperienced manager or silly game plan, but because Cocu is trying to find out who actually belongs on this team going forward. That is so refreshing!!! I believe, by the end of this season, or more likely the start of next season. We are all going to be sat back feeling a sense of strength and commitment to this team from player/staff/and supporter alike, that has been lacking in recent years for want of a quick fix. This will be a trying season. But the fruit of this labor will be born of the highest quality. Come on you rams!
  3. You can’t start an at risk player. I too want to see Jack get a full run-in...but not at the expense of health ( match day 5 lads/lasses) got a long way to go. I am loving every week. For me, Cocu is bringing a sense of excitement to the team build. I said earlier in the year, we will know by January who is staying and who is going. We haven’t had that for 3-4 years? We will see some mistakes, we will see some beauty...but we will all see the direction unfold. Which I believe has been missing from the last few years. Cocu (in my mind) will clear the confusion (again... only match day 5) Exciting times lads, and lasses! Strap-in, pour a drink, fun ahead! coyr
  4. Supporters acting in an entitled fashion (read that as: expecting anything different from a pro footballer than you would a mate) is top level silly at the moment. If you told a mate he sucks (with the vitriol thrown at footballers), you'd expect some comeuppance. Who told you? Who shared with you? Where did you read it? That you possibly think you are above the common decency of being a human when interacting with a footballer? Every one of those footballers are just like you. Except they are exceptional athletes...and you (we) are not. I understand passion for club, and wanting success as quickly as possible. But you have zero right to treat another human with any less respect you would show an elder...a colleague...a kid. Stop being ass-hats. Pretty simple. I bet you would fold like a cheap suit if anyone heckled you at your job (I would). You are not above common niceties. Please slow down on feeling you are owed something. Enjoy the team. Enjoy the ups and downs. Come On You Rams!
  5. A few observations I've made through the years(all in my opinion). Derby fans are some of the most passionate, historic, vocal folks connected to the game. And this is a wonderful thing for club, Midlands, and Country at large. Some Derby fans have been sliding to the edge of silliness in regard to expectation. I don't completely blame the fans. Some folks will always be pie-in-the-sky, but I've seen a shift from the more moderate fan expecting so very much out of every player, every side, every manager. I blame the formation of the Premier League. Before the Premier League...well into the mid 80's, financial disparity was understandable (I will link an old Daily mail article for reference, but I'm sure more recent data is available...I'm just being lazy). Mind The Gap My main concern is the year over year change the game has seen and the response given from the decision makers in the sport (bigger audiences, bigger expectations, bigger expenses). It's becoming out of control, and is seeping its way into the way supporters view their team. We now seem to think sacking a manager after only a few months is the way forward, we look at a loan-ee and expect them to be top class the moment a ball touches his boots, we expect significant improvement in short spans of time (my definition of short is within two years...I think it takes two/three years to even start expecting a semblance of change). The money in the game has basically come to make us expect too much too soon. It may be clicheced, but, for me, it's not the destination...it's the journey. Yes, I want Derby to get promotion, I think they deserve to be back in Division 1! but I am willing to let the team build, let the players find a footing. We are Derby...and Derby are a championship team that needs to take its time. Derby can't buy its way in (as we've been conditioned to think is the only way). Let's do something crazy! Let's love our team, warts and all. When we get to that next level (be it this year or some time in the next 10), we will revel in being there on merit, as a group, as a united team and fan base. Best to all. I need to sleep. coyr
