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Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

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1 win in 6 counting the cup down and we look miles off what is required to be even a top 6 side

We need to make changes and fast or this will become another nearly season,i dont even think is Wilson was playing would of made that much difference given the poor showing

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7 minutes ago, peachmyster said:

Lowe not good enough

bryson past his best

lawrence not good enough

waghorn poor 

what’s happened to mount 

nugent past his best 

rubbish performance to slow cant pass 


and how long had Waghorn been on the pitch when you typed this? grow up.

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2 minutes ago, Jayram said:

Totally humiliated and totally outclassed. Lampard, his coaching team and virtually every single player in a Rams shirt should hang their heads in shame. Utterly embarrassing.

We just lost 2-0 against top of the league. Come on man, it was bad but it was hardly embarrassing 

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Not going to berate our lads. Leeds were better, simple as that.

Accurate passing, running for each other, over laps on the flanks, winning and fighting for second ball. No tactical speciality in all honesty. We were simply out played by a better team on the day. 

Dust yourselves off, work on it and on to the next game

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2 minutes ago, brady1993 said:

I think that's pretty unfair to be honest. Lawrence has been actually trying to make things happen when he's got on the ball, it's not been coming off and he's made a few dodgy decisions but he's definately been trying.

I find him very trying , can't tackle without fouling , can't beat anyone , won,t pass, shoots on sight of goal even if it is on another pitch, scores 1 in million and believes his own hype

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16 minutes ago, ram1964 said:

Bryson ,Nugent ,Lowe just not good enough if we are going to progress any further in this leauge.

Need to see more of Waghorn from now on, FL got it wrong first half but hindsight and binoculars are a wonderful thing☺

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