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  1. RamsTV

    Bob Malcom for the return fixture, as he played for both
  2. NFL thread

    Our receivers are a complete joke
  3. Will Hughes Watch

    He coudm't play in the Championship forever guys.
  4. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    If we could play for two halves a game...
  5. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    Pulis and Clement job secuirty looking very shaky has to be said.
  6. u23s at the Olympic Stadium this Friday

    Delight for the lads and Darren Wassall in particular.
  7. World Cup Draw

    Can't be more complicated than the UCL draw that is a minefield.
  8. Live games 2017/18

    Eriksen is far too good.
  9. NFL thread

    Saints running game was excellent last night NFC playoffs look good, AFC less so it is basically the Pats and Steelers I think the rest all have flaws.
  10. England Squad for Germany and Brazil

    Have genuinely no idea what an Angus Gunn is?
  11. NFL thread

    Eagles looking like the real deal, been very impressed by them, McVay doing a great job too coach of the year so far IMO. Saints too are impressing me, the AFC is lagging behind the NFC.
  12. Manager Sacking Sweepstake

    Pulis and Clement may be starting to feel the pressure a bit.... Think Bilic will be the next booted out.
  13. Patrice Evra kicks fan in head

    Must be a first to get a red pre-match!
  14. Paul Clement

    De ja vu

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