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  1. LesterRam

    Proud to be British

    Who pays? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44154438
  2. LesterRam

    List of Derby songs

    Your the one i want, du du du.
  3. LesterRam

    Who has read this?

    Was it good, bad or indifferent?
  4. LesterRam

    Proud to be British

    What a load of ********.
  5. LesterRam

    Middle East

    How very dare you, its one like everybody else.
  6. LesterRam

    Retained List Announced.

    I would ban them fecking things, I saw someone the other day trying to manoeuvre around t'poundshop in a triple seated version.
  7. LesterRam

    Retained List Announced.

    What about a zimmer frame?
  8. LesterRam

    Middle East

    Bloody hell, you come back a fortnight later? who gives a left testicle in honesty 😆
  9. LesterRam


    I'm wondering if there is a link between cycling and prostate cancer?
  10. LesterRam

    Universal Income

    It's not a leftie concept, the problem arises when politicians accept a wedge to stop this passing, house prices deflating will probably wouldn't be an issue for much longer now anyway.
  11. LesterRam

    Darren Moore

    Who'd argue with him, didn't he bring off both forwards in the penultimate game and they managed to score 😆
  12. LesterRam

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    I believe he shouldn't have been given the job due to his ears.
  13. LesterRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    It certainly was, We then encountered tightening regulations in the USA and we had all the payday lenders jump ship and join our shores and the wisdom of the FSA (FCA) who thought the infamous payday lenders was the answer, so now we have gone full circle and now we have a lovely P2P platform to run up even more debt up, unlike payday lenders these bad boys are unregulated and exempt from the FSCS compensation scheme, you couldn't make this up...
  14. LesterRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    It's a bit of a poor report in honesty, I have already mentioned on this forum about Brain surgeons working in a warehouse for £3.50 per hour and more jobs created in the low skilled arena for £3.50 than the official national minimum wage, regarding the inflow of EU nationals this has increased according to hacked N.I d/b since the brexit vote so that's just lazy journalism. I voted to leave due to two reasons, firstly low skilled sector jobs are bringing zero benefits to our country, increasing the population without increasing funding for the NHS, social housing and schooling through taxation has been detrimental to our nosediving economy, I must admit that non-eu nationals are by far more of a drain on resources than them arriving within the eu. My second and by far more important to me was the abuse of tax avoidance schemes that Mr Juncker was instrumental in creating whilst Luxembourg minister, how many billions of pounds are squirrelled away is astonishing and really don't understand why you could vote for something so bloody corrupt. On another note eddie we are market leading in the fintech industries, we are always vying for top 2 in the world and we take on more outside investment than most of europe put together.
  15. LesterRam

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    We have been blessed with some fine goalies.

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