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  1. who to start upfront tomorrow

    Why bother starting the thread when this was clearly all you wanted to say?
  2. who to start upfront tomorrow

  3. who to start upfront tomorrow

    I'd get the wardrobe in there just to spite people that create pointless threads with the sole intention of (explicitily or implicitly) slamming certain players. Such classics as "Chris Martin needs to be dropped", "great link up vydra/nugent" or "who to start upfront tomorrow"
  4. Derby County v Preston North End

    Interesting choice having their keeper double as a right back.
  5. Derby County v Preston North End

    We're more like the Derby of 2012, except without the excuse of a lack of investment.
  6. Derby County v Preston North End

    This is atrocious.
  7. Derby County v Preston North End

    I'm coming to the sad realization, as much as I love him, that russell is a tiny bit crap
  8. Derby County v Preston North End

    martin would have easily finished nugent's chance
  9. How do you unlock a key?
  10. Are you sure that's Gary Rowett's head? Looks like the bloke from Sooty and Sweep
  11. I was actually looking for a photo of Earnshaw/Davies but couldn't find one!
  12. Busted! The Ipro logo was the only thing giving it away! (That, and the fact that he's broken his neck, the manager is wrong and he has a drastically different body skin tone)
  13. Before anyone says this is an "Obvious Photoshop", please notice the correct date and the word OFFICIAL at the top, before you embarrass yourself.
  14. FINALLY!!!!! So happy to see this one go over the line. Lawrence seems a bit distracted, but our manager seems delighted and that's what's important. Welcome to the iPro Tom!
  15. Why only 27,000 today

    Can we get McLaren back mid season again then?

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