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QPR v Derby Match Ratings, deadline noon Sunday


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roos                       9

byrne                    8

buchanan              8

evans                    7

wisdom                 9

clarke                    8

bielik                     8

shinnie                  8

jozwiak                 7

ckr                        8

knight                   8

bird                       8

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roos                      7

byrne                    8

buchanan             8

evans                    7

wisdom                 8

clarke                    8

bielik                     7

shinnie                  6

jozwiak                 7

ckr                        6

knight                   7

bird                       7

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Roos - 8 Best performance from him all season. One dodgy clearance but besides that solid and two great saves. 

Byrne - 9  MOTM. Best performance for us I felt. Always positive, defensively brilliant and a real threat going forward. When he is more positive going forward, and his throws are positive as well he is top top drawer. 

Buchanan - 8. Again great play. Defensively really starting to mature and be super solid at the back, especially with that covering the back post he got caught out on earlier in the season. Going forward still a threat and doing the job of 2 with Knight being off it. 

Evans - 6  Average while he was on, thought he’d be the sacrifice for Bird and was correct. 

Wisdom - 7 Mostly Solid and better position ally but still gives me a heart attack sometimes. 

Clarke - 8 Great play at the back and kept us moving forward better. 

Bielik - 7 Effective, but not as much as he was marked much more. He needs to find a way to get around this as it will happen more and more. 

Shinnie - 7 Solid and great pass going forward for the goal. Shame we can’t have more forward play from our midfield duo. 

Jozwiak - 6 Average, and end product lacking. One of the problems we have is that he is still doubled up on as our other side forward is not threatening at all so him and Colin are doing the forward work of 3. 

CKR - 7 Great goal, held his run to stay onside. Won some up front and held the ball sometimes. Joz got close to play off him sometimes but lacking link up play with others to move us forward with a threat. 

Knight - 5. Yes he runs a lot, yes he’s a foul magnet that gets us out of trouble sometimes, yes, he helps out great defensively and yes he’s young and I understand. The problem is we are playing him in a front 3 and he’s toothless and limits our forward play. His control and touch has been poor the last few games and his link up play with the other forward is negligible. He needs to be played in a different position for us to see the best of him.  

Bird -7 The change of formation and his hold up play helped and his work rate late in game helped us massively. 

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Roos 8 - two magnificent saves, one in each half...they've won us the game. Said elsewhere he needs to dominate his own 6 yard box, too often rooted to his line for standard delivery. I'd have given him a 9 otherwise

Byrne 9 MOM - thought he was superb today. First 20 mins he was a key feature in our early dominance including a superb ball to Kazim who should have scored. Had Chair & Hämäläinen to deal with second half but stood up to task well

Buchanan 7 - very good going forward & defensively good second half. Felt he was ambling a bit defensively first half though, lack of purpose & bailed out by Shinnie and Knight a few times

Evans 6 - one error but fine thereafter

Wisdom 7 - at times excellent including a great block after Roos' stop first half. At other times hesitant & a bit sloppy. Overall a good display

Clarke 8 - as usual, excellent.

Bielik 7 - found it hard to get on the ball today. Shinnie & Knight had more of the ball in our opening dominance & thereafter QPR squeezed the space. Very good defensive shift second half

Shinnie 8 - thought he was excellent first half, perpetual energy & moved the ball around well. Key part of the effective second half rearguard action

Jozwiak 7 - flashes of quality & so good at keeping possession. Some ordinary execution at other times. Set up Kazim's goal with his break & good strike

CKR 7 - terrible miss early on & didnt get involved in general play first 30 mins. Thereafter, got involved with good hold up play & good defensive work with head, feet & hands ? Made up for miss by following in parry from Jozwiak shot

Knight 7 - lots of energy & good interplay plus great game management late on drawing fouls. Not much quality from wide or into final 3rd

Bird 8 - inspired sub by Rooney. Offered control & lot of energy to midfield. He pressed as much as anyone that last 30 mins

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