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  1. I despair about some Derby fans' lack of perspective at times. Did anyone expect us to be playing like Barcelona at this point? If you did, you're simply naive. Cocu has a completely different set of tactical ideals to Lampard, along with a different coaching style. Arguably the only similarity is the general 433 shape. Lampard preferred structural rigidity, Cocu wants rotation, short passing preferred to long, completely different midfield set-up, along with Cocu lacking the dynamism Lampard was gifted with 3 PL-quality playmakers... in short, an entirely new system to be put in place. This will take quite a bit longer than 3 months to achieve... Time needed for transition aside, I think Cocu has already started to make strides in the right direction for us, from a managerial perspective: We were told there would be more focus on youth and blooding academy players; so far he has gifted professional debuts to Jason Knight, Morgan Whittaker, Louie Sibley and Lee Buchanan fulfilling those promises. Bringing Chris Martin in from the cold. Given his illness last season and complete lack of game-time for the club recently, I suspect many managers would have looked to shift his name from the wage bill. It seems symptomatic of his approach (along with the eventual emergence of Shinnie) that hard work earns reward. We've got a fan favourite back (and classy player) thanks to Phil! Throughout the drink driving incident, I thought he maintained a dignified stance and represented the club well in the face of adversity, even in spite of the tabloid media going on their usual witch-hunt (to me, this was especially impressive in a second language) There have been some lacklustre performances so far, but the players have to take their responsibility for under-performing in those games as well-it is a balance between managerial set-up and player execution. The main criticism tends to be: ''Derby lack identity'' and i'd argue this stems from this balance not being observable yet. New player partnerships and a new footballing system will inevitably take time to gel. Given his success at PSV, I trust Cocu as a tactical manager and given his pedigree as a player, captaining a Barcelona side with Ronaldinho in the team, I trust him as a man manager too. I just think we need to give him time to allow things to fall into place, which was never going to happen instantly.
  2. This would be ridiculous Him and Rooney in the same window, both on frees, would be some of the best business this league has ever seen. Don't wanna get my hopes up, but I really hope there's some substance to this!
  3. The thing I can't get my head around is this: was Keogh seriously expecting us to pay him £2 million for a period where he couldn't play due to an accident which he contributed to (not wearing a seatbelt)? Even the reduced offer of £1m (£12.5k a week) is extremely generous when the insurance will not cover non-footballing injuries. Why refuse that? Up until now, I have never questioned his passion nor commitment to the club, but if that's to be believed, it's his own petulance that has landed him in this position. Why should the club be expected to pay for Keogh's own negligence in keeping himself fit to honour the terms of his contract?
  4. Roos' stats make for very interesting viewing and go against much of the negativity surrounding him at the moment. He was the best keeper in the league in September 4th best GK in the league overall Based on average OPTA ratings, he is only 0.17 below the best in the league (Roos= 6.80, Samba= 6.97/10) If he can improve his catching and assertiveness in the area, we've got a very competent keeper between the sticks for us. Having a different back 4 in front of him every game will not help his consistency early in the season and so as the starting XI begins to settle, I fully expect Roos' communication and confidence to grow with the defence which should help with some of the weaknesses many have identified. Also worth noting he's 5/6 years younger than some of the other keepers mentioned as being better, so plenty of time to improve beyond these peers. I'd love to see a confident Roos, he'd probably have already started addressing most of the issues being leveled against him but the jeering will only keep denting his confidence making it less and less likely. There's a really decent player in there, the fans just need to start getting behind him!
