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  1. Cowley is bookie’s favourite for a reason. He is young and successful. Let’s not go down the road of people who have failed/been sacked. And Darren Moore just spells 11 point season to me.
  2. How can Talksport tell us they’ve been told Frank will be ‘confirmed’ as Chelsea manager in the next 48 hours, when he is still the manager of Derby County? This really grinds my gears.
  3. Anti, you mean? How about Big Dave, after all he has first hand experience of Derby playing in the Prem, should he get us up! oh, wait...
  4. Alex Neal has just signed a new contract. Sol Campbell has managed to prevent a team from relegation from the EFL on the last day. What a come down from Frank.
  5. Has any other potential manager transfer got to the point where he’s telling the players he’ll go if it’s offered? If that’s true, there’s no way back, because if it ends up someone else is appointed, he will have lost all credibility, surely?
  6. Just don’t appoint anyone who’s been sacked. Simples.
  7. He’s been in San Tropez hasn’t he?
  8. Don’t think that’s our Frank.
  9. No, 1991 was correct. The Jody Morris comment was inaccurate though, he started a few years later.
  10. People forget how long before the Roman era Chelsea were not a glamorous club. Around the time I worked in Chelsea in the early 70s, the place was fashionable, yes... but the football club wasn’t. Their ground was a dump, and their crowds were low. Frank Sinclair’s first game, in 1991, and Jody Morris was in the team.. attendance 12,603. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/2008/feb/16/huddersfield
  11. Yes, and the Sun make a twit of themselves AGAIN. FRANK LAMPARD is already scuppering Derby's transfer plans as Chelsea enter a tug-of-war over defender Todd Kane.
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