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  1. Yeah he came out and did an interview about 3 years ago maybe when he was at Bournemouth and claimed he was still and always had been Derby through and through, first result he looks for etc.
  2. Agree on bielik. Play Clarke and Davies there. Chris Martin on the other hand, if we can keep creating him chances I see another 15 to 20 goal season. Even my forest supporting mate can’t believe how little we have played him over the last 3 years. Derby have lacked intelligence on (and well off) the pitch in games over recent seasons. Chris Martin is one of the most intelligent players in the championship. Hopefully he’s in the team to stay.
  3. Private I believe and someone’s gone onto share it. It’s not his fault that happened but things get leaked so easily he shouldn’t have been so naive.
  4. I imagine all 3 were way beyond the point of reasonable mind mate. But that’s why earlier in their state of intoxication they should be taking responsibility for what they did next. I imagine you could be right about keogh, or it could be they were only making a short trip and thought they could do it, but it just proves why you shouldn’t drink and drive even if it’s only for 40 yards.
  5. The thing for me is, in Huddlestones case, yes he shouldn’t have filmed anything but for all we know he left two hours before Bennett and Lawrence went anywhere near a car. Not as stupid this mind, but I’ve left nights out to find in the morning mates have done things after I’ve gone (more the first part of masons night rather than the second). Huddlestone should have known better than to film and share things but I don’t think he can be blamed for what happened after.
  6. Didn’t even know this happened. How did everyone get out and back with zero delay to the kick off?! Impressive
  7. Holmes a level above everyone on both teams,
  8. Haha cheers pal, just a bug nothing serious 👍. If we go one down I’ll swiftly turn it off.
  9. Tbf he does talk a decent game, just doesn’t play it.
  10. Watching on tv tonight instead of my usual seat as not feeling well. Whenever I watch Derby on tv at home it ends badly... 😬
  11. How dare..... you’re right I feel nothing
  12. What if I’m a cyborg that requires no hydration or resources to survive?
  13. I didn’t actually follow the Leeds spygate matter closely. When they were fined what was it deemed in breach of as I believe they didn’t break technically any rules? So I’m guessing the efl could do similar to us on this matter. Although if their investigation returns no evidence that we haven’t clearly and by the book used this loophole, I really can’t see what they can do. I guess with Leeds they had to set a precedent to ensure spying didn’t become a norm. With this the only way they can stop clubs doing it is to close the loophole I should imagine.
  14. Derby 1 Cardiff 2 frgs Lawrence
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