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    Thameram reacted to The Orange Pimpernel in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    But if you want to compete you have to attract the better players. That in a nutshell is the problem. 
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    Thameram reacted to Abu Dhabi Ram in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Football is just the pits, and I'm rapidly losing interest in the bigger picture. Var ruins the pl, while ffp ruins the efl. Ffp is bull#$@@ so Villa are ok, QPR are ok, but we are not. Every year it is watch the money, we need to sell before we can buy etc and then this. If we had just stuck two fingers up at the efl and spent like Villa we'd be up and seemingly untouchable.
    On a more ration note, let's just play the kids and wait until Burnley prize them off us with undisclosed bids, too good to turn down. 
    Either way, its dominated by finances and when your in our position it's really ducking difficult! A big club, just not quite big enough...
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    Thameram reacted to Theres’s Only Wan Chope in V Blackburn (A) Matchday Thread   
    Disagree. Rooney is EXACTLY what we need. He is a top player. He scores goals- double figures every season and will lift other players. He doesn't hide, he works hard. He has played at the top level. I think he will be a cut above anything we have got. 
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    Thameram reacted to Edinburgh ram in View from the outside 19/20   
    Who’s this Hummels bloke? And what’s he done to be compared keogh...?
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    Thameram reacted to Westcumbrianram in IF Frank and Jody were to go...   
    Arteta for me no one else comes close.
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    Thameram reacted to Carl Sagan in Preston North End V Derby County   
    Some people saying we were lucky? Nonsense!
    That shots on target stat is massively misleading. Countless times we stormed forward creating great opportunities but weren't clinical enough with the final ball or shot. It was tiny margins going wrong, but on our game we could have been a few goals up quite quickly. Which all reminds me of the Derby of earlier in the season. At first fans felt we were being lucky, scraping draws or narrow wins. Then there was some grudging admiration that we were difficult to break down, but people complained it wasn't pretty. Then we hit a period when we took our chances, looking lethal in front of goal, and people began to see what a Rowett team was about. Then when we needed the breaks in a few games, we didn't get them, and the confidence ebbed away.
    Toady we went back to first principles, making sure we ground out the win. After the terrible defensive mistakes of recent weeks I didn't feel we would ever concede today, until the ref couldn't wait to point to the spot when there was no foul, and the other time when Carson was elbowed in the face coming for a cross and the ref let play carry on.
    As I said on another thread, Mel and Rowett have been very unlucky, and we had dreadful bad luck today with some shocking officiating, but we were still strong enough to keep the clean sheet and grab the win. Football is so very very much about momentum and confidence. If we can win the next game then we will be set fair for the playoffs and every other team will fear us. Things in football can turn around very quickly.
    Great performance today in terms of grit and refusing to yield. Delighted for Lawrence that he scored. Is this starting eleven the winning formula that will see us through for the final ten games of the campaign?
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    Thameram reacted to nottingram in Full Backs   
    Three games since Forsyth was dropped, seven goals conceded. Coincidence or not, and frustrating as Forsyth maybe, he is better than Olsson.
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    Thameram reacted to Carnero in Reading v Derby County   
    We had an excellent defensive  record with Forsyth at left back and i recall many of you were calling for Olsson to replace him for his "better attacking play". Here's the result.
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    Thameram reacted to Nuwtfly in Derby County v Brentford F.C.   
    From a Derby fan: "Give over"
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    Thameram reacted to Topram in Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan   
    If he goes good luck to him! His time on loan he stepped up as to many didn't! He deserved a contract and has done a decent job for Derby 
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    Thameram reacted to Jimbo Ram in Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan   
    Agree, both Ince and Bent produced when others didn't........
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    Thameram reacted to Forest hating Brizzle in Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.   
    Morning all boys & girls,
    In laws are Forest fans, so naturally I feel a bit of unity with you lot, so popped over to share my thoughts...
