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  1. Nah that was two albums later on Scream, Dracula, Scream. But that three album run they had was solid, no filler.
  2. Just gave Rocket from the Crypt - Circa: Now! a spin, such a great LP. If you are in to 90s alternative/punk then well worth a listen.
  3. We were very aggressive first 20 mins vs Barnsley without ever hurting them, then we gave them a goal and gave up on our entire game plan. I find the biggest issue is we never get defences facing their own goal, when we won the ball back under Cocu it was more like hitting a reset button rather than a chance to attack. I get the feeling Rooney and Rosenior are going to bin that off straight away.
  4. Yeah agreed, they seemed to go on great runs and then completely fall of a cliff and he was well backed as well. Didn't seem to front up when things got bad, looked lost in his post match interviews.
  5. I think they are trying to agree a football documentary with one of the big streaming sites, raise the profile of the club and sell it to the world. Could work great could be a disaster.
  6. Johnson was a serial playoff bottler, tailed off every season. Last thing we need at this club.
  7. Was hoping Kell could catch Crawford with a big shot but it wasn't to be. Ward on comms made a good comment about Kell being great at everything but unable to adjust and he was bang on. Crawford changed to southpaw to shorten the distance on his right hand and Kell made no adjustments then walked straight on to it. Real shame but Kell just doesn't have that boxing IQ to be elite level, great fighter on plan A but never has a plan B. Surely time to retire now?
  8. On BBC comments for the Cocu sacking it was chock full of abuse for us with one fan stating that we "deserve to rot in hell". If there is one legacy that Mel will leave behind it's our perception in the wider football community. Right or wrongly a lot of bandwagoning against his methods has made us one the more unpopular clubs these days.
  9. My sister is a nurse and says it's gone mental in the Covid ward at Derby, when she last left work there was a queue of ambulances waiting to get in.
  10. Would you take it if the PM steps up to get it first?
  11. I was talking about all vaccines as you conveniently outed yourself as an anti vaxx nut by telling people to google research done by people with no scientific accreditation or published papers. As for the rest of the rant this did nothing to elevate your credibility only diminished it.
  12. Giving a huge wedge of cash to our recruitment department, what could possibly go wrong?
  13. Imagine thinking you are some moral crusader of truth by going around the internet advocating for not vaccinating children against terrible diseases that kill them. Real hero.
  14. Lot of conspiracy theorists said it was all a big lie to control the population but ultimately it's their own conspiracies that end up doing the real damage. Mad world these days.
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