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  1. sort of true but perhaps putting our biggest centre half next to their biggest attacker could help?
  2. Not sure many of those were down to scouting. Wanchope came as a result of a video sent to Jim Smith by an agent. Ernie was an established international, as was Stimac and Asanovich. Smith already knew Poom as he had played at Portsmouth. Surely a scouting network picks up a gem from Senegal or Scotland, a player no one has hardly heard of. AKA Brentford or Leicester with Vardy? Signing internationals hardly needs a scouting network, you need a TV.
  3. Easter Monday 1975. Away to Burnley. For those that were there I need say no more about the significance of the result. A second championship in four years was almost in the bag.
  4. "I felt today everybody to a man ran their socks off, we worked hard, we closed them down." This is a quote from Mark Robbins Coventry manager...........Untill we get this from our players EVERY match we will continue to struggle.
  5. Out worked and out fought AGAIN. In fact Id go as far as saying I have not seen a game this season where I thought our work rate was higher than the team we were playing. Sorry it is negative but the the physical side of the game is important in the Championship. Size, Pace, work rate, physicality, call it what you want, we Lack it.
  6. Very Very important game considering the other fixtures on the day. A win could be massive, even a draw not to bad. Mustn't lose tomorrow..
  7. Words I never wanted to utter. But, in the Championship you need "physical presence". You can be a lesser player to an extent but have a greater impact on the game. We saw this with both Cardiff and Rotherham, where our players can be brushed aside far too easily. Clearly you have to strike the right balance but we need more physicality in the squad.
  8. Was at the Hull away game. Radio 5 even mentioned the massive away following from the Rams.
  9. Didn't the Pompey fans wander into the "wrong" part of town?
  10. The away turnouts in the 86/7 season were awesome. Remember driving to Brighton and once again, the away terrace in a corner was rammed. Think we won 1 0. Was back in Derbyshire by 8.00, not sure quite how. Also remember missing so many kick offs for away games, for the misguided "I think we've got time for one more pint" problem. We never learned. Great season.
  11. He seems fit, he has enough pace for the role he plays, he is a good motivator in the pitch and has great experience and so far, dare I say it, he doesn’t seem injury prone. it’s a yes from me.
  12. A few people have mentioned Benfica. I took a tour of the Stadia da Luz in 2019 and in their museum we get a mention on their wall of fame of all the clubs they have played in European competition as per photo. When I told the guide I had seen Eusebio play they were really interested in the story but no so much about the scoreline.
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