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  1. HorsforthRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Rowett is long term. However, if he’s hounded out or feels he’s not wanted how about Igor?
  2. HorsforthRam

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    Some twitter rumours saying West Ham are interested in talking to our Gary...
  3. HorsforthRam

    Sell George Thorne?

    I believe GR said that GT was itching to be involved, however, he needs a good preseason behind him. My assumption is that GR didn’t think GT was fit enough for the demands of the run in. That’s about it.
  4. HorsforthRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    The bloke that commentates sounds like he always wants the opposition to score
  5. HorsforthRam

    Online Tickets

    Safari didn’t go past the payment page. Google Chrome worked fine
  6. HorsforthRam

    Player / Fan connection

    With regards to the atmosphere at PP. I think the a few of the players should “gee” up the crowd. Ask for support when it’s flat. I remember a fella called Joey Jones who used to play for Chelsea. Used to come out during the warmup and properly get the away Chelsea fans going before kick off. I’m not advocating cheerleading or anything but just during the game, after a hard tackle, corner etc., to give the crowd the sign to get going. I feel it gives the message that we’re in this together and that’s what both the fans and players need. We need more “fan favourites” and it might not be just about how they play but also how they communicate with the crowd. It was noticeable at the weekend how many Rams fans were loving the fighting spirit Gary Rowett showed on the touchline. Can you imagine Lawerence geeing up the East Stand after a successful run? (Don’t bother with the obvious ‘humour’)
  7. HorsforthRam


    John Gregory is managing a team in the Indian league
  8. HorsforthRam

    Derby County vs Fulham

    Lawerence. What position was he playing? From the East Stand, he seemed to being doing a damn good job vacating space and running into the middle of the pitch. Wasn’t helping Fozzy at all. He made us narrow instead of making the pitch bigger. Very low on confidence. If we hadn’t paid such a big fee for him, he’d be rested.
  9. HorsforthRam

    The Fans’ Responsibility

    Getting tired of this Leeds love in. When they fell out of the top six last season, their fans were just as angsty. Like all fans, when the expectations are raised and the team starts to fail to deliver, anxiety starts to rule
  10. HorsforthRam

    Reading v Derby County

    An average team can still be organised out of possession. One going for promotion has got to be good technically in possession. I’m afraid recently, we have not been able to control the football and the tempo for long enough to be seen as genuine contenders. Sorry to be negative but that’s what I’m seeing.
  11. HorsforthRam

    Reading v Derby County

    Same as the home game...
  12. HorsforthRam

    Stadium atmosphere

    Sorry, I’m not sure how to quote another poster...a couple of pages back, unreserved seating is mentioned in the South Stand (and cheaper beer :-)). This is so like minded fans who want to chant and sing get in earlier and congregate in the same area of seating. Great idea, a bit like the terraces used to work...
  13. HorsforthRam

    Stadium atmosphere

    Yes, Leeds have good support. Remember, they have a large connabation (around a million) and only one football club. If anything, their support should be numberically larger
  14. HorsforthRam

    Stadium atmosphere

    Would help if we had any sort of iconic song. Steve Bloomer’s watching isn’t it. Leeds being a single syllable helps!

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