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  1. Phil Brown era was the most depressing for me. Towards the end of the three amigo era when id had enough of them selling our best players for nowt & on the back of burley who had played wonderful stuff & worked miracles with the resources he had. We then appoint that clown that plays the goalkeeping coach & puts the assistant manager upfront. It was like when a pub team is short so the landlord and manager bring their boots for a game
  2. Think he's been our best youngster out of the bunch to come through. It shows how far we have fallen having to sell our best talent to forest. I wont be happy seeing him go there but its needs must. If it allows us to bring in players and build a team that can stay up then we have to look at the bigger picture
  3. Morrison & Bielik when fit with shinnie & then lawrence, joz and colin as a front three isnt a bad side
  4. Its a chance for him to step up. Let's get behind this one. Wouldn't be most peoples first choice but can't keep punishing him forever for the joiners. Hope he steps up and matures into the role
  5. I took my lad when he was 5 and he complained after about 20mins that he was bored however it was when we were under rowett and i was bored too so he had a point
  6. After watching the interview id give him a go. We're under an embargo, he'd be cheap contract wise. He'd have a massive respect for Rooney and hopefully he could put his arm around him and get him going. Fergie said he was the best youngster he had ever seen. He's clearly a talent and wasted years of his career Because of off the field stuff. Not everyone has the best upbringing. I think he's a nice lad deep down, maybe learnt his lessons but was in with a bad crowd as a kid and the reputation sticks. Or squad is thin on the ground and i hope we can get him in and give him a run of games to get fit and see what he can do
  7. Really are just a nation of villains. Some right herberts about judging by some of the videos going round
  8. Jagielka can play in goal so two positions for the price of one ... bargain
  9. Exactly why they'd want it to be re-branded as the prem 2 & money being spent on players. Its a competitive league but the quality at times is dreadful. Other than the fans of the teams that are in the championship nobody else really watches it. Us v sheff weds end of the season was entertaining but there wasnt much quality. It was like watching two boxers that a bums come out swinging If we break away they'd rebrand it. Make the second tier in england as much desirable as the top leagues in the world. The EFL are a clown show its not good for the product if teams are docked points and under embargo's
  10. It'll be better when the top teams in the championship form the premier league 2. Sky probably need it because they no longer have exclusive prem rights and the teams in our division need it because the EFL arnt fit and proper. It would be the lesser of two evils
  11. Make sure the new accounts pass FFP then draw a line under it and move on hopefully
  12. But thats the point hopefully new owners and draw a line under it and move on
  13. Im hoping that when the takeover is done & morris is out of the picture that us & the EFL can become friends. Yeah they're incompetent but its no good keep arguing with them. It only affects us negatively with embargo's and bad press. Im hoping it gets done and we can all move on
  14. Ive heard he still keeps turning up to the training ground like David Brent when he gets sacked in the office
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