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  1. I think this post(and it’s question in general) is actually a pretty big topic in sport/life at large. From my observations(at events as well as online), I feel I’ve noticed a significant shift in the aim of supporters. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone...but I do think it is a shift in the general approach from more and more folks. Supporters today want to be seen as a supporter, as opposed to being a supporter of the team for themselves. It’s subtle, but a significant difference in mindset when applying it to a struggling side. We can certainly point to marketing, the money in today’s game, exposure to larger supporter bases with easier access to games(ramsTV, etc). But for what ever the cause(and I’m sure it’s many small things as opposed to one big thing)...supporters are less apt to back a team that’s struggling. I love this club. As all of you do, in your way. I do wish for a stronger supporting base...and I don’t mean flag waving, singing, merch purchasing, etc. All of that is great and makes it fun being a supporter...but it’s always fun when your side is up 2/nil at half. I wish for a base that thinks about how damn difficult it is to have all cylinders firing for a club these days. If we as a base become more thoughtful in our approach to the club- we become less focused on the short term chaos and find calm in the storm. coyr!!!
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