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  1. I’ve always thought it’s well known that fitness levels are higher in the premier league & therefore the training is how that’s achieved. I saw a footballer congratulate one of the pair/both saying the hard work is just starting. i wish Max & Jayden all the very best, it’s a great reflection on our academy set up too, dare I say well done Darren Wassal 🥴 let’s not start the chip on the shoulder rhetoric up again
  2. As each week goes on & they’re not earning, their overall earning potential is decreasing along with it, so makes financial sense to accept a lower wage, if that makes sense. the grass isn’t always greener on the other side(or pitch) good point made in previous posts too about lack of match fitness the longer they don’t play & lack of resale value for some. come on Chrissy, you know it makes sense.... 🐑
  3. I agree, I love Chrissy & hope he signs; & with him, never say never. But the club are doing the right thing in this unpredictable world we’ve found ourselves in
  4. I will cling on to those final few words in the quote that the door is open for a return; Chrissy you’ll never be as loved at any future club than here
  5. I hope he realises what he’s got here. He’s a senior player & a legend, he’ll not get that if he moves on. it would be good to get some continuity along with the brilliant young talent
  6. Please sign Chrissy, if you read this forum, you’re a ram, always will be
  7. Here’s a thought, our guard of honour will help the club’s image - thinking sponsorship & the like. Mel will rightly have an eye on the bigger picture as well as him & Cocu wanting to do the right thing? COYR
  8. We need to keep it classy & professional. Do the guard of honour - we’d expect (&enjoy) it if it was the other way round. no silly bookings & keep injury free. No trouble outside. Let’s remember we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic. Although this is how I strongly feel, I can’t bring myself to watch or listen!
  9. Well I never thought Derby would be playing a play off chasing match on my birthday! so I’m optimistic it’ll be a good ‘un Chrissy Martin hat trick, Derby 4 1
  10. Forget what I said; give him a new contract whatever he wants, hell, make him a shareholder, name the stadium after him
  11. The corner flag would play itself in a Netflix series or a film
  12. Can you imagine seeing a film of this last couple of seasons & not knowing Derby. you’d come out of the cinema saying I thought it was good up to when that player got stabbed & robbed just as the team had started doing really well, it got too far fetched then.....
  13. It’s so shocking, really awful news, thinking of Andre & his family & friends. As someone has already posted, I didn’t think this season could get any more bizarre. I wonder how the players cope with the endless stress of what’s happened to team mates plus everything else this season. It’s reassuring to know the unflappable Cocu is in charge.
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