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  1. Great stats, and reinforces my opinion that Lowe should be first choice LB at the minute. My only worry about playing Bogle and Lowe together is the lack of aerial strength between them; I feel that's why they're rarely deployed together. Bogle had most assists last season as a defender. With a team that contained Mason Mount and Harry Wilson, that's quite an impressive achievement. I do believe he could be stronger defensively but this is clearly being coached and worked on in training and should come with time. Worth remembering he is only 19 still...
  2. Not many drink driving incidents or stabbings though, it's the amalgamation of the different losses rather than just injuries this season. So yes, that's the reason we've been forced to play youth but I think most agree it's a little too soon for this squad to be promoted so now is as good a time as any to start blooding future first teamers? I think Sibley, Bird & Bogle are a class above those 3 though, and that's without considering the 5/6 others. Rooney has clearly been pivotal in aiding their development and settling them into first team responsibilities so I agree there needs
  3. Unfortunate injuries, bad discipline and an untimely stabbing are what have depleted our squad- all of which are temporary. I've not seen anyone proposing we only utilise youth without mentorship from more experienced players? New GK,CB,2/3 wingers and perhaps a striker and I reckon our squad is close to promotion-worthy. Having talented youth beating out the seniors for a starting spot on merit ie. Sibley is excellent for both competition and club progression. So yes, it's not ideal we don't have quality wingers on the bench like WBA did, if those players that were gifted debuts ye
  4. We're the reigning youth PL champions so we are the best. This is compounded by how many are making the step up: Bogle last season, Lowe, Bird, Knight & Sibley all looking worthy of starting XI places this season, Hector-Ingram, Buchanan & Brown hovering perhaps with next season in mind. I can't name many others teams that have as productive an academy over the last 2 seasons? I'm not saying every player needs to be youth, it's just positive to see so much talent coming at once when we're used to 1 player breaking through every 3 or 4 seasons- a Huddlestone or Hughes.
  5. You don't think having the best academy in the country and trying to transition as many of the youngsters into the first team is ''positive''? I don't really understand your point, we obviously don't have the spending power of other clubs at this level given the FFP circumstances and so blooding up and coming talent is our best bet at enhancing squad quality and depth; since this can't be bought, it needs to be grown. This isn't an instant process, however. As for playing young lads not being a reflection on the quality of the academy, perhaps not, but ours is excellent given it won the
  6. This misses the point, I was happy to see JHI, Brown and Buchanan make their league debuts because the game was already lost. A game v top of the league while missing key players was always going to be a challenge; if we'd have brought on Davies & Josefzoon instead I don't think it'd have increased our chances of salvaging anything from the game so why not give valuable experience to the youngsters? Cocu is now implementing the youth-based philosophy he proposed at the start of the season and it's fantastic to see the sheer amount of talent coming out of our academy. No-one likes see
  7. Looks exactly like a training top I'll buy the yellow GK one over that
  8. Hence my comment about being antagonistic but Miazga reacts far more violently than Lawrence does which is why it doesn't seem fair for them to receive the same punishment. I never disputed the validity of Lawrence's red...
  9. Seems like Lawrence has done it to be antagonistic but not beyond to what he thought constituted a headbutt, may have fallen the wrong side though. Miazga reacts like a petulant child though, slaps Lawrence and then cries about his lip...
  10. Are there any other angles than the video on twitter? Looks more to me like Lawrence gets in his face rather than a headbutt; it's a pretty tame headbutt if it is. Either way, the pair shouldn't receive the same punishment: Lawrence's red should be rescinded or Miazaga should get a longer ban
  11. Take it you had Brighton v Arsenal on when you were writing this? 😂
  12. Hamer-7 Did the basics well, couple of strong saves Bogle-8 2nd quarter was very strong and created our opening goal Wisdom-6 Did okay but lost possession a few times Clarke-7 Solid Forsyth-6.5 Good assist but suspect defensively Rooney-7 Dictated majority of the game Bird-8 Another remarkably solid performance Holmes-6 A tad anonymous but did bits well Lawrence-6.5 Struggled to make an impact but great endeavour, especially defensively 2nd half Sibley-10 MotM (obviously), our most creative player and biggest offensive
  13. He scored in both stages of the playoffs last season, had he started, we may well have got promoted; isn't it arguable that's the definition of a higher level championship player? As for one-dimensional, in the current system this is perhaps true but his hold up play is normally surprisingly strong- nowhere near Martin's level but that's displaced by his heightened mobility. Not fitting Cocu's system is going to be his biggest pitfall but I think he's a good player (when he's fit) and as many others have said, I can see him going to another team and scoring a hatful if he does leave.
  14. He's not ''a bit crap'', that's just incorrect. Not had a proper run of games this season so not surprising he isn't sharp in front of goal. There's an argument that Marriott may not fit Cocu's footballing system but he proved last season there's a real player in there.
  15. Loans when you're already out of form are difficult to turn around, especially one in a country you've never played in prior like Italy. Then at Burnley, he never really got a solid run of games and was seen as a stopgap; not the easiest of circumstances for him. Bear in mind, he'd be stepping down a division to play here as well so the standard would be easier, he'd likely have a good mentality as it'd be a fresh start and a chance to turn his career back around. On a free transfer (assuming he's take a wage cut, or we could wangle another 'star clause'), I think it's a small gamble with
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