  6. OP- I’ll go ahead and assume you’ve been drinking or are on the younger side of life. You seem to want folks to dispute your claim that Dowell is not good enough. Fact is, we don’t know yet. And you’ve not yet presented a strong enough case to prove otherwise. In your original post you alluded to it- Be patient. It sucks, it’s not fun, however, it is the only way forward here (besides a frantic diatribe approach). Hope you’re doing alright. Derby will get through, Cocu will continually assess. We as fans will debate. But a debate has two sides(and to your ask- value). To that end, Dowell has brought sparks of possibility. I view him much like I view Tom L; both can produce beautiful football...but can also go missing. Seems like you’re hoping for consistency from a young, Championship level player. Sorry mate, I can’t really find an example of that existing(unless said player is being snapped up by the Prem, or getting their team promoted). Championship is full of talent...it’s just sporadic. Dowell brings that talent...I think he deserves some time. P.S. I’m sure my grammar can be slagged...be gentle:) coyr
  7. Diamond formations(thinking 442) that I see a few folks wanting, is such a volatile formation. Tactically, it can produce goals...and that’s about it. It is chaos, wrapped in a wet tissue of control...no way to produce consistency unless you have the perfect personnel(hint....Derby does not) If you don’t have the correct personnel- Read that as horses for wingbacks that need to run all day, can defend inch perfect when tracking back from the opponents area; midfield capable of strong marking, tackling,passing; strong Center Backs to command the entire box, since they are often left alone in this formation. Then this formation is best left to one off ‘smash-n-grab’ scenarios...just like Leeds. Derby needed to outscore Leeds last year in a win or go home match...perfect time to roll the dice. 442 diamond would be good to maybe transition to during a match for short spells...if you don’t need to swap personnel. Committing to that shape is a pretty big risk. I just don’t understand folks desire to use it as a base formation. It is the epitome of spray-n-pray football. Or maybe I just really dislike the formation 🙂 coyr
  8. I too like the choices. Not so much because I think it will end up being our best lineup come end of season, but it certainly is our best known lineup right now. We are half way through August. No possible way to even start claiming other players will be a better fit, while claiming the ones currently playing together aren't good enough. Any talk of balance will take time, no matter who the players are. Loving Cocus approach so far. Excited to see which players emerge! coyr
  9. I know I should not, but... Yes, Lowe is a more natural LB, yes Lowe would be more comfortable at LB, yes, Lowe has better control with his left foot. We have a shortage of healthy RBs at the club. We are playing Scunthorpe. What a perfect chance to test a young lad at a spot, that could make us stronger as a team going forward, especially given he’s already played that spot. Lads. I am all for scrutinizing player performance, selection, progress, regression, etc. But can we please bring some real world information to the debate (of which, we may not have much...and that’s ok.) Let us leave the vitriol at home. When much of the diagnosis seems to have been completed via Sofifa and/or FM, the discourse is rather light. coyr
  10. This has been said in some regard, however, my take...cuz...forum:) The question of 'how do we measure success' is really a two part question/answer. And very much an individual experience. 1. We as fans want 32 to knock in double digit goals, and high single digit assists...job done, great signing. 2. The club will want to recoup as much (and then some) money as has been spent, along with raising the profile of the club, along with attracting on-field/off-field/investor talent. Answer: It's not that simple. We can't really quantify how effective any player has been for the club until years later. That's why I struggle with fans/friends who deal in absolutes... 'if x-player doesn't get x-goals, that means failure/success'. That just doesn't work as a solid measuring stick. Sport is filled with passion, yet we want assurances...that is not how it works 🙂 Enjoy Rooney's brilliance that will pop up from time to time...revel in Toms ability to skate through defenders and bang in a 25 yard screamer, sit in awe of Roos finger-tipping a match tie-ing free kick in the 92'nd minute. Also, sulk when Roos bobbles a cross into the oncoming path of an opposing striker, lament when Tom steps on his own feet when a simple-early-cross would have worked, and head-in-hands when Rooney blazes a match winner past an open net. All of these things happen...it all makes the game so much fun, and so very powerful. How do we measure success of 32? Did you enjoy your time with him at the club? Success. coyr!
