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  1. Birch said in his interview they will apply to this season and that they want to resolve it quick with the administrators. The administrators have also said they want it done before new owners come in. John Percy has said the administrators are expected to reluctantly accept the 9pt deduction.
  2. John Percy has confirmed the players will be paid this month and the administrators are reluctantly going to accept the 9 point deductions for P&S
  3. When has that ever stopped them? Plus hearing a manager saying he may use youth players which will bring the league into disrepute maybe be enough of a reason
  4. He is correct but i'd rather all point deductions be applied this season than split into next year too
  5. My worry with what Rooney has said is that he will plan for League 1 if we get more points deductions, which makes sense, but he also said the EFL wont want that as it may discredit the rest of the Championship season - this may put off the EFL issuing us the additional point deductions this season and may wait until next season
  6. Also, after Mel spoke to the team & Rooney yesterday Rooney asked Mel to leave the room so he could deal with the players himself
  7. Ed Dawes interviewing Trevor Birch from the EFL today, sounds like he has some interesting questions to ask them
  8. Ed Dawes just said when he spoke to Rooney at the weekend that he said after the interview that he hadn't spoke to Mel for 6 months, that is ridiculous!
  9. tbf he was basing that off what Mel had told him, think it says more about Mel than Simon Jordan
  10. I believe - Mel owns the stadium but his loans from MSD used this as collateral We lease the land Moor Farm is on from Derby City Council?
  11. I mentioned this yesterday, it makes sense as to why anyone who was previously interested would wait. Before there was an unknown regards a point deduction but it looked likely and the whole debt, whereas now there is a point deduction already applied (maybe more to come) so they know we're likely to be in League 1 plus a reduced amount to cover the debts
  12. I dont think they said there were 4 potential buyers? I think they said they were speaking to 4 people regards additional income for the short term
  13. I've seen Kieran Maguire mentioned a rule chaneg at the end of last year which means HMRC get 100% but I have also read from Nixon (i know) that he has spoken to people who have been involved in administration and it is still 25-35p on the £1. I am hoping in this case Nixon is correct.
  14. I may have got this completely wrong but from what I have read don't the new owners only need to pay 25-35% of the debt to creditors such as HMRC, Cocu & maybe even Keogh? If so, if they were originally interested in buying us and clearing the £60m rumoured debts which is the deal Mel was wanting, they could potentially get us by only having to pay maybe half of that debt, maybe even less? So as an investor looking at it, you would see we're likely to get a point deduction anyway for P&S breaches which would likely put us in League 1, so why not wait for us to go into administration which confirms relegation but potentially starts the P&S from scratch with no looming point deductions (that's what the negotiations were about) as well as saving money towards covering the debts. Doing it now also means no fire sale of players meaning we may actually get more money for any players we do sell. So for example, they were willing to originally pay 60m. Now they pay off 30m of debts (25% of which needs to be paid within 2 years to avoid further points deductions), they're 30m up. Loss in revenue for relegation covered by that initial 30m and then if we sold a couple of players maybe for 10-15m (with it not being a fire sale) that could potentially give the new owner 40-45m to cover relegation losses, the admin charges, day to day running which the monthly cost will reduce if debts cleared/reduced + rebuilding the squad ready for League 1.
  15. Still reduces it though, even if it was 5m you would rather have that 5m to use on rebuilding
  16. Havent we just been fan owned, look how well that has gone
  17. Seems to me like Mel put us on the road to administration the moment he only wanted new owners to pay the debts off, which is pretty much what fans were asking him to do in terms of selling for a £1, he was getting £0 from the deal itself. New owners are always going to want us to go into admin and have less debts to pay if that is all they were going to pay for anyway, so it makes sense what Mel says where he expects previous interested parties to come back in. Yes we are likely to go down now but most thought that anyway this year & majority of last year, so the new owners would probably think the same so they will know we are down but with less overall debt to pay.
  18. Seems like the accounts are all good to go but we're waiting on answers from the EFL still, but the EFL have seen the draft copies
  19. If we get 21 points deducted, we need to be looking at an average of 1.5pts per game from now if we stand any chance of survival. Very difficult but not impossible, would equate to an 8th-10th place finish
  20. Rooney will likely have to take a pay cut if he wants to stay, administrators will look to get rid of our high earners & he will be top of the list. Its a free season for him really, just another years experience under his belt with relegation out of his hands
  21. Where did i say he wasnt to blame? If you look at my first comment on all this I said he is blaming everyone else except himself
  22. Can still sign players though and in League 1 I wouldnt want to be paying more than 11.5k on players wages
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