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  1. I'll never forget that game ! 🤣
  2. 1) Oliver Khan 2) Peter Schmicheal 3) Manuel Nueur 4) Fabian Barthez 5) Gigi Buffon
  3. The locks on the roof rack should drill through quite easily ! Allowing access to the Allen key bolts ! I imagine that's not what you need an auto electrician for ?? I'll see if I can help
  4. Ok ok can kinda see your points on Terry , Rooney with the inexperience . But then to go and suggest Phil Parkinson and Danny Cowley are the men that can keep this club up is just ludicrous.
  5. Davies / Clarke are our best centre back pairing Fozzy looked brilliant first half . CKR , where the duck has he been all these years . In form a 10-15 goal striker but will bring so many goals to the team . Shinnie , Evans strangely seemed to work . Sibley,s the spark , the magic man .
  6. Same team that's stated against Wycombe today for me ! Just mange the subs slightly differently . Best we've played all season the first half today . More of that !
  7. You can say some were better than others in previous games but let's be right they've all been bank.
  8. I've got an idea ! Shall we watch the match first then slate the team selection afterwards 👍
  9. I sure do , honestly though mate I think he could do a job there !
  10. Gone on a rant in another thread explaining my team selection , well the front 6 anyway so here goes . Marshall Byrne. Davies. Clarke. Buchanan Shinnie. Bielik Waghorn. Sibley. Jozwiak Lawrence
  11. Serious note , this is a good move . Allows one man to be in charge , being guided by a man who knows the game , who's been there and done it. Rooney is obviously a class player still , technically , but he's not fitting into the system and the style . For me the main reason it's not working for us a team with Rooney in is because we don't have a hold up striker . Stick with me here , Rooney has great vision but slows the game down way too much . It would work if his 40 yard passes were being played into a hold up striker and midfield runners and wide forwards play off him . Simpl
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