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  1. @SWFC_FAN not as bad as many make out on here . He played a certain way that to some wasn't as appealing on the eye but in many ways still effective. Some of his counter attacks were very pleasing in the eye. As a rule of thumb he will set up quite defensively and will require a strong , athletic team who can break quickly on a counter . Also can see Bannan being key as he can pick the long pass out and dictate the game . Favoured formation is a 4-2-3-1
  2. Big hoo ha over nothing here ! Been in place for years ! You couldn't take drinks in last year . Plus the stewards aren't going to search you for a pack of wine gums !
  3. Heard this rumour a few days ago but it wasn't a reliable source . PSV fans seem to rate him .
  4. From little old me's opinion ? I highly doubt that .
  5. Its not come from anywhere as I said suspect . For me he had to many unexplained absences and time out of the team last season. And if he did have personal issues Cocu would hardly broadcast it in public .
  6. I suspect Jack Marriott has some underlying personal issues . What I don't know or would even like to begin speculating. But there's definitely something not right somewhere.
  7. That or 4-2-4 with Bennett and Waghorn up top ?
  8. He's no George Evans ! Bloody welcome to him 😢
  9. Don't think you were getting my original post. I wasn't saying that I wanted Carson in between the sticks at the start of the year I was more implying that I didn't want Carson or Roos !
  10. Bit of a nothing story ! I'd be surprised if he came back .
  11. As a goalkeeper , a traditional goalkeeper Carson is still head and shoulders above the rest at the club. But the requirements of a goalkeeper have changed somewhat in the modern game . Goalkeepers need to be more technical and play as more of a sweeper with benefits . For me Roos isn't good enough either , he's not far off just question his decision making at times and I can't see him improving .
  12. Good luck with it all pal . It won't be long untill your roped in yourself , enjoy .
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