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  1. Make sure clubs can meet the revenue commitments via turnover - allow capital funding from the owner - cost and residual value not recognised by the club. Don’t allow capitalisation or amortisation. Simples.
  2. Your reply doesn’t make sense to me? The only thing you have said that is factually correct is that Mel and Pearce have not told the fans what is going on. My position on that is they shouldn’t whilst the club is up for sale. Everything else you have said is not based on any speculated or confirmed fact - so is just conjecture, panic and gut feel. I can’t answer those things I’m afraid.
  3. Further more - the CEO and the owner should not make a public disclosure on the state of the football club whilst trying to sell it. Things may be as bad as you say - but disclosing that is a little like trying to sell a car to someone, and telling your mate openly, whilst the punter is looking over the car “can’t believe I am getting shot of this motor, it doesn’t even start”!
  4. Not sure we would Srg? We would then be looking for a new manager, if and when he arrived he would want to assess his squad, then scout the market for additions etc etc. Seems to me that would eat up the pre season?
  5. We need a proper pre season - with players coming in and time to settle. We’ve not had one of those for three years - and for that reason I want Rooney to stay. We are all clambering for stability - but most want to start with change?
  6. I want Adam Armstrong up front. Mengi and Edmondson will be ok for centre backs. Assume Byrne and Buchanan will stay - but Marshall will go - so a new keeper needed. Assuming Bielik is fit - I would like a creative midfielder - someone like Maddison (Leicester) but more affordable. I then would have a fully fit Ibe and another creative wide player - any chance of Harry Wilson?!
  7. We are Derby - Super Derby - we are Derby - Super Rams. I’m exhausted!
  8. It’s because we have workmen, not footballers. We have very little guile and no pace. We have to grind teams - and we are just not good enough at that. If Lawrence, Bielik and Ibe had been available all season, and Sibley didn’t lose his mojo - it would have been a different story.
  9. I don’t think we will get relegated - but only cause the teams below us can’t win a game. First time I can ever remember thinking “thank duck that the whole team will be gone in the summer!
  10. Maybe Rooney, recognising he is a novice coach, asked Steve just to watch a few sessions he was taking, so he could give him feedback afterwards? Thats what I would do if I was in a new role with one of the most respected professionals in that position on my team.
  11. Is the game on RamsTV today - doesn’t appear to be a link?
  12. What? I might be missing the rules, but; Poom Charles. Wright. Stimac. Sage Asanovic. Kinkladze. Jozwiak McMinn. Saunders. Robert
  13. I started in the 3rd divison (Trevor Christie was my favourite player) if we end up being there “so what”. Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Once a ram, always a ram.
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