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  1. Anything above 10,000 replies automatically qualifies for pre-season 'out for the season' injury. Oh the joys of being a Derby fan.
  2. Have to say that video makes Chrissy look spectacular and everyone around him pretty slow to react. He's not the paciest player but he's an exceptionally fast thinker and quick with his feet. Was drooling over some of those lay offs
  3. I don't think I could create anything as perfect as this no matter how hard I tried!
  4. Was way off on this one! To be fair though, the sentiment of "Vydra under McClaren is a bit useless" isn't too far off.
  5. Couldn't disagree more to be honest. Manager's job to lead, inspire and organize the players. If the players "don't want" to play for a certain manager, that says more about the manager than the players to me. I blame Pearson significantly more than any single or collection of players.
  6. This is pretty daft. And I consider myself pretty far to the left. I don't really know his relationship with her, whether they have much of a rapport, but at worse it's a slightly awkward thing to joke about. He's certainly not making jokes about her inability to do her job as a woman, which would have probably been quite commonplace 10-20 years ago.
  7. Not to speak too early, but the main this holding us back this season was apparently haircuts. Massive improvement.
  8. has rowett actually given them all haircuts himself? jesus wept
  9. Great reception for Vydra. Deserved. Must mean the world to him after the start he's had too.
  10. that little duck from ince. brill. loving this game so far. vydra looking more and more worth the price tag.
  11. This is true. We were pretty much at our peak at the end of 13/14 in terms of cohesion, morale and flair. Almost every penny spent has done nothing to improve us and has only served to bloat the squad, ruin the togetherness and increase expectation.
  12. If Rowett comes in, I'll be fairly happy. He was my first choice before Mac came back. That said, McClaren's hardly been given a fair crack. I would like to have seen him given the summer and see what he did with getting players that matched his system along with Martin/Thorne. Perhaps if morale is so low, and morris has someone lined up it's not the worse thing. The fact that this has happened to the last 3 managers in a similar time frame suggests that the "off the field" reasons given for Pearson's and Clement's departures was a bit of a smokescreen. This has been a season to forget for a number of reasons. All the best to Steve and I still can't thank him enough for 13/14
  13. Sounds like find another hobby o' clock to me!