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  1. G-Ram

    Chris Martin

    Out of all our strikers Martin is one of the only ones id keep ive never been a fan of him & always thought he was overrated by some of our fans but he’s the only one that offers something different jerome is a poor mans nugent, waghorn is one season wonder & probably a waste of money imo. Chris Martin is the only one that offeres something different Problem last season was Jerome on for Nugent etc all our changes were like for like... Chris Martin off the bench is our plan B ... i couldnt belive we loaned him out last year to then sign Jerome
  2. G-Ram

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    This is rubbish
  3. G-Ram

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    This is poor we’re making Millwall look like a 1970’s Brazil... we cant put more that two passes together unless its backwards & we’re all over the place at the back... we’ve gifted them two goals daft as it sounds if we actually shape ourselves & pull our finger out second half we can win this... millwall havent been great
  4. G-Ram

    Best team?

    I literally have no idea what our best team is & neither does Frank im not joking usually i have an opunion in who should start but other than Carson, davies & maybe Mount i couldnt nail on the other 8-9 places think they are all up for grabs
  5. G-Ram

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    As daft as it sounds I dont actually think we were that bad. Leeds were just class looked like they were going to do damage everytime they went forward if they play like that all season they will win the league positives wilson looked threatening. We created 2-3 chances at 1-1 we should have burief & the chelsea centre back despite the scoreline played well. I think we’ll get better
  6. G-Ram

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Not hating i think he’s been good at this level but his passing out from the back has been really poor first two games
  7. G-Ram

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Ive always defended Keogh. Think he is decent for the championship & if he didnt have a mistake in him he’d be playing a higher level.... but he’s looked totally past it first half today & against Reading.. terrible in the ball If Leeds play like this all season they’ll win it, look like they are going to score everytime they go forward. We’re missing a midfield general someone to break up play, clatter into them, rough them up & get our creative players on the ball more
  8. G-Ram

    Planning for an embargo?

    Wont be getting an embargo when were in the premier league next year plus we probably havent spent that much 11m for vydra, wiemann was a mil, wages saved on the players gone, ince sell on clause/ bonus for huddersfield staying up & the rowett compo bet we’ve had £15m or so income
  9. G-Ram


    I dont think we need any more ins we have enough to challenge id be happy if we brought a CB in if we got rid of pearce. There is a long list of outs & maybe even up to 10 players Pearce (only if we sign another) Fozzy or Olsen, butters, johnson, blackman, martin, jerome or nugent sell one & keep one if there is no replacement, Hanson, thorne (dont think he’ll be right again) id like to see us keep huddlestone but wouldnt be bothered if he went
  10. G-Ram

    Darren Bent on Paul Clement

    Wasnt there a story under his tenure as manager that he’d locked some of the gym equipment away saying we didnt need it ?
  11. G-Ram

    Centre Half Video Nasty

    Convert Tommy Huddlestone to a CB? Used to play there can pass slows the play down when he’s in midfield
  12. G-Ram

    Flexible mid field

    I think it will come together and takes time. Probably easier to have a flexible midfield in some of the midfields Frank has played in than with Championship players but it will take time & gel
  13. G-Ram

    v Reading (A) Man of the Match

    Got to agree bennett looked good when he came on their defenders looked frightened of him
  14. G-Ram

    v Reading (A) Man of the Match

    I went lawrence thought it was one of the best games id seen him play for us
  15. Wouldnt say Luke Thomas is a product of our academy

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