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  1. my view season so far

    You're right curtains, I'm sorry. I've given it some thought, and it was the single most historical event in Derby County history. Maybe we can ask the club to fund a plaque at the Cardiff City Stadium?
  2. my view season so far

    Oh we'll be telling tales for years to come about that 0-0 draw away at Cardiff. When are the club going to release a commemorative DVD?
  3. my view season so far

    This thread is insane. It's absolutely insane. The youtube videos... what on earth. I thought I knew what to expect from a Curtains-centric thread, but this has me bewildered.
  4. my view season so far

    Eh. Not bad, but I'm more of a fan of reanimated corpse Gary Teale's cybernetic rams of the 2137-2138 season.
  5. my view season so far

    I TOLD YOU SAY You don't believe in "tippy tippy tappy" football, but literally the best thing about yesterday's performance was when we started one touch passing when the 2 strikers came on and opened them up a lot more.
  6. my view season so far

    People were generally quite complimentary of our performance yesterday, without going over the top. People are right to be somewhat skeptical, and while yesterday was certainly encouraging, Gary is still under performing compared to other recent managers, barring of course Pearson, who you were also madly in love with. I love you Curtains, you're absolutely bananas.
  7. my view season so far

    But you won't need to, because most people will be saying good things about him if that happens. That's generally how these things work. When performances are bad, people criticise, and when they're great, people celebrate. You've got something a bit mixed up.
  8. my view season so far

    Thanks Mystic Meg. In the meantime we'll base our thoughts and opinions on things that have actually happened and are based in reality. Rowett has an enormous amount of work to do to match McClaren's win ratio. Sorry.
  9. 'From the start I thought we were magnificent'

    We were a lot better. Magnificent is pushing it. This is a magnificent derby performance:
  10. Cardiff V Derby County

    Martin's been decent, but the main thing for me is all of our attacking improved when he came on. I don't think I saw Martin in the box once, but he set up some nice chances for other people.
  11. Cardiff V Derby County

    Only a point, but SIGNIFICANTLY more happy than last week. Lots of encouragement. Some real cohesion up front in the 2nd half and the defense is looking better by the week. Good to see Wisdom and Forsyth performing like we know they can.
  12. Cardiff V Derby County

    Brilliant from Nugent/Martin. Why do we never see them together?
  13. Cardiff V Derby County

    I don't disagree, I just thought he was going to be one of our main men this season. Russell's been putting a shift in today, and done some decent defensive work.
  14. Cardiff V Derby County

    Don't go "Gang Ho" - Darren Bent just now in Rams TV commentary
  15. Cardiff V Derby County

    Vydra must be somewhat confused after the start he had to the season

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