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  1. Absolutely; plus all the businesses that rely on match day trade. nightmare scenario. i’ll be renewing my season ticket as soon as I get paid again; these things will help
  2. If no matches are played again this season, perhaps roll over current points etc to the start of next season - so the status quo is maintained as such. Then play next season as normal & the season starts with everyone in the same position as when this season was halted. sorry if this has already been suggested but missing the football already & feeling sorry for myself as unwell in bed (definitely not the unmentionable though)
  3. I hope you & your family will be okay, it is worrying for a lot of people. A lot of us are asthma sufferers & receive the flu vaccination because of its potential impact. I’ll be there on Thursday - football seems to carry on regardless, unless we’re playing Cardiff......
  4. Get that new contract ready for Chrissy, well done Tom & Knight Knight Knight
  5. I listened to Richards, Hall & Gibson, (sounds like a 70s band) particularly enjoyed when they gave out Maxwell’s fax number? i enjoyed Mark Vesty I think his name was - not sure if he commentated but he was part of the radio Derby team. you’re missed Owen
  6. I didn’t hear any mention of it last night but Dave Fletcher mentioned it Thursday night at the start of the sport scene programme- they played Cocu’s comments about the impact it had & DF reiterated on air about CR’s apology, that they weren’t using him again & that an internal investigation was on going. It was well done by radio Derby. thought last night’s programme was good as was the commentary & they seemed very supportive of ED with some of the things Eric & DF said. it’s Jake Buxton on Tuesday instead of Eric.
  7. This is such a serious matter that it’s right & proper for the BBC to have a thorough investigation. It was good to hear some reference to it at the start of last night’s sport scene. Radio Derby is A, if not The, flagship local radio station of the beeb’s & has won national Sony awards & now the local station & the BBC reputation is tarnished with racism, (let’s be clear - it was racist). They need to learn lessons & I suspect some management will be under scrutiny for how programmes are ‘quality assured’ (can’t think of a better term) rather than just the bloke who was on air with CR at the time juggling numerous tasks. I’m for one hoping some good can come out of this in terms of making people question their unconscious bias which many good posts have mentioned.
  8. I listen to radio Derby every match - even while I’m watching at PP. Have done for a long time. in my humble opinion there are 2 issues: 1. CR made a completely unacceptable comment & has rightly paid the price. Well done to Max & Bogle for standing up to it. 2. The radio Derby match programme has become increasingly unprofessional from both CR & ED. I didn’t hear the podcast but I did hear ED make the ‘arsed’ comment. If I want to hear words like that I can just take my ear phones out. It’s definitely time for changes. I’d rather there were a small team of ‘pundits’ rather than just the one so it doesn’t get too cosy. Having said that Eric Steele is fabulous & ED definitely doesn’t talk to him in the way he did to CR.
  9. The weather seems to be as forecasted with the gusts picking up now. still going though 🙋🏻‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  10. We were buying a washing machine in Reliants on Babbington Lane - every TV had footage from Hillsborough. It was clear what was happening & was completely horrific. I was proud that our club was the first to take down the fencing between the terraces & the pitch, think on the Monday after the tragedy. We can never forget these tragedies.
  11. Just love Chrissy Martin & would love him to see his career out with us.
  12. I sometimes wonder why people go to the matches when all they do is moan & shout foul abuse (does language have to be so foul - really - it just normalises it the more it’s used) someone once said to me that football can bring the worst out in some people & that’s so true. i always think you should have hope but not expectation as a fan 😂 I go for much more than to see us win - that’s a bonus! best away match I’ve ever been to was Blackburn - last match of the disastrous premier season - what an atmosphere- actually probably better than a lot of subsequent home ones
  13. Yes we’re season ticket holders in the east stand, but getting no joy trying to buy on line
  14. Are the tickets available to buy online? Don’t seem to be getting anywhere when I try
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