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  1. Chesterfield of course.......I'm from Derbyshire
  2. Well the medicine is the current DC punishment which we will take. You keep saying we should stop fighting. This is difficult whilst ever the EFL keep throwing punches (to use your fight analogy) How exactly do we achieve what you are suggesting? I'd love to know.
  3. Don’t underestimate Cashin from the 23s. May well surprise a few this year.
  4. No but reassuring supporters would never be a bad thing IMO. Are you not a little surprised at the gap between initial release and publication of report? I am.
  5. could the club and efl already have received the DC report and not made it public? The EFL have appealed and this is already with the LAP/ We know so little. Perhaps time for a club update, even if it is to confirm we are still awaiting the final report.
  6. Meanwhile Manchester United pay £73m for a single player and the football authorities cannot see what the problem is.
  7. I think it is clear from the sanction that the DC have some sympathy towards our case. I have some hope that they will prepare a carefully worded report that makes the point that their sanction should be seen as in addition to the protracted embargo that has already been very punitive towards the club and that it is their view that both parties accept their independent and neutral findings to allow the championship to move on.
  8. G Star, we are not arguing with them, we are just not allowed to accept our independently given sanction because the EFL will appeal. So many are saying that we should take the punishment so we Can move on.......if only that was possible. It is the EFL that are ensuring the fight never ends.
  9. You say we should stop fighting the EFL…… but how? They will not let us stop fighting because they keep fighting and they are about to do it again. How do we stop this? The answer is that WE can’t only the efl can stop this fight by not appealing.
  10. I thought it was only polite to "debate" with yourself.
  11. If now is not the time to stick together in solidarity with the club…..when would be?
  12. Good point though it is mainly our supporters sayin we should just take the punishment and move on. We would take the punishment if only the efl would let us. They won’t.
  13. You could always vote with your feet. You do not have to support DCFC other clubs are available. As long as you close the door on your way out.
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