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  1. Intelligence comes in many forms. One can be erudite yet lacking in common sense, not classically educated but a entrepreneurial billionaire, a brilliant player but a poor manager and vice versa. Don't confuse a strong regional accent and a few ums and errs for lack of intelligence. He's financially secure for life and could retire now without coming to us, but his long term ambitions lie in coaching and management beyond his playing days. My dad wasn't able to have a good education for socio economic reasons but he was the most intelligently rounded person I've met. Look past the accent and the stereotypes and cliches. He seems an intelligent guy to me. You don't achieve what he's achieved by being a dummkopf....
  2. No matter how much he's on - and I think even the sensationalist reports top out at £100k a week - it's still good value. 32red are paying us a few million and/or Rooney a few million also to wear the no.32 - don't tell me that didn't come cheap for one the the world's most famous players to wear that coincidental number. Either way their financial input will most likely reduce our financial wages exposure to around 40k a week or less, not far off what we're supposed to be paying Chris Martin and not much more than we were paying several players we've recently got rid of. A total of £7.5m max over the 18 month contract in an age where unproven Championship players are changing hands for £10-£25m. They certainly won't be raising their respective club's profiles to the same extent or generating similar sponsorship and merchandising revenues. Even at £100k a week it's a financial and PR coup before he's even kicked a ball. Cost of signing Wayne Rooney - £0 Cost of paying Wayne Rooney - £0 to £7.5m Opportunity for the roller coaster ride - Priceless!
  3. I suppose PC wants a look at everybody before making a call. Anya's supposed to be able to play in 4 or more positions, so surely we must be able to at least look at him as a regular bench warmer for our last year of paying him 30K a week. He's not going anywhere on that contract...
  4. " You're schexy and you know it "
  5. Damn! Always look forward to your insight. It's like a unit of transfer information currency. 1 SDSR = 20 units of average speculation. Look forward to you sharing if/when any gems cross your path....
  6. Off topic SDSR, but as a legend of this forum ( you, not me, clearly 🙂 ) have you heard any pre-season whispers? Asking for a friend... 😉
  7. With the advent of any new manager, there's always the odd player who'd previously been, ignored, out of favour, or totally written off by their managerial predecessor who seizes the clean slate chance to impress in training and come back into the frame. Can anyone see any Lazarus-esque comebacks from the likes of CM9, Flo Jo or Georgeous George, or any other? Unlikely I know, but at least two of the aforementioned were decent once, and Cocu at least knows Flo Jo from previous times - Ok, he didn't play him much, but he certainly would know how to utilise him. I know we're all looking forward to schexy upgrades to many in the squad, but sometimes the answers can lie under our noses, and Cocu is - at least on paper - possibly the best technical manager/coach we've had in recent times. Horses for courses. It depends how he sets up the team, but what's others' thoughts on repurposing what we already have?
  8. " That's what I like about you, Flo Jo " " What's that boss? " " duck all "
  9. Could this be the start of " The Toke "?
  10. We've clearly been living beyond our means salary-wise for many a season. Performances haven't matched that. Surely just a cost versus benefit, back of a fag packet simple economic conclusion?
  11. Might I add, that we do have the wherewithal to upgrade from those parameters, just SOLELY based on performances....
  12. With our recent last few season's wage bill reportedly around the £37million mark, does anyone think anyone in our squad is worth north of 15K a week.? With a squad of, say 25 players at 15K a week wage cap, with an allowance of 2 players of up to 30K a week, the average being about 8-10, we could shrink our wage bill to about the £17m mark. For an upper Championship team, do we think we have a single player who warrants a wage above 15k? I know we're tied into old contracts, but a lot of them are expiring at the end of this season. Nobody in our squad has warranted a salary above £20k, let alone 30 plus. If we unearth a gem, let them benefit financially, but based on at least a season and a half of consistent performances. We've paid top dollar wages, but, in the main, we're getting average championship performances that don't warrant near Premiership wages. Time to regroup and pay proportionate wages, only increased by performances out of our league. Start where we are, then reward upwards in a measured way. Brighton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield. They got out of our league without paying near Premiership wages. Wages should reflect performances, not club expectations and the personal wealth of the owner....
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