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  1. That wasn’t the question 😅. Issues like this will obviously put people off buying a new season ticket.
  2. For those that had a season ticket during 19/20, will you be buying a new one for next season? I’m interested to see what the impact of not attending for over a year has had.
  3. Only clubs in the Prem can put u23s into the competition I believe.
  4. It’s working. We’re definitely a better team and we’re winning games / picking up points via different ways. So I don’t mind who’s running the show as long as it keeps going in this direction.
  5. Do we have enough cover in that area? Shinnie Bird Evans Rooney if he fancies it
  6. This is true. But if it was the only way to continue then they’d implement it.
  7. I’d be surprised. The government know how important it is to keep sport going during this time. The premier league has it rigorous testing system in place, if the EFL (at least the championship) copy that then I don’t see why it couldn’t continue.
  8. Before the pandemic. Before we knew spectators wouldn’t be allowed back... Anyway, you’re talking about this seasons season ticket. You might get a ticket for a game if we ever move down a tier.
  9. Except it won’t be nearly 11 months. We didn’t complete for the forms until June/July. You’ve got until May 2021 until you get to 11 months 😀 I’m just sticking up for the club, they are processing them and I’m sure you’ll get yours soon.
  10. I’m selling some ‘used but in great condition’ old clothes on eBay if anyone is interested...
  11. Better late than never. Cheers Mel. Just wish we were kept updated as to why refunds weren’t issued in September as promised.
  12. McClaren 😂 Top class footballing knowledge 👍🏻
  13. There’s already a thread for this but yeah, refunds should have been sorted out back in September, as promised. I have 2 outstanding season tickets, 2 away memberships and 4x away tickets that never got used. Give us our money back Derby County.
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