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  1. How can anyone ever forget all the Wembley T shirts they ordered on another forum and the "Where are you sitting at Wembley thread" they had. They were pretty much convinced it was done and dusted, the fall out was amazing.
  2. Holmes disappointed me I have to say, we had a good break on them a couple of times at the start of the games and Holmes completely over hit the crosses under no pressure when we could have got on the end of them or at least picked up the second ball. I kind of felt we seemed scared to try and play through them, yes they were organised but there were gaps we just didn't seem to have the confidence to exploit. Frustrating game against a French Billy Davies setup.
  3. I remember on one of the old forums being upset we didn't have the ambition to try and sign Austin from Swindon at the time. Then he preceded to score a brace every time he came to PP with Burnley.
  4. They saw him sporting a head band on Match of The Day and instantly rang his agent.
  5. He's a bottom half of the Champ player, hope he finds a good move in the summer but he's done here IMO.
  6. We've got full USA style empty rhetoric slogan politics now so why not go the full hog and take on litigation culture?
  7. Or when they say something along the lines of "you couldn't write a script like this", I mean I don't know if these guys watch any other media or read books but yeah... They definitely could write a story about a guy scoring a goal near the end of a game.
  8. He made Danny Graham unable to hit a barn door then he left and scored for fun for the next few years of his career. Magical times.
  9. Wasn't Marinakis supposed to be in court this week before everything went in to lock down?
  10. Twitter is the worst for people jumping on the RIP bandwagon for attention, literally nothing confirmed anywhere and people are making memorial videos. I suppose likes are more important than truth.
  11. Probably sat at home with a million in the bank wondering what to do with his life.
  12. What a load of tripe, it was Tory MPs including the current PM that voted it down. Do you even understand how parliamentary majorities work?
  13. Helenius really hasn't aged well but still has some pop, always leaves his chin in the air with no guard coming out of clinches etc. I think Kownacki assumed he could keep shipping shots as he moved up though the levels and his chin has eventually been found out. He tried to rough Helenius up and was out landing him comfortably but got caught on the way out from working inside by a long hook. His legs were completely gone.
  14. Anyone watch the PBC card? Knowacki got KOd by Helenius but Ajagba looked like he's made some good adjustments since going life and death in his last outing. I've been watching Parker since he turned pro, he's a good fighter but I don't think he can beat the top guys in the division. He should really have a loss on his record, he got injured vs Williams and should have been beat on the cards but they robbed him.
  15. Cocu inherited a bad situation, our best players were loans and he got no real pre-season. Before the booze up we were sitting just outside the playoffs which wasn't bad considering the squad. For me Cocu is a gradual build kind of guy which shows why he was more of a success at PSV than Fenerbahce where instant success is expected, he isn't the kind of manager that is about instant results but more a long term culture (as per Mel's vision). I think a lot of people's frustration this season is fuelled party by Florest going better but lets be honest they are overachieving and it's similar to a
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