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  1. Now you’ve seen the team sheet, eh?
  2. Did I hear Eric Steele saying we had seven left footed players on the field v Rovers? That’s got to pose major problems for opponents surely? 😆
  3. I wonder how he knew someone insulted his brother, unless he could see it kicking off up in the stands.
  4. Do you honest think Cocu would not play his strongest team against Manchester United at a sold out Pride Park?
  5. Waghorn misses sitter shocker.
  6. Thursday 5th March 19.45 Yesterday morning, I switched my South West Corner Upper seats for three nearer the pitch. Looking at the map I was shown for options the South and South West is pretty much sold out. I predict a 31,000 crowd.
  7. ‘All or most’ is still a disgusting slur. He can’t be serious, or if he is, he has severe jealousy issues.
  8. Keogh is in no way punter material. Even if he was, do Sky not realise we still hold his registration, and there is an appeal pending? and yes, there is an agenda against the club at the Mail.
  9. Of course not. But to actively ignore clear infringements...
  10. Two thirds of the possession and we lose. Cocu change your approach. Far too caution. What is the point of giving Jack Marriott one minute? At least he didn’t send on a defender. Ref was utterly appalling. He did not want us to win.
  11. I get your point re neutral grounds, but Villa Park would now surely be replaced by newer stadiums like Tottenham’s?
  12. I liked this ref as he explained his decisions, and, maybe because of his height, he actually had the wall ten yards back for Rooney’s free kick. It’s a bugbear of mine, all these short refs setting walls at no more than 8 yards.
  13. Whatever the barnet, that strike last night was a strike Waghorn M. could only achieve in his dreams!
  14. It would help if he put an attacking side out with 2 up front instead of being ultra defensive, and failing.
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