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  1. Just watched the highlights, was anya playing in defensive midfield?
  2. Without wanting to put breaks on the Martin bandwagon, he holds the ball up for 3 seconds and lays it back 5 yards. Decent play but from what everyone had said I was expecting a scorpion flick and a triple back flip.
  3. Can anyone work out what system we're playing? Appear to have one central midfielder and four wingers!
  4. Not sure Whittaker is ready for first team football just yet, but Bateman has stepped in and looked solid in a position that isn’t his natural one.
  5. Wasn’t that Bateman? Can hardly tell in all honesty
  6. Same again for 2-0, good build up before though. Bennett playing well after missing that sitter.
  7. Their Keeper doing his best Lee Camp impression to make it 1-0 Derby
  8. Yep just noticed this, very surprised that Lowe is playing CB as that is Bateman’s normal position, and MacDonald has played there before. I assume Cocu couldn’t stomach a left footed right back. Surprised also that Fozzy didn’t get a game at CB this half instead.
  9. Appears to be 4-2-3-1 this half. Mitchell Bateman, Davies, Lowe, MacDonald Hudds Thorne Whittaker Marriott Bennett Martin. Marriott playing a bit like Vydra under Rowett.
  10. Waghorn has clearly been training with Darren Bent over summer.
  11. We’re doing well but not sure how much of a test this is. They can’t keep the ball for more than 5 seconds, and that’s no exaggeration. Would probably be better playing the u23s. Or u18s.
  12. This poll needs a third option “throw myself from a bridge”
  13. I feel like people put way too much emphasis on odds, it’s not like paddy power have any more idea than us. At this point the odds are probably plucked from thin air to encourage punters. Cocu sounds good but I am cautious, we seem to have all regained trust in the media (after 2 weeks of slating them) simply because it’s an article we all like the sound of.
  14. Basing this from the odds at the moment: Cowley (6/4) - done brilliant things with Lincoln, but their style of play is not amazing to watch. Moore (7/1) - Had arguably the best squad in the division and had them at 4th before being sacked. The only people who seem to agree with the sacking were WBA fans. Not quite sure what that says, but I would hope we set our sights slightly higher initially. Monk (10/1) - People seem to be unanimously against this, and he certainly wouldn't be a first choice. Style again not amazing to watch at times, but did a good job with Birmingham this year and many of their fans were sad to see him go. Can hardly blame Monk for being angry at the sale of Jota to Villa. Hughton (14/1) - style not as negative as some think, gets championship sides playing good stuff when going for promotion. Knows how to get out of the division and a very sensible choice. Terry (14/1) - no for me, if he does well Chelsea will come knocking when they inevitably sack Lampard this time next year. Bowyer (16/1) - Charlton played some attractive attacking football at times this season. Has done well with a team that was not expected to go up. They also have some exciting young players we could try and steal if Bowyer is appointed. Would be near the top of the list for me. Gerrard (16/1) - doubt he would come, and it is hard to judge how well he's done. Rangers fans seem to love him, but finishing 2nd in a league where that is both the bare minimum and as much as you can reasonably expect doesn't tell us much. On the plus side, he will only improve. After this point the names and odds get a bit silly, honourable mentions to Benitez (33/1), Moyes (33/1), Campbell (40/1), McInnes (50/1), Martinez (66/1). Dishonourable mentions to Keane (16/1), Rowett (25/1), Coleman (50/1).
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