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  1. If he wasn’t trying to do it deliberately, what do the naysayers think he was trying to do? Brilliant goal. One of the best at our stadium, ever. Why on earth a DCFC supporter would even consider belittling it is beyond me.
  2. I reckon play offs was the target. Mirror last season but achieve it in a more attractive way and slash the wage bill. Successful? Let’s see at the end of the season. Still quite a few points left to pick up.
  3. Sounds more like we’re agreeing to me... I would suggest that I’ve seen him play better than I thought he would. Would you drop him for the game on Wednesday?
  4. What more are you looking for, Roy? I’ve seen the things you mentioned and I reckon his distribution is pretty good too. I have to be honest and say I didn’t think he was quite up to it but he’s not done great deal wrong in my opinion.
  5. I want to see him do that celebration in front of the Trent end having scored a last minute winner...
  6. No because he didn’t play him when everyone else could see he was a good player. And then sold him. I think it was the Hughes situation that hinted at how it was going to end but then Stoke went mental and gave us a big bag of money.
  7. Well Club Tropicana drinks are free. Are they at the Wham stadium?
  8. redmond evoking the ghost of idiakez didn't someone say it was all over at 2 nil?


    Spot on. Quite a few people were bigging up Max Lowe. Jayden is better atm and will go on to be better in the future imo.
  10. Don’t worry,you won’t get picked. 😉
  11. phew... feels like a big clear out might be starting.
  12. I would suggest he was an awful signing for us so why would he be better elsewhere? (Other than the fact that he wouldn't be our player anymore.) Four year contract on god knows how much a week and I dread to think what fee. About sums up some of the appalling business we have conducted in recent years. I'm sure he's a great bloke and all that but not at all part of our future, I hope.
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