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  1. We seem to have a habit of making no chances away from goal. Get Holmes involved.
  2. No one’s discussing why are they overindulging at all. They are very highly paid professional athletes who should be keeping their bodies in peak condition, not Joe Bloggs who pushes trollies at Tesco’s.
  3. I see Birmingham fans have been bleating about the penalty. Bielik should have gone for the pen. Second yellow. Apparently Roos was at least a yard off his line... Well, Bielik did get the ball, but took the player too, so a questionable yellow. In fact Roos’ back foot was marginally in front of the line. And Waghorn was encroaching. Not that I’m complaining. We haven’t had the rub of the green. What with Swansea getting a penalty where there was no contact and refs putting defensive walls seven yards back.
  4. Funnily enough I would be more worried they were going to kill someone else. Like anyone driving past the Quorndon turn off when two drunken drivers emerged simultaneously , for example.
  5. Wasn’t it Lampard who set the drunken ball rolling by blowing thousands of pounds on an unnecessary celebration between the play off semis and the final?
  6. Warm people who look after you. Doesn’t include stopping you from drinking so much you vomit or organising taxis for the paralytic, apparently.
  7. I didn’t say a ‘big’ drinking culture, but one seemingly exists.
  8. How about they are highly paid professional athletes and should not be abusing their bodies at all. I like a drink, but moderate it. A pint doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately there is now a drinking culture at the club that Frank Lampard had a big hand in propogating.
  9. It’s ironic the second coming may well have come a game earlier, had the referee moved the wall further back than six yards. It really is time this ten yard rule was enforced accurately. A yard is a tall man’s stride, not a short man’s baby step.
  10. Cocu signing his own P45 here. Get Martin on!
  11. Why not bring Martin before there’s five minutes to go, so we have some control up front? Just a thought.
  12. And Eric doesn’t? Eric all day long for me.
  13. Looks like he was assaulted. Blood flowed.
  14. What happens when you put the reserves out and no strikers
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