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  1. Will always expect Derby to position themselves for playoff push. By that, I mean they will have assessed the team and brought in who they believe is needed to help get them to that level. If Derby fall out of top six at the end of some season, something wrong has occurred(injuries, multiple player flops, etc.). To get top two in the championship...luck is needed. Usually in the form of fewer injuries (or team has adequate cover), multiple players having either a stand out season or youth blossoming at the right time. Derby will push for top six...fortune willing...top two. coyr *I realize it’s not only good fortune that gets a top two finish...but it definitely plays a part.
  2. Fair ask. As my typing is a bit confusing there. In short- yes (and probably not) 🙂 I think that any mid 20's winger who puts together consistent performances of creativity (the level which we've seen snippets so far from Lawrence), could be classed as a 50mill Champions quality Winger. Do I think he will reach that level? More than likely he will not. But to have someone on your team with even a chance of showing that type of quality; you give them as much game time as able. In reality, I hope he develops a bit more, becomes a double digit assist, high single digit scorer (for the folks that think those are the only numbers that matter), and settles in as a decent PL quality winger. For the record, I think stats are often misleading. People want to point and see "better or worse". When in reality its all manner of grey area, constant chaos, and generally un-quantifiable reasons that lead to a bad/good/quality player. Which is why we can even have debates on players we like or dislike. I believe a players ability/value is much more than a stat line. I feel Lawrence can produce wonderful football, I just hope he can pull together a few great moments and help the squad along the way. coyr
  3. Wasn’t sure if I should put this here or in a more recent thread. But I am baffled at the way some folks are on about Tom. You can argue whether or not he will be able to put it all together. You can argue it may or may not be beneficial to give someone else a starting bid on the wing. But how can any of us(who have watched more then just a handful of games) not agree that Lawrence is the most creative player on the team? As far as I can tell (from the other threads). The main concern is that he seems to disappear at times. Is that really a shock? If he does put it all together and proves a complete winger match after match...he’s not a Derby County player...he’s starting on a Champions League team worth 50 mill. The gamble with him has always been about his consistency. I am very much willing to gamble that he can put it together still. Because the outcome for Derby will be Heads and Shoulders above what any other current player could provide. coyr
  4. Scrimmage is a US term for Friendly. However I’ve usually seen it used with inter-squad matches only (all sports).
  5. Don’t think I’ve ever waded into the Chris Martin pool yet on this forum(possibly dreading my decision to do so). But I am interested. 1. Is there any evidence that Chris could recapture form? What evidence could point to a resurgence? 2. Are their examples of strikers dropping off the grid and bouncing back, down the line? My take: I understand the romance of having him come back in and perform, but that can’t be based on anything other then fingers crossed, which is a terrible way to manage a team. Therefore- can’t really expect him to get much of a look by Cocu, unless Martin is somehow banging in 25yard screamers in Florida. Fact of the matter- Chris hasn’t been scoring goals for three years. You can only blame formation/usage for so long. coyr
  6. Yeah. Tactics (like statistics) can be manipulated. It really does come down to; do you like the visual of play...and does it produce results. Clough and his 442 (among other styles) worked a treat; partly because of talent, partly because Clough was a brilliant Manager. If we were to get some guarantee(which is never an actual thing in life) that Cocu (or any Manager) would be like a Clough...a set tactic doesn't matter. Clough was a wonderful tactician (albeit kept simple...which may be the trick), and an amazing man manager. He may have been over the top outspoken, and rubbed some folks the wrong way... but he knew how to squeeze talent out a team. Can only hope Cocu can strive for that. coyr
  7. I think that's it. It comes down to preferred tactics. I personally prefer wingers to either cross or cut in along with a midfield bombing forward to provide that partnership , as opposed to a set two striker partnership. Hard to argue with the Clough years 🙂. I just don't much enjoy the two striker formations. Although...whatever tactics get Rams over the line...I will be happy:) coyr
  8. That’s fair. I guess, I see that change coming from the team as a whole when Jacks on Vs Wags. As in, Unless we have two identical strikers; the creativity, attack, build up will shift to whom ever it suits best at that time on the pitch. As opposed to; sub one hold up striker for another- rinse repeat build up. Perhaps I’m asking too much of the team as a collective 🙂
  9. Also- where is the concern for squad size coming from? Did everyone get used to seeing 35-40+ senior team options last year and think that’s normal? Last year was about seeing out contracts and moving folks on. Sorted. Now we assess and bring in as needed. I’m guessing come start of season a few of you will be shouting that the squad is bloated again. Love this time of year! The squad will get sorted...I’m just hoping for as few injuries as possible to start the year. coyr
  10. Not sure I understand folks desire to get Wags and Jack on the pitch at the same time(I understand it for every once in a while), but not as a base formation. Having (at least) two strikers of quality you can switch out during the season is the only way to have consistently good form up top. Nothing wrong with having them switch games; both starting some, both coming on as sub.
  11. Just some thoughts: Mels proven to be a brilliant businessman(I suppose you could debate, but I won’t); not going to get caught out and forced to sack Frank Until I see Frank holding a Chelsea jersey(recent), he’s not gone, and is still contractually obligated to Derby. (actually you don’t have to be a brilliant businessman for that; Frank has a contract, Frank is Derbys Manager. All Mel has to do is point to the contract. Nothing Chelsea can do to stop compensation, or force a hand. Nothing I’m researching Cocu...I like him too. But again...until he’s sat at Pride Park holding up our (fingers crossed, Orange) third kit...Frank is still Manager. I (like all of you) want resolution soon. Let’s get there with some dignity, and a few less conspiracy theories...we’ll all be better for it. Edit: speculations are not conspiracy theories, in my book. Speculation has reason...Conspiracy Theories do not coyr!
  12. Yeah- I think that’s the hope right? If Lampards deal to Chelsea gets finalized; we won’t have all the details of how this all transpired...although I am far less conspiratorial then some folks have been. For me: We had a fun/good season. The team profile took a jump- ability to attract some talent(player/manager alike) We will have more then likely cemented a solid relationship with the Manager in charge of the most talented youth setup in the country.(In charge- as in final say). That doesn’t just mean loans- could be some perm deals to be had, in the near future. It will be unfortunate to have to start with a new face in management again...but I feel really good about the strides taken this year. I think when we look back in a couple years, this will have been a massive amount of (needed) change to help propel the Rams forward coyr!
  13. As for the FFP/July 1 questions. I would be a bit baffled as to why the need to not announce anything until July 1? I could very well be wrong per FFP rules, but any generic contract (in any professional pursuit), can be agreed upon/announced whenever...with the actual start date (or date of effect) set whenever they want. Basically, they could announce officially today what's going on, with July 1 being the start date, hence pushing finances out a year. In which case, makes no sense to 'hide' everything until July 1. Correct? Wrong? I don't know. coyr
  14. Ha. You've gone right mad, son. I wish you the best too. Also, maybe you're just crap at making tea...and need to put in more work at holding on to your missus.
  15. Assuming he leaves for Chelsea. I guess I'm one of the well wishers, because (to me), he'll have done nothing wrong. If it happens; end of the day a Champions league club offered a job to a manager in the Championship. I don't like Chelsea, I like Frank. If he goes, and Chelsea end up having a mare...I'll snicker a bit at Chelsea...but feel bad for Frank. coyr
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