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  1. For Coventrys recent home game v Fulham they had two cash turnstiles for away supporters to pay on the day in the South Stand …that’s their South Stand not the one at Pride Park!🤪
  2. Pinched from the ramstrust statement. Attendances haven’t increased dramatically despite a rally call from the management, squad and various supporter groups. Is there any initiative here to boost attendances, money is important but so are results and a packed Pride Park brings a 12th man? The issue here is that higher attendances cost the club more in running costs (stewarding etc.), so this would actually have a negative effect on club finances if they give away free tickets. Who mentioned free tickets? Just the availability to collect tickets a couple of hours before kick off would be a start! Sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief at the situation regards ticketing…..cash flow lads, cash flow!
  3. PRE-MATCH FANS INFORMATION: SWANSEA CITY Ticket sales end at 1pm on the day of the game online on dcfc.co.uk. The Ticket Office counters and phone lines are closed on matchday but the email helpdesk, Ticket.Office@dcfc.co.uk is open between 9am-3pm. send em an email, my guess is you have to set up an email address then click the friends and family thingy. Good luck……….seems everything regards buying tickets finishes at 1pm
  4. Talking of ways of filling grounds! Pinched from the Coventry City site for todays match v Fulham Kick-off is at 12:30pm for the Sky Bet Championship clash. Tickets are available to buy at the Ticket Office from 9:30am until kick-off, or from Cash Turnstiles from 11am. Fans paying on the gate are advised to arrive early due to expected high demand. Fulham fans can pay at Cash Turnstiles 4 and 5 in the South Stand. Cash Turnstiles 30-37 will be open from 11am The Family Zone area is Blocks 33 and 34. A social distancing block is Block 31 - to book here, subject to availability, please contact ticketoffice@ccfc.co.uk Any matchday queries/collections can be directed to the Ticket Office, which is open from 9:30am until kick-off. Hope the administrators are taking note!
  5. pinched from the DCFC site. PRE-MATCH FANS INFORMATION: SWANSEA CITY Ticket sales end at 1pm on the day of the game online on dcfc.co.uk. The Ticket Office counters and phone lines are closed on matchday but the email helpdesk, Ticket.Office@dcfc.co.uk is open between 9am-3pm. I wonder if there’s any other championship club where it’s impossible to get a ticket 2 hours before kick off on match day? ……..and there’s me thinking it’s all about cash flow!
  6. Let’s apply to join Barcelona, Real Madrid & Juventus in this European Super League! ……………….UEFA haven’t stuck the boot in yet!
  7. First time in East Stand Upper last night (next to those rowdy away supporters 😁). Brilliant atmosphere, thanks to one and all. 🐏
  8. Any campaign that asks supporters to put some extra cash into the club (wether tickets, Rams tv, merchandise, match parking, or just an extra cup of Bovril) is in my opinion a worthy cause and has worked to increase the profile of the next two important home games……..well done Sage.👍 Out of interest…………..what stand you sitting in Patrick Rams?
  9. Ticket Office Counters Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed Wednesday: 10am-7:45pm Thursday: Closed Friday: 10am-4pm Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Ticket Office Phone Lines Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am-4pm Wednesday: Closed Thursday: 10am-4pm Friday: Closed Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed Surely the administrators need to authorise a few tweeks to the opening hours…….it’s about cash flow lads, cash flow!
  10. Coventry City Chief Executive Dave Boddy July 2021. “We will however continue to provide cash turnstiles on matchdays, as we know that this is a convenient ticket purchasing method for fans and works as a Club in us providing a quick and easy way to buy on a matchday. Surprising what you can do with the right Chief Executive!
  11. Here’s my quote of Wayne’s press conference!…………………brilliant instant reply.
  12. Agree, excellent coverage from Radio Derby this week. Mind you………………the bars set pretty high!🐏
  13. For tonight’s league match at Coventry v Peterborough you can get tickets from the ground up until till 6.30 for a 7.45 kick off and Coventry still have matches where you can pay at cash turnstiles. It really is desperate that the administrators sort out the ticketing situation ASAP……….cashflow lads, cashflow!
  14. Eddie Thomas, Gordon Hughes , Reg Mathews, Everton league cup, Clough, Taylor, 5-0 win over Tottenham, Watney Cup final v Man Utd with Law Best and Charlton, 12-0 Finn Harps, Juventus, Hector Hinton O’Hare, McFarland Todd Mackay, Champions of England, Eusebio, Benfica, Rioch George Lee, Real Madrid, champions again and the old Baseball Ground. Why do you love Derby County? memories mate……………..it’s all about the memories!
  15. Anyone know if the send ticket by post option is still working?
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