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  1. To be fair the midfield they didn’t really have any targets to hit. Sterling and Kane merely allowed themselves to be marked far too easily for most of the time.
  2. Looks like sounds souness had a bit of ‘hospitality ‘ before/during the game.
  3. That was embarrassing. Well done to Scotland but England were dreadful. Shame because I thought we decent on Saturday.
  4. Fair enough. I think RK was really stupid but the club were in the wrong. The rest we’re agreeing on. I’m good with that. 😁
  5. I’m not suggesting RK was arrogant. I think the club is poorly run and this is another example. There are loads of others.
  6. Not sure it was the EFL
  7. Why. The law agrees with him. DCFC were wrong. He was only sacked when he would not take a pay cut. If it had been handled properly there would not have been a problem. yet another example of the mismanagement of the club imo
  8. More evidence of the club being run in an arrogant way. Rotten.
  9. Someone else’s would be better.
  10. I know it’s supposed to be a joke but I don’t like it.
  11. The club have offered he statement with a view to build/repair bridges, surely every reasonable fan should take it in that manner. That was last season here’s to a better one next up with many of our problems resolved.
  12. To be honest I was more worried about the cost of replacing the post. 😉
  13. A team and club I can feel some real affinity towards playing attacking football that is fun to watch. (That is heading towards the top half of the division rather than the bottom.) I want to start really enjoying it all again.
  14. I am a Fozzy fan but I agree with this. Our problem is that we are awful at replacing players. We either pay top dollar for players who are not as good or fail to even address it at all.
  15. Yeah. The way we have been this season, she’ll have the number 9 shirt next one.
  16. How did today turn into an opportunity to have a dig at Clough? weird.
  17. I didn’t think I would want to celebrate staying up after such an abject season. I though I would just want to forget all about it and move on. Sod it. Let’s drink booze!
  18. Dead right. Most games they looked confused, lacking in confidence or frustrated. Sometimes all of those things. Some of them are not great but many are sound championship footballers.
  19. Class act. Good player, intelligent and speaks well. If only he had another year in him.
  20. He’s had an awful season but today the whole club and supporter base needed someone to step up. It was him.
  21. Although it is time for Mel to go too. I don’t want alonso either.
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