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  1. Yes, I got that. neither was I 😜
  2. But if those goods were fit for purpose when they left the seller’s premises, and got misused and broken by the aforementioned ‘vulnerable person’, then it’s not the fault of the seller, is it?
  3. What scam is that then?
  4. They’ve set the ball rolling and are now up in arms because football doesn’t need them any more. The Asian market is far more lucrative than the domestic one. The Euro super duper league will come sooner rather than later and you’ll have games kicking off at times to suit China. I said it years ago, it’s just a matter of time. The best thing that could have happened to our game is if the Fat 5/6 would have kept their nerve and buggered off to sunnier climates. Get it over and done with.
  5. He wouldn’t get a look in at Leeds.
  6. If I’m pushed, probably Morecombe would be the best away day out of the four.
  7. 😂😂Summer transfer window 😂😂 is there a parallel universe somewhere, where we aren’t totally screwed? 😂😂 Summer transfer window 😂😂
  8. Screw Waghorn, he’s a mediocre player who’s only real asset is his willingness to work hard when it suits him. The fact that CKR came in and we all said ‘look at his attitude and professionalism’ speaks volumes about the rest of the players in the squad. If Waghorn isn’t going to bother taking training seriously then he should be hauled out for it. Theres obviously been a problem with the attitude of some players in the squad that Rooney would have seen at first hand when he was a player here, he got rid of Holmes pretty sharpish. There are plenty of other mediocre players out there willing to run around a bit. Get rid of them if they’re not willing to put in the effort.
  9. Shaun Barker - ‘We’ve got to keep it to 2-0 to stay in the game’ no Shaun, as soon as the ref gave a penalty the game was over.
  10. Well that was more a waste of money than usual, which is saying something.
  11. Many a true word spoken in jest. I think he expected players to be intelligent and professional.
  12. I turned the sound down half way through the second half, it was really annoying, I said to my lad it’s like being in a pub in Rotherham listening to a bloke talking to his mrs 😄 anyway, I don’t mind saying it, we should be beating clubs like Rotherham more often than not, look at the league tables and you’ll find that 90% of the time (made up number), the team with the highest net spend on players and wage bill will be higher up the table. on the odd occasions that it doesn’t, you’ll find some reason for it, mismanagement of resources being most likely. it’s not being arrogant or anything, it’s just a fact of life in football nowadays, there is a much bigger gap between the haves and have nots.
  13. I’m sure they all did, otherwise their leg would just fall apart.
  14. Lee Gregory has got Keogh eyes. I’m scared now
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