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  1. Frank knows Chelsea inside out & that is exactly the reason he won't take the job
  2. Id start cole, i think he'll be well up for it last game of his career. Go out on a high. Silly suggestion time though, if we are chasing the game & need someone to bomb forward & cole is knackard id be tempted to bang holmes there.. He can tackle & has pace. Completely out of position like but id honestly rather put him there than wisdom... Even johnson as a left backbif cole goes off would be better than wisdom
  3. Ahhh only part one of the statemebt was out this morning & didnt mention it.. Thsts the end of that one then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. When we go up id be happy signing all three loan players then just bringing in a couple on loan
  5. If we go up go get Kompany πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ zero chance of it happening but he could be our new McGrath, will only be fit for 8-10 games a season & knows frank... Stranger things have happened
  6. Has Ashley Cole got it in him? Course he has... the best left back in the world in his day... a world class player in his day... probably going to be his last professional game for his best mate lamps & what a way to retire with a playoff final winners medal... tbh im glad he’ll be starting... experience if winning trophies & probably played at least 50 games at wembley (new & old combined)
  7. If cant get one might just book the Β£389 club wembley hospitality package
  8. Obviously bias because of the result but i think that is the best game of football ive ever watched
  9. Id love it to be 0-0 in the final & keogh blast in an 89th min winner
  10. Well thats just aged me by about five year ... get in... leeds singing stop crying to frank... well they've git their wish
  11. Has he not got three more games to potentially be a part of if needed ? Always liked him unfortunately age & miles on the legs have caught up with him & he isnt the force he once was
  12. We turned Hull over twice in the league then lost in the playoffs to them... particularly the first leg ... by that logic im confident we’ll beat leeds
  13. Corner flag it now... blow the whistle ... im still a nervous wreck... just hope we still go forward nothing worse than watching us defend a lead
  14. 100% a pen ... stone wall πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. Nugent is the striking equivalent of robbie savage. Just runs about a lot to little or no effect
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