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  1. I’m not on about his backing. I’m on about his decisions! He can keep putting money into the club but if he’s constantly making bad decisions he’s going to end up losing it quicker than he’s put in.
  2. I’m sorry but Mel is the problem! Until he’s gone this club will just keep sinking while others clubs keep laughing at us
  3. Problem is what team would want to buy the players you have mentioned to be sold? That’s more a less out starting 11 which could end up getting us relegated! Unless managers seem to think they can get better out of them which begs the question why can’t our manager do it?
  4. We said that about the Norwich game too. Same poo different game
  5. This bloke has got to go ASAP this is his doing we are in this situation, he’s made Derby into a ducking laughing stock! experimenting on novice managers, at court every other day, playing the ‘Derby way’ wanting the team to be all academy players, letting the recruitment team to constantly duck up signings, using a ducking betting company to pay a player, I could go on and on, this club will never progress with him and Pearce in charge of things until they piss off the only way is down! Pair of clowns!
  6. Reckon your one of the people who clap the players off at the end of the game when we’ve just been hammered 5-0 ain’t u?
  7. Don’t buy into that, look at some of the teams above us and tell me they’ve got better players than Derby.
  8. Calm down dear, this all on Mel Morris, his recruitment team, his management team, I could go on! He had the chance to go for a experience manager who knows what he’s on about, instead he’s giving another bloke a chance to start his managerial career. Morris has not got a ducking clue
  9. It’s not Rooneys fault, it’s the man who appointed it
  10. There’s players out there mate, you’ve just got to have the contacts and ability to scout them. No I wasn’t expecting the players like mount etc. but I was expecting players better then our under 23 players
  11. What I don’t get is why he changed it at half time against Huddersfield when we were winning and playing OK, but left if today when it clearly wasn’t working
  12. That successful you could argue that Marshall and Byrne have cost us 6pts in the last 2 matches
  13. I’m sorry mate but I disagree, we wouldn’t been in this position if they were successful that’s basically our main spine of our team
  14. There no better than what we have in the u23‘s, you could argue that some of them have more experience, but they ain’t showing it. What has Roberts done that Lawson-Mitchell couldn’t? What has Mengi done that even Walsall couldnt? What has Gregory done that hector- Ingram couldn’t? And ask for Banningme he can’t even get in the squad when we’ve just lost one of defensive midfielders. Yes great loan signings them.
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