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  1. Presumably the only fans able to watch Live, are those that have had there injections and can prove it. I was wondering if their are any fans who refuse to take the vaccine and are going to miss out because of their principles? In the US 40% of the population have decided against taking the vaccine and the returning Pandemic increases we are seeing at the moment is 96% amongst this group of people! I had both shots, and was lucky to be in the first allocation of the vaccinations.
  2. Its still cheaper than Opium - so I guess I'm still in
  3. Still believe that without all the**** we would have been 10/12th, so long as we get a few in, get a better start, then we will be about there again, that's without a points deduction of course! and Bielik back by September.
  4. Always be yourself, unless you can be Jack Marriott, then always be Jack Marriott!
  5. I see it as, at the moment.. Roos Cashin Davies Mengi Byrne Buchanan Bielik Shinnie Joswiak CKR Lawrence Hope we can get Roberts and Clarke back, with Watson, Ebosele and Stretton first team now, not sure re Wisdom and Forsythe, or when bielik will be fit!
  6. Hi there, an Irish Pub/Restaurant has just opened about 10 minutes away from us. I wondered how Kilkenney Cream draft rated on here, I am not a Beer Whisperer, obvoiously, but thought it was rather good in a diferent/smooth sort of way (not a lot of bite thou). They do have a large array of Irish whiskeys, and in particular the recommended one was fantastic, Teeling Small Batch, so if you haven't tried this before, do so now and let me know what you think!
  7. 50 mil for the club and 250 mil on players etc simple
  8. Carl, I have to ask, what are your thoughts on Disclosure and Steven Greer et al.. as I am only 40/50 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park, where the 'Contact in the Desert' lectures, and workshops take place. Which is one of the highlites on the UFO calendar?
  9. Perhaps Wayne and a bunch of his friends/contacts could step in here, something could be worked out, eh 🤩
  10. Everyone would have to elect a manager, to make the decisions without the benefit of hindsight - alot like Mel had to do!!
  11. Thank Christ, feels like we won Onwards and Upwards 👍
  12. Gutted for Bannan, he doesn't deserve to be on the losing side, wish he was playing for us!
  13. Nobody deserves singling out after this, you do your best and that's all anyone can ask I have not forgotten the countless times he saved a goal, and made one at the other end. The fact is he gave his all for our club, and deserves credit for that!
  14. We are going to be safe on Saturday, and I think Rooney will be given the chance to bring in his own players by the new owner - don't see any other alternative. if we lose, things may be different!
  15. Derby 2 - 0 Sheff Wed, Lawrence and CKR
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