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  1. Ive been critical of Mel in recent weeks but fair play for releasing the statement. It was good to see the fans and players celebrating its a bit of positivity and togetherness after a horrible season Hopefully we can all draw a line under this season and move forward. Onwards and upwards
  2. Same that really wasn't the Derby County way was it. I was fearing the worse when their keeper came up for the corner
  3. Not at all. last week some local boob sheff wednesday fan was gobbing off in the pub beer garden. Since then ive wanted them to go down even if it meant rotherham stayed up
  4. I thought there was american interest and a 'dream owner' but they were waiting to see what division we were in. Wonder if any of them deals will potentially become live now we have survived
  5. The only way he should stay is with an experienced trusted backroom team.
  6. I'll quote my own post... always liked him absolute snip at £5m
  7. Absolute class from waggy today
  8. Curtis Davies coming on after that horrible injury to make sure we stay up The lads shown what it meant to play for Derby second 45. Yes season has been poor but not bothered happy to stay up. Well done lads
  9. Wont have a bad word said about waggy ... get in
  10. We Deserve to go down. Just hope Rotherham can win send wednesday down with us. We've been pathetic. If we shown half the desire of Rotherham we wouldn't be in this mess
  11. At least if we go to league one we get to go to new away ground. Some of them stadiums must hold 100k fans because every city fan ive ever spoke to went gillingham away in the old second division
  12. This game is about who can't be bothered the most. Our lot who have shown virtually no togetherness, drive, determination or willingness to win. Or the other lot who haven't been paid properly for two month & have a lot of players out of contract We might just win this if they are less enthusiastic than us. I can't see us turning up and changing the habit of the last third of the season but you never know
  13. I was right when we signed waghorn and said he was rubbish. To be fair a few others said it was a waste of money But a lot of posters jumped on defending him "have you ever seen him play" was one of the comments *incoming two wonder goals on saturday to keep us up now I've slagged him off 🤣
  14. Its a toss up for me who plays against wednesday. Both are equally poo
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