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  1. Cocu has a track record of playing kids with a few wise heads to guide them, this theory is lame because it has no basis. I think the bigger issue is the lack of time in the summer Cocu had and the fact he didn't build this squad.
  2. We don't look good do we? Going nowhere on these types of performances. We don't seem to have control over anything.
  3. The irony of these types hating the greatest peace time collaboration in modern history of European nations vowing never to fight again and calling them dictators. Just feels like a lot of people have lost sight of how the world used to be, older generations that didn't grow up in the information age are way too easily led astray.
  4. Midget CM at RB coming back from injury, midfield of strangers and forward line of 18yr olds with Bennett who isn't really a CF. We could replay the fixture 10 times and we'd win 0. Maybe we'd score a couple of times? Not sure.
  5. Take a look at the first game results last season.
  6. After reading about the guy can't say I'm bothered, very technical but not much output. Already got a Dutch winger that does that.
  7. When Ince got his man 1v1 the whole ground perked up, loved watching him terrorise defences. Revisionist history is lame.
  8. Butterfield did OK, put in a good ball at the end there.
  9. I went to the Hertha vs Dortmund match a few months ago. Great experience and Dortmund came back to win 2-3, they had about 8k fans there.
  10. He was called to a panel before the fight and cleared. Seems strange that a panel cleared him but now he's facing an 8 year ban? Seems UKAD got a positive result on a trace but was cleared by VADA? They need to get the details out ASAP.
  11. Interesting line, strange when you consider the Labour party did not contest the chancellors 40% tax income threshold changes last year. The only real change they want is on the top 5% of earners, people earning less than 80k per year realistically will barely see a difference. But this is how propaganda works I guess.
  12. Imagine finally having a season where you aren't a complete steaming pile of turd and getting this carried away. Embarrassing.
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