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  1. Haha
  2. Haha
    Colm reacted to ThePrisoner in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I assume @SaintRam will be providing play by play updates as usual?

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    Colm reacted to Pearl Ram in Two Directors step down   
    Best bloody badge/crest in the league that bar none.
  4. Clap
  5. Haha
    Colm reacted to Mick Brolly in Could Cocu Walk?   
    Bloody hell when I saw the title i thought he was bladdered as well .
  6. Clap
    Colm reacted to SaintRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Waghorn isn't thick at all. 
  7. Haha
    Colm reacted to GadFly in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Out of curiosity... How many blokes did Lawrence and Bennett have to beat off to get their jobs?
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    Colm reacted to NewtonRamDE55 in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    People saying we should cancel their contacts etc, completely disagree. Fine them, suspend them for a few weeks but to release two fairly good players is ridiculous. If they had injured somebody else I would have a different opinion on it but the only thing they hurt was themselves, their cars and their wallets. And no, before people start saying that I 'support drink driving', absolutely not, but releasing them won't do any good. The best way to punish them is to dock pay, suspend them for a bit and make them go on a drink driving course etc (as well as whatever the court decides). Disagree with me all you like but that's my opinion.
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    Colm reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW 62: Cardiff & Leeds   

    Has Phillip Cocu had the result which could kickstart Derby's season? Chris, Richard and Tom review the most unlikely of away draws at Elland Road, ask how we scraped a point... and assess *the Chris Martin question*. There's a look back too on the Cardiff stalemate, Steve Gibson's ongoing vendetta against the Rams, and a new slice of Derby County trivia nonsense.
    Thanks for listening
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    Colm reacted to B4ev6is in That the fighting spirt been looking   
    Today game was not preatty on the eye what Derby did well today after going behind to leeds man keogh said right lads we to fight to stay and hang on to half time once half time came along I said people behind me we need chris martin come on and not long after that I throught right we have chance get something or sneak a point. Leeds tried take him out by eblow to the face. But that put fight into martin and the lads he said to them right were going make them pay for that cheap shot and jamie Paterson fed chris martin and he did the rest by scoring that fanstic goal sending Derby fans wild. But man I was so glad I was there.
    Come on lads take on now and kick on lets start close that gap on forest now.
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    Colm reacted to wixman1884 in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    going in 1-0 at half time will be robbing them blind. i'd fancy our chances to steal a point late on 
  12. Haha
    Colm reacted to Ramchope in New “head of academy coaching”   
    Mike Scott you say???

  13. Clap
    Colm reacted to therealhantsram in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    This is a coded message to the EFL.
    The message is 'don't try to retrospectively impose punishment on us to appease Boro. Otherwise you will find us potentially suing you too.' 
  14. Clap
    Colm reacted to Ambitious in Middlesbrough to sue the EFL over Derby's Stadium Purchase   
    Amazing. Middlesbrough, who had a higher wage bill than us, are throwing their toys out of the pram due to our overspending. You couldn’t make it up. 
    It’s arguably one of the most bitter moves in the history of the English game, and I’m actually glad we’re at the heart of it. 
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    Colm reacted to GenBr in Shearer and Owen   
    Course I am what? Not exactly sure what you are getting at here?
    The way I earn money already means I can do what I want most of the time. I am far from a millionaire, but my earnings easily cover my monthly expenses whilst allowing a great deal of free time. Any job including that of footballer puts limitations on my time or freedom that I do not want - I don't care about the money. It is clear that you do not understand this though - I don't really care if you want to work yourself to death like everyone else seems to want to do.
    When I was at University I had a lot of free time and then it dropped to zero when I entered the world of work. This is not something I enjoyed - I want to work on my own projects without interference. My current source of income allows me to have the same freedom I had at university without being homeless and that is the only thing I need. I don't care about being a millionaire, but I guess this is something you will never be able to get your head round.
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    Colm reacted to GenBr in Shearer and Owen   
    No i wouldnt. Feel free to do whatever you want in your desperation for money, but i would not do the same. Again you assume everyone is motivated solely by money. You want to piddle away your life in your pursuit of cash be my guest, but i would not do the same. Time is infinitely more valuable than any amount of money. 
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    Colm reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW Meets: Paulo Wanchope   
    Morning all, something for the (international) weekend:

    Derby County's cult hero Costa Rican joined us for a nostalgic chat in our latest interview special. Wanchope, who scored 28 Rams goals in all competitions, explained how he nearly became a pro basketball player before coming to England, his fiery relationship with Jim Smith, his favourite Derby teammate, and ofcourse *that* Old Trafford debut goal.
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    Colm reacted to VulcanRam in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    Really? So you genuinely can't see the difference between a sportsman willingly signing a contract that's been thrashed out by agents, lawyers and club officials and a newspaper trying to destroy his marriage and personal life by printing lies about him? 
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    Colm reacted to Steve Bloomer's Washing in SBW 60: The Brentford Inquest   
    Did that really happen? A disastrous London away day sees Derby's second 3-0 defeat in less than a week - the first time they've lost consecutive games by three goals since the end of Paul Clement's reign in 2016. What on earth went wrong at Brentford - and was it a freak result or a worrying sign of problems to come? Richard, Tom and Anton pick the bones from a week to forget. 
  20. Clap
    Colm reacted to Andicis in Leeds Documentary   
    You are joking. I've been to Elland Road multiple times, they aren't any better than us. They cheer when they're winning, that's about it.
  21. Clap
    Colm reacted to reverendo de duivel in Radio Draby: Eric Steele   
    Personally I think it's Dawes that's the problem, not his co-commentator.
    When I listen on the radio, I like to know where the ball is on the pitch, and he only mentions that part for goal kicks and corners.
    Watched the second half yesterday on a stream 1 min behind, and there's almost no correlation between the pictures Dawes paints and the reality.
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    Colm reacted to Cocu_Doodle_Do in Radio Draby: Eric Steele   
    I agree with b4. I enjoy listening to Ramage his passion really comes through. Eric may be more intellectual but bores the hell out of me.
  23. Clap
    Colm reacted to goldstar in Radio Draby: Eric Steele   
    Can't we have Steele and Ramage? Could do without Dawes' put downs and sly comments disguised as 'banter'. I like Steele's calmness and knowledge, and Ramage's energy and passion.
  24. Haha
    Colm reacted to angieram in v Brentford (A) Match Thread   
    Been chatting to some Brentford fans. They can't score for toffee, got 0-0 written all over it so we decided it will be a high scoring draw! COYR.  🐏⚽🐏⚽

  25. Haha
    Colm reacted to IlsonDerby in Keogh and Forest groundsman in alleged scuffle   
    Is it not your day to have your family's one braincell today? 
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