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  1. Fantastic advice , I hope your little girl has got the treatment she needs and deserves to have .
  2. Bless this little girl , something that's really close to my heart. I hope the little I can afford to donate goes someway to save this little girls life. £200000 in the grand scheme of things is duck all ! If 20000 of the fans there on Wednesday had each donated £10 she would be there ! Let's give what we can afford !
  3. It's a gamble though , signing an unknown or even someone known but never played at this level. For example I like Pelly Ruddock at Luton , similar player to Bradley , let's say we take a chance on him . It's going to cost upwards of £2 million plus £10k a week over a minimum of 2 years . Even if Bradley signs a new deal for £20k a week it's still the better option.
  4. All these suggestions of he will be easy to replace ! With who ? And for what price ? If he signs a new contract , on lower wages it's a no brainer. The way the market is these days your going to have to pay £4-£5 million or you will end up with someone like George Evans 🙈
  5. Pretty much the key player in breaking our recent slump in form. So underated as a Derby player (probably his price tag) deserves his own thread to discuss , does he deserve a new contract ? Personally I'd give him another year.
  6. Can't wait for this ! Feel revived after the Wigan game. Not about the performance necessarily but the performance of the fans . It's like a penny dropped , we are what we are , Frank's building something . Of course I want to go up but it's not the be all and end all , the bigger picture is much better. We will go up when ready. I'm just hoping for another atmosphere like Tuesday shut the wednies up because there going to be loud.
  7. That team, harsh on Roos to be dropped and I'm pretty sure he would have stopped that goal last night. Transformed us when Waghorn went central and Holmes played as a number 10 so that again for me.
  8. Don't take it personally it's a personal vendetta from me against the Sky machine.
  9. Theo Robinson headless chicken Connor Sammon carthorse Chris wheale ?
  10. 100 % agree . Proper fans there tonight , left the boo boys watching on the wanky red button .
  11. I like to hear the views of the Radio Derby contingency after the game. I don't agree with them the majority of the time , but if we all agreed how boring would that be ? There fans like us and voice there opinion , as we do , hence why we all spend half our damn life's on here .
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