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  1. Rams manager when the current squad was born

    How did you know I was so cultured
  2. Rams manager when the current squad was born

    Arthur cox... which is great because I love......
  3. I think gabbidons tweet is an error. There is no other mention of wolves even bidding from what i can see.
  4. Gary still assessing this squad

    It's one impatient derby fan
  5. Gary still assessing this squad

    Rowett for me deserves the same patience and time as Nigel clough got. Arguably he has a better squad than clough inherited but his job is similar, bring the wage bill down, save money but still try to keep us competitive. He has a squad where numerous mistakes have been made in recruitment, pretty much starting from January of the 2015 season. Constantly we are told how bad our players are from derby fans yet it's the same fans who seem to expect fluid performances and challenging at the top of the league. If he can't get these players to consistently play well, he is the 5th manager in about 2 years who has had this same problem. He needs time to get rid of players who don't fit in here and build the team he wants. Sadly for the impatient Derby fans this may take more than one season.
  6. Butterfield the new Hughes.

    How people are managing to pick one player out, I don't know. It was a classic drab first game of the season. No one played well.
  7. Callum Robinson

    Panic on the streets of derby. Will life ever be sane again?
  8. still missing a playmaker

    A flair player is what we are missing.
  9. Kit Numbers

    I'm always losing that allusive dash
  10. Kit Numbers

    Derby legend
  11. DCFC Player profile

    orrrr maybe there is only actually one of them?! Think about it!! We sign vydra, Weimann gets convinently loaned out. Then when Weimann plays one half in the first preseason friendly, vydra played the other. Once it's got to full 90s, vydra disappears altogether. It all makes sense. So obviously when Weimann posed for his photo, he forgot to morph back to how he looks when he is vydra. This all makes sense now. Pretending to be two bad players, rather than one, genius.
  12. Kit Numbers

    Ah yeah just checked thanks. I think it's because he played so little last season I can only see him in the number 14 in my head.
  13. Kit Numbers

    Wisdom has been wearing number 14 and I'm sure that was shackells number. I wouldn't personalise anything until the official announcement tbh.
  14. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Without energy a players quality is heavily affected. It was clear to see by about 65 mins most of our players were exhausted. You can say our quality should shine through, but if you're tired even the simplest things become tough. If players are too tired to make the runs, too tired to think about playing a pass, play breaks down. Link up is no longer second nature and our players naturally got deeper in order to defend without having to exert too much energy. I think people need to stop reading too much into pre season. We could win every game 7 0 and lose to sunderland on the opening day. It rarely gives you an insight into how the season will start and pan out.
  15. v Port Vale & Doncaster Match Thread

    Its clear to see since about the 65th min this team here has just been building fitness. Theyre far too tired to play fluently. No substitutions either so they are all getting 90 mins under their belts

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