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  1. I agree and I think it’s easy to forget that Bogle is still young. He is a very good player. As he becomes more experienced he will eliminate many of the shortcomings in his game. We’re lucky to have him imo.
  2. Which sort of thing were you thinking? Carnivorous lizard or metal guru?
  3. To be fair he’s not been brilliant since the restart of the season. Strange really.
  4. No doubt he’s a talented player but incredibly immature and it would seemed just not very bright.
  5. given a chance - i think they would and better than kyle could do it...
  6. You could say the same for the POTUS. You’re right, Hinton was a lovely footballer but his views as represented here are wrong. Surprised it’s taken this long for the hammer to fall.
  7. The game at Highbury where he scored and then got fetched over for the penny he was blinking amazing.
  8. Idiakez. He could place them down in Chad and still hit the goal in front of the North stand.
  9. I want him to stay. He reminds me of Paul Goddard - and a younger version of myself was virtually inconsolable when he left. I can't do it again. I'm too old for all that poo.
  10. Cloughie sr and oooooo bobby bobby.😀
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