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  1. Bristol city we're a bit lucky to win that weren't they ? As daft as it sounds the only thing they did well was there goals and then shut up shop. Our performance was ok , passed the ball well , especially on midfield . Bird was fantastic yet again .
  2. £3 million loan fee for a goal makes sense .
  3. On record for me ! Any team news yet ?
  4. For what it's worth my thoughts on last night ! All the positive little glimpses of things we've seen in various games this season seem to all come together last night . Good in possession from the back , didn't panic , even with Bob from row T's intellectual input of "forward" and "quicker" . Constructive Bob 👍. Our forwards play was narrow (in a positive way ) US Ng Martin as the pivot . And our midfield , best blend we've had in midfield since the Hughes , Throne , Bryson combo . Hamer - we've stopped talking about needing a goalkeeper , got to be a positive. Bogle - Looked so much better tonight , I love his inverted runs and the havoc it causes . Plus the obvious of his goal he'd only been playing as a winger for a minute and he produces that Clarke and Wisdom - a strong partnership forming here and it was great to hear Clarke speaking so highly of him after our last home game . Fozzy - or was it Marcelo ? Brilliant performance tonight from one of my usual whipping boys . Bird- Spoke about him on another thread but this season hes looking the real deal and more than ready for the step up , love his forward thinking passing too . Rooney- Pure class , what more can I say , were so lucky to have him here , best January window signing ever . Holmes - Fast becoming my favourite Derby player was easily the man of the match again his driving runs and movement are paramount to what we are trying to achieve Lawrence- that's what Lawrence can do now let's see it on a regular basis up there with one of the most naturally talented players in this league on his day. Waghorn- so much better on the right and I think that needs to be his main position going forward Martin- no stopping that shot and his overall play was fantastic , blowing out of his arse though towards the end and good to see . Quality 👌
  5. We all do ! It's natural .
  6. It's not Derby fans judging players solely it's football fans , difference is though I can hold my hands up to a mistake/ misjudgment.
  7. Was so assured tonight and I'll be honest personally I questioned him last year if he can as good enough to make the step up . So pleased to be wrong what a player he's turning into .
  8. Don't forget we already have Twan Scheepers
  9. Such sad news , watched him play a few times for Alfreton and he really was a talent . From the social media tributes seems a very well liked guy too .
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