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  1. Stadium atmosphere

    Tough read this thread, especially living in Leeds. Believe it or not, their support can also be quiet! It’s their reputation that proceeds them. Having an iconic song helps, I guess, and a few others that can just be carried on and on by 50 odd people until everyone else joins in again. Don’t think we have anything similar. I have to agree that their is a general apathy in the home stands at Pride Park. A disbelief that success can be achieved after past failings maybe. On a positive note, when all the stands do get behind the team, the noise in PP is as good as anywhere else in the division. I am reminded of a tweet from a Forest fan last season...”I know they won but the whole place was ****ing shaking”...
  2. Sheffield Wednesday F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Regardless of opposition, changes to the team etc., this is a continuation of poor form against any side that can string a few passes together
  3. Expectation v Reality

    Our performances tend to be staccato at best. You can feel that the home crowd can really get behind the team but there is a weird atmosphere. The fans seem not to be able to believe that we are genuine challengers for the auto spot, largely based on performance rather than result. We don’t dominate and have attack after attack. Our “keep the defensive shape and quick on the counter” strategy is not conducive to producing a good atmosphere in the stands. In a nutshell, there is nothing to cheer! On Saturday, bar the goal, the only time the crowd got going was immediately after the penalty save and only for a few mins since we went straight back into our shell on the out pitch. In answer to OP question, I feel we’re ahead of where most supporters thought we’d be but the nagging feeling is that our overall play shows we’re punching above our weight. It’s a tiring watch.
  4. Jason Steele

    Get Eric Steele back
  5. We're coming after you Wolves

    I hope we do come after Wolves. Means we’ll be second..
  6. Derby County F.C. v Sheffield United F.C.

    Sheffield are a good footballing side. GR needs to figure a way to control these type of games
  7. Derby County F.C. v Sheffield United F.C.

    How long left?!!
  8. The Bridge after the game

    It’s Keogh’s fault
  9. Derby County F.C. v Aston Villa F.C. match day thread.

    I feel one of the differences today was that there was a little less expectation from the crowd. There was an acceptance that we would have far less of the ball than them. It seemed to fuel a better understanding of how we defend as a team. Around me there were many smatterings of applause when we forced them back from the wings and back towards their own goal. With 10 minutes to go, there was a feeling of “this is the test”. The crowd got behind the team from a defensive angle just as if they were pushing for a goal in other games which was great to hear. Thorne coming on added that little bit of composure to manage the game. That passage of one touch passing on the touch line really got the crowd going and believing. My favourite part of the game! A very professional performance against a decent side who lacked a cutting edge.

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