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    archram reacted to jono in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    I’ve been reading these posts about playing out from the back .. this is a perfectly reasonable tactic and style of play that can pay dividends in stretching / wrong footing an opponent ... However, students of the game should be aware this tactical gambit gets misunderstood in certain quarters. 
    “Playing out from the back” - see - tactics, chapter 4 section 1 
    This is entirely different from 
    “Playing about at the back” - see - self harm in football, chapter 1 section 1
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    archram reacted to PodgeyRam in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Well I can't vouch for the commentary as I was at the match, but I thought there were a lot of positives in the game. 
    Marriott got his goal, but like in previous games he seems too eager to please and is snatching at everything. He just needs to relax a bit and it will start flowing. 
    Thought Roos did well enough. Couldn't do anything about the goals, and spread the play well when we were passing it from the back (one very dodgy pass aside). He was much better catching the ball as well, they've clearly been working on that. 
    I thought for large parts of the game we played it around them like it was a training match. We passed it around them so easily I was quite impressed I have to say. Martin performed his usual link-up masterclass, while Rooney dictated play from deep and Holmes buzzed about as normal. 
    Thought Davies showed why he's been superceded by Wisdom at CB. He gave it his all, and performed well in the air, but he just isn't comfortable with the ball at his feet. Not his fault, it's late in his career to change that.
    Special mention to Tom Lawrence and Scott Malone, two players I've had a go at in the past, but I thought they both did well tonight. 
    I'm aware it's against a League Two team, but I was glad to see the patterns to our play continue to emerge and at the fight they showed when Northampton got their first goal back - many a Derby team would have folded at that point, but we raised our game again and put it beyond them.
  3. Haha
    archram reacted to Ruda Harliss in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Reading through the thread, there is a lot of criticism of Ramage and Dawes.  I was suprised actually about how many posters were not at the game.  Don’t get me wrong, i work shifts and have to use holidays to go to some midweek games so I know it’s not always ideal or possible.
    However if the commentary was brilliant ( and all these so called streams) it wouldn’t  be at all necessary to go to a match.  Maybe Ramage and Dawes are a Mel Morris deterant ?  Suprised EFL haven’t looked into this!!
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    archram reacted to Derby blood in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Glad I went, should have scored more, and not been so sloppy at times, but thought Rooney was a joy to watch his vision is top draw, so glad he came to Derby to show case his skills and his desire, attitude and will to win is a great example to all of the team, also thought Holmes was again very good and took his goal well, so plenty of positives to look forward to, now let's go to Swansea and get our 2nd away win in the Championship, play on the front foot and I think it will happen 
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    archram reacted to jono in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Just got in. Job done and 4 goals. Enjoyable match with some nice passages of play, little touches, 1-2’s and a bit of pace when moving the ball.
    Rough tough opposition who fought well and kept going to the end.
    slow start to be expected as they had an initial enthusiastic go at us .. then found our feet .. 2 golden chances for Jack and Chrissy Martin .. both fluffed badly .. worried it might be one of those nights.
    Wisdom kept his head and banged it in just off the goal line in a scrum, Holmes bright again and a cracking finish. .. all cruising and looking good. 
    silly mistake at the start of the second half gave the cobblers a lift and they deserved it for effort. We bounce back and Jack gets one. I think he deserved it. The flicks and touches aren’t quite coming off but he really is razor sharp and can hold up the ball as well as pinching opportunities. Martin full of guile but was getting knocked about a bit. 
    No one really stood out. Davies brave as always but he never looks comfortable when we mess about at the back and got harried a fair bit. Rooney, class and you just knew the pen would go in. Sibley looked hungry and effective and Knight did some dancing 
    All good and apart from Lawrence getting a knock in the back and falling on his shoulder I think we came away unscathed.
    i can’t get poetic because we did our job, looked in control, had the usual silly mistakes but enough difference in class for it not to matter
    Well done lads 
  6. Haha
    archram reacted to wakeyram in Guess the Man Utd Ticket price thread....   
    I suppose this'll be a DUTCH auction.
