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  1. G-Ram

    Ashley Cole

    Best left back in the world in his prime. Always used to get the better of ronaldo when he was up against him.
  2. Keogh fair play ... thought he was going to balloon it kept his nerve top man
  3. I absolutely hate pens always proper nervous
  4. Its refreshing that when we are 2-0 down the manager brings on attackers & does something different Rowett would have brought on a defender to consolidate a 2-0 loss
  5. Glad Waghorn put that away ... if anyone needed a goal its him
  6. Harry Wilson doesnt duck about with free kicks
  7. VAR foul on wilson... come on disallow it & even it up
  8. What they checking VAR for? Was a class goal
  9. I hope this winds all our players up to motivate them & then get them to go on a winning run be good if leeds finish 3rd and we pump them in the playoff final 😂
  10. Just dock leeds a point for every game they’ve cheated this season... so 27... seems fair
  11. To be fair if we were the better team we’d win regardless. They can come away thinking “we know derby are going to play x formation & x players” but lets face it if we were formidable we’d beat them regardless by being too good. We simply wernt Fair enough it stinks a bit but the better side won
  12. Lets be honest he’s absolutely garbage... if we’d signed him from another team for £500k or so we’d be slating how poor he is & what a waste of money. Because he’s come through the academy we kid ourselves into thinking he’s the next big thing, just like we did with lee holmes, miles addison & pablo mills who were equally poo & equally bigged up to being the nexy big thing if we signed max lowe ... our fans would be going berserk at how crap he’s been
  13. G-Ram

    David Nugent

    He isnt what he was. Id be happy to let him go and bring in a decent / better loan player from one of the big boys to push us on
  14. Its gary rowett.... keeps popping in the office like when david brents been sacked
  15. G-Ram

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    You think they’d have just got to five & knocked it about a bit ... this is brutal ... david silva at 8-0 leading with elbows & still going for it & now Burtons keeper is time wasting trying to keep it under 10 ... in a way its horrible to watch

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