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  1. The very fact that the wages haven't been paid shows that the 'paper finalization' is occurring, so this week for definite, just saying..........
  2. Chorley Bleating after the Lambs Chop em up!
  3. That's it then, the takeover was delayed until Frank was available again 🤫
  4. Think this is going to be a tough one - but expect us to come out on top hoping for a 2 nil
  5. But this is Wayne Rooney's Derby County, we are now officially in a different era, aren't we? 🍺
  6. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS The gods are smiling today - get in there we can poss make up some GD here 😁
  7. Hope I'm wrong, but can't see anything other than a Fury KO in the later rounds, one of Fury's biggest attributes is avoiding getting hit, and keeping his opponent on the backfoot. So, AJs best chance is in the first 3/4, before Fury gets his double jabs going 🔨
  8. Who can forget the part he played in the Leeds 2nd leg, his awareness and calm control under pressure was fantastic - he deserves another go IMO
  9. Just taking an opportunity to wish all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year I'd give almost anything at the moment to have some snow, but it's blue skies and bright sunshine, not a cloud to be seen in any direction. UTR and here's hoping we hammer PNE 🎄🐏🤩
  10. You do realize that Butterflies ca be controlled by your soul in the afterlife, and are quite often used to communicate with the living! You F***** fan 😏
  11. Sausage egg and chips, already ate it though so no photo.
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