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  1. Eatonram


    Good luck to him. He was a brilliant player for our club. Always amazed me how many couldn't see it.
  2. You know I'm not sure supporting a football club is for you. This is what it is like for most clubs at some stage in the cycle of ups and downs. We are currently on a down....it's painful I know, I've seen enough of them. However, blaming the current owner for everything is a bit harsh IMO. Less than two years ago we were at Wembley, now we are in a relegation battle. at some stage in the future it will be better again.
  3. Would the club itself not have to apply for administration or a creditor? would this happen quickly?
  4. Perhaps there are 2 potential agreed prices, dependant on the EFL verdict.
  5. Really important to keep the clean sheet run going.....that increases the confidence of the whole team that we can take a chance ang get the 3 points.
  6. Strange analogy there @MuespachRam. As far as I know he is British and so am I, but only one of us is a complete C**t which makes me think that just because you share a nationality doesn't mean you are all culpable for the wrongdoings.
  7. Physicality/strength/size/fitness/pace......Call it what you want, it's not "ability" as such, but we are easily "dominated" physically.
  8. 100% agree. Oh how we mock and look down our noses at Warnock. Last night, no hoofball just efficient hard working professionalism, good tactics, quick passing, attacking football with a solid defence. If only...........
  9. Good to see supporters at each others throats too............I mean that helps. No one wants it to be like it is at the moment, I suspect that applies to MM as much (if not more) than anyone. WE bounced back after the 1`1 point fiasco to see some great football once again............For all but a handfull of clubs, this is what being a supporter of a team is like, its awful on the downs but great on the ups, as supporters with no power and little say (except on message boards) we have two choices; a) Sit it out and wait for better times (they will arrive) b) Forget about footbal
  10. Then surely the solution to this "problem" for you is to not give them your attention. Just ignore their posts. I don't see why they have to be almost harassed off the board. Personally, and I dont think I'm the only one, like to hear if someone has got a bit of info, whether from a mate or a "source" they can't name. I'll give them my brief attention, you ignore them, we're both happy.
  11. You know, I really don't know why you think you can sit as judge of other people like this. It's really unnecessary and quite unpleasant. Surely if this is not a media where people can say what they have heard or believe to be true then where is? I like to hear from people who know or may know something.......if that makes me pathetic, so be it. So I say to Richard and any others who may know or have heard some news, please share it and don't be bullied off the board.
  12. As far as you are aware Richard, is the takeover safely done.....if so why no update/announcement?
  13. There is some truth in this. The thing people enjoy most in watching football, is to see their team score and win. People want "attractive attacking football".....I've always found scoring goals "attractive" and you only score by attacking, so the two go together for me. If it works, then I sought of find it attractive.
  14. Seriously, what is wrong with people. The way they personally attack our players (or managers) really puts me off my fellow followers of the Rams (i cant bring myself to call you supporters).....Rooney has been a brilliant professional since the age of 16. If he is appointed I expect him to give his all for the club. Give him the job till the end of the season with the incentive of a longer contract if he delivers, would be a reasonable option IMO.
  15. I've been watching the Rams a long time....a very long time. Not sure I've ever seen such a collapse in form, confidence and work rate as we are currently witnessing. Not sure how this happened and I'm even less sure how to get out of it. I suppose the obvious thing would be to bring in a manager that demands work rate a la Bielsa. All championship managers seem now to recognise that this is the foundation of success in the Championship, you would think it was obvious but I've thought under successive managers, Derby's players do not match the work rate of their opponents and somehow feel a "s
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