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  1. If i was to be honest and choose who i think is actually best for each position...
  2. I'd imagine MacDonald or Wisdom will be on the bench and may have to play last 10-15 if necessary, or the whole of extra time.
  3. If we actually go up it could genuinely put him in A&E, not sure how he would cope.
  4. Don't mind him so much, hope he leaves as he's clearly a good manager. Leeds will go back to mid table mediocracy again, and we'll never have to play them again.
  5. To the tune of "Marching on Together" "Here we go with Leeds United, We're going to give the boys a hand, Stand up and laugh at Leeds united, Biggest bottlers in the land, Everyday, we're all going to say we hate you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Everywhere, we're gonna be there, we hate you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Maaaarching on to funkkall, we're going to laugh at you, We are so proud, we shout it out loud, We hate you Leeds, Leeds, Leeds" Between the “Leeds, Leeds, Leeds” you could even shout “hate” or “funk” i.e “we hate you Leeds, (funk) Leeds, (funk) Leeds”
  6. What's the score going to be at Wembley B4? Might put a bet on whatever you say 😂
  7. We also sold the league's top goal scorer between now and then
  8. Wisdom was there, in the stands and on the pitch at the end with the others
  9. Put some pressure on for 5 minutes. Haven’t completed 5 consecutive passes since, the entire midfield is malfunctioning. Have we had a shot from open play? Thus far Bielsa has outthought us 4 times
  10. Nugent in disguise, just so we don't kick off when he comes on ahead of Marriott
  11. I made a post a couple of weeks ago saying that i didn't believe the conspiracies as to why Marriott wasn't starting. But wow, struggling to explain it more and more. Thought we'd change formation as well to how we finished against leeds in the last leg.
  12. All we want is Grant Wisdom Keogh Buxton Forsyth Hughes Thorne Hendrick Russell Martin Ward is that too much to ask for
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