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  1. Well my Dad went to the 46 final so I feel I say it via proxy as he told me all about. He was still in uniform having still not been discharged from the army. He was put on a charge after the game for having a Derby rosette on his beret. ""It was a cockney Red Cap" he claimed. I was unbelieveably lucky as a kid starting watching the Rams in 1968 promotion year, saw two championships and the European glory years. saw us beat Benfica with Eusebio in the team, saw us beat Real Madrid. Was at Maine Road for the "just look at his face goal" It was the crest of a wave like no other with to many highs to say. In terms of what I missed, due to playing rather than watching, I missed the two Div 3 years which people tell me were great away days. Yes would have loved to see the Wanchope debut goal live aand most recently the Leeds away play off live, but overall I've been very lucky with the Rams.
  2. First thing that appeared yet I have never been on any bookies website, so I doubt it.
  3. Same on the Daily Heil. Front page slagging off Rooney and Gambling in General, click to their website you get.....
  4. Personally I keep out of pools containing turds all together. You two are just weird.
  5. My favourite game of all time. I can even pick myself out in the crowd on this footage.
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