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  1. I've always been a keogh supporter for years, and am devastated at what has happened, but he was the Captain, and presumably the one in charge when the fatefull decisions were made to drive their own vehicles back home - he should have insisted, and they would have given in (IMO) Seems harsh, but he was given an alternative!
  2. That's the point I am making here - FOR THOSE WHO WANTED IT
  3. I must be at odds with everybody on here, cause I tend to think the majority of the blame is down to the club. So we sanction a bonding session at a pub, for the staff, players etc.. all ok, but we don't insist they go home in a taxi provided by the club, none of this would have happened had everyone been collected and dropped back off. So the actual decision was made by two young players, who had already had several drinks - there's the problem IMO, they shouldn't have been in that position in the first place. I also wouldn't have played them yet, not til after the court case, but do think they deserve a second chance, can't agree with destroying two careers, over a street sign, or what might have happened - as it didn't!
  4. 9/10 would be great, anymore a bonus. We'll def move up though perhaps top 8 with results going our way
  5. Great post, and I fully agree with almost all of your views, except for the last paragraph. I tend to think that most people, need an "awakening" moment every now and then, to keep them on the right path. However, don't think they should have to feel that their lives are under constant review, because they are in a profession that most people aspire to. As you say, they are not beyond redemption, and I'm betting this will never happen again, with any of those involved, so a second chance isn't out of the question for me.
  6. No test here, there's only one DCFC. We've all made mistakes that we regret, I've made a fair few, it could have been alot worse so i'm quite happy with them paying their dues, making ammends and carrying on at the club. OR, we could get the Spanish Inquisition in...........
  7. Derby 2 - 0 Birmingham, Holmes frgs
  8. Nobody seems to be firing on all cylinders at the moment, when you take into account the toughest 7/8 starting fixtures I can remember, along with new manager, new tactics, new club they have a pass from me for a few more games, as does the whole team. The next 5/6 matches should give us a truer picture of where we are in relation to everyone else imo..🤞
  9. Had us down for 8th-10th, but you nevert know the ideal would be to just scrape into 6th, keeping Boro out of the playoffs again. 😀
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