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  1. G-Ram

    Best of luck Gary x

    Why would we wish anyone like Rowett well He’s a liar, signing a new deal then leaving, ‘going to bring youth through etc’ did the exact opposite Sold Hughes & Ince, loaned out Martin which is stupid as if he wasnt going to play he was something different off the bench, loaned out Bryson who’s just got promoted Signed a bunch of OAP’s, gave no youth any chance & played the worst football since Jewell He got away with it because he did a good interview almost like he was watching an entirely different game to the rest of us He took us backwards & i genuinely hope he takes Stoke down & isnt employable by any other club again Apart from signing Curtis Davies there isnt one single positive thing about his time at our club
  2. G-Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Im genuinely excited about the potential loans he could bring in Has a good relationship with Mourinho so could pick up some loans from man united City loved him in the end. A Chelsea legend & worked under some class managers at Chelsea like ancelotti He will no doubt have some contacts & knows what it takes to win. He’s won everything as a player at club level. People also forget he had a tough time as a kid at West Ham. All their fans cheering when he broke his leg. He knows what it takes to make it. I just think his experiance finding it tough as a youngster comming through is invaluable & he’s in the perfect position to advise our young lads coming through. Believe he considered jacking it in with the stick he got so he has some resilience which no doubt he’ll need as derby manager when we lose a couple
  3. G-Ram

    Tom Huddlestone's influence

    Id imagine if he spoke to anyone it would be uncle Arry
  4. G-Ram

    If it’s Frank

    Hope he beings his boots with him still pronably better than anything we’ve got 😂😂
  5. I actually dont think he was as bad as everyone made out. Obviously playing through a niggling injury, seemed to get in some good positions then fluff a goal scoring opportunity. If anyond needed a goal when he was here it was him. He also never really got a run of 5-6 games in a row tp show what he can do Not saying he was brilliant just dont think he was given a fair chance & seems to get a lot of bad press 😂
  6. G-Ram

    Curtis Davies

    To be fair id let him gp for silly money (anything over £3m) I like him but he’s 33 not getting any younger. Davies has been brilliant but he isnt the future of the club
  7. G-Ram

    Lampard too expensive?

    Probably based on the fact he went to a boarding school and got an A* in latin 😂
  8. Not compering their situations just stating not every rookie manager has beem terrible. Got to get experiance somewhere & might be more respected as a potential manager than people outside the game realise
  9. Realise its different in that respect but Pep completely changed barca offloaded players and changed the way they played. higher pressured job if anything😂 Just think Fat Frank might be a good appointment but nobody knows for sure. Im happy to take the gamble probably has loads of contacts for loans
  10. Im happy with Lampard maybe he has a glowing reputation from within the game like The Artera situation at Arsenal. None of the fans wanted him but loads rated him to be class Zidane unproven done a decent job. Pep was unproven this could be a masterstroke better than the ‘experianced failures’ in my opinion
  11. Might be wrong i thought Coleman was wanted by the new Sunderland chairman
  12. G-Ram

    Next Manager Poll

    I voted Big Sam there is absolutely no chance of us getting him But he’d make us solid & probably get us promoted . Fair enough its boring football to start with but his Bolton side was very good after getting up & staying up he slowly intergrated decent football brought in jay jay okocha Sams problem like at west ham is as soon as he gets up or keeps a side up he is given no time to impliment good football. Its about going up, staying up then developing a style he’d have some contacts for loans no1 choice would be Neil Warnock but no chance of getting him so id be happy with going for the brentford lad & giving him 2-3 years to do it properly
  13. G-Ram

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    If You took Igor Stimacs name off the top of his CV then looked at what he’s achived in management would anyone seriously want him appointed ? He’s been terrible we’d be better off with them two cheeky chappies that managed Salford FC
  14. Great shout, promotes youth though & reluctant to spend money. Perfect fit 😂

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