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  1. Rambam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    It looks like they’ve turned a blind eye to it, a bit like Holmes almost did.
  2. Good argument. Of course training sessions were often open to the public, but here we are talking about private sessions to work on tactics/formations/personnel. I don’t think we are naive enough to think this sort of thing doesn’t go on, but I believe a line should now be drawn in the sand.
  3. You’ll all arguing over semantics. The point is Bielsa admitted sending the guy, and that he’s always done it. He then effectively stuck two fingers up at the FA, even inferring he will carry on doing it. All these folk making light of the situation ignore the fact Bielsa must think sending the guy will give him an unfair advantage, otherwise why do it?
  4. Ah screw it. Just cheat. After all everybody else does. While we’re about it, start passing brown envelopes at motorway service stations again. Why not?
  5. Er, he admitted it. And stuck two fingers up.
  6. So carry on as before. Just be more covert. Ok
  7. So what do YOU think should be done about this. Nothing?
  8. We have to play 2 up front, someone to support Marriott, who is a small chap. Nothing wrong with that. 4-4-2?
  9. I’ve heard of devil’s advocates, but Lambchop takes it to a new level. Apparently we are going to be a laughing stock!
  10. BT Sport panel Ferdinand, Cole, Sutton basically unsympathetic to our cause. It’s always gone on apparently. That’s ok then.
  11. Rambam

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Are you actually a Derby County supporter? I get all this not seeing .things through rose coloured spectacles and all that, but you make me wonder.
  12. Is it not bringing the game into disrepute? The most startling thing about it was how brazen he was, actually taking kudos. Sticking two fingers up at this country actually.
  13. Were they the previous three games? Analyse this. If we had drawn away to Norwich and Leeds, everyone would have admired us for it. Two points, thank you, against the top two teams in the league. As it turns out, we won at Norwich and lost at Leeds. Three points. Yes we were very poor yesterday, and Frank got it wrong, the players weren’t at it, and Wilson was out. At Norwich, he got it right and the players raised their game (eventually!). Let’s keep things in perspective. Also we have not heard the last of spygate. Oh no. Bielsa admits he did wrong, but, hey, it’s not illegal, so eat me. Not just the act, but the guy’s attitude is going to have severe repercussions. It has to.
  14. Rambam

    Little Duane

    We’ve found a diamond here, hopefully an American who will have gone under the radar this month. Unlike that guy Chelsea paid HOW MUCH for? 😵
  15. Rambam

    Marriott the ultimate clone

    It is unfair to loft high balls to him, when he’s seven inches shorter than the guy marking him. Flatter long balls yes, like the winning goal at Norwich, though ironically it was Josefzoon’s airshot that threw their defence entirely!

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