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  1. Talk sport just mentioned that Man utd are "looking" at Bogle along with numerous other championship players
  2. Sorry you made a typo there you put if instead of when ?
  3. Managed to get sorted with tye couple of extras I needed , but still might have a couple of people getting back to me so if I hear of any spares I'll put them up on here , seriously good luck in getting a ticket to all them genuine rams ..
  4. Thanks at @angieram I'm a season tolicket holder and been to 13 away games this year so do go quite regularly ! The tickets are for my brother in law's sons ! Who have both attended home and away games this year but weren't fortunate enough in today's lottery .
  5. Again a massive off chance but need 2 tickets thanks .
  6. No won't be another 6000 if 18000 sold today , by my estimations there will be a maximum of 24000 peope eligible to buy in the first period and there's not a chance that all them will go ! I think there will be 14000 ish left for General !
  7. I best not comment on this thread ! Upset a few last time out !
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