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  1. But based on a very detailed analysis by "Football Law" https://www.footballlaw.co.uk/articles/the-owls-and-the-rams
  2. This on LTLF, you have to admit it, he's nailed it. Unbelievable. I mean forest has previous for being bottlers, but this? This is epic bottlage. This is CEO of the biggest bottling plant in a country who's primary export is bottles. Ducking disgrace I tell thee.
  3. Laughed so much I nearly bought a round. (nearly)
  4. TBH i almost think being relegated and starting the season with a level playing field is preferable to starting the season with a 12-21 point deduction, writing off that season and possibly then being relegated at the end of that one.
  5. Do the above options work on the assumption that we will be able to attend all next seasons games??
  6. Ramit, you said this (bold above) a couple of hours ago and then spent all subsequent hours proving that deficiency lies with yourself. A little self awareness might be useful. Foreign Policy is a minefield for almost every Government. UK History is littered with what hindsight showed to be unwise, in some cases disastrous foreign interventions (Suez?). It goes with the territory of being PM that these decisions have to be made at the time. Iraq or Afghanistan would almost certainly never have happened if it wasn't for 9/11. As I think as has already been mentioned, in the post 9/11 geop
  7. Except you were wrong about Afghanistan also I'm afraid as you tried to pin responsibility on Blair for what was a United Nations approved action under the ISAF (International Security Action Force) banner. Time for your fabled humility I'm afraid.
  8. The Afghanistan campaign bore no comparison to Iraq. The campaign in Afghaistan was supported by the United Nations resolution 1386. It was UN Authorised and nothing to do with Tony Blair. Revising history is yet another right wing trait I'm afraid.
  9. Unbelievable. One thing that has stayed consistent in Politics all my life, there are no depths that the Tories wont plumb to smear any Labour leader. With Ed Milliband they even did it via his dead father.
  10. What attacks on Libya?? Talk about letting your prejudice get the better of you. Our involvement in Libya was under the Cameron Government.
  11. Dozens/Hundreds?? Surely this argument is immoral at best. Lets say it was dozens. It is still disgusting or don't you agree? "paedo ring"? You sound like Tommy Robinson. But of course you can "think" whatever you wish, but as you acknowledge your thoughts are based on seeing absolutely no information. Your motive is as transparent as a pain of glass and that is to politically attack Keir Starmer. You know it, I know it, every one on the board knows it.
  12. You've lost me there, but not sure why you want him to be called No Peas
  13. 1- Just google "Chines students attacked UK" you will see dozens of reports from accross the UK 2 - I dont know do you? Surely though the issue here is that we were offered an opportunity to take a share of whatever they obtained. It was a no lose situation which we turned our back on simply to make a point to thei anti-EU cultists fanbase, who think that anything containing the word "Europe" is somehow inferior or directly connected to the EU. This is why we get people citing as a reason for leaving the EU, "cos they let criminals off because of the European court of yuman rights" 3
  14. Second goal on here a great team goal.
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