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  1. Without a told you so scenario I've always thought Cocu is the man to take this club forward from youth development to the first team and the current good run of form is fantastic. One of the main reasons that proves Cocus intelligence is his ability to change an adapt during matches , we've seen so many managers who have plan a and if plan a doesn't work then ...... Chuck another striker on , Cocu just ooozes class and is so intelligent were lucky to have him .
  2. I'm ok with this , obviously a big earner and we've not really missed him in the 11 .
  3. A quick technical question ? If I redeem the code on my phone will I then not be able to watch in my smart TV ? Thanks in advance
  4. I think he's a brilliant asset , wasn't initially in favour under Cocu and both parties admitted this but he's worked hard , the coaching staff have worked hard with him and I think towards the latter stages we started to see the fruits of this .
  5. Overrated - Beatles Underrated - System of a down
  6. I'm feeling a big win today ! My team would be : Roos Bogle. Wisdom. Clarke. Forsyth Bird. Rooney Waghorn. Sibely. Knight Martin
  7. I posted on twitter I don't know this guy's name but he goes home and away every match and now obviously Austria too .
  8. Bristol city we're a bit lucky to win that weren't they ? As daft as it sounds the only thing they did well was there goals and then shut up shop. Our performance was ok , passed the ball well , especially on midfield . Bird was fantastic yet again .
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