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  1. No indication I can see around he's a billionaire.
  2. He literally got lied to by the club and kept getting fit again but not played. Didn't find out until Rowett told him towards the end they would owe a fee so didn't play him. I don't blame him for being aggrieved to be honest.
  3. OK so let's post the most important stats. Hughton had about 4x the wage budget Hughton had no transfer embargo Hughton had no boardroom calamity Hughton hasnt had his best player do his knee ligaments.
  4. Like I said, pretty even spread 50/50, I was responding to a post saying ex Man Utd players have a rep for turning in to poor managers. I think this proves that is not the case.
  5. Lets see. Bruce - Noted promotion specialist and considered a good man for a budget side. Had a decent career. Giggs - Did OK with Wales to be fair despite his personal qualities. Hughes - Took Blackburn in to European football, had a reasonable management career with some big jobs. Blanc - Won 8 trophies with PSG. Keane - Does have a promotion to his name but in the end very average manager. Robson - Oversaw the greatest escape in Prem history, other than that very average manager. Strachan - Won 6 trophies in Scotland and wasn't too bad in the Prem. Obviously a number of ex-players that weren't great but it seems a reasonable balance of success to me. Shall we list the Dutch managers or should we just save some time?
  6. The games when Bielik was fit Cocu turned him in to a mistake ridden mess, also played him at CB which ended badly. I wanted Cocu to succeed because he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Dutch coaches rarely succeed in Britain and he's just another one to add to the list.
  7. What is it about Wayne that makes you go to lengths of using these convoluted arguments to try and prove a point to justify your criticism? See the way I see it is at least he's had the stones to stick around in the face of an absolute car crash situation, still managing to motivate a team of scraps to try and survive. We could be far worse off, after all it was Wayne that signed Gregory and got Bielik back playing to his best here. Bielik looked totally lost under your boy Cocu.
  8. Strength from the bench is killing us now, Brum got fresh legs on and we just ran out of steam completely. Cardiff today changed the game with quality subs against florest. We can stick in games and play reasonably well but same as last season the cutting edge quality just isn't there when we need it. Another long season but I do think we are playing better football than we did last season, I find it hard to judge Rooney completely given he's not really been able to sign the quality of players he'd actually want. If we actually had the lads to execute killer balls and drag the team up the pitch then I think Rooney could do quite well.
  9. Saw a lot of empty seats there but for the fans that did turn up at least they got the place ready for them:
  10. What has travelling time got to do with anything? Asking players of that age to play high intensity games for a full season will undoubtedly be tough for them and will incur injuries. Davies has been injured a reasonable amount last couple of years. How many other 39 year olds in this league are playing a full season? How many other over 35s? Struggling to think of any off the top of my head, maybe a keeper can do it but CB is a completely different proposition.
  11. Surely this season is make or break for Forest financially this season? Wage bill must be huge. Would like to think we are on for a win on Sat but it rarely goes to form.
  12. Most likely the highest paid manager in the league as well.
  13. Owner will just sell one of the players to his other club for 10m, it's only using loopholes if Mel does it remember. Derby are the only club in football that ever actually broke a rule duh.
  14. I imagine we'll try and rotate the CBs due to age, can't see Jagielka playing out a full season at his age.
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