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The Pessimism Thread (no positivity allowed)


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As a juxtaposition to the other thread, I thought I would start this one - purely for balance, you understand. And, sadly, I think it will get more posts.

To start things off......

Whether you believe in Rooney or not, and no matter how you would assess the quality of the current squad, the combination of Rooney and this squad is not producing the kind of results and performances that we would like to see.

I posted on another thread that I do not think Rooney will leave until - at the very least - the ownership issue is resolved - one way or another.

That won't be until the end of the season - at the earliest!! There may be more EFL appeals, embargoes etc.

My fear is that we will then miss out on yet another transfer window and not have any time to integrate any new signings or loans that we make at the last minute on deadline day.

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The following scenario I think is very possible

  1. Rooney stays in post till end of season
  2. We pick up somwhere between 0-2 points with our remaining games
  3. We go down
  4. Rooney walks at season end
  5. All of the academy-grown talent currently in and around the first team gets picked off cheaply along with some of the vaguely better first team players
  6. The takeover drags on through the summer and whilst it's taking place the three remaining coaches are in temporary charge
  7. The above means we are slow to non-existant in the market
  8. Takeover either falls through or drags on too long and we start the season thread bare with no new manager in place
  9. We start badly in league 1, quite possibly languishing towards the bottom
  10. The damage caused by the above means it's another 2-3 years before getting back to the championship and another 2-3 past that before we establish ourselves in the league


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1 hour ago, Coconut said:

All the good work we did on integrating the youth players has been undone, and Rooney's misuse of both Sibley & Knight hasn't just seen their progress halted but reversed.

Sadly the four main youngsters have all gone backwards. They are young so inconsistency is expected..........however all four regressing rapidly within the same timeframe points to something else.

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I can't decide which is worse: our prospective owner going on a media blitz, full of grandiose claims and making himself sound like a Spanish Fawaz. Or his subsequent complete vow of silence, which was so sudden and all-encompassing that it looks like he may have been taken out by a sniper.

Either way, to cover all bases, I've decided to panic no matter what


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The world will die as crops fail, drought, famine, wildfires and tap year students ravage and lay waste to the world's agricultural regions.

The corrupted ruling cabal of business and financial interests and their paid for leaders swing ever more towards authoritarian rule over the masses, with production and consumption the only functions of the underclass.

"We will not be relegated" says Derby County manager Wayne Rooney as DCFC sit 4 points above the relegation places in the 4th tier of English football.

It's the players fault says RoyMac5.


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We've got no food, we've got no jobs... our pets heads keep falling off 

Seriously, we've got novice management team, an owner that has took us back wards, doesn't want us and cant sell us. When we nearly get sold its to a complete head the ball with no money. Our players dont care, our best player is injured, were going down, we have no money and we dont own our stadium... other than that its going great  

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