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  1. Shock horror! He might adapt to a more aggressive style to suit the league. Insane to think he might actually have some tactical nous.
  2. Has very obvious strengths and weaknesses, if he can improve his passing he could be a real asset.
  3. They could easily afford a striker, don't buy this at all.
  4. We scored goals under Rowett, did you enjoy it?
  5. Yeah, love defensive footy with an aging big man upfront on his own.
  6. They just watched Drogba's video, doesn't really mean much.
  7. The Sun? Ooof. When you go around claiming a whole group of religious people are paedophile proto-terrorists then you can't be outraged by the reaction. When you have marches where you actively harass and attack innocent people standing by you can't be shocked by a reaction. Again though the false equivalence comes in to play, it still pales in insignificance to the views and actions so far of groups that support Robinson's ideology. Large swathes of EDL and Britain First supporters have done prison time for their actions. The hypocrisy is always a fun one for me, the fact he worked alongside nonces that groomed little kids in the EDL but didn't protest their court trials. I hope you can find peace my friend, supporting this kind of hate must be a terrible burden. https://politicsandinsights.org/2018/05/29/the-edl-have-paedophiles-in-their-ranks-but-tommy-robinson-evidently-doesnt-condemn-them/
  8. False equivalence, who's heard of them? No one. Had zero media attention, but oh no a minority that is being attacked dared get angry? Damn those brown people.
  9. The BBC that gives Farage a gross amount of air time? Invites right wing commentators with 50 followers for interviews? That's had Tory associates planted at the top level? The Guardian news section is pretty down the line, the opinion section is just exactly that, wouldn't call it a giant in main stream to be honest.
  10. So going back to these left wing media giants, you got one for me? Far as I can tell right wing groups that don't break the racial hate rules are still on there. You just posted some stuff that really isn't centred in this country so the relevance is rather lacking. Don't recall any groups of antifa hounding racial minorities or beating up innocent guys standing by in the UK. Maybe you could link me to that?
  11. Can you point me to a left wing media giant? Would love to find one.
  12. Full of poo yank? Nah not buying that 😀
  13. Like said, open return Derby to Euston, you change at Tamworth on the way down but it's any train to Derby on way back. £38.50.
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