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  1. I’m clearly on another planet; I read the club’s statement & yeah, it says what it can, but clearly there’s not much detail they can share at the minute, but I instantly felt a bit more connected again. The line about the lost £20m due to the pandemic really struck me. My daughter & I both said as soon as we read it that we’ll buy the new shirt as soon as it’s out! I grew up near the Baseball Ground & could hear the crowd from our house. The club is in my blood & always will be so I’ll always do what I can to support its future as it’s our future too 🐑
  2. Indulge me on this post - this just came on the radio & sums being a Derby fan up for me! It’s called Fool again by Westlife. this is the chorus: Can't believe that I'm a fool again I thought this love would never end How was I to know? You never told me Can't believe that I'm a fool again And I who thought you were my friend How was I to know? You never told me (if you’re feeling really melancholy you could substitute love with club!) i just don’t have any words to contribute to this debate other than Mel will not want the club’s demise to be his le
  3. David Nish was my favourite player
  4. Apart from anything else, it must cost us a fortune in legal fees & other advice The EFL need to understand their own rules & apply them consistently. It’s no good for us or any club to keep having to go through this
  5. In my view, he secured legend status at the club yesterday
  6. I was impressed by Curtis after the joiners debacle. He just stepped back in after a period of being sidelined & brought a real calmness when it was sorely needed. Then today, talk about selfless; he could have risked serious injury but chose Derby over that. I don’t think Rooney, the club or us will, or should forget what he’s done for us. Definitely give him a new contract. He’s the sort of character we need.
  7. Anyone else think this is proper football weather, or am I just losing the plot? Had a very bad feeling all week about today’s game but I’ve got my mojo back & the shirt will be going on shortly. COYR who knows what the score will be but we’re staying up 🐑
  8. Got my shirt on & ready to take my virtual seat with my virtual ticket 🐏 I’ve got my raffle & golden goal tickets so it’s all about the feel good/day out factor for me (just humour me - I’ll be listening to radio Derby at home eating Christmas chocolates). let’s take it in the right spirit (given the covid nightmare) & be glad of no injuries & healthy players on both sides afterwards 🐏⚽️
  9. So much spitting can’t be helping . Doesn’t bear thinking about when players are constantly spitting on the pitch & in training then falling on said ground
  10. Brilliant; I donated a fiver last night but think I’ll do this. The football community supporting each other ⚽️
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