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  1. I know last season has been largely romanticised by some, but I don't think we were looking any more cohesive, especially at this point, and back then we had some world class loanees to rely on too. We're far from clicking as a team, but I still think a late play off run is a strong possibility when things start to come together.
  2. Poor half for Martin. Sensational half from Shinnie. 1-0 up, could easily be 1-0 down. Hey ho
  3. Very fair and thoughtful posting Alpha. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment and both posts. I was surprised with the team sheet but didn't feel drawn emotionally either way. I don't know either lad personally, how they've dealt with the situation, how they've worked in training, who else was responsible. I don't really know enough of the details to write either person off as a human being. I've done some awful things in my 20s that could have easily, but didn't, lead to terrible consequences. I feel lucky about that and I've had to grow up. I imagine Bennett and Lawrence are going through a world of hurt right now and if Cocu thinks they should be in the squad I have to trust his deeper understanding of the situation and hope they play well for everyone's sake.
  4. a few really wasted counter attacks and some shocking defending have cost us a comfortable 3 points here.
  5. we have the best full backs in the league
  6. Paterson has a tonne of quality. looks a little selfish on the ball at times
  7. martin not being our penalty taker is not good for this phoenix from the flames narrative i'm trying to enjoy
  8. after all the crap he's dealt with over the last 3 years, martin deserves these goals handed to him the last 2 games
  9. 3 in 3 for that absolute legend
  10. bielik tees up chaplin brilliantly, shoots wide.
  11. to be honest, providing lawrence isn't terrible, this is actually a really good team.
  12. wow! didn't expect this at all. still, good news about the full backs
  13. this game is something out of late 14/15
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