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  1. Ramos

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    Would love to see this today first half Carson Bogle wisdom Davies Forsyth Huddlestone Bryson mount Wilson Thomas Nugent second half Carson bogle keogh Davies Lowe Thorne mount butterfield Lawrence jozefzoon Jerome then bring on Johnson for mount about 70, Pearce for Davies Honestly starting to think with the pacey attacking options we now have that Martin if he was fit would suit this side.
  2. Ramos

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Unsure if this has been said but I was listening and I got the impression he meant the signings have started coming because Morris came back this week. Not that he is back so multiple signings are to come.
  3. I don’t hate Martin at all. Actually one of his biggest fans and wanted him to reach 100 goals for derby. Just feel his time is up. If he stays and starts scoring again I’ll be delighted.
  4. Yano I think butterfield could actually be quite a useful player in a team that actually sets out to pass and move. He always got criticised for passing sideways but I never remember much movement ahead of him. He clearly has ability just needs the right manager to get the best from him. See vydra in second season from first for eg. if we can get Blackman, Martin and anya out, maybe Hanson out on loan, then I think Palmer in and we are there. Obviously if vydra goes then a new striker will be needed.
  5. Ramos

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Rowett got me to a semi us I mean he got us to a semi
  6. Ramos

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    I dont find lampard attractive.
  7. Ramos

    Jacob Butterfield - my insane prediction

    In his first season for derby i remmeber him scoring a couple of very good goals and his passing was much more positive. I dont remmeber him getting much stick either during Paul clements time in charge. It was last season that he seemed to slip into a side ways passing maestro, he must have recieved a call from Paul thirwell. He does have a pass in him and has good feet from time to time which is why he is annoying and frustrating and gets given stick. He seems like if his attitude and belief was greater he would make a decent champ midfielder. But probably time to move on as we arent a forgiving bunch. He would have to score a few screamers and reinvent his game to change opinions. Or work with a manager who knows how to get the most from him, if anyone can.
  8. Ramos

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I can already see butland being sold for 15 to 20 mil and rowett coming straight in with about 5 mill for Carson.
  9. Ramos

    New manager's objectives...

    give Callum guy and Elsnik a chance. Don’t care about a promotion challenge, we will only fall away anyway (see last 4 seasons). Play more positive football with energy and urgency. Don’t go into the second leg of a play off game aiming to keep the other team out for 90 mins, go to win! We need to make a couple of smart loans and free transfers if we can and like I say encourage a few youngsters to develop. I feel being proud of a few academy players rather than watch journeymen dip in and out of effort will help to create some much needed positivity. Will hughes player manager, he’s ready.
  10. Ramos

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Mission accomplished.... we set up not to score and we didn't. Ah well at least i wont get my season ticket money back..... again! Dam you mel your promise is a curse!!!! Plus lets face it, if we had gone through there'd have been no justice.... hey three cheers for ramieres.
  11. Ramos

    Here’s My Opinion On Kenny Burns (fwiw)

    One of these I’ve heard stories. But knowing someone who knows him, apparently most of what he ‘says’ is completely exaggerated and misquoted by the post to obvs wind derby fans up. If true, works a treat.
  12. Ramos

    Hopes and Fears

    Def want Cardiff. Think we can beat them over 2 legs. Can’t see us overcoming Fulham. Hasn’t mick McCarthey already gone in ref to OP?
  13. Ramos

    Has Rowett lost the dressing room?

    Tbf I wouldn’t wanna get the wrong side of big Dave haha but I hope he does well for them and is given a crack at the job next year
  14. Ramos

    Preston North End V Derby County

    My line up for today.... carson wisdom keogh Davies Baird Huddlestone Ledley Thomas Palmer Lawrence vydra I think that’s our best 11 (bar untried Thomas but I feel we need an injection of youthful enthusiasm and a bit of speed somewhere!) I’ve always been a big Forsyth fan and I guess similar with Thorne, both look so far below their best they have to be left out of the starting 11. Same for Bradley Johnson as I still don’t understand what his best position and qualities are? He can’t really pass, dribble or tackle particularly well. Would be one of the players I’d move on in the summer tbh. Fingers crossed we can pick up some points soon.

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