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  1. Clough and Burton

    That Vassell looks like a good prospect. Could turn out to be the next lower league bargain.
  2. Summer Transfers 2017

    Zahore looks quality tbf, he was decent last season but he has started this season like a man on a mission.
  3. Steve McClaren is going to Maccabi as a consultant, looks like the origin of this Blackman move to me. That must be the connection.
  4. Was this a nazi pun or just an unfortunate coincidence?
  5. Pretty sure he was just over 1m with a load of add ons for goals scored and promotion to bump the price up over double.
  6. Why only 27,000 today

    Knob heads in the PP crowd? Never. Next you'll be telling me we scapegoat players as well.
  7. Jon Toral

    Wouldn't mind Toral now, we need a CM technician bad.
  8. Reality check and reasons to be hopeful

    Butterfield strikes me as a player than needs the right types of players around him to thrive. Johnson just lacks the technical ability for me.
  9. Reality check and reasons to be hopeful

    Get Bryson in for Johnson and smash Preston and Bolton, all of sudden things are looking way better. Football is a fickle business.
  10. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    So they paying Jota small wages? Cavaleiro cost them 7m. Good job Helder Costa was injured. I got Wolves finishing 2nd this season assuming they keep players fit. If they are up there in Jan I reckon they'll go big again as they'll judge the 3 year FFP period as worth the gamble.
  11. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    They spent huge amounts of cash on midfielders that shouldn't even be in this league. That might be it, you think?
  12. Official: Will Hughes joins Watford

    Not sure why Hughes took this move to be honest. Not even in the match day squad is a disaster for him. I remember it was Barton that told him not to move back in the day and he needs to keep playing. Hope this comes good in the end for him because a year in the stands will be a killer for his career.
  13. We need a pacey battler like Bryson but a few years younger and slightly bigger. That would be perfect. Also need a fit Thorne big time.
  14. Repeal and Replace

    What formation did Wolves play? I was at a wedding so only have live text, write ups and highlights to go on. Did the wingers not track back? Our midfield three is low on mobility to me. But the bigger issue is intensity and energy, I'm watching other teams and they seem to want it twice as much as we do. We look slow, ponderous and massively lacking in ambition even in comparison to teams like Bristol.
  15. Repeal and Replace

    For me the more I see of Johnson the more I think he is a problem. His technical ability is low, poor first touch and is slow to read situations. Everything he does is reactionary rather than proactive. He's good in the air and can score goal but it's useless to us when we are out maneuvered every game. Butterfield isn't going to win the midfield battle for us, he wants other midfield players to do that so he can receive the layoff and do the damage further up the pitch. We simply aren't going to be able to solve this in this transfer window. No one will pay us a decent amount for the players we overspent on. It's a harsh lesson for everyone at board level.

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