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  1. First thing that appeared yet I have never been on any bookies website, so I doubt it.
  2. Same on the Daily Heil. Front page slagging off Rooney and Gambling in General, click to their website you get.....
  3. Personally I keep out of pools containing turds all together. You two are just weird.
  4. My favourite game of all time. I can even pick myself out in the crowd on this footage.
  5. Link removed. Someones in trouble.
  6. Well if not concluded tomorrow but he doesn't show up to work at Moor Farm, then I think many supporters will start to feel very let down by Frank. No one wants to stand in the way of his ambitions and his ties to Chelsea are known to be strong, we get all that, but there has to be limits. I think Mel has handled this brilliantly, but perhaps a line in the sand is needed to say sort by this day/time or back to work and permission to talk is withdrawn.
  7. Which leads to the obvious question....then what is it about?
  8. Just don't get the Wassall hate from some, it really is uncalled for IMO. What did the man do to deserve this? He answered the call from our Chairman to fill in till the end of a season, was in charge for 18 games, won half of them FFS, yes 50%, got us in the play offs and when asked to stand down and put up with vitriol from the fans, he knuckles down and does a great job with the academy. If there is anyone in football at the moment who deserves to be "promoted from within a club" more than Daren Wassall....feel free to point him out.
  9. Ne needs to pull himself together.
  10. A really odd way to react David to someone thanking you.
  11. A years extension on Frank's contract as a guess.
  12. We need you mate. Stay strong and be back next year.. We are all hurting at the moment
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