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  1. This and Paterson are as underwhelming as WR32 is overwhelming.
  2. Did Phil look the part or what??? How much was that suit? 😮
  3. Not being a gambler I am uneasy about the huge involvement of betting companies in the game. Gee nice to know 32Red are investing in mental health in Derby. However until sports advertising is banned in the same way tobacco companies were around 2003, you might as well embrace it if they are prepared to subsidise Rooney’s wages. The amount involved might be large for a Championship club, but it’s peanuts compared to the obscene amounts of money awash in the Prem. I’m sure our rivals are green with envy that Mel and his team pulled this off. Not just that but 32Red are the only company that have a shirt number in their name. Genius!
  4. Must really grate that Boro have the same main sponsor.
  5. Interesting from a few weeks ago. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/europe/videos/rooney-takes-heart-from-lampard-success/vi-AADyyyi
  6. It has to be said Mel has raised the profile of the club to stratospheric levels firstly by appointing Frank, and then by his silky smooth handling of his exit. How far have we come from those desperate days when the Three Amigos bought the club for loose change and then proceeded to rob the club blind?
  7. Surely if everyone toed the line and bought the concourse merchandise they would have to leave their seat on 30 minutes and might get back to their seat for the second half, if they’re lucky.
  8. Excellent appointment. Surely will be in the frame for manager jobs next season if (when) we do well.
  9. Chris is often referred to as the Wardrobe. Given his new svelte physique, this hardly seems appropriate now. If he could still be likened to a wardrobe, well maybe it’d be a budget range Ikea one?
  10. Passing the ball 40 yards successfully isn’t hoof ball though, is it? Beckham did it, so did Hoddle. Even Huddlestone does it sometimes.
  11. Not sure about Phil’s lank hair. I reckon he should revert back to his Barca days crew cut.
  12. I remember Tim Lovejoy interviewed him on Soccer AM and asked him why he chose to go to Derby. He answered ‘Because they asked me’.
  13. They were under serious FFP restrictions, and he didn’t have his own back room staff with him, I believe.
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