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  1. Speaking to the club website, he told the club's supporters: "What I want is to raise awareness and encourage other men to go and get themselves checked out. "That's what I did and it's not something that we are good at, us middle-aged and older men. ....................well I can vouch for that! Sound advice from the big man, I wish him all the best.
  2. The UEFA European Championship final England v Italy. England expects every man to do his duty..................after a spot of Breakfast!
  3. Was thirteen at the time, so forget that, three lions thingy, vindaloo, sweet Caroline and Atomic kitten. Lonnie Donegan was the man! All together now! Dressed in red white and blue He's World Cup Willie We all love him too World Cup Willie He's tough as a lion and never will give up That's why Willie is favourite for the Cup Willie, Willie
  4. Meanwhile in basements and forests across scotland, first born are being sacrificed to the Gods of football for a Danish victory
  5. According to Nixon Stoke are him for him. Accrington want about £2million! 😳 ..........I think the mods can close this one down! https://the72.co.uk/241249/stoke-city-set-sights-on-accrington-stanley-striker-dion-charles/
  6. When do we start to panic..................around 9.00am
  7. Boys corner (Normanton end) whilst me dad went with his mates in the Ossie end 1964/65. Clough years through my teens, we were living the dream! Favourite memory, 1981, played on it, won on it, got a winners trophy on it.................fantastic days! https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/grahamstreetprims/photos/555681/14236647.html
  8. Are there any fans still outside the ground?
  9. Post taken from “I had a peek at the Derby forum” from Owlstalk. “Someone sign up to the Derby forum and tell them to stop worrying ffs, they’ll be fine” ..............they seem to have taken the threat of relegation to a new level. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/300649-i-had-a-peek-at-the-Derby-forum/page/3/#comments
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