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  1. Maybe he'll thrive now he will be more of the main man, a go to for free kicks now also!
  2. Looking for either one ticket I have one in block 526 but my mate wants to go also. I'm in London from 10 am tomorrow
  3. Will be in London for 10 am tomorrow if anyone has a last min spare ticket or two? I have one for myself but my mate wants to go also
  4. Looking for either one ticket around block 526 or two tickets anywhere. I have a ticket row 9 block 526 costing £76 which could be used in some kind of swap deal
  5. I really think it's a tough one to get right - should we just reward those who have current season tickets/ attended lots of games this season? Or should we allow fans who have previously had many season tickets and years of following? I've previously been a season ticket holder for a few years attended matches at Wembley in the Anglo Italian cup, against Leicester and QPR ( hope I'm not bad luck!) But it's difficult for me to attend many games due to work. I've been a loyal fan since the early 90's but I've only attended one game this season. My point being if we had of adopted the villa system I would not of been able to get a ticket, so I think we've got it right - I do understand the frustrations of some fans not with tickets though, and those who think I'm biased as I got a ticket. I just got one by the way and will be going by myself. Up the rams! Here's to a great day out in London!
  6. I'm interested in any tickets going, especially one in block 526! I'm lucky enough to have got a ticket, going by myself though as couldn't get 2. Would love it even more to bring a mate. Either way bring it on!
  7. Hey everyone, managed to get a single ticket in block Block 526 after 2 and a half hours of trying! I'll go by myself if needs be as I really appreciate the fact I've managed to get a ticket. I'm just wondering about the process of getting an extra ticket - for example if someone was selling one on the forum? Is this allowed? Or is it a case of waiting for any tickets to be returned to the club? don't want to break any rules!
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