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  1. I’m interested to hear what questions were asked from our supporter groups, even if they can’t reveal the answers given.
  2. To add to the op, what’s the chances of liquidation? We’re losing £1.5m a month, how will that be reduced?
  3. If the EFL don’t want us to have the money, how would that help us reach agreement with the EFL?
  4. They were right to withheld the money. It would have just delayed the inevitable of us going into administration.
  5. At least you can spill the beans from the meeting now. No club to come after you for breaches of the NDA 😂
  6. Do we want all players to wear their shooting boots, even Roos?
  7. B4 do you work in the ticket office? When can I relocate my season ticket?
  8. For the first time in quite a few years, the players should have no fear. Expectations are at an all time low, so there is no reason for them to be fearful. If we stay up brilliant, if we go down, it’s what most people expect.
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