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    Colm reacted to RamNut in Alan Hinton   
    Alan is a really nice guy and was a great player.
    I’m disappointed to see that this has happened. He will be really hurt.
    i have no doubt at all that he is not a racist. In twitter shorthand he has expressed himself awkwardly but that’s all.
    One of the greats.
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    Colm reacted to RoyMac5 in Alan Hinton   
    What? Why on earth not. There's people out there with very 'different' views on life indeed. How do you propose we all live together if there is no compromise, even if just in the form of 'oh I understand I shouldn't have said that'?
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    Colm reacted to RoyMac5 in Alan Hinton   
    It makes it sound like that is all they are, that potentially one comment defines the whole of their lives past and future. When maybe they were misunderstood, or misquoted or just ill-spoken. I repeat who amongst us hasn't made remarks they would currently be castigated for.
    Hinton apologised, and said his tweet was misunderstood.
    Graham Richards infamous '9-11 comment', is that all he was? 
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    Colm reacted to RoyMac5 in Alan Hinton   
    I remember Michael Johnson's remarks, seems he's rehabilitated himself? Better to crucify them before they have chance though. Hinton has apologised and explained. Eranio I think also apologised. Stimac I've not read.
    The current climate encourages people to queue up to prove they are 'holier than though', we never wait to hear the whole of it or consider that people could change their views...
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    Colm reacted to philmycocu in Mason Bennett   
    We extend his contract, even after drink driving, and he still thinks our ground should burn down, seems like a nice guy, obviously not appreciative of a job on good wages at an employer that saved him from a career at Sports Direct in Shirebrook, thick as a plank.
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    Colm reacted to Paul71 in Mason Bennett   
    Its irrelevant if its a private joke or not. If I whisper to a colleague a private joke about another colleague and get overheard by someone and that other colleague finds out, I have no defence by saying it was about you not to you.
    On its own its not an horrendous offence, but it shows a lack of respect to Derby and Mel Morris who stood by him when he probably should have been sacked for his part in the drink drive fiasco.
    He is going to go anyway I think, and certainly expect he won't receive a hero's reception should he ever play at a high enough level to play against us in future.
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    Colm reacted to B4ev6is in Mason Bennett   
    This has deeply hurt me as I was one of people stuck up for him but now that has changed for me saying things like is out of order and like this he desevse being sacked on the spot.
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    Colm reacted to Owd miner in Mason Bennett   
    You really think at 25 he still has alot to offer ??? Wow tha must ha been watching a different player to me mi owd ... can ya imagine doing ya job at 15 and not progressing ? Do ya reckon ya gaffer would still say 10 year later hes still not quite there yet but hes got a lot of potential.... tha would be darn road mi owd.
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    Colm reacted to rammieib in Mason Bennett   
    Joke or no joke, time to sack him. It’s just tiring to deal with these things.
    If we are still paying him, we save some money.
    Sack him, he can’t even play for Millwall I would suspect as he wouldn’t be employed by us and couldn’t sign for them.
    He’s already had gross misconduct so anything else would just push it over the edge.
    What a moron.
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    Colm reacted to RamLad1884 in Mason Bennett   
    Feel like it's somewhat flogging a dead horse here... This is showing exactly why Cocu shipped Bennett to the u23s then out on loan but brought Lawrence back in. At least Tom's had some humility to his actions as well as proving himself on the pitch, I feel like Mason has shown anything but on both counts. 
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    Colm reacted to G-Ram in Mason Bennett   
    Who is really that bothered 🤷‍♂️
    He isn't good enough to play for Derby. He's lucky to still be playing in this division & in my opinion is a league one player at best. 
    If it was a legend for us like a paulo wanchope or igor I'd be a bit upset that thay could think that but it's just small mind mentally from a small mind player who isn't good enough
    I'm sure people have gone to work in a big company & thought I hope it burns etc & when that employee leave the employer isn't bothered because they're easily replaced & not a big part of the business. Same with Bennett. If Derby is such a bad employer then move on mate nobody will be bothered or miss him
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    Colm reacted to Anon in Mason Bennett   
    Please everyone, think before you criticise a professional footballer. They slave away for our entertainment with such paltry monetary compensation. They truly are the best of us. The last thing I'd ever want to do is say something that Maison Bennett didn't like. Let's show a bit of respect eh? Maybe we can start a collection for him to show how sorry we are?
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    Colm reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Mason Bennett   
    My point wasn't whether he owes anything to the club (incidentally, I still think he does). My point was that the exact same thing happened to Tom Huddlestone, so you'd have thought he'd have learned that 'private' stories don't say private. It just so happens that Huddlestone's video actually involved Bennett himself throwing up in a urinal, so you'd expect the lesson to have stuck in his skull even more. Clearly not.
    There's absolutely no excuse for the rank stupidity he's shown. I'm not even passing comment on whether I find it offensive or whether he should review his friendship circle because they're irrelevant the point I'm making. 
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    Colm reacted to Topram in Mason Bennett   
    Can’t believe people are sticking up for him, the guys an absolute thick idiot, he’s proved that plenty of times
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    Colm reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Mason Bennett   
    There's literally no excuse for it. Earlier in the season, a video emerged of him throwing up in a urinal because Tom Huddlestone put it on his private story. If he didn't learn his lesson then that private stories don't stay private, then there's absolutely no hope.
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    Colm reacted to Tamworthram in Contracts Expiring in July - Opportunities and Risks   
    Shoot me know if we were to sign Ayala. I can;t really explain why but I really don't like or rate him.
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    Colm reacted to Sparkle in Matches suspended   
    Leeds were clear with 4 games to go last season and blew it - no way they should be promoted 
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    Colm reacted to Dimmu in SBW Meets: Steve McClaren   
    True that. Can't see another club ever coming for Clough.
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    Colm reacted to richinspain in Coronavirus   
    My niece is a nurse in the Derby Royal. She had been working on the Covid ward for three weeks before being sent home on Thursday with a fever, cough and sore throat. As of yesterday she hadn't been tested, and unless her symptoms worsened wasn't going to be.
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    Colm reacted to SaintRam in Coronavirus   
    All good, folks. 
    Back working (from home) today; I've spent the past 4-5 days sleeping for 20 or so hours a day waiting for the fever to break 😄 
    Bit mad it was so severe for me for so long; not consistent with most my age - I suspect it had a re-lapse of some form but I slept through the part where I was feeling better. Only symptoms I still have don't affect my ability to work; a (very) slight occasional shortness of breath and I still completely lack all sense of smell and taste (although some would say I never had the latter).
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    Colm reacted to GboroRam in Coronavirus   
    We've been waiting for a virus to cross from animal to human for a long time. Avian influenza was a big concern for a long time, and when cases were found there was concern about it moving from human to human. Thankfully that never happened - but it was always a possibility. 
    That's why calling it Chinese flu is pointless. We are primarily meat eating animals - the only way we could have ensured we would not get sick from animal viruses is not to eat animals. The fact it originated in Chinese wet markets is neither here nor there. 
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    Colm reacted to Paul71 in Coronavirus   
    Why is politics being discussed in here?  
    And why haven't posts been removed? 
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    Colm reacted to philmycocu in Matches suspended   
    Cancel the season. Fairest way forward. Funniest way forward too.
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    Colm reacted to smiths_tavrn in Ridiculous decision to suspend the football season because of corona virus   
    It was a great pub, back in the day.
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