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  1. That's a very harsh game to rate him on though, Leeds' entire system thrives off overloading the flanks. Lowe always had 2 men to try and contend with, without any defensive support from Lawrence. Most fullbacks in the league struggled against Leeds, let alone one of our youngsters...
  2. FFP doesn't ''only take *effect'' if players leave for less; it monitors, and accounts for, total expenditure, even outside of transfers. Did you really think we could spend 8 figures on Tomori and just because he might have a higher resale price in the future, it wouldn't affect our FFP?
  3. That makes sense, I like the idea that we're not set on doing anything, just that if we get an offer for Bogle that's too good to turn down, we use it to bring another certified talent in. Better than trying to shift someone and having to settle for less than their market value, rather than more *cough* Hughes *cough*
  4. Leeds in for both apparently 😱
  5. Yakou Meite from Reading might be a good Wilson replacement
  6. Been linked with him today by a few dubious twitter sources but heard he's already signed for Wednesday, they've just yet to announce it?
  7. Buying 2 keepers is not good transfer strategy unless both Carson and Roos leave, why not just buy a single, first choice keeper?
  8. why buy a keeper who has a maximum of one season left in him, when you could buy one who has 4+ seasons?
  9. You don't think Marriott played better then? And more to the point, Lampard didn't see that and recognise Marriott was the form striker? If Lampard started Marriott, he could/would have been burned out in the first half and thus totally ineffective in the 2nd, same with Waghorn. This left him with a dilemma, start Marriott and risk looking totally ineffective in attack towards the end of the game because Bennett is the impact sub, or start with a slightly weaker attacking personnel but have a bang in-form Marriott to come on and try and change the game... I think he made the right call Bear in mind, this game could have been 120 minutes long, he had to try and plan for every conceivable scenario with only 1 fully fit striker
  10. Roos Bogle Souttar Tomori Lowe Shinnie Holmes Sibley Lawrence Marriott Waghorn
  11. Some truly idiotic, very reactionary posts on here. Neither Marriott nor Waghorn were match fit, Lampard knew they could both play but not for the full 90 effectively. He clearly then decided Bennett would be a good option to tire their defence and try and make himself a nuisance before he brings our 2 main strikers on to try and influence the game later. It worked at Leeds and without Bennett, Marriott doesn't open the scoring, changing the game so tactically sound. Do people really, truly believe that if Marriott and Waghorn were fully fit, he picks Bennett on merit?
  12. Saw someone share on fb earlier a tweet of MacAnthony rubbishing the clause and attitude claims (saying he was one of the most dilligent at P'boro...) Did see the other day it alleged that apparently Marriott phoned in sick to training one day, only to be spotted at a golf course later on which was the initial cause; not sure if this has been debunked already though?
  13. That makes it sound bad, which barring the odd incident, it isn't. Very unlikely you're gonna get randomly ambushed by rogue leeds fans in the city centre...
  14. As if, just had a look and when Reece James (the defender) left Wigan to go to Sunderland last summer, they signed another Reece James on loan from Chelsea... no wonder I was getting confused 😂 Great player though and would definitely bolster our midfield options
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