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  1. Sometimes a bit of positivity goes a long way though. How about the odd well done after a good bit of play or some encouragement for the lads Yes the football is disappointing but i dont care if they are thousands a week they are only human and a bit of encouragement from the crowd might help Negativity breeds negativity. If the crowd keep up this criticism then eventually the football will get worse. Players will be less likely to try something, they'll look for the simple ball, eventually be frightened to lose it and stop showing for the ball. It'll get worse. Especially with young players, they'll go missing & confidence will be shot. How about if were not playing so well we encourage them 🤷‍♂️ Were supposed to be one club, one team & all have a part to play / responsibility to want the same thing. When it goes bad were too quick to turn on our own players.
  2. The recruitment has been poor. Last season the only decent recruits were loans and a player Lampard saw play at Scunthorpe. Basically the managers signings not the recruitment teams. Not sure we have any kind of scouting network outside of England & Scotland its pathetic.
  3. Roos Bogle keogh clarke Lowe Bielik Holmes Waghorn. Knight. Marriott Martin Didn't realise until i started typing a team out how desperately short on quality we are. I think waghorn is better up top but sad thing is when he played on the right the other week he was our best player out there getting forward & back. At least Martin might be able to hold up the ball & bring marriott & waghorn into it. Id happily see huddlestone & dowell never play for the club again. We need to pick one formation and stick with it
  4. The highlights of this are going to end up being posted on porn hub... 11 men get rodgering. This is pretty bad
  5. If you dont want to be abused on twitter for playing rubbish then try not playing rubbish 😂
  6. Unfair to compere him to De Boer. Read somewhere on another thread what have dutch managers done in england. I dont thing LGV did that bad at United considering. Rooney said he was the best tactically he had worked with. Also Koeman, Jol & Hiddink weren't that bad
  7. I dont see the issue. He's been trying different formations, he's doing what he said and bringing through youth. It wont be pretty at times and it might be frustrating at times. But i think we will be better off long term. Its not like when we had Pearson and something was clearly wrong. He's had the mixture of youth and experience playing some good stuff in spells. We were unlucky against WBA. Getting beat by Forest in the cup wont define our season. Im not worried. Stick with the man he is trying to build something. It just needs time. Genuinely think give it a few months and it will start to click and come together
  8. Im not really bothered we played our youngster & leeds are our biggest rival.... Or that's what i'll say to the forest fans
  9. Exactly and sometimes as a player you learn more when it goes wrong rather than right
  10. Im 100% behind our manager thats delivering on his word of promoting the youngsters & giving them a go. I still think in the long run he'll develop this mixture of youth into a quality side given time. It was never going to be easy & we'll take a few unfavourable results along the way but im behind him. At least he is trying to do something
  11. No recruitment needed. We have Rooney coming in Jan. A loan for a winger might be nice. Most of us wanted youth promoted. They are all looking decent & need to develop. Lets not block the way for these lads by brining in players a head of them. We dont have a winger coming through so potentially a loan would be nice
  12. I dont like the same penalty taker taking a second penalty in a game. Think it should always be a different taker
  13. When i saw the team line up I thought we were in trouble. We played really well. Good youngsters coming through. Dowell frustrates me. 2 points dropped. Sick of missing penalties
  14. I dont rate zoon or Bennett in their natural positions. Playing out of position is worse
  15. I understand he needs time but its August & all this 'its s transition season' and 'its a free hit' talk is depressing Im not willing to write a full season off four games in. i wont be happy with mid table. Im happy to lose a few at the start. Find a team, tinker with it etc & see progress in youth But id like some sort of run of form to get excited about and at least the hope of promotion. Rooney will turn it around in jan 🤣
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