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  1. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    True, and even when he went to Leicester he didn't set the championship on fire. But would Derby stick with Zanzala until he is 25/26?
  2. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    I always thought Kane had something about him and at least he was playing at a decent level. Zanzala is currently non league. It's a pretty extreme example, pretty much an outlier.
  3. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    Hughes was on his 4th season by 20, same goes for Bennett who was around the first team from 15. I like the look of Zanzala when I see the u23s but it's easy to bully those CBs. When I watch his interviews he seems a bit timid, we play in a ruthless league. Don't get me wrong I want Zanzala to be awesome but the club will only stick by him so long.
  4. Anya & Blackman out, Bogle in

    He's been doing well for Scotland so we should be able to recoup some cash.
  5. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Cummings spent most of the game walking around like one of those chavs pretending to have huge lats. Bad case of ILS.
  6. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    So our Rowett make do until the summer side comfortably won against Barcelona on Sunday. After scoring 2 horrible passing move goals against a side playing a big man upfront. You got completely done tactically by Rowett, he even said after the game that he was happy for us to hit you on the break because you made the space for us. Any Florest fan taking postives from that is deluded. No nouse, no passion and no character.
  7. View from the outside

    They really are some of the most deluded fans around. Anyone can flick a ball around in their own half, even Burton. Rowett hasn't got the dynamic side he wants yet but he tactically destroyed Warburton on Sunday. He's a use what tools you have to hand manager, he's seen we don't have the tools to do the slick passing game so adapted as such. Those muppets never gave us any credit for the good footy at the time but now they do it they are the football messiahs. The way they talk about the club is hilarious. We're in transition and we still beat them, the same problems are in their face. No passion, no character and they still talk like they are building to something which they never do.
  8. Zanzala on loan to Chester for a month

    The lad is 20, it's not like we are talking about a kid really any more. I can't see him making it here unless he improves drastically as a late bloomer.
  9. GT The number "10"

    Thorne linked very well with Martin when he came on, he made Martin look like the old Martin. He was one of the best things about the game on Sunday (bar beating the red dogs obviously).
  10. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    We dominated second half, should have made it 3. Playing well for 40 mins doesn't mean shag all, games are 90 mins long. If we didn't play that well but got a comfortable win what does that say about Florest? When was your last win? We passed it well some periods and scored from 2 quick moves on the deck. Rather do that than pass around like a poundland tiki taka team for 90 mins.
  11. View from the outside

    We scored 2 goals passing the ball on the deck quickly. I suppose aiming for Murphy's head is ignored by people wearing red tints.
  12. The Tories

    Long term whether Brexit work or not is one thing, as of right now it's a disaster. Whole of Europe is pushing on, we sit here going nowhere.
  13. The Tories

    To be honest I only understand a little but I know enough to know that deficits are historically used to build services and infrastructure. Borrowing and creating a deficit to drive growth and improve tax receipts is a standard practice. You say the deficit has decreased but only through the completely discredited and obvious failure of an austerity program. Like I said how can you recover and improve tax receipts when you make the country poorer and less prosperous. It's completely backwards. Every economic expert in the world said austerity in recession was suicide and they were right. Other economies invested and continued to grow while we stagnated. The Labour decisions made back then were against a totally different financial backdrop and outlook and I imagine the Tories didn't kick up too much fuss about it. I'll go do some reading on it. I think McDonnell is correct in his outlook, taking the advice of actual economists rather than privateer profit men is far more favourable to my outlook on life. I imagine he is far more well read and advised than you and I. Borrow to invest is a staple of all first world governments. That's how economies grow and increase tax receipts, that's how you overcome a deficit. Not try and run an austerity program and strip back everything to a point of depression, then realise you have nowhere else to go while still running a sizable deficit. How will that ever work? I love the jibe about promises/bribes, like putting their ideas forwards are bribes? I find the condescending tone of your post quite amusing considering it's content. You can't cite standard practice and make out it's some extreme gamble. If McDonnell and Corbyn thinking investing in services and education (woah crazy, bribes oh my god!) will improve the economic outlook and push more people to higher paid work raising the national average pay to increase tax receipts, is that a crazy bribe? As I don't understand deficit and debt, explain to me how the current methodology will eradicate the deficit then service the entire debt which the the current government have doubled. Because if you go look at the the average national wage since 2010 the average annual real earnings per person adjust for inflation has not moved. It's a grand less now than it was then.
  14. The Tories

    Trying to create a better environment for economic growth and higher paid tax payers, vs just cutting everyone off from services and education thus paying less tax and offering less incentive to foreign business to base successful companies here? The analogy is very simplified to me in this context. Do you believe the Tory method of continued rising debt against a workforce that is being pushed towards lower paid working conditions will ever turn this around? Where will they recover the money needed?
  15. The Tories

    I think my main qualms come down to the the methods of reducing deficit and debt. Do we want a government that invests in the public services and education to create a more skilled higher tax paying workforce. Or do we achieve it by simply cutting off the poor and public safety nets against rising inflation? I see no way out the way the Tories are doing it, I just feel poorer as time goes on. Spiraling to a pinch point where people lack disposable income and the economy suffers further. Fiddling the unemployment numbers isn't fooling me. Like you I am not really an expert in the nuances of finance but I can observe trends. I earn above the national average wage but had to give up my ST this year. Maybe I'll get a huge pay rise soon?! Yeah right.

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