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  1. RiddingsRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    I've not read through the thread so apologies if I'm repeating. It was a friendly I know but I really enjoyed the game. No pressure nice to watch , pleasing on the eye and you can see a natural progression through all the pre season games. Joe Ledley was fantastic today best game I've seen him have in a Derby shirt. Max Lowe again was fantastic and a must to start against Reading Tim Lawrence is going to be top draw this season Regarding the newbys , Mason Mount is going to be a class act , Wilson did well , and Jozefzoon is like lightening . Just to add to watch a game of football you bar steward's who sit in block m in the West stand lower are spoilt rotten , what a view 👌. I'm usually in the North east corner .
  2. RiddingsRam

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Ahhh , I was getting excited that I might bump into him in the subtropical swimming paradise 🤣. But your right he has got a 14 plate Porsche made a comment to the father in law today about budget cuts and Mel driving that old thing.
  3. RiddingsRam

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    What centre PARC's ? Seriously ? Or Mansfield ?
  4. RiddingsRam

    v Southampton (H) Match Thread

    No Jerome either 🤔
  5. RiddingsRam

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    Could of gone to centre PARC's ?
  6. RiddingsRam

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Strange that ! I was just thinking that myself , when I read your post . Could we be signing him with that in mind.
  7. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Why thank you sir 🍻
  8. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    One thing pleased me tonight , is that 99% of the time we played in a set way and stuck to it . Kept playing out from the back and passing regardless. Didn't always work but it was nice to see an identity emerging. Regarding personnel Hanson was particularly poor Jerome didn't impress Lawrence frustrates me and if it wasn't for his big price tag would we think differently of him Thomas was good again and must be involved in the first team squad this season Bryson ran the midfield Nugent did better than he did Saturday I'd honestly look at selling Johnson and Blackman
  9. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Florest loanee starting tonight for Mansfield Tyler walker
  10. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Seems to be looking at Hanson at centre half 🤔.
  11. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Still no Carson ?
  12. RiddingsRam

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    There a weatherspoons in the town centre maybe a 10 minutes walk away from the ground , if that if you go over the bridge.
  13. For me of the two Roos is better and a decent back up , but that's it , I'll third that I wouldn't be comfortable with him as a number 1 for any length of time.
  14. Why do we need a Goalkeeper ! We have the best in the league.

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