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  1. To be fair, you could probably have done with a few more croquettes...
  2. looks like four points to me...😉 i agree tho'
  3. Did Shaun barker have a reduced contract? thorne? bryson? forsyth?... this feels wrong imo. I thought that we were better than this. It’s in your DNA we are Derby and all that seems just like marketing BS. (I know it is, but at least try to make it seem real.)
  4. I noticed that you could by Bris for 5/6 in 1968. Who’d have thought it...

    Belper Town

    I remember watching them play the Metropolitan Police away in the FA vase. Pity it’s not a home game v notts.
  6. Long periods of the first half were attack v defence. I must be a minority (or easily pleased) because I though we were ok. Not great but ok.
  7. Dead right. But perhaps the manger should have told him in the first place.
  8. Agree. Well he’s not one of mine...
  9. We’ve got our best striker back though.
  10. I think selecting the two players makes a statement about who we are as a club and what values we adhere to. They aren’t the values I want our club to have and this decision makes Mell’s apology sound rather hollow.
  11. i think that was his brother - not CM
  12. Perhaps it just made him aware of where to buy it.
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