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  1. Can't wait to see him on the pitch, presumably with Bielik, could be what we have been waiting for all these years, good luck mate- obviously future Captain after Roos stops playing.
  2. Davies for Andre, keep the rest the same I don't want to jinx anything here - but can't see us losing this, what with the added motivation etc..
  3. The guy must have been deranged to attack Andre. Get well soon mate. Hope you are right, and this is added motivation to win against Preston, as we know that Andre would have been giving 110%, def MOM last Saturday.
  4. Lawrence does a great job of needling the opposition, but it's no good then retaliating as well - he's got to just give a Martin smirk (as mentioned earlier) and stick not twist, we are definitely going to miss him though It might be my fault - as I predicted everything correctly today, and could have jinxed him 🤫
  5. Fantastic win, shame about Lawrence at the end - could be a problem!
  6. One of the top players for a number of years, can't say enough, and a genuine good guy as well. When he gets a head of steam up - takes some stopping!👍🆗
  7. Derby 2 - 1 Reading, rfg Lawrence
  8. Just hope we can reverse the away win trend in this one, am going for a 1-0 with a goalmouth scramble by Waghorn
  9. Yes we can - the odds are against it though, probably the same as when we played Leeds last season 😉
  10. If we can win the first couple of matches, get in the zone, the sky's the limit eh..😍
  11. Pick the team on merit, if we go on a run, don't change it, as soon as we lose and are unable to make playoffs - bring in the three latest recruits to the squad equal game for everyone, with alot of Friendlies..
  12. I had already resolved myself to watch till the end of this one, no matter what the score was, so the outcome was fantastic, and will always be remembered as one of the biggest turnarounds in playoff history 😍
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