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  1. There's a few, i think Jokanovic and Wagner would be near the top of a lot of people's lists just for their recent promotions. We would have to compromise on style but in terms of standard i'm sure people like Karanka, Moyes, Bilic would get a mention. My knowledge of League 1 and 2 managers is lacking but the german bloke at Barnsley appears to be doing well, as does the caretaker manager at Luton. Could even take a risk on the Cowley brothers at Lincoln, currently at the top of league 2 having done a good long-term job there.
  2. I would be baffled if this happened. If we were in and around the top 2 then it would make some sense, but we're not. I would be sad to see him go but (to quote the snake) 'the reality is' at the moment we're doing ok. We're floating around the edge of the play-offs with a team thats probably good enough for about that. Long term he is only going to improve, but as it stands Chelsea would just be hiring a seemingly decent championship manager. Clubs the size of Chelsea demand instant results (hence they're getting rid of Sarri) - it would be a stupid appointment on their behalf and probably stupid of Lampard to take it at this time. So nothing to worry about. And if he does go there are plenty of managers who are a similar level to Lampard currently.
  3. Unfortunately i can't remember the sources and authors of articles from 2 years ago but i will have a trawl of the internet for some stuff later. That aside, we know due to reports in the media and during transfer windows which players at which clubs are towards the top of the wage bill and bottom (e.g Cole, it was reported he was only on 6'000 ish a week at LA Galaxy due to the wage structure there). You can also assess the context of the transfers etc. If we signed two players, one an established premier league player and one a young prospect from league 2, just because the club doesn't announce the signing alongside an exact breakdown of their earnings that doesn't mean everyone can't deduce whose on the bigger wedge. But if you want to think there's a chance that Hudds, having had some good years in the premier league and regarded as a very good player when we signed him, is actually earning below average at the club then feel free. I will have a look for that article. If he is earning 10p and a bag of crisps a week then i'm fully behind this extension - but he isn't.
  4. It was reported when he signed that he was our new highest earner at the time. Also had been on a premier league contract the year before. I'm not claiming to know his exact earnings but its really not hard to find out that he's earning more than the average at our club, i find all this "how does anyone know what he's earning" talk quite ridiculous to be honest.
  5. Going to be a controversial opinion but not so pleased with this. He's on such high wages and seems like a clause rather than Frank's choice to extend it. He's a good player obviously, but if we're seeking to bring down the age and wage expenditure then this would be one you'd get rid of. Maybe all this means is we get a bit of money for him in summer from an Italian team, rather than his value counting against our FFP when he gets released.
  6. RamsFan10


    Read on twitter that before this Kazakstan have won 4 games in a decade.
  7. I know some on here know the business/financial football stuff well. Can someone explain the part in the times article talking about Mel's loans to Sevco, the holding company? To the untrained financial reader it sounds like Derby/Mel somehow owes himself millions 😂 EDIT: Is it just that Mel wants his debts cleared in exchange for giving the club (for £1) to a person willing to pay those debts?
  8. Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Huddlestone Johnson Holmes Mount Lawrence Waghorn
  9. Frustrating but a good performance, no reason to be negative about this one. It could be worse, we could have to watch them play every week.
  10. Wilson needs a game or two out of the team. He's been very poor tonight. Would like to see Lawrence and Holmes outwide with both Marriott and Waghorn down the middle.
  11. Give Mitchell-Lawson 10 minutes.
  12. Did Stoke replace Gary Rowett with Gary Rowett? Or do Stoke as a club only play hoofball regardless of who's in charge.
  13. If Zoon or Lawrence played like Wilson is playing today they would get slaughtered on here.
  14. Brilliant performance, hopefully we don't regret missed chances. Looking at their team sheet its baffling how they aren't top 2, but on their performance thus far it isn't. Would be a good win if we manage it.
  15. Good start, Wilson needs to wake up a bit.
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