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  1. Sheff W last 3 games - Boro Forest Derby All 3 teams who currently hate Derby 🤣
  2. Coming off an injury and didnt have much to feed off. Id rather a more natural striker on than 4 wide players up there. Sibley didnt do much vs Blackburn when he started. Starting Watson would be a big gamble
  3. Roos - Byrne Edmundson Clarke Buchanan - Roberts Bird Shinnie Jozwiak - Waggy Lawrence Go with the fluid/mobile front 4 like we did vs Luton & Norwich as that has looked better recently than when we start CKR. I would drop Bird but we have nobody to come in there with Baningime out, Knight is poor in the 2 & I think Watson is too young and inexperienced for these crunch games. Roos was unfortunate to lose his place originally and I think Marshall deserves to be dropped .
  4. I agree, lets hope we have some fight in these last 3
  5. Ah ok, makes sense. Preston didnt have much to play for and beat us comfortably. Birmingham & Swansea for us would fall into that category
  6. From our own fuming angry emotional perspective it ismt but im general football terms yes it is realistic
  7. You missed Barney away too. I can see them getting 6 or 7 points now. Still means we need 4pts to stay up, still possible, but probably wont happen.
  8. We're relying on a squad of loans, youngsters & players who are running out of contract. They dont give a damn if we stay up or not, they probably wont be here next season anyway.
  9. I mean realistic in terms of home games against lower half teams, same way we beat Luton recently, but I agree I cant see us scoring another goal as these players have no desire
  10. I could only see Roos, Fozzy, Bird & CKR being here next year in terms of first teamers. Then Ibe depending on his mindset & Bielik but only because of injury. I think promoted clubs to the Champ will pick off players lile Marshall & Byrne the same way we did. Buchanan, Knight & Sibley probably be sold for low offers, Lawrence & Jozwiak probably get sold and do really well at another club. Wisdom & Waggy will leave on free's then the loans wont return either.
  11. 2 wins vs Birmingham & Sheff W is very realistic & that would keep us up but no way do these players have anything about them to get those 2 wins
  12. The players n Rooney have been beyond arrogant for weeks thinking they are too good to go down, even coming out publically saying we will 100% be safe. This club is ducking disgusting, absolute joke.
  13. Really need a favour off Boro in their next 2, away to Rotherham & at home to Sheff W but i expect Boro to lose both. Gibson finally gets his revenge.
  14. We will end up 2nd bottom at this rate
  15. Nerves are starting to kick in for me, this is such a big game. Last time I had these nerves was before Luton which was also a must win game and we pulled a win out the bag that day so I am hoping for the same again tonight.
  16. Roberts is a quality little player, imagine how he would do in a confident, attacking team. Put it this way, he is a big upgrade on Holmes. For someone who is so one footed he still manages to beat multiple players. As always with players at this level it is the end product but he certainly has the ability and I would love to see him with us again next season if we stay up.
  17. The Premier League rules state they will be removed with it not being a UEFA/FIFA sanctioned competition.
  18. Sheff Weds game will probably be on Sky if we're still in the relegation mix
  19. 3 Games? Got tonight vs Preston then Sat vs Birmingham?
  20. I say let the so called big 6 go, dont even try and negotiate to keep them. Once the ESL goes to the wall like the CSL and Russian League did with all their mega money they will soon come crawling back and they can start at the bottom of the football pyramid
  21. I disagree, there would be better competition in the top league rather than it being based on the richest. Sky deal would be lower but would mean that the whole financial structure of the domestic leagues can restructured and more fairly. Also, if players get banned from international football if they play in the 'Super League' it wont last very long and when these clubs come crawling back they can start at the very bottom of the football pyramid!
  22. The no relegation would be for one season only to maintain 20 clubs in the Prem and 24 in the Champ
  23. If the big 6 do leave it could end uo meaning that there is no relegation from the Prem which in turn will mean more teams promoted from the Championship and hopefully no relegation for this season, wlcould be good news for us!
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