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  1. Ollie Watkins - Signed for Brentford

    Perhaps we're going to get someone better...
  2. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Terry in June - cool
  3. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Praps Mel really liked him when he was here before...
  4. If someone had made an offer for him, he'd be gone. No one has so he's gone. (Because he's crap)
  5. Official: Tom Ince joins Huddersfield Town

    I don't think Ince is lazy. and ten million isn't enough.
  6. George Boyd - signed for Sheffield Wednesday

    Tidy footballer. Just can't see owt.
  7. welcome back chris martin

    This 'CM falls over all the time' thing is overstated and frankly a rather unimaginative and simplistic way of trying to say you don't rate him. There are other avenues which are more relevant. E.g. Lack of pace. For my part I think he is a vey good championship striker/target man and I missed him last season.
  8. Transfer talks started

    If we were signing a Dutch player, he could speak with Agent Orange.
  9. Tom Ince

    Your best post, ever. Spot on.
  10. Where is Sam?

    Or acting in the role of agent.
  11. Paul Clement

    thought we were on about Clement not steve mac.
  12. Paul Clement

    Well you could argue we've gone backwards since he went.
  13. Brentford v Derby County

    I don't think many people realistically expected it to be fair. And those who did were dreamers. Doesn't hurt to be a dreamer when you're a fan. (It's just not nice getting the rude awakening, hence the reactions.)
  14. Brentford v Derby County

    well the maths suggested it was possible - but the maths of 4 nil suggests otherwise. It would appear that this squad continues to under achieve, Shame really...
  15. Brentford v Derby County

    I would be amazed if current back four start next season. And pretty disappointed tbh

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