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  1. RamsFan10

    v Manchester United (a) Match tHread

    Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Malone Bryson Huddlestone Mount Bennett Marriott Wilson
  2. RamsFan10

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Look at the bright side, means we haven’t dropped away despite losing.
  3. RamsFan10

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Struggling to believe that there’s some people on here and twitter saying it was anything other than a straight red.
  4. Ideally want a poor team at home for this round (Macclesfield Oxford Wycombe) If not, one of the big 6 away. If not that, either Forest, Burton or Leicester.
  5. RamsFan10

    v Hull City (A) Match Thread

    Brilliant tonight but shouldn't get too carried away, was their second string team. Carson Wisdom Keogh Tomori Forsyth Huddlestone Mount Johnson Jozefzoon Waghorn Lawrence So hard to pick the front three, feel Bennett and Nugent could play potentially instead of Lawrence. Unlike some i've thought Lawrence has played well and the value of a freekick from nothing can't be understated.
  6. RamsFan10

    Hull (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread

    Andreas Christensen comes to mind straight away but thats about it recently. Their youth system is a money-making system (and a very good business model purely based on finances). I'm sure Mount will be a regular at a top club in the coming years but definitely wouldnt bank on it being chelsea.
  7. RamsFan10

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    What’s the point in signing all those forwards if you’re not going to start any.
  8. RamsFan10

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Brilliant goal. Shouldn’t detract from the fact we have been poor. COYR
  9. RamsFan10

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    This is making me look forward to the drive home.
  10. RamsFan10

    v Ipswich Town (H) Match Thread

    Preferred Rowettball to snooze ball
  11. RamsFan10

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Tomori has been at fault for 4 goals in 110 minutes of league football. Not quite sure how we’ve all concluded he’s amazing.
  12. RamsFan10

    v Oldham (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

    Anyone who was there, how did Jozefoon, Marriott, Malone and Evans get on?
  13. RamsFan10

    v Oldham (A) Carabao Cup - Match Thread

    Not even at the game but i can answer that for you
  14. RamsFan10

    v Oldham - (A) Cup Predictions

    Right. Derby 7-0 Oldham Marriott first goal, richard Keogh with the other 6 for extra points coyr
  15. RamsFan10

    Interview with Mel Morris

    Tonight after we draw 1-1 with Oldham.

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