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  1. proper legend. anyone who scores a hat trick against forest deserves a fcking statue
  2. I think he'll go, and I think he'll fail. And while I have no hard feelings, I won't really care either. It was always going to happen. We'll probably get good money from Chelsea and the work he did here was worthwhile. I think think we're significantly better off than when Rowett left for Stoke. The important thing is the person we bring in next - can we find someone with a bit more of an affinity with the club that can take this foundation to the next level? And not a Pearson baby with the bathwater type
  3. huge speculation. Some people think that season fell apart because McClaren refused to unequivocally state he would never set foot in Newcastle and not, ya know, the fact that the entire spine of our squad was completely obliterated by injuries.
  4. LOVE this. I would probably go for the team you picked. a testament to how good we were 13-15 before things got ugly with injuries, newcastle, no plan-b etc etc. Did we ever see Ince and Martin play together under McClaren? I can't help but imagine how 14/15 would have ended if we hadn't lost thorne, martin (and keogh?). Ince was insanely good in that spell under McClaren. A prime Martin to for him to play off would have been interesting to see.
  5. love love love love it. feeling good about the club right now. whether frankie stays or goes, we've got a great kit and some immense young talent in the squad.
  6. I love this forum. Thank you for keeping it going, and for giving me enough second chances to mature out of my multi-account/split personalities/WUM years.
  7. I'm a day tripper but I lost my voice today! Also, I have at least 1 shirt from every season the last 10 years
  8. Yeah the event was incredible. We played some good stuff at times and it could have gone either way. If it ended 2-0 I'd feel pretty different, but we showed our worth in the last 20. We go again
  9. Get out. We matched them. Game was a coin flip. Didn't go for us. It happens. See you next season
  10. By block 116 getting the beers in. Anyone around
  11. Been in the country for about 2 hours and already lost my bank card. It's going great 😬
  12. Got Pink and black Keogh away from last season, or Martin home from last season. Also got blue/yellow from this season and blue away from 14/15. I packed fairly light but managed to bring 4 Derby shirts. Gonna go with Keogh pink and black from last year I think.
  13. Fair enough! But does this mean I lose all the likes from the original post?? 😱
  14. I'm flying in on Friday night! Hope to see some of you there! I look the same as my photo - just Lampards face stretched over a sphere. You can't miss me.
  15. The last 2 seasons have been nothing short of horrendous for me. The treatment of Dorne and Ser Barristan aside, the first 6 were incredible.
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