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  1. Gary's on Sky!

    Or watching the Bristol game back again and again ....
  2. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Don't be hasty ..... I'm holding out for my free season ticket now.
  3. Interest Rates - Mortgages

    I've just renewed my deal , fixed for 3 years , lowered my monthly payments by £40 and got 11 years off the mortgage. Happy days 😁
  4. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    We would have died of boredom.
  5. Derby County V Birmingham CIty

    Yeah I was there ! He made the 90 . Looked off the pace for the first 20 minutes but we can't wrap him in cotton wool forever. How better than obtaining match fitness than playing matches.
  6. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    I don't think you can blame it solely on the Newcastle flirting but it certainly didn't help. The injuries had an impact too. Thorne and Martin were massive losses and were paramount to Mac's system.
  7. Rowetts opinion of Derby and Mel

    Do you really believe that ?
  8. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Could look abit like this Grant Wisdom Keogh Shotton Forsyth Thorne Hughes Lansbury Ibe Ince Martin
  9. What if McClaren had never been sacked ?

    Like i said bit if fun , down off your high horse.
  10. *JUST TO STATE THIS IS A BIT OF FUN I AM IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM CALLING FOR MAC 3* Just had a thought this morning and what do you think our team would look like now if Mac (the dirty swine) had never fluttered his eye lashes at Mike Ashley ? And Mac had upwards of £30 million to spend ? Just a bit of fun so cast your mind back and having think what our team may have looked like now ?
  11. Derby County V Birmingham CIty

    Want at the Bristol game today , but it's obvious things might need a change for the Brum game. Davies looks out of form, has done for the last few games let's "rest" him for this and give Shacks a game. Thorne looked well against Barnsley , let's get him back in. Again Russel looked good at Barnsley on that basis of go. Carson Wisdom Keogh Shackell Ollson Huddlestone Thorne Lawrence Vydra Russell Martin
  12. Harry's gone.

    And immense fan pressure from a section of our support certainly doesn't help.
  13. Harry's gone.

    Don't be so daft.
  14. Barnsley v Derby County

    Just got back , bar the result enjoyed the match , really entertaining game. Not bothered were out of the cup really , couldn't make Wembley next week anyway 😊. Thought our fans were fantastic tonight , made some real noise and we should be proud of ourselves. Regarding the teams performance , grew into the game. Thorne looked good and can't wait too see him at full pelt. Good on Max Bird grew into the game and this will of done him a world of good. Russel looked lively in the 10 role and gives us options. Wisdom was quality and Rowetts going to have such a tough decision Saturday. Anya Mitchell and Forsyth weren't good enough tonight.
  15. Man City discussion

    Watching the match yesterday and obviously some outstanding players on show , the obvious and the flair players, but others one player that caught my eye in particular and that was Benjamin Mendy , didn't know an awful lot about him as I don't watch a lot of European football these days since sky lost the champions league contract. His shhwr work rate, power and quality if delivery are fantastic and he will be as key to them this season as players such as Agureo, de Bruyne and Silva.

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