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  1. There’s got to be a good marketing spin/slogan on shirts/flags to remember the loyalty of fans in that season. Sort of twist it around on the “worst team in history chant”... get your creative caps on!
  2. There’s a few missing. These are players that were put forward by fans..
  3. Whatever the team, Shinnie is the sort of player required in this game
  4. I thought in the first half, some of our passing was very crisp in the middle of the pitch. One and two touch. Just had no options further forward. A large part of the disappointment is the difference in the second half.
  5. I’m “in” for the same reasons most other “ins” are. A questions for the “outs” that “need results now”. How long will you give a new man? How fast a turnaround would you want? If a new man is appointed and we are still struggling in Feb, will you want another new man in. Or are you “well it can’t be any worse” camp?
  6. Fair point. I hope we can be a great club again too, cheers.
  7. You understand what “If” means?
  8. When I was a kid and subsequently grew older, the thing about supporting Derby was that we were a loyal crowd. “Loyal supporters “ used to be sung from the Pop side and Columbo end. I don’t know what it is about social media that wants “quick results” or our own supporters describe us a “joke club”. We are Derby County. A provincial club. Get behind the lads and whoever is in charge ffs. It’s a season of transition. If any of our crowd could remember the 80s in division 3, they would know what a joy it was to follow the club. We are never gonna be a Man U or Liverpool with global appeal, th
  9. We give him till the end of the season. “Our club is a joke”... really? Grow up.
  10. Obviously gutted about the result but I thought we were much better at keeping the ball and moving it more quickly. Lawerence made a difference. A few others back and we’ll be ok. If Watford are the standard, then we did well
  11. Isn’t there normally a press conference today?
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