  11. 1-2 in seems right to me. Cocu and Mel both eluded to seeing what the club has (youth and senior). Plenty of players on the team that need a look-in. Very much agree with this strategy. Will see more movement in Winter and next Summer. Really hope the club doesn't panic-buy someone and sticks with this strategy. Very refreshing, and very much a smart decision to see what players we have. I've said it before; seems some of you want us to magically have youth given a chance, while buying new players to be given a chance, while bringing back old players to be given a chance, while trimming deadwood (or what your take on deadwood happens to be), while selling players for large sums that have not been given a chance. Etc, Etc. Slow down folks. Can't all be done at once. This is shaping up to be the tidiest pre-season in modern Derby history, at least as far as I can remember. This is going to set the club up nicely going forward. Buzzing about this direction! coyr
  12. Yeah. Not sure I’ve classed Derby supporters as folks who have periodic meltdowns; but more a group of people on one continuous whinge with brief moments of collective hope. I disagree with this method, and hope for folks to put a little more thought into the team/players/process...but alas...many times it’s just baseless concern, overlaid with frantic desperation that inevitably leads to the common ‘if you think this team has any chance, you need to be looked at’ type of comment. No thought, no suggestions, no value. a little more thought, a little more effort to understand the scenario, probably lead to less toy throwing, and a better discussion around the club. This is going to be a fun season. We will actually get to see who our players are. Then we address and move forward in the winter and next summer. Some players will meet the challenge, some won’t. But we will have answers. And that’s exciting! coyr
  13. Signings will always be a fun, hopeful event. So is bringing through youth(or giving a young-ish squad player a shot. I see quite a bit of conflicting opinions by some of the same folks(or maybe I’m mixing up posters here), but it seems folks are concerned about the lack of signings...based off of other teams movements(as well as our outs). But also want youth brought through...but also want top flight loans in....and they want it all done yesterday. My head spins. The senior team sits somewhere between 21-26 current players? (I should check exact numbers sorry...I’m out on the fly right now). That’s more then enough to start the season how many youths to get an actual look-in? 4? No-doubt we will bring in at least two more on loan(this summer). So. Start of season Derby will be sat with 25-32 players getting a look-in for 18 spots. We have enough. Quality...that is certainly the debate...also never going to be truly addressed this summer. Mel and Cocu all but guaranteed they will be looking to see what the current team has (senior and youth). For me, bet the most action will be done in the winter and next summer. Now until January is when we really get to see if our current players have it in them or not. I’m very excited to see the outcome. Then we’ll know who to continue to cultivate and where we need to press. Loving this pre-season...season will be even better. coyr
  14. Will always expect Derby to position themselves for playoff push. By that, I mean they will have assessed the team and brought in who they believe is needed to help get them to that level. If Derby fall out of top six at the end of some season, something wrong has occurred(injuries, multiple player flops, etc.). To get top two in the championship...luck is needed. Usually in the form of fewer injuries (or team has adequate cover), multiple players having either a stand out season or youth blossoming at the right time. Derby will push for top six...fortune willing...top two. coyr *I realize it’s not only good fortune that gets a top two finish...but it definitely plays a part.
  15. Fair ask. As my typing is a bit confusing there. In short- yes (and probably not) 🙂 I think that any mid 20's winger who puts together consistent performances of creativity (the level which we've seen snippets so far from Lawrence), could be classed as a 50mill Champions quality Winger. Do I think he will reach that level? More than likely he will not. But to have someone on your team with even a chance of showing that type of quality; you give them as much game time as able. In reality, I hope he develops a bit more, becomes a double digit assist, high single digit scorer (for the folks that think those are the only numbers that matter), and settles in as a decent PL quality winger. For the record, I think stats are often misleading. People want to point and see "better or worse". When in reality its all manner of grey area, constant chaos, and generally un-quantifiable reasons that lead to a bad/good/quality player. Which is why we can even have debates on players we like or dislike. I believe a players ability/value is much more than a stat line. I feel Lawrence can produce wonderful football, I just hope he can pull together a few great moments and help the squad along the way. coyr
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