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  1. RiddingsRam

    Jim Smith

    Bald eagles barmy army ⚫⚪
  2. I'd like to see Roos Bogle. Keogh. Tomori. Cole Evans Bryson. H.Wilson Waghorn. Nugent T.Wilson
  3. RiddingsRam

    Ashley Cole

    Signing Monday ! Medical tomorrow , could be at the game today .
  4. RiddingsRam

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    He's winding you up !
  5. RiddingsRam

    Accrington Stanley away tickets

    I've done 8 but my mates done 5 😡
  6. RiddingsRam


    Errrrr..... I basically declared my undying love for him .
  7. Come on Accrington you can do it 🍻
  8. RiddingsRam

    Southampton vs Derby FA Cup 3rd Round Replay match thread

    I think I'm falling in love with Martyn Waghorn. It's been a lust thing thus far where I adore him from a distance but I think it's now escalated .
  9. RiddingsRam

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    In my a corner always seems the best place to create / start an atmosphere. I sit up in the North East corner currently , with my 6 year old lad and it's not a bad atmosphere already , without even trying . So add some actual organisation and your onto a winner. Saying all that though in terms of atmosphere Leeds showed us how to do it at home last Friday . Yes they were winning , yes they were top of the league but we'd be no where near that noisey in that position. The guy who sits behind me somes up the mentality of a lot of Derby fans . He never once stands through a game , untill the 85 the minute when it's time for him to go . He constantly makes little comments about standing or celebrating , like he's constantly judging you . Then on the odd time I make eye contact and he insists on talking to me , he just slags off the team. ducking winds me up .
  10. RiddingsRam

    Club 84 - Supporter’s Group

    Good luck .
  11. RiddingsRam


    He's nowhere near TAA , agreed , but he's arguably England's best right back at the moment. You say it like it's a bad thing that Wisdom occasionally starts over him. It wasn't long ago Liverpool rated Wisdom highly enough to be close to the first team and 18 year old Jaden has ousted him from our first team . I agree with you totally on Lowe , I don't think he's anywhere near the level needed and looks the same player that left for Scotland . Where he probably found his level.
  12. RiddingsRam


    TAA yes , I would bet on that if Bogle played in the Palace or Spurs team he would do as good as a job as either of them two.
  13. RiddingsRam


    I can't think of any better , playing regularly , at his age . He really is underated by Derby fans.
  14. RiddingsRam


    5 or 6 better younger right backs ?
  15. RiddingsRam


    Really can't believe the amount of poo young Bogle gets ! We really do have some uneducated and inept fans . The guys 18 to me of our own and playing well . He's our best full back at the club , he's streets ahead of Max Lowe already , the Southampton game proved that . He's just become a scapegoat because his weakest area is blocking crosses . That I imagine he's working on in training everyday. It's no coincidence premier League clubs are watching him. He WILL play for England one day.

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