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  1. Initially overvalued by the club and probably by the end slightly underrated by the fans. On big money and if the any of the rumours are true - crazy money at this level. Probably not a good enough passer of the ball for how we intend to play in the future. But he was brave and honest enough. Did well at the end of last season but then we’ve seen that in the past when guys are playing for a contract.
  2. And he didn’t just do one when the first job came calling...
  3. Yeah to be fair. Rowett was better than Frank.
  4. Hope there’s no cap on our ambition.
  5. Dead right. It wasn’t perfect last season by any means but it did feel like fun. And the Lampard ‘thing’ did add some razzmatazz to it all. You can’t polish a turd - but you can sprinkle some glitter and stardust on it. Thats why I hope he stays.
  6. All doubts about BIg Dave are based on poster’s reservations about his ability to be successful in the role.
  7. Franks in tomorrow and just going to see if he can find Tyrone Mears’ window.
  8. Check out Hughton’s win ratio at Newcastle.
  9. Not sure I’m convinced. Looking at that board, he’s got someone going man to man with the ref.
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