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  1. LesterRam

    Things you are good at!

    Pissing in a straight line, having just used a public toilet I'm in the minority.
  2. Woohoo, me and the King of Nigeria are quids in. You have my email Mel 👍
  3. LesterRam

    Chris Jones Excited For A New Challenge

    Does that mean Shay Given is only mildly excited, we are losing momentum sweetpea, nooooooooooooo.
  4. LesterRam

    Chris Jones Excited For A New Challenge

    Didn't Jody Morris say he was "Very, Very excited", I'm concerned that Frank is only 'very excited' and Chris Jones is only 'excited'?
  5. LesterRam

    Andreas Weimann has joined Bristol City

    Shame, I thought he would be a great player with a more attacking side.
  6. LesterRam

    What's something that you said could never happen, then it did

    So is Bob his uncle and Fanny his aunt?
  7. LesterRam

    Gary needs your help

    6 friends?
  8. LesterRam

    Private Hire Taxi's

    Well he might not be the registered keeper of the private hire vehicle, I know many that use one car on a 12-hour rotation, they use one insurance policy and one driving license and if they are picked up give the registered keeper the details to the law. simples.
  9. LesterRam

    Job Hunting

    whats your online venture?
  10. LesterRam


    Good poo man ?
  11. LesterRam

    Job Hunting

    Set up a profile on Linkedin and use the free 14 day premium trial (Jobs) and try your hardest. p.s cancel your premium before the trial ends lol
  12. LesterRam

    Social Anxiety

    I cant do that, if I look back I feel melancholy with anything nostalgic. Is this a normal reaction?
  13. LesterRam

    Things you wish you were good at?

    Pornstar or Electrician but just didn't have the tools 🙄
  14. LesterRam

    World Cup VAR

    Why was VAR introduced on the largest stage, surely this should have been trialled in a regional competition to iron out the discrepancies?
  15. LesterRam

    World Cup VAR

    Is VAR slowing the game down? Every little thing is being called into question.

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