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  1. Promoted to division 2 - woop woop - and only 5 points between the top and the bottom of that league! Hope the whole league hasn’t predicted we will lose to Brentford on Satdee!
  2. 1-3 Brentford. Sibley the only rams goal scorer
  3. If those three xxxxx positions have quality recruited into them - we could have an exceptional team next season. Hart on a free, Ibe on a free and Matt Clarke back on loan? Perhaps could even afford to splash a big fee on a new striker?
  4. Hamer Bogle. Evans. Clarke. Forsyth Bird. Rooney FloJo. Sibley. Lawrence Martin 2-0 Rams 😊🤷‍♂️
  5. Missed Waghorn, missed Lawrence. Sibley red will be overturned. Lawrence back next game - not over yet. COYR’s.
  6. Why have I not read Nick Pickering yet?!
  7. Jim Smith and Paolo Wanchope - expect Mauricio Solis to sneak in to the party undetected!
  8. We should BYTE their hands off! Sorry - I have a terrible MEMORY for puns. I’ll BACKUP
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