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  1. Think it provides options for interchanging of positions. I think we are just missing an out and out wide player. A pipe dream I know but someone like Marc albrighton on loan in jan would be ideal. (I emphasise someone like).
  2. I feel like this thread should be more about George Evans then dowell. I just can’t work out what his strengths are. Whereas dowell I think is certainly more creative.
  3. Roos lowe keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Knight Dowell Waghorn Marriott Lawrence evans, Huddlestone and flo jo are the areas we have to find better options for for me. Would have gone for Paterson if he wasn't ineligible.
  4. Derby 2 Bristol City 0 frgs waghorn
  5. I mean... has anyone tried it before? I wouldn’t rule it out, maybe cocu can implement the double Dutch rudder to get the best out of him.
  6. I once held a post office door open for Ben pringle. True story.
  7. Forest home tickets go on sale tomorrow so I imagine we will be Sunday, just a guess.
  8. I used to go quite a bit when we got the whole bottom tier of the stand and thought it made for a great atmosphere. I miss those days. 2,000 just feels completely drowned out. I'm sure we give them about 2,800, might be wrong. Hope they don't restrict this as it could make for a great occasion.
  9. He has to be utilised as a midfielder for me. On the ball and his passing ability from what i've seen so far is wasted at the back. Couple that with having Keogh and Clarke, and Davies as back up, we don't really need him at CB apart from maybe the odd game if players need rests/ injuries or suspensions. Assuming Clarke and Keogh start Saturday, will be very disappointed if he's on the bench and not starting in midfield.
  10. Bielik is a monster. Would def prefer to see him in midfield. Skips past players with ease and passing is risky but accurate. Makes everything look easy, just puts you on edge a little when as a cb he takes on his man with no one behind haha. Knight excellent, Lowe decent and Buchanan looked comfortable at left back too.
  11. Scunthorpe 0 Derby 2 FRGS Marriott
  12. I just wish they actually commentated rather than ‘comment’. I know they are a local radio but they should be more like five live or talkSPORT commentary. Describe the pass to us, don’t tell us how rubbish you think it was. Their negativity fuels the Twitter moaners, especially for away games.
  13. Everyone seemed supportive round me in south upper. I think he’s a very good champ player. Mentioned before, could never understand why forest let him go when they did and don’t fully understand why Bristol loaned him to us either. Hope once he gets into his stride he can cause problems down the wing.
  14. Must have been concussion then
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