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  1. I'm glad those poor Newcastle fans have got a wealthier foreign billionaire owner to replace their domestic billionaire owner. They were in my thoughts when we're in administration & might have to sell our whole squad. Must have been so tough for them
  2. Its frustrating because we've had the chances & we all know what usually happens πŸ™ˆ its taken years off my life watching us at 1-0 🀣
  3. Id like us to get a second goal please.... then a third 🀣
  4. I used to post on the old forum many years ago when the protests were being organised. Never knew them personally but they were all sound on thereπŸ‘
  5. Took the credit for it though (well maybe not the protest but getting the board out was all them πŸ™„)
  6. I'm not saying that but surely now were out of it the projdcted cashlow forecast must look better. Surely administration is when there is no way out or hope going forward
  7. Was administration really necessary? Mel blaming covid but we are pretty much out of covid. We're getting fans back in the ground, our wage bill with the players that have left and the max Β£4.5k PW for new players must mean our wage bill is at the lowest i years Surely money coming to money going out looks a lot better If HMRC & others are calling in debts then surely he has enough money (if he cared) to do a directors loan to the club at zero interest & pay off all debts & loans which would put us in a better position than paying interest He literally doesn't care. If our accounts fail then take the points. Surely morris is still a very wealthy man. Thissituation stinks more because it feels like he wont sort the mess he created or fund the club rather than can't
  8. We're in administration, have no money to spend & are talking about building a new stadium 🀣
  9. I actually think we'll get out of it. Put in some playoff form & stay up no matter the deduction. We'll also get taken over, Rooney will stay & everything will work out well Promotion to the prem next season after a summer of finally being able to buy player πŸ‘ We just all need to stop worrying
  10. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. Last thing we want is for him to walk. If he wasn't here then Jags or Ravel wouldn't be here. Its probably him thats attracting players to play for us. Its certainly him thats creating a bit of the work hard, leave it all out there mentality Back end of last season was frustrating but so far this season he has done a good job under very difficult circumstances
  12. The stadium will be used for gigs and become the Derby O2 Arena Moor Farm will become a supermarket We'll ground share for a bit with burton
  13. The real irony is the rules he’s tried get round & bend are in place to prevent the kind of overspending & miss management that have lead to administration. Im not a fan of the EFL but they didnt force morris to overspend & run the club in a way that has lead to our current sitiation
  14. I was really annoyed last night when the news broke. I was close to posting something about Mel that would have restulted in a warning. However this morning I'm more calmer. I'm getting too old, I've lost interest in football over the last couple of years and starting to emotionally detach myself. I'm losing the love for the game in general. The Premier League is ruining football with the money. Grass roots kids football is political with coaches & parents thinking its the champions league final when they don't even keep scores at that age. Then the farce that is Mel Morris' time in charge. I feel sorry for the people who rely on the club for a living. I feel sorry for all the die hards who its more than a club. I feel sorry for all the kids that support us who won't have witnessed any good times & who's interest in football might be lost. Football really isnt that fun anymore
  15. To be honest i hope mel is there and we turn up and disgrace ourselves 🀣 boo's, missiles being thrown, his car tipped on its side, game abandoned 🀣
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