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  1. a will hughes replacement rumour?
  2. we'll play a 4-2-3-1, which means hughes would go as his creativity will be missed as a holding role but will lack enough end product for attacking mid, would love to see something like this at the beginning of the season. Carson Wisdom - Keogh - Davies - Forsyth Thorne - Ledley Ince - Martin - Ibe Nugent The sale of hughes could fund Ibe. Then ship out the likes of blackman, camara and be left with a bench of the following Mitchell - Pearce - Lowe - Johnson - butterfield - russell - weimman. That'd be good enough for me, if someone gets injured we can promote from the u21's
  3. the worse bit about if ince goes is weve just signed the perfect defender to complement him
  4. And how much is hughes to us? We paid nearly the same amount for butterfield, hughes is younger, a better player now and has absolutely massive potential. Personally do want to see Will leave. I absolutely love him and he's one heck of a player, but he's stagnated at the championship, he needs to move to a prem team to improve and Watford under a footballing manager in Marco Silva would be a great move for him. Its also about time we saw Hughes in the senior England side, however that's never going to happen if he's in the championship, and if he plays well, he could be forcing himself into world cup contention. I think 5m would be a pittance, Watford would be grabbing one heck of a deal, if Hughes stays and has a Stormer next season he's worth 15m easy, Watford are being very clever coming in when his stock has probably been the lowest it's ever been. Someone at derby however is forgetting that form is temporary and class is permanent. All it needs is one good prem season and Hughes would be worth 40m. If we sell for 5m then that's has to include a buy back clause in it. Also if Gary rowett is sanctioning this move he's off. People saying mel morris won't allow it are wrong, he didn't like the Martin loan but backed the manager anyway, some of the signings have been dreadful but he's backed them anyway. Whether he likes it or not he's always backed the manager so if Gary rowett is letting this pass mel isnt going to interfere.
  5. His head looks a bit too small there.
  6. We've found out that you can't have a team of 11 footballers. When the going gets tough there's no one to take the game by the scruff of the neck, which is why you need a few battlers in there. With Gary rowett, the side will be based mostly on athletic battlers, and, conversely, you can't have a team of 11 athletes. If your against a stalwart defense there's only so much physical attributes will get you, you'll need at least a few players who are given the freedom to roam and create. Of our current squad only hughes, ince and Martin have proven they can unlock tight defences. I'm not against selling them for the right fee, but to sell them and replace them with battlers would be stupid. There has to be a balance between workmanship and creativity.
  7. definitly think joe ledley would be an excellent signing. would fit the john eustace role very well.
  8. which is a bit of a problem, he isnt good enough an attacker to play higher up but he isnt a good enough defender to play a proper fullback, every time ive seen him play the only thing he has going for him is hes quick. Who would've thought from a nigel pearson signing...
  9. and if an englishman is really bad he gets to play for scotland
  10. I wouldn't say people who shop at Debenhams are very credible
  11. I think that's not at the top of his problem list
  12. Some, not most, poverty isn't something most people choose to be in, rather it's something that's forced upon them and the majority of the poor populace struggle to find food for their children . My mum has to work 7 days a week and never consumes any alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or gambles, my dad works 60 hours a week and only had an occasional pint. Both work hard, have never broken the law always pay their taxes and bills but get ****** over by the system because employers can get away with not paying a wage to people that enables them to live properly yet the conservatives allow people who earn huge sums of money not contribute anything in return, allows them to worm their way out of what little tax they have to pay. Being poor or being rich isn't about how hard you work, it's mainly about luck, my parents were born into poor family's so couldn't afford to do anything other than go straight into work after a basic education and then there's those born into rich family's who get privately educated and sent off to elite education's not because they're more clever then my parents, but because they can afford to. This produces an endless cycle. The Tory government then insults this further by punishing those who aren't lucky with low wages and high taxes while the lucky who were already given a leg up in society earn high wages and are taxed minimally. If you think that's fair then vote away Tory. People can't control what family there born into, if it wasn't for the welfare state, which the Tory's are slowly destroying I wouldn't be at university studying for a good degree so I can put back into society. Ever like robin hood? Take from the rich and give to the poor? Well the conservatives are the opposite; Take from the poor and give to the rich.
  13. He'll be looking for work again next year then
  14. Never liked Ireland though
  15. Always liked Australia me.