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  1. Derby 1 Norwich 0 Nervy match. FRGS Shinnie 80th minute penalty.
  2. Derby 1 Luton 0 FRGS Sibley. Scrappy match, late rams goal.
  3. I wonder how much revenue from renewals they are now not getting for next seasons tickets? Another massive cash flow hit, which won't come good until the renewal cash in march 2022 starts to come in. It must be approx £7 million, against pre covid turnover of £31 million. So another year of covid affected cash flow at least. Ouch.😐 As my renewal will basically be free for next season I'd be happy to pay for the march 2022 renewal earlier if it helps the club.
  4. Complete tripe, we come forward, then the ball is back in our back four, where we duly give the ball away and they score.
  5. great pass threaded through by Watson, great to see.
  6. Not today, wind is producing circa 1.6%, CCGT is producing 55%, Coal and biomass over 15%, Nuclear 9% Wind generation is fine, but what happens when a still day like today?
  7. I really could not believe the lack of movement and sideways and back passes Cocu style last night. 2-0 down we have a corner, its headed out and a Derby player has it 10 feet outside the box, it can be chipped back into the mix. What happens, a pass back to the half way line, then another pass back to the keeper! Pressure lost, Cardiff move up quickly, I think the third goal came not long after this. These constant sideways passes across the back four has to stop! Movement, quick passes involving the midfield and urgency please! Worst Derby performance of the season in my view. Dir
  8. From corner and pass back to keeper in record time! Tripe!
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