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  1. Post taken from “I had a peek at the Derby forum” from Owlstalk. “Someone sign up to the Derby forum and tell them to stop worrying ffs, they’ll be fine” ..............they seem to have taken the threat of relegation to a new level. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/300649-i-had-a-peek-at-the-Derby-forum/page/3/#comments
  2. 3/4 of the senior squad out of contract more or less and not being offered deals until we know what league we’re in, in a relegation dog fight & they’re not being paid on time? The performance on Saturday makes tonnes more sense...If my work told me they’d probably be letting me go in a few weeks time and THEN didn’t pay me on time....they’d be lucky if I turned up to work. Posted one hour ago on the Wednesday forum ................sound familiar? They’re holding a ground protest, having player of the year protest vote .....and yep you’ve guessed it Jack Marriott is the curren
  3. Reasons why it has gone wrong? This season, in three words.....................................Krystian Bielik injury Before that, Sam Longson! 🐏
  4. Taken from today’s Times article regards test events. May 1st Sports fans face sober summer of stamping their feet Professor Dame Theresa Marteau of the University of Cambridge, a behavioural scientist and member of Sage, is chairing the scientific group overseeing the test events. In a scientific paper published just before they began, she argued it would be essential to create “new norms” for sports and music fans. “While it is a basic norm of many sports crowds that people express passionate support for their team, and without that the whole activity has little meaning . . . it ma
  5. Protest........Sunday..........been there, done that, got the tank top.🐏
  6. They rated him even higher around here, had a unbelievable goals to games ratio, just one of them things, that’s football pal.
  7. Couple of points from tonight’s action. Firstly if Peterborough win tonight they’re automatically promoted to the Championship, big news around here, roads around the ground closed off, outside city centre alfresco boozing fully booked so it’s either a 20 minute away trip on me bike or god forbid relegation and lockdown extended by 12 months in our house! Secondly Ivan Toney. 29 goals, 10 assists and I hope Brentford go up......a proper football club. Toney joined Posh for £650,000 and was sold for £5 million plus add ons. They bought him to replace a bloke who’d scored 33 go
  8. “we just couldn’t have Aberdeen v Brighton on a Tuesday night” Trent buses football special to Airdrie on a Wednesday night............where’s your sense of adventure lad?
  9. “Evan’s would have been a steady replacement for Beilik” I apologise but I stopped reading after that.
  10. Yesterday afternoon during a press conference Pep Guardiola revealed he was only told about the breakaway a few hours before City were announced as a “Founding Member” of the ESL. “Sport is not a sport when the relation between effort and reward doesn’t exist,” said Guardiola. “It is not a sport. It is not a sport when success is already guaranteed. It is not a sport when it doesn’t matter if you lose.” “And it is not fair when one team fights and fights to arrive at the top and cannot qualify because success is already guaranteed for just a few clubs.” Guardiola looked
  11. Just heard Alan Shearer on the BBC saying that the six breakaway clubs should be thrown out of the Premier League immediately. There was also talk of players belonging to the twelve clubs being banned from international matches and tournaments. What I want to know is, if this breakaway league takes off and players are banned from tournaments will UEFA have time to update the Panini Euro 2020 sticker collection? ...........asking for a little friend!
  12. The announcement that the Deloitte Audit & Assurance Spreadsheet League will include Spurs is of no surprise, mind you, the last time they were champions of any league the farthing ceased to be legal tender, Charles de Gaulle was recommending independence for Algeria, The Beatles played their fist gig at the Cavern Club, Barbies boyfriend Ken was born and my old Northcliffe United manager Tommy Powell played his last game for Derby County. To quote social media influencer Jim Royle .............................superleague my a*se! ** Note, younger folks may hav
  13. Pies, pasties, hot dogs and bovril out............paella, tapas, tortilla and sangria in ole!
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