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  1. (these are just my thoughts on the matter, which aren't worth any more than anyone else's - i'm not looking to start a political debate on a Derby fans forum!). I studied a bit about Vox at Uni a few years ago. Obviously, i'm not an expert on Spanish politics, but I can say that his association with them does concern me, and I do think some things are bigger than football. There isn't really an exact UK equivalent - their views are far more extreme than UKIP but they aren't proponents of fascism like the NF or BNP. A quick skim of the internet revealed that their leader called for a
  2. Wisdom reads the game far better in my opinion. Tomori had pace and could read the game. Mengi is slightly faster than Wisdom and can’t read the game at all.
  3. I saw Rooney saying he wants Mengi back next year. I sincerely hope not.
  4. May be the most stonewall penalty I’ve seen not given in a long time
  5. Shame that, we’ve generally played very well so far. Their goal just emphasises the difference between us and the top teams - they have players who finish the limited chances they make. Knight has had a shocking day. I’d take him off for Joz or Roberts and move Sibley into the middle.
  6. Been dross under Rooney for a while now. If these performances continue to the end of the season, regardless of what league we're in, i'd probably welcome a change in management for the new season.
  7. Very dull. Clarke's been very good, Roberts lively. Knight has been off it (for a while now) and CKR isn't fit.
  8. That's criminal from Gregory. Been very poor tonight.
  9. Would love to know the thinking behind player our target man wide.
  10. Roos Byrne Edmondson Clarke Buchanan Baningme Bird Shinnie Sibley Gregory CKR possibly too narrow if the fullbacks play like they did against forest, but these are the players I want to see. Jozwiak and Knight need a rest imo (were poor v forest, but should be back in team soon), Sibley and Baningme I want to see have a start. Edmondson has earnt one too although it’s harsh on Wiz.
  11. I fear that this farce is stopping us signing Wisdom and CKR onto new contracts.
  12. I assume the team will be how we started the second half last night. Marshall Byrne Wis Clarke Buchanan Knight Bird Shinnie Waghorn CKR Jozwiak Harsh on Edmondson who I thought was excellent in the first half. Hopefully this will be as routine as our last few home games.
  13. Waghorn needed dropping. I'd have maybe liked to see another attacking player on and Knight further back, but happy with that XI.
  14. We played well tonight against a good side. Man for man possibly the best squad in the division, and we were one poor decision away from a draw. We shouldn't be going down so one point isn't going to make too much difference overall, so don't be too upset by today. I'm more confident about Forest now than I was before kickoff.
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