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  1. YorkshireRam

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    If Toure and Cole came in, that'd be 2 marquee signings in 2 positions that need strengthening. Gotta say that even despite their ages, they'd be 2 massively exciting signings!
  2. YorkshireRam

    Jacob Butterfield

    I know for a fact that we paid a lot more for him than that. In the last bid we had rejected, that was around what we offered to pay upfront so will be a significantly larger overall figure...
  3. YorkshireRam

    Jacob Butterfield

    I agree that Bryson isn't as good as he was and I also think there's arguably a better option for this system, I'm just not sure it's Butterfield. Funnily enough I think Evans might make that spot his own as he seems to balance defensive cover with a good eye for a pass which may compliment both Mount and Hudds far better. Alternatively, Ethan Ampadu (if we get him) would definitely be able to do a job there. Just seems to me that if Huddlestone is playing, the one trait that is absolutely necessary in whoever is alongside him is mobility; Mount is often much further forward and Huddlestone distinctly lacks pace so a runner is required to provide support.
  4. YorkshireRam

    Jacob Butterfield

    That's where I disagree because he's nowhere near as mobile and my point was that is exactly why Bryson is starting currently. Huddlestone is the quarterback, picking passes and screening the defence while Mount is the playmaker linking midfield to attack; Bryson's purpose is to do all the running to link Hudds and Mount together. Butterfield categorically cannot do this and Mount is a better playmaker so still struggling to see how he'd improve the current team/system
  5. YorkshireRam


    ...except for the fact you're 2nd line is a syllable short πŸ˜‚
  6. YorkshireRam

    Jacob Butterfield

    He has the ability to play that killer pass, yeah, the issue however is that he normally chooses a sideways or backwards pass instead... Also when Huddlestone is in the side, anyone else's passing ability is going to pail in comparison and, with the recognition that Bryson is there for the energy to compensate for Huddlestone's lack of mobility and to enable Mount to roam, where does Butterfield fit in this system exactly?
  7. YorkshireRam

    Harry Wilson

    That's not how a recall clause works... πŸ˜‚
  8. You're dressing opinion up as fact there and considering there's no means by which to test that hypothesis, it's a daft one to comment. This scenario happens very regularly: a player aims to drill the ball low into the corner, miscues the shot and it bobbles into the middle of the goal, completely bypassing the keeper who tries to read and subsequently dives where the shot is intended to go... Now Ince looked like he was trying to drill it to Carson's right but scuffs the ball and it goes slightly to his left, all from less than 10 yards out. To readjust from where he was expecting the ball to go, switch sides and then hit the deck quick enough to stop the ball dead would have been an extraordinary feat that I doubt many keepers would have been able to pull off
  9. Ince was totally unmarked about 8 yards out and then slightly mishit his shot, skewing the trajectory. Carson therefore is trying to make a save based purely on reaction, the fact he got as close as he did deserves plaudits. If he'd saved it, it would have been an excellent stop. The fact you'd ''expect'' him to save them seems only to demonstrate your entitlement... We shouldn't expect anything of a keeper when his defence fails to mark a man we know is a proficient finisher. This is a team game yet his teammate's failed to help him out, especially for the 2nd goal, so to then lay blame solely at his door is fairly moronic.
  10. YorkshireRam

    Tom Lawrence

    He was certainly more proactive today, didn't let his head drop and clearly wanted to drive the team forward whenever given the opportunity. That being said, basic errors and decision-making still hinder his overall game and especially when you compare him to Harry Wilson, whose end product is usually excellent, he can be a frustrating character, albeit a talented one. More energetic performances like today however and he should only improve further, with his goal and assist tally likely reflecting that.
  11. YorkshireRam

    Stoke fans

    Nah what's embarrassing is your squad value in relation to league position... πŸ˜‚
  12. YorkshireRam

    Mason Mount

    Wilfried Zaha, John Guidetti, Emyr Huws (twice) and then a certain George Thorne if you remember him? Quite a few examples tbh Also, Monaco loaned Falcao for 2 consecutive seasons if I remember correctly Unless a player is guaranteed the chance to play regularly for his parent club, in this case CL clubs, any offer of serious playtime in an environment and club he may previously have enjoyed on loan would surely be considered? I doubt Wilson and Tomori would be starting for Liverpool and Chelsea respectively next season, Mount may well do however, none are impossible targets though.
  13. YorkshireRam

    Mason Mount

    Tomori isn't a Prem-level defender just yet, slightly too weak aerially and his positional sense is still somewhat naive. We'd be far more likely to get him than Wilson or Mount. That being said, Mount is the only one who I cannot foresee a scenario where we sign him permanently. If we were to get promoted, I could see Wilson and Tomori joining permanently and maybe another Mount loan? Palmer didn't play enough to warrant a permanent move and Winnall was injured... along with the regime change, those moves were probably never even options to us, they seem odd examples. Osman was a different class and his quality probably ruled out the move but that was also 15 years ago, different game now...
  14. YorkshireRam

    Walk Out Music

    Gotta say, the music in general has improved immeasurably this season. We've gone from the dreadful Killers/Guns n Roses mash up, to Parquet Courts being played at HT. Don't care whether they've picked it cos the tune's called 'Total Football' but not gonna complain with post punk being played at PP πŸ˜‚
  15. YorkshireRam

    Mason Bennett

    I take it then you were, as your username suggests, in Texas as opposed to Derby for today's game then...? πŸ˜‚ Admittedly not the complete package yet but seems to be showing more and more each game, today was his most complete performance for us yet, unlucky not to score barring some good keeping and links play well. Plenty of positives in my book

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