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  1. Ne needs to pull himself together.
  2. A really odd way to react David to someone thanking you.
  3. A years extension on Frank's contract as a guess.
  4. We need you mate. Stay strong and be back next year.. We are all hurting at the moment
  5. There is no way that Chelsea will appoint a manager with one years experience in the Championship. Chill out folks.
  6. In the same position mate and very worried about the Bob the Badger from this board who has paid $1200 for his flights!
  7. Bemused me, I wanted one there but ended up higher than I wanted to be as I panicked. There seems to be more tickets sold already than season ticket holders. I'm worried as I have a brother flying in from Tenerife and a mate from the States relying on me to get tickets
  8. Anyone know why blocks 214 to 221 wouldnt select? Not saying sold out just not clickable?
  9. My mate Bob the Badger has booked a flight from Florida and my Brother from Tenerife is also flying in.
  10. Top bloke. Love his posts..
  11. 5th isn't as daft as it sounds (honest)
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