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  1. He's had the odd hiccup, but has been solid for us for years now, under multiple different managers and systems. I can't come close to thinking of another player that consistent for us in our recent history
  2. Big shout out for Roos today. Great distribution, blocking and catching.
  3. This is painful. Shows our problems pretty clearly, if one of Wilson's chances went in, we'd feel more 'job done' about it, but it would have been paper over the cracks
  4. Him and Holmes seem able to slow time or something. They always seem to have twice as long on the ball and never looked panicked
  5. Ince would have torn this league apart this league under lamps. I'm sure Lawrence has more in there somewhere, but Ince was better at passing, shooting, dribbling, crossing... Ya know, football. I can't remember the sale/purchase discrepancy, but if Lawrence cost more than half what we sold Ince for we were ripped off.
  6. Hahaha. Either that or he runs the length of the pitch to slide tackle someone (again) and the ball takes a huge deflection and loops over their keeper
  7. hahaha "good luck to derby, hope they go on and win it. can't see it mind you" gracious in defeat!
  8. Deserved. Unbelievable start. Unbelievable move and finish. We are at them.
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