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  1. Most likely yes, and overall a fairly successful first season for Lampard, given the expectations most of us set when he originally took over. A few fantastic performances here and there have blown expectations sky high, with some fans saying play-offs or sacking, but despite some rocky performances here and there, he's shown more than enough promise to keep us moving forwards.
  2. birmingham seem knackered. could be a good last 15 for us.
  3. that was almost identical. bradders loses his man, and jayden playing the keogh role
  4. it's an interesting thought. I'm a huge martin advocate, but can't deny his lack of contribution at multiple clubs the last few years. I was also surprised that mcclaren, a manager that knows his strengths better than any, didn't snap him up at qpr.
  5. just rewatched the highlights. waghorn/mount looking like vintage martin/bryson at times. some great stuff in there.
  6. Was 13/14 really 5 years ago? Amazing how far backwards we've gone from the team that Clough built and McClaren elevated. Of all the managerial ins and outs over the years it's pretty amazing to me that Wassall is among the most successful.
  7. Phew. one of our worst in a while. Our only saving grace was Blackburn's inability to score - a little more clinicism and they could have easily had 6 past us. We were absolutely dominated start to finish. I think I'd compare it to Reading at home in McClaren's 2nd season when Benty missed the pen. At least Schteve has the excuse of having his entire squad decimated by injury. We're at pretty much full strength today, and somehow made Blackburn look like Barcelona.
  8. that free kick from lawrence was my highlight of the game so far. hilarious.
  9. feels like a matter of time before we concede right now. this is atrocious. we're making blackburn look incredible.
  10. wilson couldnt play in lawrence there? christ.
  11. Derby looking solid here in the opening few, thus sealing a 2-3 goal defeat.
  12. two teams, united by their mutual dislike of gary rowett. a beautiful thing.
  13. hopefully a good reception for incey. scored a boat load for us and always put in a shift.
  14. come on. 2-1 at home to wigan. pitch invasion time
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