  5. Never a bad sign if you're not playing well and still winning... Cocu has been here for 12 weeks coaching a completely new set of players, in a second language. To expect instant synchronization between the new coaching team and the playing squad is nothing but naive. The squad itself is upper-mid table (in my opinion) and he wasn't left with adequate time to properly assess the team and utilise the transfer market to address any issues. Sprinkle in bad luck with injuries, poor officiating decisions and missed penalties and our start to the season isn't that bad. We deserved to beat West Brom, Cardiff and Swansea and had we done, I highly doubt any of the intrinsic negativity coming from a lot of our fans would exist. Some perspective is needed, we've done well to pick up the results we have while playing poorly and to me, the more time Cocu has with the squad, the more the understanding grows and our footballing style improves. Long way to go yet and I can only see it getting better
  6. If we were to start utilising youngsters prominently, I'd want to also see that rectify some of our positional difficulties. I can't remember the last time we played with 2 proper wingers, at the minute it's 3 no.10s behind the striker and none of them like taking on a man when dribbling often leaving us struggling to create dangerous opportunities. Hamer Bogle Davies Bielik Lowe Shinnie Holmes Knight/Sibley Mitchell-Lawson Wilson Marriott/Martin
  7. I've been saying this for weeks while others around me rant about him, Josefzoon is massively short on confidence. Against Luton, he tried at one point to dribble past a few players into their box and when it didn't come off I remarked that he wouldn't even try it again all game... he subsequently didn't. He needs to be like Tom Ince where he's trying that stuff all the time; it will only come off 5/6 times out of 10 but when it does it creates dangerous opportunities. Otherwise he isn't using any of his best traits- pace, skill etc and so he doesn't offer too much to the team. He probably needs a goal and then a proper run in the team if he's to start showing anywhere near his potential.
  8. Do you want a round of applause for your complete lack of compassion or something?? Some of the discussion on here regarding mental health and trying to extend a compassionate mindset to an upsetting situation has been seriously admirable with people sharing brave stories about their own experiences of loss, those are important conversations to be having. For you then to come along with such a crass remark is pretty immature, totally unnecessary and worst of all is littered with assumptions that likely aren't true. Pathetic
  9. I remember that moment and the ball was indeed perfect. Bogle didn't even need to move, was a stunning pass. If that was Scott Carson, it would have received rapturous applause but because Roos has fumbled a couple of high balls, he gets jeered which will only dent his confidence further... it's completely counter-intuitive! And that's why I completely disagree with this. Voicing displeasure is one thing but how is deliberately taunting our own players conducive to improving performance? I've always wondered how booing falls under the remit of supporting the side, it's intrinsically negative and without productive benefit; a lack of effort should be the only reason booing is ever considered. The 'library' comment is interesting also because PP is often similar that the atmosphere completely lulls and the only rises are the groans or frustrated moans when we try and retain possession... I can't remember a time this season where we were in a unfavorable position and the whole ground joined in a chant/song to try and raise morale Fans don't have to be happy all the time but the constant scapegoating and attacking our own players is starting to get seriously tiresome. Watching Waghorn discuss mental health this week is another reminder that the players are only human. We need a siege mentality where it's us vs the world and ultimately everyone is behind the squad. At the moment I get the impression that some fans make up their mind quickly that they don't like a player and then refuse to revise that. How many times do players/managers tell us that vocal fan support can be the difference in a game before we take notice?
  10. Maybe as a #8 beyond Shinnie and Bielik but not sure he's physical enough for a traditional CM. With the 4231, the 3 are fairly interchangeable which is why i'd have him there so he can operate centrally or out wide, depending on the situation.
  11. The first 2 chances we had against Birmingham were crosses from Holmes on the right flank into Martin. He also played primarily as a winger for Scunthorpe. Think you're being a tad harsh there, Holmes' delivery seems pretty solid to me
  12. Yep, it's completely counter-intuitive. Ultimately, we want the side to do well but will quite happily add to the pressure the keeper is already visibly feeling... Davies has been exemplary since he's come in so not sure why he's been dropped for Wisdom. Bielik and Shinnie look like they could be a formidable midfield combo but that's been broken up. And you put a keeper in you've never seen play... For me: Roos Bogle Clarke Davies Lowe Shinnie Bielik Lawrence Rooney Holmes Martin
  13. Just as your owner is...(despite it not being proved in a court of law, same as our boys) But yeah, if you haven't grasped it by now, not sure you ever will. See what happens on Oct 15th I guess
  14. You mean exactly like you can't say Lawrence and Bennett are 'guilty' until after the verdict on the 15th? Comprehension wasn't your strong point at school was it? 😂
  15. Is your owner innocent is a far better question because if he's not, you're just a massive hypocrite really...? That's the point i'm making, you can't go around labeling Lawrence and Bennett 'guilty' and then dislike when i do the same about your very dodgy owner 😂
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