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  1. i cant help but get extra excited when martin starts. no idea why i have such emotional investment in a single player but here we are. absolute man crush.
  2. He's a shadow of his former self. Albeit a giant beast of a shadow that can still put the ball in the net. Seems to be dropping deeper than previous seasons, but he's still a decent passer and seems to be really getting his confidence back in front of goal. His last two seemed more like 2013/14 Martin goals than some of the scrappier ones from earlier. He could still get to a decent number before the end of the season. His goals to minutes played ratio 7:1293 is significantly better than Waggy (9:2207) or Marriott (2:1142).
  3. Martin is our best striker. Thats my only take away today.
  4. hahaha all of our chances have come from wisdom->knight
  5. AHAHAHAHAHA oh my god that was beyond blatant
  6. there must be so much about football that goes over my head, cause waiting 85 minutes, then bringing off Knight and leaving on Lawrence, Holmes and Waghorn seems so absurd to me.
  7. hopefully we can keep this at 1-0 until the 85th minute when cocu makes some changes
  8. "denied one-v-one" makes it sound a lot better than it was. if there was no keeper, the ball probably didnt have enough on it to make it over the line
  9. would love to see huddlestone/martin in a game like this. we can't keep the ball and are buckling under pressure at the back. can't help but be horribly disappointed in our line up after
  10. boro making us look pretty poor right now.
  11. I'm an "IN" voter now, and glad to see most of the rest of the Cocu doubters have changed as well
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