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  1. Tough game. Unfortunately, we played the game they wanted to play. Too many times our players played head tennis when they had a chance to bring it down. Other times rushed it when we had time. However, battled well
  2. Overall, some pleasing football. I still think Bryson is making runs into positions that are hard to actually pass into when a team is packed behind the ball. He’s not making dangerously time’s third man runs. Someone in the East Stand Lower obviously shouted something at Tom Lawerence. He hardly celebrated setting up Mount’s second. Just stared at the place where he must have heard the comment. He doesn’t look happy and doesn’t have any connection with the fans (understandable)
  3. Always feel the first few minutes set the tempo and we were lathargic. Blackburn were there for the taking. We sort of mirrored our support. Few in number and also found it hard to get any enthusiasm up...
  4. At least the introduction of Nugent helped Waghorn. He needed someone near hin
  5. We seem to be weak physically. Bundled off the ball far too easily. Can’t play against a press. Can see why we prefer to play premiership teams
  6. I don’t expect Ipswich will sit in. I expect them to come at us (as Edworthy says). We need legs and aggression tonight
  7. Mount King Cole to come. Could be Unforgettable
  8. The rotation of the players is very good. The way the midfield are dropping and taking the ball off the defence is impressive (albeit Plymouth are poor)
  9. Leeds fans: When Leeds are criticised play the martyrs... “Sky hate us” ie. spygate When Sky go OTT ie. Bielsa conference (what a genius, never seen anything like it etc.), they lap it up and can’t get enough. Getting played like everyone else...
  10. Holmes is very calm on the ball and rarely gives it away. A very good prospect
  11. Even Lineker is tweeting he “sort of loves” him. Seems to me that Bielsa has won the battle on social media at least and Derby and FL are a bit of a laughing stock...
  12. @Harrogate ram I’d suggest you were in the wrong place at the wrong time on Friday night. It was perfect for a Leeds fan. Friday night under the lights. Sky game, full house, top of the league, lightening start, relentless from beginning to end. Something easy to get behind....Regardless of what’s been said on social media and the Sky “Leeds love in”, it’s not always like that at Elland Road... I also make a similar trip to you and sit in the East Stand and understand what you’re saying. Despite a few good seasons up and around the top of the championship, we’ve never had a team that I think the fans truly believed were absolutely brilliant. However, there have been occasions that occur that I’ve walked away from PP thinking “that was brilliant”, in terms of the match and atmosphere. So, painful as it is living with the Leeds lot, keep the faith and fingers crossed for better times. It’s what your footie memories are made of.
  13. @McLovin Agree with your match ratings. I do go to the matches expecting to be more entertained than with Rowett. The point you make about hoofing the ball to Marriott is the one that I thing most fans get irate with. They obviously can’t be doing that in training and they sometimes start to do that in the first few minutes. Frank/Jody haven’t been able to address that problem during a game and in between games. It’s explained away after the match by saying the “players need to be braver”. That’s his and Jody’s coaching/management job. Living in Leeds is painful (in the football sense) but I do read a few of their match reports. Apparently, a few matches ago, Leeds were struggling to break down a team at home. After about 30 mins, they played a few aimless long balls. Bielsa was off his bucket and screaming and they reverted back to what they had been doing in training. I don’t want Frank to sit on a bucket but as another poster pointed out, I wish he’d show a bit more “anger” on the touchline, at his own team for not following instructions. Not just get animated when he thinks something hasn’t gone our way.
  14. In real time, I couldn’t tell what happened (on TV). When it was replayed, the pundits were saying it was an awful challenge and there was no reason for the keeper to have his foot up. A Leeds friend at the match thought it was a straight red... (We needed them to have at least 4 sent off as it looked like they had 15 players on the pitch!) 😉
  15. A lot being said about how good Leeds were. I’m afraid we made them look good too. Other teams who they have beaten and been beaten by recently at home have given them much more of a game. A Leeds mate who was there tonight, said he and many around him were surprised at how poor we were rather than how great they were. Our poor performances tend to be really poor. We need a settled unit. Will take a few windows but I am fully behind the ethos FL is trying to instill
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