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  1. We'll beat these if we actually up the tempo a bit.. They are rubbish.. Come out all guns blazing we'll better them
  2. 😂😂😂 To be fair thought he was going to fluff that
  3. That keogh looks like he's got a mistake in him
  4. To be fair im already 10 moretti's in so i wouldn't listen to my analysis or predictions 😂
  5. Glad Roberts is starting. Like the cut if his job willing to run at defenders & make things happen. Quality player Think we'll win tonight 3-1
  6. I dont think we've been bad at all defensively. The 3-0 to Rotherham throws the stats out a bit & his first two games were 1-1 when he'd just took over
  7. Wisdom had a good game. Roberts looked good when he came on willing to run at defenders & look to make things happen
  8. Does waghorn bother looking up before crossing the ball 🤷‍♂️ straight at the keeper & nobody about
  9. Be good if someone could put their foot on the ball & show a bit of composure rather than just smashing it back to a wycombe player
  10. Hope he's keeping well & looking after himself. Must be a rubbish time losing your mate & having your own health issues. Somethings are more important than football.
  11. Keep Davies if he can get fit & doesnt want to see out his career playing first team football somewhere. He's getting on but he seems like a good character to have around & a solid option off the bench to come on & head it & kick it for the last ten mins of a game if we need to hang on. I suspect he'll go through. Offer Waghorn a new deal. He wasn't a snip at £5m. I also hope we can improve on him in the summer. But at the very least we should look to extend his contract even if its to move him on for a small fee Keep CKR why wouldn't you want to keep someone that is
  12. Rubbish that. Just feels like we get dragged down to their level & then get beat at their game. Depressing watch.
  13. Without going through all the other pages hossam ghaly was from Egypt. Remember thinking he was a very good player as well on the ball.
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