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  1. Thought you could see why Coventry HAD their home record in the first 20 minutes, passing and possession were great - but in the end they could'nt score from open play and needed a penalty We held on and gained a point that not many other teams are going to do this season - fantastic 😁⬆️
  2. Another great result away from home, if only we had someone like Mitrovitch/similar, we are going to win by 2/3 before long just by the law of averages.
  3. Have you read " The Moons a Balloon" by David Niven, has some of the funniest stories i've ever heard!
  4. Whatever anyone says about MA, he did have enough ambition to get Raffa and back him to succeed - that's good enough for me. I hope that whoever does but DCFC they keep WR, as you have to be impressed with the playing side of things at the moment!
  5. When you are owned by one of the richest men in the country, then the fans assume you are going to do a Man City. It doesn't happen and hey presto - you're the bad guy, for not spending 100 mil in the first 6 months! If we can just get a goal scorer in January I'll be over the moon, and a couple of new players + Beilik and CKR it'd be like paradise 😍
  6. Sports Direct Arena ??? anyone....
  7. It's got to be a pint of BLACK & WHITE please
  8. Sage, have you read' The Feather Men' by Ranulph Fiennes? It is a novel based on the aftermath of the secret war in Oman during the 1960s In 2001 I had to fly back to the Uk for my fathers funeral, and picked this up at the LA Airport bookstore, hoping to find something to take my mind off the Journey. It really is a fantastic read, the edge of your seat stuff, and also good for the history buff. I can definitely recommend this - was blown away to find out that it is true life and not fiction as i had supposed.
  9. Now you mention Burnley - that sounds correct, thanks
  10. Very impressed with the point today, after the first 15/20 minutes, I thought a draw was impossible but, its going to take either a very lucky shot, or a worldy for someone to score against us. I can still remember the game against Boro a few seasons back, where they got 2 goals from ricochets, and Martin was shown a red card for simulation, after the ball was in their goal. I've not seen anything like that since, thank god... If we had Mitrovitch we'd probably be in the top 6 now😉
  11. Isn't the point here, that Keogh was the Club Captain, and the senior person who should have made sure that the younger players didn't get in their cars - over the limit. I do accept that this is the first i've heard of his personal loss the week before , which would contribute somewhat, to his state of mind at the time!
  12. Derby County 2 - 0 Swans, Knight and Lawrence
  13. if we can repeat the effort we showed against Reading - we can do this Lawrence or Knight to score, or both
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