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  1. Even if it did demotivate them not sure we can get in any worse form!!!
  2. We played well today but we are so toothless it’s unreal. Lack of ideas in the final third makes us so hard to watch. No one can complain if we do go down - at the moment thankfully it looks like Wycombe, sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham are too poor to overcome us.
  3. How I have tried to be but you insufferable lot just won’t give me that status.
  4. Adrian Dunbar as chief of derbyshire police who helped to call off the Cardiff match due to ‘snow’ Def a bent copper.
  5. First announcement better be Chris Martin in a blue and white Derby shirt with no eye in the ram or i’m booing.
  6. Johnny metgod from RAILLLLLLLLL MADRID
  7. Identity theft is not a joke - millions of families suffer every year.
  8. How dare you..... us 29 year olds are the best of the best and if someone would just give us a chance to run a football club we would show you all up.
  9. Prove you know more than me about kebabs - I dare you.
  10. That or just so much money that losses aren’t a concern. Maybe the two go hand in hand.
  11. Playing really well so far. So much more energy and movement. Great to see - but frustrating we weren’t doing this the last 4 or 5 games.
  12. Really good listen - interesting thoughts on Andy Appleby and jez moxey’s business idea around football club sales. Derby should certainly be getting them involved - if not all football clubs should have qualified people who have been involved in running football clubs to support the sales process who are independent to all parties. Would really help to make events like this BZI fiasco a lot less common place.
  13. I’d actually argue where as he is one of the most successful managers - that in the last 5 years he continues to call out players and his success has hugely wained. Back in the early 2000s where he had most his success I think that generation of players still responded to criticism and had broader shoulders on the whole - I think as a society we are getting softer and people are far more likely to need an arm over their shoulder and that seems to be how football is. it’s why as good as Brian clough was - I really don’t think he would be as successful today.
  14. O yeah for sure ha! Funnily enough the old dinosaur warnock / McCarthey type manager is the only one we haven’t tried at our failed attempts to get this club moving up.
  15. Probably better than what we are currently serving up to be fair.... ask the Cardiff fans.
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