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  1. It’s always subjective, isn’t it. Different types of midfielders so difficult to directly compare. Bryson’s energy and drive was brilliant and also his finishing. Thorne oozed a different type of class, cultured, unruffled, and superb vision and range of passing. Both brilliant and I wish the best versions of them were in our team now.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jan/22/barnsley-suspend-bambo-diaby-after-football-association-start-anti-doping-investigation Although the player's name might lead a certain paper to try to blame us...
  3. I know it's a difficult thing to watch in many respects; but he really was awesome at wembley 24th may 2014
  4. not over rated - but 'under fit' excellent finisher
  5. Just cos your mate’s a bit chunky doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a bit of luck.
  6. I only listen to them if I'm not at the match or can't watch it. Not a big fan of Dawes but Ramage is fine.
  7. I think Frank was the go between.
  8. Hi - because I'm old - what does 'weapon' mean in this context? rooster/bamford?
  9. Reminded me of Ashley Cole. Not saying he's going to that good but definitely becoming more robust and athletic. MoM tonight imo.
  10. Dead right and in the case of Anya the biggest crime was signing him at all - even if he was on minimum wage.
  11. My kids are absolutely buzzing! They are so looking forward to seeing Rooney - they've been talking about it all week - they are so excited... But not as excited as me. Wayne Rooney playing for Derby?! W the actual F!? COYR!


    He hit a great pass to Marriott who probably will have disappointed not to hit the target.
  13. Surely at Christmas it should be Darren Wassail?
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