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  1. Have you been watching Rooneys performances over the last year? He’s hardly played as a number 9.
  2. First XI and backups: GK - Marshall / Roos RB - Byrne / Wisdom RCB - Davies / te Wierik LCB - Clarke / Evans LB - Buchanan / Forsyth CDM - Bielik / Bird CDM - Rooney / Shinnie RW - Jozwiak / Knight CAM - Lawrence / Holmes / Sibley LW - Ibe / Whittaker CF - Waghorn / Marriott
  3. Well we’re in to October and no refunds. I don’t mind waiting I just want to know when to expect it. It doesn’t look good when we’re out doing transfer business but can’t refund £1m max to our fans from 6 months ago.
  4. Nope still nothing received. There’s still 6 working days left in September so we’ll see. Would be nice if the club to advise if there are any delays.
  5. Oh hang on I think that refers to the fantasy football price 😂
  6. https://twitter.com/sheffieldunited/status/1303289412546179079?s=21 Sheffield United have confirmed it was £4.5m for Bogle and £4.5m for Lowe.
  7. This would be my starting 11 and backups. GK - Marshall / Roos RB - Wisdom RCB - te Wierik / Davies LCB - Clarke / Bielik LB - Forsyth / Buchanan CDM - Bird / Evans CDM - Rooney / Shinnie RW - Waghorn / Knight CAM - Sibley / Holmes LW - Lawrence / Whittaker CF - Marriott Rooney can play CF when Marriott inevitably gets injured. Bielik can step into CDM as and when required. I’d be surprised if Bielik does play second fiddle but I’m not sure who’s position he’d take. To me we need a RB, either first choice or back u
  8. This. Completely agree. Only played so many games this year due to injuries to other players. Anything more than £1m is great business.
  9. I wouldn’t even say they were that high. You could probably half most of those.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8644537/Derby-County-set-inquiry-threat-deductions-allegedly-breaches-EFL-rules.html
  11. Has anyone who opted for a refund on their 19/20 season ticket received any money yet?
  12. No news yet - season ticket renewal deadline is 31st July. I'm waiting until further information is announced on next season before renewing. As you've mentioned, a limited capacity wouldn't get the full match day experience for me, no doubt away fans will be banned too.
  13. Just about to post this. Talk about clickbait. Creates this big story for nothing.
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