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  1. Great first half performance against a poor Wednesday side. Some really confident passing and movement and goals to go with it. Credit to Wednesday for a more spirited second half but we were largely comfortable and they were wasteful in their half chances. Learn how to keep the ball for three or four passes when we’re under the cosh instead of looking for a killer long ball will improve us no end. Im enjoying Cocu ball. UTR
  2. It’s a shame that Radio Derby haven’t used this incident to actually educate. What CR said is racist. For those that think “it was just a slip of the tongue; there’s no way he’s racist; you can’t say anything nowadays” etc.. maybe they should spend some time to actually study why people throw around racial stereotypes and why the black players at Derby are hurt by the comment made.
  3. Some idiot pundit on Sky suggested it. Everyone laughed. Then the DET publish the story. Idiots all round
  4. The lad at right back is excellent. Brown and Sibley looked good too. Took the game to them second half. Good point after a poor first half. Should have got all three
  5. Once the senior players trust someone like Bird, he’ll look/get better. I thought he was in very good spaces at times last night but wasn’t passed to. We went long instead. An example being towards the end of the first half. The ball had been passed back to Hamer, Bird made himself available in the middle with acres of space but Hamer just whacked it long for it to be lost... They trusted him more second half
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