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  1. If we stay down id like us to go for someone like John Ruddy. Dont know how realistic it is but he’s 32, behind Patricio & not getting first team football at the moment. I like carson but he’s not been at his best this year. Roos is a good shot stopper & has done well but dont like the way he stays on his like for corners etc. Also a replacement striker for nugent & to share the load with Marriott would be nice. Not sure who but a big target man we can lump it up to that can hold it up as a plan B & win headers would be nice
  2. He’s 18 & he’ll only get better with time. He’s never been out on loan like other youngsters so this season is his first taste of senior football at any level. He’s played 30odd games. He’s probably come through ahead of other youngsters not only based on talent but the fact we are short at right back.
  3. To be fair to Scholes the Oldham owner isnt the best. Always interfeering. Apparently he wasnt impressed with the set up. The club put no coach on for Bury away so players made their own way & players having to wash their own kits😂 That said i dont think he’d make the best manager. Its a bad job to take he’s probably only took it because he still lives in the area & everyone in Oldham love him. One of them where everyone claims to know paul Scholes
  4. G-Ram

    Most Famous

    Taribo West was pretty famous when he came here Players coming in unknown & leaving famous id go poom
  5. G-Ram

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    Was just about to put Eranio has to be up there
  6. We’ve not put a run together all season. In recent seasons we have a bit of an unbeaten streak or winning streak. This year we win a couple, draw a couple then lose. Last few games we’ve been out of form. We’re due a run of wins 😂 put some form together, sneak 6th, go in to the playoffs as the form side & win it 😂
  7. Stoke are just a horrible side, happy to comit fouls, sit back & timewaste
  8. Come on wilson not done out for six games or so... smash this freekick in please 😂
  9. Wilsons a waste of a place last few games. Unless he scores a worldie he offers nothing
  10. Thought we’d scored then, at least its a lot more positive players having a go... the huds effort & holmes effort we’d usually not have a shot, knock it side ways then back to roos... glad to be seeing them have a go
  11. Only opening ten mins but its the best ten mins of football we’ve played in the last five weeks
  12. We’re in the sort of form that will see us sneak in 6th then undeservingly win the playoffs
  13. I like how theyve had to put jake hastie (left) i didn't think we’d be signing the bloke on the right, although can see why they’d need to clear that up if Rowett was still in charge
  14. Im not bothered what players earn... obviously i dont want the club to end up like portsmouth but its not my money & if the club can afford it then im not bothered... can pay them all £200k a week if we are winning & the club can afford it
  15. We’ve played better & lost before hopefully a win and a couple of goals will give us a bit of confidence
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