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  1. Honestly, I wasn't much of a fan of Nigel either, and a lot of your descriptions in the book confirmed my suspicions. It was the players testimonials of him though, how highly they rated him and how they spoke of the tight knit group he built that have me a new found respect for him.
  2. Just finished it today. A fantastic read @HuddersRam. Felt every emotion living through it all again. Grown a new found respect for Nigel and now even more perplexed at how far we've fallen over the last 7 years.
  3. Absolutely. It wasn't just the loss of Mac either. The whole team we had behind the scenes was clicking - simmo, steele, etc. These were all people with a huge amount of history at the club. It's been nothing but journeymen since then (rowett & wassall aside) looking at us as a stepping stone to a bigger thing.
  4. how far the reputation of the club has fallen in the last 8 years
  5. Don't worry everyone. Rooney said we will not go down.
  6. rotherham are absolutely going to score
  7. I was mad when we rolled out the red carpet for Rooney as a player. What an absolute farce. Lampard was bad enough, but the way we've completely sacrificed the identity of the club in exchange for a few more clicks and headlines. Maybe we just go the whole hog and make Kanye West the manager next season?
  8. Can't help but hold mel responsible. I think his heart was mostly in the right place, but christ almighty what has happened since he took over following wembley.
  9. Funny how much stick wassall got during his stint in charge. His last game showed more fight than anything I've seen since lampard, and that's only cause lampard had the leeds game.
  10. Got both games up. Rotherham threatening a 2nd.
  11. 84 goals in 13/14 (highest in the league) 32 goals in 20/21 (2nd lowest in history after 44 games) remove our entire coaching team.
  12. I'm sure this has been posted before, but I've been a bit absent for a while (due to us being one of the worst championship teams in recent history). This article 'gave me all the feels' and I don't think i've said that before. How far we have fallen. https://theathletic.com/2034206/2020/09/04/steve-mcclaren-Derby-best-footballing-team-mel-morris-newcastle/
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