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  1. Would he my first choice as a "target" man in the system Cocu wants to play.
  2. Keep your thoughts to yourself in future 😂
  3. Granted there were some good games but there was some utter dross too . Rotherham away , Hull away , Villa away , just a few to mention .
  4. At times ! What about the game after ?
  5. Lampards football was poo at times !
  6. And after all my that I thought I'd check the odds and he's 2/1 to go to Inter , shows what I know m
  7. Not many options for him in realistic terms ! Teams that could afford him Real Madrid - that won't happen PSG - Maybe ? Man Utd - again maybe , got CL football ! Can't see it personally Chelsea - Highly doubt it Man City - most likely option , loads of Barcelona links , obviously money not really an issue , bit drizzly though for him and the young Messi family Failing that MLS (Wouldn't pay anywhere near his reported 600 k wages China - could probably pay it but why would he ? Middle East to join up with Xavi 🤷‍♂️ Newell old boys - could b
  8. Roos Bogle. Te Weirik. Beilik. Forsyth Bird. Rooney Waghorn. Sibley. Lawrence Marriott
  9. Not trawled through but seen Zohore is available from WBA , could be a good loan ,doubt they would command too much on wages , big focal centre point who can play a bit too . Always liked him .
  10. With that sort of negativity your 100% a journalist .
  11. Usual Derby panic and hysteria because the windows been open a few days and we haven't announced a signing. Not just a dig at this thread but in general . Firstly this is going to be a strange window all round because of the impact the government locking down everything has on football clubs . Secondly I imagine Cocu has targets but is very confident on the youth plyers he has at his disposal and if he believes one of our younger players is capable of stepping up then than why buy in that position ?
  12. Without a told you so scenario I've always thought Cocu is the man to take this club forward from youth development to the first team and the current good run of form is fantastic. One of the main reasons that proves Cocus intelligence is his ability to change an adapt during matches , we've seen so many managers who have plan a and if plan a doesn't work then ...... Chuck another striker on , Cocu just ooozes class and is so intelligent were lucky to have him .
  13. I'm ok with this , obviously a big earner and we've not really missed him in the 11 .
  14. A quick technical question ? If I redeem the code on my phone will I then not be able to watch in my smart TV ? Thanks in advance
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