    1. Cameron Jerome did his own legs last night. Not literally, obviously Flint did them - but going down like that probably cost you 3 points. Silly, silly boy. 
    2. Your forward unit looks immense. And it was even more farcical when Rowett made your three subs late in the game  talk about an embarrassment of riches! You’ll really have to implode to not get second with 6 front men like that! Six! Six!!!!
    3. Andre Wisdoom would worry me if I were you. Ok, so I don’t watch him week in week out like you do, but I fancy he’ll need upgrading if you get promoted. Thought there were a couple of times when he got call flat footed and ball watching - in fairness it might just have been a one off - but didn’t think he looked befitting of a lot of the rest of your players.
    4. The ref. Yes, he got the pen about wrong, but we know why he got it wrong. Other than that I thought he was ok, I thought on occasions he looked too keen to give a foul for your players who go down fairly easily, and he got a couple of corners and throw in calls wrong, but nothing particularly catastrophic other than the pen - which as above, was Jerome’s fault.
    5. I’ve read a few pages of this thread and it seems to have been missed by many that we too had chances - and good chances at that - to win the game. It wasn’t really as one sided as some of you like to think. We had periods of domination, although granted our goalkeepers were clearly the busier. I think to sum it up, it was fortunate for you that we didn’t play to the best of our ability and absolutely vice versa.
    6. What was the bloke doing having a shot from fully 45 yards when you had six or seven players steaming forward? Unbelievable!
    Good luck for the rest of The season. Rowett is great and you’re playing football the right way. I’m not sure we’re genuine contenders for second... teams like yourselves and Villa have too much artillery for us to compete with so I think it’ll be one of you pair for second. You should win that. Cardiff still occupy a false position and will drop many more points before the season ends so I wouldn’t worry about them. I think they’ll drop points against Wednesday this afternoon.
    so cheers,
    and **** the Forest!
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    Thameram reacted to deanoakaram4life in Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal   
    It also comes down to mentally Jerome hasn't been part of Farke's plans during his entire time at Norwich. He will be chomping at the bit to come here! I think he would be a fantastic option to have. He can bully defences!
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    Thameram reacted to Carnero in Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    What a TEAM!!
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    Thameram reacted to Cisse in Rams Managers ranked by points per game   
    I love Jim Smith, me. 
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    Thameram reacted to angieram in U23s away at Sunderland   
    Especially that Darren Bent. 
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    Thameram reacted to Mistaram in Darren Bent - joined Burton on loan   
    I've just watched Bent for the under23 at Sunderland god help us if he gets anywhere near our bench he was pathetic 
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    Thameram reacted to Roboram in Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Martin’s been great for us but not any more. His time has gone. Don’t agree with this sentimental stuff about bringing him on for 20 minutes. 
    Unfortunately he’s become one of the high earners we need to be moving on. In fact he could be the highest earner after McClaren’s antics 12 months ago.
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    Thameram reacted to DesertRam in Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Not sure whether this has been discussed earlier, but Olsen gave his all and deserves a mention. 
    Rashford didn't exactly tear us apart, and the forays up front gave us some respite, and got us a 
    couple of good chances. Thought he did well today.
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    Thameram reacted to Sparkle in Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.   
    Or was Lawrence looking a bit better because of the work being done by wieman and Russell ?
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    Thameram got a reaction from Carnero in Martin Zuniga   
    109 games 48 starts 25 goals 8 yellows 1 red all comps in mexico
  22. Cheers
    Thameram reacted to RamNut in Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.   
    Great save...... but aaaaggh a video?!?
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    Thameram reacted to richinspain in Ledley or the Brum lad in Jan.   
    Nah, we’ve conceded a goal while he was on the pitch 
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    Thameram got a reaction from derbydaz22 in Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.   
    This is a no brainer we are better with him plays the game simple and for the team
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    Thameram reacted to Rambrah in Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.   
    I think he's looked cool, calm and controlled in a Derby shirt and has been our best central midfielder since signing for the club, giving him a contract extension is a must for me.
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