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  1. so much of our build up ends with dowell. not looked great the last 30
  2. played a fantastic ball to buchanan before his goal yesterday. he's been one of the stand outs of the season so far. hopefully there's a lot more to come from him.
  3. Derby 6 - 0 Swansea FRGS Lozza Someone's going to get a belting from us this season, might as well be Swansea.
  4. Seems like a really great bloke in his interview, and his hair plugs look really good too unless you look really closely (damn that HD). If there's one thing I've learned over the last 13 years of obsessively following Derby - it's never to write any player off under new leadership. Different setups suit different players and I've enough respect for Cocu to know that he's a better judge of a player than me or any random numpty on Twitter.
  5. Is the problem with Lawrence the way we've been using him? "The gaffer has given me more of a free role" suggests this seems to be more about how we set up rather than a freakish one-off wonder performance. Early days, but a 15+ goal season for Lawrence would be just what the doctor ordered.
  6. unbelievable stuff. best we've looked in years. winning our opening game away against a newly relegated team was never going to be easy. I think this is our year.
  7. I'd be happy with upper mid table and to see Cocu given time providing the signs are there. I'm actually expecting to be pleasantly surprised though
  8. Rangers vs Roos for the last 20 minutes. I have to run to Walmart so I'm going to miss the next 10. Hopefully we'll see another hat trick from waggy in that time
  9. Feels quite McLareny at times. Can't keep my eyes off the game. Really encouraged about the season to come. The most together we've looked going forwards in a long time
  10. My stream is down, has Martin scored yet?
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