    I'll get mi coat
  7. Clap
    archram reacted to Ambitious in Dodgy keepers   
    Kelle Roos doesn't even come close to being the worst. In the last 10 years, we've had - focusing on the more senior guys for fairness: 
    Stephen Bywater
    Saul Deeney
    David Martin
    Lewis Price
    Brad Jones
    Frank Fielding
    Matt Duke
    Brad Jones
    Adam Legzdins
    Lee Grant
    Jack Butland
    Scott Carson
    Chris Weale
    Ben Hamer
    When we look at who we could say was better: Carson, Grant, Fielding, Bywater (although Bywater at this point was a horrid mess of a man) & Butland - the first four had runs of poor performances in a Derby shirt. Butland was on loan. Hamer is proving to be marginally better, very marginally in my opinion and the rest are definitely worse. 
    Roos won't be remembered as a great when he leaves, but his record of 50 games, 55 conceded and 18 clean sheets keeps him miles off being the worst goalkeeper ever employed by this football club. We need to stop with the hyperbole. 
    Even the ones I've mentioned:
    Carson - 171 games, 189 conceded, 60 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 55 conceded and 18 clean sheets.  
    Fielding - 80 games, 105 conceded, 22 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 66 conceded and 14 clean sheets.
    Grant - 182 games, 239 conceded, 53 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 66 conceded and 15 clean sheets.
    Bywater - 167 games, 226 conceded, 45 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 68 conceded and 13 clean sheets.
    Butland - 6 games, 7 conceded, 2 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 58 conceded and 17 clean sheets.
    Hamer - 14 games, 18 conceded, 3 clean sheets. Based on 50 games, 64 conceded and 11 clean sheets. 
    He's actually got a better record than all of them - inline with Carson - who will no doubt go down as one of the best keepers we've had at the club. It certainly doesn't fit the trend that he's the worst we've ever had anyway. I just wanted to conclusively prove the point. 
  8. Clap
    archram reacted to Coconut in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Like it or not we're just the same as any other Championship side and we'll make changes for cup games against equal or lower level teams.
    You're also doing that thing again where you just assume that players are at full fitness all the time, but managing us at the minute is as much about managing our player's health with the whole season in mind as it is about picking our 'best' team.
    A good example being Forsyth who was excellent at LB against Stoke, but he's had 3 ACL injuries so probably can't be used in that more physically position twice in a week.
    Marriott started (didn't complete) 2 games in a row but that effort put him out for the next couple of games.
    Martin continues to battle a debilitating disease, I'm surprised to see him start, but subbing him off after an hour the other day has enabled his selection. There are more complex issues at play than some are willing to credit 
    There are plenty of reasons to change the lineup, but the Cocu out brigade just write it off as tinkering, then use performances in matches where it's come together with everyone available and in their best position against him and claim any good performances are in spite of him.
    Max Bird's recent performances will be used as a point to say he should have been in the team from the off rather than used as a good example of the manager using him well and bringing him into the team more slowly.
    It's a bit pathetic tbh and the opposite of my idea of support.
  9. Haha
    archram reacted to cosmic in Mike Te Wierik - Signed pre contract, joining in the summer   
    They were going to announce it in a press conference last week but couldn't get the Mike Te Wierek.
  10. Clap
    archram reacted to Cobb in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Loving the "farmer " quotes. Reinforces that we are a small team, from a small town, with a small ground. So we have nothing to lose against the big "City" boys. It really doesn't matter to us, win ,lose or draw, we've made some cash that will set us up for a while. I suspect we will make a fair bit of noise, might well out do you as it's looking like not too many of you fancy it. 
  11. Like
    archram reacted to Dethorn in Hillsborough and Bradford disasters - where were you?   
    I was playing when Hillsborough happened got home to find my little Brother had taped coverage on to VHS because he thought I would be interested - not sure if that was inspired or a little sick or both.
    Do not remember where I was for Bradford - but what seemed like days later I was stacking up skittles for my pocket money when I became aware of crowd trouble at Heysal - and I cheered cos I thought I might get home to see the game if it was held up much longer, still feel really bad about that to this day.
  12. Haha
    archram reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    That's certainly a load of cobblers. 
