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Will you ‘renew’ your season ticket for 21/22?


Will you ‘renew’ your season ticket for 21/22?  

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I'm assuming that as I paid in full for this years ST, I'll just be offered a free ST for next season instead of a refund ?

That will be bad enough for the clubs finances but if people actually want a refund AND don't have a ST next season, that will be disastrous for the club

Plus, me & my mates are absolutely chomping at the bit for the awaydays

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1 hour ago, YoxallRam said:

For those that had a season ticket during 19/20, will you be buying a new one for next season?

I’m interested to see what the impact of not attending for over a year has had.

I am thinking of it as this.

This season is free except for the games I pay £10 for.

Next season is paid for 

win win..

The footy is pretty dire but so is the garden centre

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I guess there will be complacency in the short term as fans have got used to just watching the games from home.

But of course, once the stadiums reopen to fans, the games won't be shown live in the UK (apart from the Sky games) so fans will trickle back to the stadium

Maybe, the initial take up will be reduced but there will be a surge in half season ticket sales at Christmas ?

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