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  1. Paul Clement

    Clement was pants and his good run was off the back of previous good work at the club and a big cheque book. He can't manage the mentality side of the game. Players look stifled by the things they are asked to do, lack of determination. Starts well then fades bad just like he did here. Argued with a lot of football hipsters that seemed to love him, guy is not a good manager.
  2. January Transfer Window

    Selected CB, if either Davies or Keogh injured we are down to Pearce who I don't rate at all.
  3. Bloody Keogh

    He just needed a good partner, playing alongside Pearce is a disaster for any CB.
  4. Boxing Thread

    So Haye is a retirement home job. Where does Bellew go now? Fury just put up a funny call out video for May but Bellew surely won't want any of that?
  5. Boxing Thread

    Jury's out on this one. See the response before I make a judgement. That said Joshua seems to have been way more fired up in interviews lately. Was Whyte right? Is it all an act? We'll find out.
  6. Boxing Thread

    Depends if Kovalev actually lets himself be trained or just does whatever he want's as usual.
  7. Boxing Thread

    Loads of Russian money behind him, remember he won a purse bid for the Wlad fight. They put up stupid amounts of cash.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Wilder is in for a payday nothing else. Minimum risk all the way up padding a record with garbage and then cash out. Joshua coming along is a dream come true for him. But anyone who thinks Whyte beats Wilder is mad in my eyes. Chisora gave Whyte war and just got completely outboxed for the European title. Whyte got wobbled by a jab from Helenius and then struggled to a win. Wilder is too athletic and too powerful for Whyte. He's shown zero improvement since Joshua beat him, if anything he's gone backwards. Wilder stops him for me. Did anyone see Bivol last week? The next Golovkin right there, true power.
  9. What would you have done differently?

    Replaced Ledley with Thorne.
  10. Derby County V Reading

    Had a bad feeling when Keogh went off and this has confirmed it. Why isn't Thorne on?
  11. Derby County V Reading

    Keogh goes off and we can't defend. I really don't rate Pearce, he can't mark set pieces and has zero pace or agility.
  12. Life Ruined

    Saw this on Twitter and still cant work out where they saw the eye. Some people talk about football like they are a top level expert but can't even comprehend a simple logo.
  13. Rowett was asked by Sky is the squad the way you want it. He said not quite yet. Simple as that.
  14. Playing poorly and winning is the sign of a good team, if we can get the kinks ironed out and Gary can have the squad fully changed after this summer we'll be in a great place.

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