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  1. Too inconsistent though .
  2. Thanks for posting it properly I'm on my phone and not sure how to do it from there 👍 That account does tend to be quite reliable.
  3. It was when we had not sold anyone ! Could be people on the way out that have freed funds up .
  4. Take a look at @TransferCentreL's Tweet: https://twitter.com/TransferCentreL/status/867821610236915712?s=09 Free to leave ! Probably go and bag 20 goals for someone else.
  5. Think he'd be a good upgrade / competition for Russell. By no means the most technically gifted player but a grafter and bags of experience.
  6. Anything behind it or just your personal opinion? He would have to take a huuuuuge cut in wages to go up there !
  7. With you on the Kadeem Harris one , really impressed me at our place looks like he could have goals in him too.
  8. What a horrible world ! Thoughts out to all the families , couldn't even start to imagine what there going through .
  9. It's you with the drone then is it ¿
  10. Or Pearce at Florest !
  11. They've got enough players to choose from who could do a job here!
  12. I don't think we're going to see as any changes as some would like ! It's going to be too hard , it will be a slow process. Easy to say get rid of 10 get 5 in use the youngsters. But it won't happen like that , in a real world whose going to want to buy Camara , Blackman , Vydra , Johnson , Shackell etc etc..... not saying I want any of the above gone (maybe the first two) but what I personally want to see is an improvement in the players we already have. Utilise what we've got , we've got some good players. Just add a few bits of quality technically, mentally and physically.
  13. They were ***** last time they were in this league they will be the same again. Poor club and abysmal fans. Won't be long untill there back down.
  14. Unfortunately it seems that sort of figure is what you pay these days for average championship players. Especially if we're expecting something around that figure for Christie.
  15. I was more impressed with the winger on the other side Kadeem Harris I think his name is ?