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  1. Not really a big deal is it... Cant imagine the stewards taking sweets off kids or flasks off OAPs It'll be at the clubs discretion & theyre basically saying it as a reminder so people dont take the mick
  2. I think we'll finish top two As much as i hate them a top class manager like Bielsa took a mid table average side to 3rd in the league We have a top class manager in cocu & our side under lampard last season should have done better over the 46 games. The end of the season masked over some pretty poor results In Cocu we trust 😂
  3. I dont think its that bad. The Barcelona top & some of the prem teams shirts are £65 online. Wasn't the England shirt £90 I pretty much wear the shirts everyweek for lounging about in or playing football in & as soon as one is out of date its relegated to a gym shirt. Its the three kits a year that does my head in. I think it should be home one year & the two away the following year. Its a big outlay when you buy all three for yourself & then all three for your your kids
  4. Are squad numbers confirmed / going to remain the same... Holding off buying kids shirts at the min
  5. I dont think he's looked that bad when he's played. Saw him a few times for Scotland always thought he was trying to be positive. If were paying his wages its better to pay him to get involved & potentially play than pay him to sit at home
  6. Id like a new keeper. Carson has been excellent for two seasons but wasn't at his best last year & rightly dropped Roos needs to learn to come off his line. He's 6ft 5 or whatever the only one that can use his hands come out and collect crosses & command the area. Everytime there us is a corner he stands in his line & has little presence & command for such a big guy. Its frustrating
  7. Fickle Frank jumping ship as soon as Chelsea come knocking saying that im as bad id be gutted if he stayed much prefer Cocu
  8. So hopefully Solid at the back brilliant going forward
  9. Its like choosing between a kick in the balls or a kick in the balls Both the same & not good
  10. I have a stiffy at the thought of cocu coming in as manager by typical of lampard to stay now
  11. Not really sure what given does, or if he does a good job or a bad job. Since he's been goal keeping coach carson has had his worse season since joining & roos doesnt come off his line to take crosses. Not really bothered if he goes to be honest
  12. On wassall being manager why? As a club or business wouldnt we want our best people working in their best positions in our club? The Academy is thriving under him. Not saying he wont make a good manager but why lose someone from the academy thats doing well to put him as manager where he could fail then have someone step into his place in the academy that could do a far worse job Makes sense to leave him in the academy where he is doing a good job.
  13. Maybe Mel's just an interesting guest to have on. Simon Jordan was praising him on there the other week. Its a national radio with the Derby Chaiman, talking the championship, the club in general & our manager situation. He'll be able to put his side of the story across. I dont think its more than that tbh
  14. I thoughg Benitez still lived in liverpool has a house there, daughter goes/went school there & they have mates there. I thought his reasoning for going Newcastle was his love for the city of Liverpool might not be a done deal he goes china
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