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  1. You’ve had your fresh air, now duck off home. Amused me
  2. Cocu’s post match interview was interesting. He seems to to be acknowledging that some of the players, both defensively and offensively do not have the “desire” that he requires. I think he’ll be ear marking his own signings in the next two windows (obviously).
  3. Blimey, a loss to the dogs and the Sky is falling in. The feel good factor that Lampard developed between the players and fans is being tested by a few idiots on Twitter. Yes, idiots.
  4. Both ourselves and the dogs have put out “weakened” sides. Anyone thinking that we are playing our youngsters against their first team is deluded. Both clubs are using this competition to assess their teams for the long season ahead. Our squad is thinner and has more youngsters in it. But we also have a few experienced players playing tonight..
  5. Lowe didn’t dive in. Not into the challenge at least. As he said in his post match interview, he slid in (in a straight line) to try and stop the cross. I get Cocu’s irritation/criticism but I think he was a tad harsh. The ref got it wrong.
  6. Like most things, they’re great when we win and bordering on wrist slashers when we lose. Though you can’t beat Ed’s commentary at Elland Road last year. I was there and he captured it beautifully
  7. Thought we missed a trick on game management that led to their penalty. Knight went into a full blooded 50/50 block tackle and obviously felt it. Think he didn’t want to show he was hurt. The ball was with Lawerence. He should have put it out of play, Knight stayed down and the trainer on the pitch. Would have killed their momentum. They would have thrown the ball back to us. In the event, I Knight struggled up and then missed a tackle seconds later when the ball was put through for the penalty. Overall, I think we are seeing a young team doing ok and taking on board the strategy from Cocu.
  8. Cocu is a very calm and technical manager. I’m sure his team are a good mix. Some fans need to stop going on about things like “why isn’t Marriott starting” and implying that Cocu and his team are somehow sabotaging Derby. Listen to the reasons and accept them. He wants Marriott for the long term, not a few games and injured. Cocu wants a particular style that will require skilled players to receive the ball under pressure (from the opposition and the crowd) and play to a tempo too. Some of our players may not be able to technically do that or can’t play under pressure. It’s his and his team’s job to work out how to make the best of what we have until he can wheel and deal over the next season and a half. He has proved he is capable of doing that. It will take time and I understand the frustration at the match, however, I can’t think of a better alternative management team. Mel has done a cracking job of getting them in and also keeping the excitement going with the Rooney experiment!
  9. Rams TV not working in Corfu. Can’t figure out my location. Audio working
  10. Think we look a little better playing out the back than last year. Fewer square passes followed by the long punt to be lost upfront
  11. Lacklustre. Not getting players around the box. Suffering from a lack of space in the opposition half. Penalty mirrored the half
  12. Couldn’t do the basics. We were the same last year, had the ability to play very poorly considering our league position. RamsTV commentary said it all... every time we put together three forward passes...”..this is better from Derby”. It’s like it’s a surprise. A lot of work to do but shouldn’t be a major shock to anyone
  13. we Have been poor collectively and individually. Be interesting to see how Cocu and Co change things for the second half.
  14. My Screen Time report on the iPhone has gone stupidly up..
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