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  1. I might be wrong but some of them are potentially people like myself who is yet to claim my reserved ticket for either matches - which I’ll do before Wednesday obvs, the noises online would incidcste that pride park won’t have 8k empty seats come Wednesday. It would make sense that they are still shown as tickets available I guess? Feel free to correct me!
  2. I think we have playing extremely well all considered and I’m quietly confident if we don’t have any more points taken off us we could stay up. We do ideally need bielik back and a couple of attacking players adding in jan if possible (and allowed) but this team is doing extremely well all be it, not quite clinical enough - baldock and Lawrence could and maybe should of done much better with their chances yesterday, at least working the goalkeeper (I know the last min Lawrence chance I’m referring to took a deflection but that was a really good chance IMO). Proud of whatever the team does this season whether we stay up or finish in the bottom three. They are showing a lot of fight. Just got to keep the concentration, as hard as it is when tiring, for 90mins.
  3. Went to Peterborough away and the doughty chant suddenly started coming out at the train station. I mean aside from the fact it’s extremely poor taste and disrespectful and shouldnt be sung full stop - I don’t understand why it’s suddenly come back out again now.
  4. I was going to say I thought for a second we had executed the quickest successful appeal in the history of football. 😂😂
  5. Unless I’ve missed something don’t think Roos will be playing….
  6. You know what… the more people that are against us for no real reason like you billy sharp, the more I can’t wait for this club to rise again and prove the haters wrong. You’re a league one striker at best billy, get a grip. Just cause you can score loads for the small club in sheffield. 😂😂😂
  7. They said there’s two very credible interested parties already and emphasised one party has been in for the club previously. Said their job is to also wheedle out the ones who put their name forward with no credibility or funds to support. Ie you’re Alonsos. I think they said some of those already circuling have high net worth - they sounded very upbeat about getting a deal done.
  8. Feel like not a lot has been mentioned around this - hasn’t made it through all the doom and gloom. Was anything else said? Maybe the duo @ossieram mentioned earlier is those said people?
  9. Thanks for explaining - really appreciated. I’m still struggling to understand why at this point, Mel has decided to put the club (or at least imply the intention) in admin. As you say there’s no transfer window to even raise funds from player sales, from the very little squad we have. The picture just looks completely bleak.
  10. Could we retrospectively add a poll to this thread to gauge how many people who previously were staying away, not fussed etc about games this season are now going to come back to give whatever pennies they can to the club? Was thinking of doing it but felt this would be the best place. Couple of my friends who didn’t want to give a penny to Morris have now changed their tune and realised Derby county needs them - one has just bought a season ticket. Time for the fans who can afford to, or aren’t avoiding big crowds due to COVID to come back and seperate Derby county from the off field issues - Derby County is on the pitch and in the stands. UTRs
  11. Don’t suppose you could do us a favour and as best you can explain the administration process? I was hoping Mel was going to at least address it yesterday during his interview but he did nothing to explain what happens next or to even reassure Derby fans there will still be a Derby county at the end of this. I know that’s not a straightforward question.
  12. Wish I could go to this one but going to a wedding, let’s bring the 3 points home!
  13. Two mates are now on about getting season tickets who previously hadn’t considered it. Couple of others have mentioned they will now get to as many games as possible. Hopefully we can get those attendances right up again for the rest of the season to help this team and just to make sure the club gets as much revenue as we can give it.
  14. Am I the only one who remembers the club stating cocu had agreed not to take his pay (or take it reduced?) or was that a classic case of what someone mentioned above, where something gets said and then it’s passed on as fact? Or is this 4M or so the reduced version as stated at the time? Or is all this just a BAD DREAM?!
  15. I think we just have to hope someone somewhere fancies themselves to be a hero, has enough money to throw around to do it and is stupid enough to do it. But yes you’re not far wrong, it’s the sad reality of the state Derby is in and you’d like to think there would be enough people in football who don’t want a club like Derby to go bust if anything it really does set a bad precedent even if you don’t like Derby - clearly football hasn’t learned from Bury and Maccasfield, maybe it takes a club like Derby to wake the pyramid up to make real changes - cause if Derby go it could easily be a forest (or by the sounds of it reading next).
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