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  1. This a banker this one, you're all worrying unduly 1-3 the mighty RAMSSSS
  2. Brentford 1 - 3 Derby, Marriott frgs
  3. Afraid I can't find it anywhere over here, good news is we are gonna win this 2 - 0 with goals from Dowell and Paterson👍
  4. I'd put Evans or Buchannon on for Malone
  5. Marriott and Knight on for Dowell and Huddlestone surely 👍 Can't think of any other way we are gonna get level here
  6. This would be my team for BC Tuesday, and for West Brom - but not sure whether I would use this for F***** or Brentford away
  7. Stoke 0 - 2 Derby, frgs Lawrence
  8. Scunthorpe 0 - 4 Derby, frgs Marriott
  9. ESPN+ so on computer (4.99) per month, and you get every game when they are shown live on sky!
  10. We need to change something here, Shinnie for Evans and Paterson for Josefzoon
  11. The "Dark Ages", in case anyone didn't know, officially started when religion ruled the world. (and before anyone points it out I put a small r on purpose)
  12. The truth is that due to all the hysterical publicity this has generated, we could have the same effect with him wearing 23 on the back of his shirt!
  13. My 11 , Roos Bogle Keogh Clarke Lowe Dowell Huddlestone Shinny Paterson Waghorn Lawrence
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