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  1. One Amigo’s Trainset Stadium.
  2. Knight giving ball away led to that.
  3. Did Keogh forget which side he plays for now? 😆
  4. How embarrassing to suggest we play there. I suspect the new surface is a cheap option, certainly not semi synthetic. If you watch the Swansea home game, it actually looked far worse after they re laid it. if it is a financial issue, reducing staff to the minimum and laying cheap turf, then it is a false economy.
  5. All the pitches are struggling at the moment. Even Villa Park. Watching their game now v Arsenal. saying that, it looks no worse than PP in December when we beat Swansea. So who decided to mess our pitch up?
  6. I bet by 8pm, it will be playable. They could have delayed the kick off, surely?
  7. Clearly that is not a semi synthetic pitch any more. The players are getting used to it. saying that, at least we are not by a river, like Wednesday and Forest.
  8. Show me a conceded goal that isn’t ‘silly’!
  9. A lot better, though fortunate as Kasim was clearly interfering with play. Makes up for the stupid disallowed goal at Forest.
  10. Wagner was sacked at Shalke after an 18 game winless run.
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