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  1. Not just attacking corners i always think were going to let one in defending them
  2. G-Ram


    I can see improvements. Rooney coming in Jan. Add a CB and another & i can see us pushing on second half of the season.
  3. I thought we were the better side. We created more clear cut chances. On another day we'd have won that. We should have scored with what we created. I think were improving all the time. We was unfortunate that a mistake lead to their goal. Thats football it happens, we move on. Bogle could & maybe should have gone back to davies.
  4. Playing wise i always thought he was decent at this level & have defended him But lets be honest he isn't irreplaceable. Its debatable but i think davies is a better defender. He was barkers replacement & wasnt as good as him either This will be a blessing. If this incident is the attitude of our captain then maybe we are better off without him. He's captained a side thats failed for the last 5 seasons. Its time for a change and this has forced it. Bad timing with the window being shut I think it's a good move by the club. Even if we are forced to agree to pay half his contract then weve saved half on a player thay if he gets fit won't be good enough to play at this level. In a way im glad we've sacked him. It makes an example of him & shows nobody is bigger than the club & might make the others take note.
  5. Absolutely hate Hull. The most dull cringe club in the world. Grown Men in tiger face paint singing 'getting mauled by the tigers' everyone of them wants their hard drive seized & investigated
  6. Great goal. That's what can happen when we finally have a bit of urgency & someone has the balls to have a go rather than knock it about.
  7. It was Tongue in cheek at how poor we are. But not too sure they'd be 2 or 3 nil up. They lost to fylde in pre season and needed a replay to do them in the cup a year or so ago. This quality in terms of technical ability & movement is poor
  8. Honestly other than fitness levels im not sure there is much difference between us and a decent non league side. No movement, no closing down & pressing from the front, we cant put more than two forward passes together, if we hit it long we either can't control it or hit it accurately or at the correct weight, not alot played on the floor, just absolutely garbage. I've watched 35 mins of nothing just two poor sides cancelling each other out with how poo they are
  9. Last few seasons i expect to win every game we play & have the disappointment when we dont win On recent performances this season i expect to get beat every. Its nice if we get a result because its unexpected.
  10. Never even mentioned Lawrence so not sure what he's got to do with it 🤷‍♂️
  11. I Can't take anyone serious that posts their proposed 11 & Bennett is in it.
  12. Its painful. Immediately after games emotions are high. We have been rubbish but at some stage a large proportion of fans have wanted every manager i can remember out in spells Even the wonderful Frank. He had a bad spell. The form at the end of the season & the game against leeds in the playoffs makes us look back with rose tinted glasses. There was a stage when a few wanted him gone A few didn't want mac in the first place & then towards the end were willing to drive him to Newcastle ourselves. We were buzzing when Rowett went stoke but gutted at the thought when tge initially came in half way throughthe season Its just all a big overreaction. Cocu has inherited a load of overpaid rubbish. Im not excusing some of the decisions but give the man time.
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