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  1. There should really be a seperate thread for Michael Johnson, who has just made history as manager for Guyana and their first time ever qualification for the Concacaf Gold Cup. First Managerial position as well 👍⚽
  2. Wow, completely missed that - thanks for the info, he's just gained a few more points in my estimation.
  3. Just reading the prelims for the Gib/Rep Ire match, and it says that Keogh is expected to play even thou he has a broken hand, first I've heard of this obviously it's correct!
  4. Yeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Bring it on 👍
  5. Thank's again, agree with most, have us down for 15 points and not making playoffs 😢
  6. Great win against Wolves - well done guys 👍
  7. Anyone who leaves a match at 1-1 with 5 mins to go, just for a drink has got to be a quarter fan 🍺
  8. Always a sad time, commiserations from a fellow Rams supporter.
  9. Lost it for about 6/7 minutes, back on just before halftime!
  10. COYR we can do this................
  11. Derby 2 - 1 Sheff Wed, Marriott frgs
  12. Derby 2 - 0 Wigan, Frgs Wilson
  13. Wouldn't pass the Suitability test for the EFL, thank god!
  14. At least we are still 7th.
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