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  1. Tomori, clarke and Mengi should solve our defensive questions for the forseeable future and Drinkwater would be good - as he's not managed a regular place at the Bridge yet and anyone whose not nailed down a RM squadnumber next season, and is under the age of 25, that'd go it for me............
  2. I do believe Rooney will take us to the promised land, if not next season, 22/23. He has definitely won me over, all he needs now is the backing - and I think we will have that!
  3. What a wonderful thing HINDSIGHT is eh 🙄
  4. I'd forgotten about that, hopefully a good sign for today 👍
  5. Our dog peed on the office floor this morning, and I am still unsure about the hidden meaning, as pertains to the match. Any ideas................
  6. Sorry to be a pain - but can someone confirm whether its 7 or 7.45 kickoff, as Sky showing both times?
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