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  1. This. Add Holmes to right back and move Lowe to leftback, and I would expect the balance and threat to be immeasurably improved.
  2. I want to see today (but don’t expect); Roos Lowe. Keogh. Clarke. Malone Bielik Bennett Dowell. Lawrence Marriott. Waghorn Hamer Davies Buchanan Huddlestone Josefzoon Shinnie Martin
  3. Team when fit for me would be; Roos Keogh. Davies. Clarke Bogle. Lowe Bielik Holmes. Dowell Marriott. Waghorn When Rooney arrives he can push Dowell onto the subs bench 😁🐏
  4. I’m an excile - so usually listen to RD on RamsPlayer. Have to say I like Ramage and Ed. They do have a tendency to “ham it up” a bit, but can be quite funny. Listening on Saturday - thought they were quite fair - “second game in, not firing on all cylinders yet - 4 points and unbeaten”. Not that negative really?
  5. 2-0 Derby. Lawrence again - cue messages worrying why no-one else can score!
  6. Its the bench that excites me - truly able to change the game. If we go with your starting eleven, the bench would likely be (when all fit); Roos, Lowe, Davies, Holmes, Shinnie, FloJo, Waghorn. And you are still leaving a number of decent players out!
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