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Anya & Blackman out, Bogle in


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2 hours ago, Kernow said:

£7mil worth of players just being shipped out after bringing nothing to the side then.

Some of our transfer policy reminds me of my takeaway buying policy when I'm off my face after a night out. I get home, think why the **** did buy this and then chuck it in the bin in the morning.

What the hell do you know about our transfer policy? Are you assuming this information is true?

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Just watched a youtube video of Omar Bogle. He looks like a bit of a rough diamond, the same way that Phil Gee in years gone by used to seem to know where the goal was. Pretty big and strong guy, and might be trained to be similar to Chris Martin as far as the hold-up play goes, but with a lot more pace. Quick feet too, and I wonder whether him on the left of a front three might work. I would imagine he could play in the middle too.

There should always be a disclaimer with youtube show reels though. There weren't any clips of him knocking out stewards with wayward shots, so a pinch of salt would be sensible. But his stats look impressive. Whether he can make the step up is another question, but Kevin Hector managed it!

He might be worth a gamble at half a million, with some generous add-ons, but nowadays a player like tht has a five million quid price tag, and that might make Mac's hand shake a little too much.





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