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  1. tomsdubs

    I bloody love Frank.

    He's learning on the job, he's picking it up fast and doing well. No complaints here, potentially a top manager.
  2. tomsdubs

    Haters gonna Hate

    Got mates that support other clubs so I sometimes go along for a day out.
  3. tomsdubs

    Haters gonna Hate

    I never heard the kind of verbal abuse anywhere else and I've sat in numerous other home ends. Suggesting I follow Brum instead is just a poor retort. Maybe you feel so moved by my comment because it carries weight and you're in denial?
  4. tomsdubs

    Haters gonna Hate

    So why did the Brum fans keep singing as they were at 3-1 down supporting their boys? Derby don't do that.
  5. tomsdubs

    Haters gonna Hate

    We have the worst moany fan base i've come across. Our own fans turn on our players as soon as someone misplaces a pass. I mean calling your own players useless C words for a misplaced pass? We don't even cheer or support the lads when they really need it. It's a joke.
  6. tomsdubs

    Do you think Frank is here for the long run?

    I think if he got us up he'd want to keep us up for a season then look to prove he can advance the side beyond that before securing a big move.
  7. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    Everything says he will get jabbed in to oblivion but every time I predict Bellew will lose he wins so I can't write him off. The reality is I think he needs to land something big to change the fight. Usyk is a truly world class operator, Bellew will need one hell of a game plan to stop Usyk controlling the distance with his jab. Coldwell usually sets him up well but this is a massive test, if he wins this he can miraculously go down as the best British CW ever... Never thought that could happen in a million years.
  8. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/nov/05/floyd-mayweather-rizin-tenshin-nasukawa-japan Well, never saw this one coming.
  9. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    I have to say I'm gutted for Burnett, what a poo way to lose your unbeaten record and a world title. He was looking so sharp as well, think he would have stopped Donaire second half of that fight. Burnett vs Inoue was the fight I wanted to see so bad, such a shame. Tete has been bang average last 2 fights, really boring. Taylor was class as usual, Martin got complete stage freight and looked bemused at a guy that finally fought back. I was looking at his record and he hadn't fought anyone near Taylor's class, miles out of his depth. He complained at the back of the head shot then when the ref stopped it but he looked happy it was over. Strange one.
  10. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    As happy as I am for Zach that had Sauerland fix written all over it.
  11. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    It's not projecting big numbers and they cant sell all the tickets, more convincing themselves at this point.
  12. tomsdubs

    Boxing Thread

    WBSS tonight, anyone following? Donaire dropped back down in weight, be interesting to see how he gets on. Carries good power for that weight but Burnett has that classic Booth right hand cocked style. Got to say I don't know loads about Martin but hopefully Taylor can do a job on him.
  13. tomsdubs

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    That Brum game was a joke, the ref just refused to blow until they scored. Nearly 10 mins added on time.
  14. tomsdubs

    Geriatric Floresta

    Spend big on European flair players then hire Karanka, that's the kind of footballing decision making goin on at gump HQ.
  15. tomsdubs

    Burton v Notts Forest

    More of a dark mysterious brunette man myself.

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