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  1. Hi there, just wondering have been on the Black Pig lately, how's Olaf the Lofty doin...⛵☠️⚓
  2. Hendrik and Hart are available on free's, anyone........
  3. It's got to be Jewel or Docherty. I may be wrong but didn't Phil Brown have the 3 amigo's selling everybody that was any good!!
  4. Has to be the Leeds playoff game at Elland road for me, I'm getting on now, but this had everything almost insurmountable odds coupled with their fans rubbing it in, and everything surrounding the match which had been built up by the media to a crescendo, then, with the whole of football watching, you know the rest, UNBEF******LIEVABLE 😁
  5. Same for me as well, they had a good game but we're talking about Milwall with Rowett in charge!
  6. Yes we can, if we win the next 2 - it may give us the bit of a boost we'll need to make the playoffs - not putting the house on it thou
  7. I,ve watched it over 20 times, so would hate to guess
  8. We are better off playing the one's above us, sooner that than those fighting to stay in this division
  9. The next one to step up will probably come from either.. Archie Brown, JML or Festy Ebosele All are standouts now, for their consistency, and can also produce moments of brilliance
  10. I'm willing to bet the Leeds fans consider us their bogey team, and are c******* themselves at the thought of coming to Pride Park, if they still need points for the auto's 😁
  11. If we beat Millwall, and go on a bit of a run, anything's possible... I'd be happy to just dent Leeds and Forests hopes, Although Forest look intent on spoiling their own party
  12. What a strike = can't argue with the assessment Buchannan's, takes some beating as well
  13. Great game, all still to play for, real tough one coming up 🤩 Martin was 100% MOTM Shinnie got stuck in as well
  14. Wow.... we seem to have made a few adjustments, its certainly working thou. We could make this work at home or away, breaking at speed with the ball - Fantastic 👍 Fab goals from Sibley and Martin and more to come
  15. Definitely on ESPN in the States COYR 👍
  16. Was on our side in the first mate, but then felt sorry for em at 0-3 Should have been strung up in second All in all - not a bad game 😘
  17. That must be the best first half this season? Hoping we can keep a clean sheet and score a hatfull Martin superb COYR 😁
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