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  1. I need 4 tickets (three adults one child). Would be willing to pay premium if anyone can help ?
  2. 2-0 Derby. Mount with both
  3. Derby 2-0. Mount with both 😁
  4. Blackburn 1 v 2 Derby Wilson with both.
  5. Paul Goddard against Everton’s Neville Southall. or John Brayford - can’t remember the team he scored against or the score - but when he rifled the ball in the net - I honestly thought we had England’s new right back in the team!
  6. Derby 3 - 0 Rotheram Wilson frgs.
  7. Claude Davis was very brave turning up each week.......
  8. Thanks for clearing that up - was fearing no sleep tonight
  9. Trevor Christie, Phil Gee, Rob Hindmarch, Mark Wallington and Rotherham on a wet and windy night. Hooked ever since.
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