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  1. Matchdays as a ST holder.

    Been a season ticket holder for 17 years and love it now more than ever. But it’s not just the derby game for me, me and my mates make a day of it and I think that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. Today we are going to bar sport to watch spurs arsenal (tasty), few beers then onto the game, back to the pub and then a curry house tonight. (Probably followed by a few bars) I used to just go straight to and from games, it’s isn’t quite the same. But also always helps when derby are doing well.
  2. Have to say this seems completely odd to me. Maybe he’s thought, well if derby do go up unlikely I’ll get a look in, or maybe he knows the voodoo collapse curse is very much real and is jumping ship before it naturally sinks. Either way, good luck to him. I felt we needed another winger before this news. Definitely need a replacement before the transfer window shuts.
  3. We need a chant for Vydra!

    That’s just no excuse.... when I was 11 I had to spell raseak and Idarkev and I got them right everytime!
  4. 19 to go...

  5. Today's ref

    Agreed. Weimann should have been booked for his attempt to bring down I think onomah in midfield earlish on, but it’s good to see people complimenting a good refereeing performance. As shown in the Neville and Carragher documentary on sky about the officials, it’s a very tough job.
  6. Leeds United V Derby County

    I just wanna see him score again for us. At one point about 2 years ago I thought he would be the first Derby striker in my time to hit 100 for us. Sadly his goals have dryed up, he could do with a good run in the team though.
  7. Not good enough oops sorry my auto response for after every game was still on.
  8. Life Ruined

    I genuinely never noticed the actual eye lol... but I just thought it had no eyes to represent the way we give the ball away like we're blind.
  9. Isak Olafsson

    He will misplace one pass and the crowd will be singing "let him go.. let him go"
  10. Only 22,000 at that game. Thought the attendances had picked up by then! I seem to recall a Millwall player going down injured off the pitch and crawling back on to it. Think we really missed Martin that day when he was at his best for us.
  11. We Need The Fans To Get Behind Us Every Game

    On the electronic advertising boards it said bounce on Sunday when we were singing that song. Maybe if we both boo it will say boo on the boards instead? Then those dam players will know!!!!!
  12. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Ironically he had none, but I had a whole pack of penguins, orange clubs, caramel rockeys and time outs for the office. Surprised he didn't mug me.
  13. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Literally walked into kenny burns today at markeaton island petrol station. Wanted to say something but as a keyboard warrior saying something in person is my biggest fear of all. Mind you, I had to walk into him as there was no way round him. Take that kenny.
  14. B4 type battle cry.....Bring on the forest

    I was going to say I'm convinced he has never scored against forest even at his most prolific for us. Maybe to reignite his career with Derby, he will on Sunday? I would love nothing more.

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