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  1. 4-1 Palace. Rooney with the consolation.
  2. Especially when you think £83k per week isn’t even playing! £5m per year! 🤮
  3. 3-1 Derby. Got to be Rooney hasn’t it?
  4. Poor old Claude - wasn’t a loanee - that was something he could have won!
  5. I build teams for a living. Sometimes I stay with them for up to 6 years - sometimes only 6 months. I would never use the term transition. You just seek to improve on what you have. You do this by implementing a culture, processes, ways of working and ensuring you have the right support framework in place. You then coach, train and mentor your teams to improve their performance. Sometimes you get great results from individuals, sometimes not. Sometimes people leave, sometimes you hire, sometimes you take on apprentices. You are never really transitioning to anything - just seeking to continually improve. Performance is generally related to the baseline of capability you inherit on day one. If it’s high - your improvement starts from a high bar, if it’s not, you start from a lower bar. Cocu isn’t aiming for a target, he is simply implementing a methodology to assist him in continual improvement. The bar is relatively high (second tier of professional football) but incremental gains will see promotion when we are ready - if his methodology is a positive one, and if he is given the time to get enough incremental gains to be successful. Patience will either make or break his plans. I have some - time we tell if I have enough!
  6. Does anyone know if there is a game on today?
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