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  1. Has to be: Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Malone Rooney Bird Waghorn Sibley Lawrence Martin Harsh on Shinnie and Knight but Lawrence and Rooney have been our best players of late. If we play that is.
  2. No Rooney or Lawrence, could be a long day
  3. Hamer Bogle Wisdom Clarke Lowe Rooney Bird Knight Sibley Lawrence Waghorn May as well play the young ones from here on in. Would be good to see
  4. That really looked like a pen, will need to see a replay
  5. Completely devoid of pace on the pitch but have loads on the bench. Might even be a good chance for Zoon. Would certainly be looking at Marriott and Bogle.
  6. It’s not even just been the penalty, these officials have been dreadful for both sides
  7. I think they only thing that is strange here is the adult men getting riled up by 16 year olds with cameras.
  8. We've gone from being linked to world cup winners to Tranmere strikers in a matter of days. Would rather not sign anybody and develop our own youth.
  9. Did you all see that freekick. That is what we’re losing too.
  10. Utterly embarrassing. Lowest point of the season for me
  11. Good stuff, but no excuses for not winning this
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