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  1. Whatever we do I just hope we stick to the same system for 90 minutes. We're never going to get going if we change formation at half time each game.
  2. Thought tonight was his first poor game. Looked lively against Swansea and stoke.
  3. Honestly thought he was wasteful in the attacking third. Loved him cleaning up at the back. Maybe I meant more to criticise the system, would like to see him with two naturally attacking midfielders I.e Dowell and Knight.
  4. Another thing is that I’m no longer as confident in Clarke as I was after the first couple of games. At fault for both Stoke goals and the first (in part) again tonight. I feel like people really don’t appreciate how good Keogh is.
  5. Stupid mistakes cost us. Thought the build up was good all game (obviously helped as they were defending a lead for most of it). I’m sure our fan base will over-react as usual but plenty of positives. Dowell had a poor game but in my opinion it was his first. Bielik good defensively but should be given no attacking responsibilities. No excuses for Zoon anymore, shouldn’t be near the first team squad. Lawrence, Paterson, Bennett, Knight, Mitchell-Lawson and the kitman should all be ahead of him.
  6. I really don't agree with those suggesting a radical change in formation after 4 games unbeaten. Its not like the 3 at the back nullified Stoke on Saturday any more or less than the 4 at the back, in my opinion. Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Bielik Huddlestone Waghorn Dowell Lawrence Marriott Jozefzoon has had enough chances now, time for him to be dropped. Waghorn is better down the middle, but is still an upgrade on the wing and I expect the front 4 to be fluid so he ought to drift centrally. I also don't think Dowell has done badly as some have suggested, and i feel like Bielik + Huddlestone would work well together. Bielik is good at cutting out passes/winning the ball back which would complement Huddlestone's range of passing.
  7. What on earth was that tactical change at half time. Choosing to play Zoon at wing back when not forced to, confusing more than anything.
  8. Very bold, not sure anyone saw that coming. Zoon at left wingback and Lowe on the right. Very weird.
  9. I'd go: Roos Lowe Keogh Clarke Malone Huddlestone Bielik Waghorn Dowell Lawrence Marriott Subs: Hamer, Davies, Evans, Knight, Bennett, Jozefzoon, Paterson Only way i can see us getting both Waghorn and Marriott into Cocu's system. Sooner we get Jack playing in the league the better. I'd like to see that front 4 as fluid as they have been in the last few games. I originally had Evans in for Huddlestone, but changed my mind - Bielik as the ball winner and Huddlestone spraying passes would work well. Couldn't find room on the bench for Shinnie, Knight has to be there.
  10. I think this debate is being gradually expanded to now be about the morality of gambling in sport in general. I like the comparison to alcohol or fast food companies - all three can potentially ruin lives yet all three are perfectly fine when taken in moderation. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, it is ridiculous that we have suddenly become central to the debate considering how prolific betting sponsors are throughout football all over the world, and considering the name of the league we play in as many have pointed out. My two cents is that gambling has existed - just like alcohol, drugs, and other vices - for centuries. It is a reality of sports culture which many people enjoy in moderation. The way to reduce harm is to educate, rather than to project a moral obligation onto football clubs. Perhaps such advertising could be moderated in some way, but a blanket ban is both unrealistic and unnecessary (imo). The money generated in football by gambling companies is also central to the modern game, which would look so different without it (i.e, TV coverage would be considerably less well funded). I mentioned this in another thread but think its relevant here too. The moral debate over sports gambling is really insignificant when you consider other immoralities in sport. Man City are owned by a man leading one of the most repressive and murderous regimes in the world, responsible for a catalogue of human rights abuses. This isn't to say the debate over gambling is not valid, just that it seems to take up more media space than far more contentious issues.
  11. Think the questions of morality surrounding the Rooney deal are ridiculous, especially considering other realities within football such as who owns the current English champions. Gaining additional sponsorship from a perfectly legal business vs being owned by a regime who have tortured and executed thousands for their race, sexuality, political identity, gender etc... suddenly #WR32 isn't as concerning.
  12. Martin and Thorne were so good for us, but their best season was 2013/14 - 6 years ago. Martin has scored 4 goals in the last 2 years. That's the reason we don't get to see Martin up top nowadays, and its the reason consecutive managers have exiled these players. Just a slight point on Butterfield also, unlike Blackman he actually hit the ground running when he first signed. He scored 8 goals in that first season. Then his form just dropped off a cliff, much like Martin. For me its a very valid comparison. The only difference being that Butterfield had his massive contract reduced then cancelled so he could go and play (which is no criticism of Martin, if a club promises to pay a player a massive wage the player is well within their rights to see that contract out). I'm not trying to rip into Martin and Thorne. 2013/14 was one of my favourite seasons supporting Derby and they will go down as two of my favourite Derby players of recent years. But for differing reasons (injury, lack of form, age etc) they're rightfully not in the centre of the clubs future plans, just like other players we have attempted to offload (Butterfield, Blackman, Anya etc). Bar an injury crisis, neither will get regular minutes.
  13. I get that, but there's so much more clamour regarding Thorne and Martin compared to say Blackman and Butterfield when they were our players. The only reason they're still here is because we've not been able to shift them.
  14. More like last weeks men. Its been time for half of this forum to move on for long enough now.
  15. Mad how Buchanan is going to be celebrating his first career hattrick at the city ground.
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