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  1. Does anyone think that the Dirties bottled it? I'm not sure...😉
  2. Not banned according to DET. Is this true? Why was this even a thing? have to say I’ve been critical of him this season but he was brilliant on Sunday finally can someone have a word with the announcer fella at PP. if we are four nil up after the first leg no mentions of Wembley.
  3. This time last year I printed off some tickets for a play off match; I've just done the same about two minutes ago. Totally different feeling. Last year we had a team and way of playing that you could acknowledge as relatively effective but not one that you could love. It's the first time since I have had a ST that I considered not bothering. I love what we've done this year and Frank Lampard and his staff and the players have created a way of playing that I have really enjoyed watching. Of course it's not perfect but it's clear to me that we are growing as a team and a club. The future looks positive and watever happens in the next few games I feel like I have a DCFC that I can love again.
  4. I think that's what's underneath when he takes his skin off..
  5. I was more nervous with the QPR one. Wilson tucked them both away. Fair play to him - nerves of steel.
  6. i think you've got one too many o's - and you don't need the u...😉
  7. Dead right. Wait till he gets his shooting boots on, then he’ll rocket up in value.
  8. Eustace in charge, albeit temporarily. Pleased for him.
  9. If he wasn’t trying to do it deliberately, what do the naysayers think he was trying to do? Brilliant goal. One of the best at our stadium, ever. Why on earth a DCFC supporter would even consider belittling it is beyond me.
  10. I reckon play offs was the target. Mirror last season but achieve it in a more attractive way and slash the wage bill. Successful? Let’s see at the end of the season. Still quite a few points left to pick up.
  11. Sounds more like we’re agreeing to me... I would suggest that I’ve seen him play better than I thought he would. Would you drop him for the game on Wednesday?
  12. What more are you looking for, Roy? I’ve seen the things you mentioned and I reckon his distribution is pretty good too. I have to be honest and say I didn’t think he was quite up to it but he’s not done great deal wrong in my opinion.
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