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  1. He stood out when they beat us at Pride Park in January. He was all over Bielik throughout the game and supported their attackers really well
  2. Just to put things into perspective, last season Leeds won automatic promotion without parachute payments and the season before Sheffield United did it. I agree that promotion is often the relegated clubs to lose but sometimes when they stick with their old manager, or sack their manager and make a bad appointment , it gives other clubs a chance
  3. If true, I think selling 11,000 season tickets last season is pretty good in the pandemic On the flipside, that's potentially 11,000 whose money they've already had and so won't be paying in next season ?
  4. Mel's argument was that football alone means it's a totally inefficient use of a venue - 25 days of the year - he's right about that one. So this could massively increase the use of the venue throughout the year. The issue wasn't just putting a roof on though, it was also protecting the pitch as a temporary surface would have to be placed over the grass each time there was a non-football event -plus the time it takes to install the surface & then take it up again, meaning that apart from international breaks, there may not be too many opportunities for events within the season. This m
  5. Regarding Mel Morris, I wonder if he does have health problems whether he'd be prepared to still fund the club but take a step back and appoint a person/team to manage the off field business side ? In the meantime, they could still search for a legitimate new owner I'm clutching at straws but i'm desperate for some kind of resolution here
  6. Yes, I expect pretty much all EFL clubs are in for a shock season regarding ticket sales There will always be the die hard fans who'd turn up to watch any game of football but there are also fans who : 1) Aren't die hard 2) Have got used to not attending and happy just watching it on TV 3) May have suffered financially during the pandemic & simply can't afford match tickets 4) Consider themselves vulnerable and will not feel comfortable attending I'm fortunate & I'd still go just to watch paint dry, let's hope most fans are like me
  7. I'm no tax expert, but how can an organisation that loses money every year owe any income tax ?
  8. Not a player, but Jim Smith being appointed as manager seemed a ridiculous decision at the time. Think I might have got that one wrong
  9. Mel can't sell us yet, remember he's still got to put a roof on the stadium and develop the Plaza
  10. I thought Appleby, Glick etc sold us realising that they'd taken us as far as they could (financially)....... what's changed Plus does anyone remember how much they bought us for, I wonder how it compares to the current asking price
  11. Yes I do remember when Mel actually used to give interviews, he definitely stated that we were to be sold only if it's to someone who was 'safe hands' and could take the club forwards. He also mocked some of the many chancers that had shown interest - how ironic !!
  12. The pitch was fine at the beginning and the end of the season - shame we lost most of those games. When the pitch was shocking, we beat Swansea, Bournemouth, Bristol City, Boro & Huddersfield on it. Maybe the EFL will investigate whether we gained an advantage ?
  13. That's a good point. Maybe part of our defence should be that by overspending, we've input silly money into other Championship teams income. Who else would have been daft enough to give Reading £3m for Blackman or Huddersfield £5m for Butterfield ? They should be grateful really 😀
  14. Let's hope the EFL are using their 'experts' to write an explanation to the other clubs why they are only giving us a slap on the wrist and nothing more
  15. Exactly, so do we have 'actual' debts or is it mainly owed to Mel Morris - in which case, how much is he prepared to write off ? Eg, Buy a new sports car for £100k, spend £1000's on it for servicing etc then when you try to sell it, it's book value is £50k but the dealer offers you £30k - you take the hit I suppose. You've had fun but it's cost you lots of cash
  16. So one thing that's puzzling me. Mel Morris has been bankrolling us for the last 7 years and the press like to mention that he's spent between £100m & £200m of his own wealth to do that. So if that's the case, how do we apparently have debts ? I assume that Mel has lent the money to the club, not gifted it ? So is he trying to sell the club for £40m plus the debts to him or has he borrowed money rather than used his own money ?
  17. The disappointment is, that under the layers of dust, there's a wonderful football club up for sale
  18. In the midst of all the effort the EFL have used to investigate us, what have they actually done that's useful to protect the 72 member clubs during the pandemic ? I am astonished that we've reached the end of the season with none of the members going bust & that's no thanks to the EFL
  19. My off field events will involve heavy drinking on away days
  20. So have we been a bit naughty or are we heading for the gallows ?
  21. EFL vs Birmingham City 1st Hearing - EFL won, Birmingham were given a 9 point deduction Birmingham appeal - Birmingham won and points deduction cancelled EFL appeal the appeal and won. Result slap on wrist for Birmingham City, no further action
  22. Even the Athletic headline is making assumptions. It could still be a slapped wrist or a fine, like Birmingham got last season when the EFL won their appeal
  23. Ultimately, it's the EFL that are at fault here for not having a reasonable and agreed timescale in place to deal with this. Original verdict in our favour was last summer and their appeal wasn't immediate, it took ages. Then the appeal itself , with no further evidence allowed, should have been concluded quickly
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