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  1. HorsforthRam

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Forsyth is our best left back. Defensively better than Malone, who I feel leaves us exposed, especially at a place like WBA
  2. HorsforthRam

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    We’re lucky their final ball has been poor. They have control of the ball in our half far too easily. Standing off them, no tackles. Midfield is worrying. Need to start winning the second ball. Carson’s long kicks are basically a turn over of possession
  3. HorsforthRam

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    He’s fine when there is no decision to make other than shoot or beat a man and shoot. When it’s a quicker team move, he more often that not slows it down. Others have already made fluid runs in tune with the move. It feels like a new move has started when he gets it. I hope he improves. He looks better playing down the middle and further forward.
  4. HorsforthRam

    The missing 78 seconds incident

    I was in the Popside. Definitely a fence there cos I climbed over it.
  5. HorsforthRam

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Some fans are going to this pub in Notting Hill....https://www.theuxbridgearmskensington.co.uk/
  6. HorsforthRam

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    The positive again was Bradley Johnson. Keogh, excellent. Kept going against a decent Norwich side. We’re not fluid at the moment. Some players looked a bit leggy. We’re taking that second too long on passes. Can almost hear the cogs turning in the player’s heads. We need to get to playing much more instinctively and develop partnerships on the pitch when going forward. Atm, there’s too many “instinctive” passes going backwards.
  7. HorsforthRam

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    Josefzoon likes to beat his man and sees a simple pass. We missed him yesterday. Also, I thought Fozzie did ok. Yes he made a few sloppy passes but was more productive than Bogle. Produced a great ball for Mount where we could have equalised. I’m unsure about Malone’s defensive qualities. Admittedly, I only saw him at Oldham in the cup. Watching the highlights on RamsTV, when the game opened up we looked good. Unfortunately, it only stayed opened up for about 10 minutes. And the time wasting.... there’s something to be said for playing two halves of 35 mins when the clock stops when the ball goes dead.
  8. HorsforthRam

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    I was in LL and didn’t hear these lads. Thought the atmosphere in the away end was generally poor. Sort of precipitated the performance on the pitch.
  9. HorsforthRam

    v Bolton Wanderers (A) Match Thread

    Just got back. Bolton are the worst team I’ve seen this season which makes the result more frustrating. Honestly thought we’d take them apart after the first 5 mins. Their goal seemed to suck the energy out of us. It was a bad day at the office. The passing was pedestrian and obvious. Thought Bogle just didn’t want to get down the right and mostly he just passed back to Keogh. Felt like they knew that they weren’t playing with enough tempo but didn’t know how to solve the problem. Too many ball played into the air in their box. Perfect for their defenders. I felt sorry for Marriott. Only time he got it to feet he had to come deep. We just could not flow in a crowded half. Nothing new. The only way to beat these type of teams is to really go for that opening goal and obviously don’t concede!!
  10. HorsforthRam

    My Ultimate Derby County Dream

    I’m at the front of the East Stand and we’re playing Liverpool in the Premier League. It’s packed (obviously). We’re winning 1-0 and 90 mins are up. The ball goes out of play and it’s a Liverpool throw about 20 yards into their half. Van Dyke is rushing to get the ball. I jump over the advertising boards just as the ball reaches me. Van Dyke is steaming towards me. I throw a dummy and nutmeg him. The South Stand cheers. Van Dyke is now chasing me and Henderson is closing in with a “gonna kill you” look on his face. As Henderson dives in, I slip the ball past him to Marriott. He instantly flicks it on for Hughes who is 10 yards outside of the box to the left. I carry on with my run as Hughes volleys it beautifully into my path, about 25 yards out, left of centre of the box. I catch it cleanly and the ball flies past the Liverpool keeper’s despairing dive and in off the bar. The ground erupts. As I’m being led away by the stewards, the South Stand are singing “sign him on” as the final whistle blows. 🙂
  11. HorsforthRam

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Thank you, Mel Morris.
  12. HorsforthRam

    Declining attendances

    I wonder if the amount of Premiership and Champions Leagues game on TV affects attendances in the leagues below. Champions League was on last night, so a few may have stayed in to watch that. Premier League matches are shown on weekends and weekdays live. Maybe football fans are getting their “fix” on the tv? Also, the commentators do like to mention the difference in standard everytime a team that has gone up to the Premiership makes a mistake or misses a chance. In essence, any football outside of the Premiership is deemed to be of such inferior quality. This may be the case but the experience of going to a live match is lost on some younger fans.
  13. HorsforthRam

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Yes, I think it does! Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. Nothing to do with trying to find a stick to beat every player, as you put it. I believe it affects tempo and it also gives the receiver of the ball (more often than not the centre backs) a few more seconds. Same as a first time pass rather than taking two touches.
  14. HorsforthRam

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    As @rynny mentioned...Carson’s slow distribution is frustrating. Felt like he was the away keeper at times he looked that casual retrieving the ball and passing it out
  15. HorsforthRam

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    By and large a good game. At times we made Blackburn look poor and they have had a decent start to the season with an established team play. The spell where we were winning the ball back quickly in the first half is where we want to be. Unfortunately, in the last third, we were sometimes a bit rushed or tried to be too intricate but the tempo was definitely good. Energy levels dropped half way through the second half and there was a feeling that it wasn’t going to happen and the inevitable fear of a mistake at our end. Maybe we need to learn how to take a breather in spells of the game and keep the ball better before going again. All in all, a decent performance with Lampard still trying to find the right blend .

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