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  1. How weird. That’s the exact criteria I use when targeting hen parties!
  2. Always name my pets after Derby captains. Had a yorkie called Iggy (igor) pup, and a cat called Oakley. Was hoping the cat would die so I could get a dog when our captain was Barker!
  3. Cmon - all will be forgiven after his first interview. First job - so grateful for the risk they took with me. Such a great club, fans and chairman. Hold such a strong affinity with them, will always look out for their results. So sorry for how it turned out, but Chelsea too big an opportunity. Will always help this great club in anyway I can. Hope they smash the league this season, so I can welcome them to Stamford Bridge - and perhaps do the bounce one last time. If it wasn’t Chelsea, I would never have left. Once a ram, always a ram. Etc. Play beer bingo - everyone of these he says you must take a drink. We’re all going to be a little tipsy I think!
  4. Surely everyone knows how to get out of the league?
  5. If he has colitis - he will definitely need a clean sheet!
  6. I’m a southern lad. Mum and dad split when I was a toddler. I was a Liverpool fan - but step mother asked me to reconsider so me and my dad has something in common. Did just that aged 10. Dad got me a mascot gig in 1986 - and the rest was history. Dad passed away 7 years ago. Buried in Mapperley Village cemetery. I always tell him how the seasons have gone - probably not cheering him up too much - but maybe next season?!
  7. I remember Mel stating Clement could be Derby’s Fergie - just a few short months before sacking him. That reason alone is reason why no-one (including Frank) should make bold statements about the future - particularly when making statements about situations that haven’t even arisen yet. I bet Mel wishes he hadn’t.
  8. Every day is a school day. I always though opinions couldn’t be “wrong”, just someone could have a contrary opinion. Turns out I was wrong. Go figure! 🤷‍♂️
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