  13. Haha
    archram reacted to Red_Dawn in The Olympiacos B Antiques Roadshow Thread.   
    Have Birmingham.. Gone yet
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    archram reacted to B4ev6is in Lets beat northamption at pp   
    Well I think Derby can win and get through to 5th round of the fa cup and face manchester united at pp I have funny feeling that wyan roony to score against but it shall be the winner and last night I had a dream that we go on to win the fa cup. And then I woke up thinking have just won it since 1946. And in the stands with the players jim smith brain clough and my grandad next to smile with me and dissapears I wont lie I did cry as I miss him so much but I hope that a sign something good about to happen.
  15. Clap
    archram reacted to angieram in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    That's never gonna happen when refs regularly let players steal a good few yards at most throw ins and virtually any free kicks in a team's own half. Always annoys me, that.
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    archram reacted to Tamworthram in Season Ticket Renewals   
    I'm not sure if you're thinking is the same as mine or if you're being sarcastic. Either way, for me, the renewal of my season ticket isn't dependent on what players we sign or what division we're playing in.
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    archram reacted to Tamworthram in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Makes no difference to me. I’ll be renewing regardless of what division we’re in or transfer embargo’s we may face.
    It’s in your DNA youth. 
  18. Haha
    archram reacted to Ellafella in Yet another Chris Martin thread.... Yes really   
    Jesus @angieram you so talk so much sense. Have you ever considered a careeer in football mangagement? 
  19. Like
    archram reacted to OohMartWright in v Northampton FAC4R replay - Matchday Thread   
    Well, well, well, whaddya know? After playing cobblers at the Cobblers and ducking things up at Luton we put in the performance of the season to stoke the Stokies at PP for the first time in over a decade. Next up is a chance to give our Wayne a chance to put one over his ole mate, so
    Pride Park, Tuesday 4 February, 7.45pm kickoff, Rams v Northampton 
    For those who haven’t yet bought a ticket, surely the performance against Stoke has earned your support at the next game??
    Unchanged side for me, everything clicked and no reason why it shouldn’t do so again. Don’t want to get a “TL, DR” so over to you....
  20. Clap
    archram reacted to Gaspode in Scott Malone   
    Noticable last night how much Fozzy was talking and organising - frequently telling Clarke who to pick up. Also that Wazza passed the armband onto Fozzy despite Davies being on the pitch....
  21. Clap
    archram reacted to ollycutts1982 in Tom Lawrence appreciation thread   
    I don’t think it’s any coincidence that with a solid full back behind him and an intelligent striker who can hold the ball up on the pitch sees him put his best performance in. As mentioned the work off the ball he did was top notch. As fans that’s all we ask. 
  22. Like
    archram reacted to Ramslaar in Max Bird   
    I think this lad is outstanding.iv been watching max for some years now and he is starting to fulfil his potential.some of the young lads is the reason for getting no one in, cocu is sticking to his guns and has said there is no point bringing in someone that will block one of our kids.max has done very well but dont underestimate the influence of cocu on him.each player has an individual progression plan from the U16 up to the first team(and even younger i think).yes things have been a little slow and lacking in the first team this season but what is happening now is what has needed to happen for some seasons but we have only just found a manager that is willing to but his head on the block to achieve this.time and patience is need guys.this season will be hard but watch out for next season because with these kids and cocu the future looks very bright for the long term.
  23. Like
    archram reacted to therealhantsram in Max Bird   
    Nobody mentions that Max lost his Dad suddenly in the Summer. Lots of leeway given to Lawrence, but I'm proud of how Max has handled it the right way. If he had the odd bad game in August, we should realise he had his reasons. 
  24. Clap
    archram reacted to DazaDunn in Yet another Chris Martin thread.... Yes really   
    I’d give him another year with the option of a second year. I love the man. If I could have a coffee with any Derby player past or present, it would be him. 
    As I’ve said many of times, players that don’t rely on their legs can just go and go and go. He plays football with his brain, keep him!
  25. Haha
    archram reacted to Alpha in v Stoke (H) - Matchday thread   
    Congratulations man! Did you boo him out the tunnel
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