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  1. Probably the best pic of THAT save... makes it look impossible!
  2. The early chance where Hull should have scored, and he hit the post, having a unit as big as Kelle lurching towards him may well have put him off. He does command his area well. Has a real spring in his step too, almost comically so.
  3. Cue Frank taking him to Chelsea 😖
  4. Pearce would have done a job.
  5. And of course he only sees it from his side. Moss was making poor decisions generally. Why not award a penalty for the foul on Bogle? Why not book their player for that atrocious dive in the area?
  6. For those not sure if Duane’s goal was offside, he timed it perfectly.
  7. It could be worse. We could be sharing with the local rugby team.
  8. I agree. Bryson’s goal would have stood, and Wilson’s disallowed.
  9. It’s pretty poor value for money if Leeds employ people to travel all over the country, park up, only to hang around outside training grounds, minding their own business, hands in pockets, whistling.
  10. This point about Leeds haven’t broken any laws. They’ve admitted to sending spies to every training session. Are we expected to believe no trespassing at all has taken place?
  11. News just in! There were actually two of them! Explains everything!
  12. Rambam

    Kelle Roos

    Theoretically VAR could be extended to penalties. Leaving aside the fact the referee has a pair of eyes, how often is the keeper stepping forward overlooked, or encroachment ignored? Funnily enough the Redmond miss, Kelle didn’t move forward much, but previous to that it was really blatant!
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