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  1. Last time we had to show match tickets even though we had Derby tops on
  2. Same issue as others trying to buy a ticket. Won’t go past the payment stage. Thought it could be a Safari issue, tried using Chrome and the seat I previously selected is not available. Very frustrating
  3. Try forwarding the email to yourself again (with attachments)
  4. I think those that have bought tickets via the website before generally fair well. However, I think it’s an awful website to navigate for a newbie. Never mind if you are trying to buy more than a single ticket
  5. Think we’ll do well to get near 20k considering the numbers that will come from Reading
  6. Tbf, I think it’s a comment made in frustration rather than a well thought out argument concerning how some fans have been affected by the last few years
  7. My understanding is that every ticket has to be linked to a fan ID. So if your mate happens to be visiting for a few days and wants to go, I think you have to register them first? Don’t know how it works at the ticket office?
  8. In an age of convenience, it’s a shame that Derby make it hard to buy a casual ticket
  9. Currently disappointing sales but I would hope that they increase over the weekend. A positive performance on Saturday will help.
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