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  1. Pitch has a bit of a slope towards one goal. Nice view of the snow dome mind.
  2. I think they are already running the show. And look at the state we’re in.
  3. When we were relegated to division three was pretty grim. But then we did the clever thing of getting cox in and he sorted it out.
  4. Really? It’s a marketing opportunity and little else. Forget the tub thumping because it’s Man U. It’s a training session.
  5. I suspect that it’s a game that will be used to to up fitness and add a little to the bank balance. It’s of little other value
  6. Positives for me are that we have a decent team/squad for the next few years. Some of the youngsters are not quite there yet but I’m sure they will. Midfield lacks a bit of drive. It will come. We seemed to forget that we can play a bit too. The better team won tonight imo.
  7. Regardless of whether or not certain decisions were correct, it finished 2-1 in our favour and I am old enough and seen enough decent England teams fall short to not care one jot. Now let’s go and win it...
  8. Apart from the final game he was pretty poor this season just gone. But as others have said he is a genuine enough fella and so all the best to him. I reckon he will have a better season this time around. Shame it’s not with us. There are definitely better out there but with our budget and recruiting regime it remains to be seen if we can locate them.
  9. That big ram statue from East Street would make a solid target man. And he’d fall down less than the wardrobe. might even be a bit quicker off the mark too... 😉
  10. I get to spend quality time with my two daughters watching the team we love. Actually they spend the whole time ignoring me. worth every penny...
  11. Sorry Roy is was a joke. I meant John Gregory both would improve our team
  12. John’s a bit old isn’t he? Good player though.
  13. And he did get fined for calling Bamford ‘sausage boy’. Nice😬
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