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  1. Not sure that's right... You're expected to screen the defence and offer them protection while also dictating play in midfield and ultimately being the linchpin of the team, not an easy role by any stretch. If it isn't a ''demanding position'' then how come we haven't found anyone that can play there effectively since Thorne?
  2. I definitely think there's a hint of that as well. Especially after the backlash I saw people give them about their non-existent attempts to help Bury, I think they want to deflect the bad press onto us as they know it's a topic that gets other fans riled (namely Leeds). The Leeds thing, as you say, was to stop generally unsavory behaviour early on. They got them with the ''utmost good will must be observed between the two clubs before a fixture'' and so did find a rule to slap them with, I can't see a similar rule they could even paraphrase to sanction us with... It is just excellent business nous from Mel again really. Just have to wait and see what happens I guess. Looks like tax evasion v tax avoidance to me though: one breaks the rules, the other doesn't. Nothing the police can do about avoidance, it's just slightly immoral, seems like the same situation here?
  3. This is an excellent point, Mel has been on national radio explaining the failings of FFP and why their rules deserve to be circumnavigated. This probably would create a basis for them wanting to make an example out out of us. We haven't breached any rules so i'm not sure how they'd sanction us exactly but it'd be a very tricky scenario if they did. As far as I'm aware, you can't sure the EFL either, in the terms of being part of the league, so legal action against them is off the table? After the way they treated Bury, nothing would surprise me with them anymore...
  4. Nope, still subjective, just trying to apply more objective/quantitative qualities of testing. Intelligence isn't universal, so no universal testing means can calculate an objective score, simple as that really
  5. That isn't true, intelligence is subjective for one, the application of logic isn't. As for evidencing those claims, it'd be hard to collect quantitative data on the subject so not too much academia exists on the topic but the North American Journal of Psychology published an interesting paper in 2011 that discussed it: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281766861_Cheers_vs_Jeers_Effects_of_audience_feedback_on_individual_athletic_performance
  6. I think the fundamental misunderstanding might be with you. I very carefully chose my wording so as not say stupid or unintelligent, just a lack of comprehension as to how they vent their frustration and how it impacts the players and subsequent performances I get massively frustrated and was seething after the brentford game, it just never seemed sensible to berate the players or staff as a way of venting. Ultimately I want the team to be as successful as possible and to me, keeping that frustration to myself and getting some perspective (early in the season, critical injuries, still adapting etc) just seems more productive than trying to abuse our own team in the heat of the moment...
  7. I do judge people that boo (but especially abuse), I think they're not particularly logical individuals... surely a raucous display of positive noise at the beginning of a 2nd half would inspire the players more than disgruntled booing? At full time, booing might be okay but targeting individuals is pathetic. Anyone that has played competitive sport at any level knows that off-days happen when things just don't quite click, individually or collectively, that obviously happens to Derby too but I just don't see how spouting negativity has any productive impact at all?
  8. I really don't get this argument, his job is our manager and chief coach, he's not here to appease or entertain the supporters, isn't that what Rammie and Ewie are for? Also, I bet the 'bounce' to him is cringeworthy and embarrassing, and it is to be honest, Lampard got away with it based on his character and youthful naivety perhaps? Cocu is clearly a different character with different managerial ideals which directly affects how he approaches the role. His focus at the minute will be on performances and getting results, i'd rather him prioritise that at the minute, rather than trying to entertain fans...
  9. We're supposed to be supporters, what part of telling our new manager to ''go back to where he came from'' is supporting the side? I hate people that shout directly at players/staff, booing after poor performances i can just about tolerate but shouting abuse seems counter-intuitive to me, we all want Derby to win but how is that gonna help us achieve anything??
  10. Does that 3 involve wingbacks? Typical 352 just has normal wide midfielders Teams are already exploiting our weakness of stopping crosses so I'd have fullbacks in the system just to give us defensive balance on the flanks. In the system I was on about, when we're not in possession, Bielik drops back to augment the 4 into a 5, and then off the ball, steps up into midfield again.
  11. I agree but his qualities are exactly what we need in a holding midfielder at the moment, and since he played there for Charlton, I reckon we should use him there short term, CB long term
  12. The midfield is the weakness, fully agree with that. If we bring Clarke back and move Bielik forward to CDM, it can be a 5 off the ball and 3 on, to be fair, with the fullbacks bombing on Getting Bogle back should be a massive boost, he's arguably one of our best offensive outlets- 2 goals and 8 assists last season from Rb proves that. If we can get Lowe doing the same on the left and stabilise the spine of the team, we should hopefully see some progress
  13. Not really considering Bogle will be fit for the Cardiff game...
  14. Question his leadership qualities all you like, i'm questioning your aspersion that Keogh lambasted Buchanan because he was somehow an 'easy target'. He will be more nervous than most of the season pros and that will affect both his demeanour and play style, same as Knight. You can tell Knight doesn't want to misplace a single pass and Buchanan doesn't want to slip up defensively. Yesterday however, he was at fault and so his captain let him know... there's nothing wrong with that, you shouldn't mollycoddle footballers in the midst of an important league game, tough love and all that. As for 'barely a footballer', I bet Buchanan himself would be a bit offended by that, he'll have been playing since 7/8 most likely and his foray into the first team is reward for the years of hard work at youth level. With that professional step up, you take on professional responsibility which includes your leader letting you know vocally when you mess up and how to improve...
  15. Footballers have to be thick skinned now, if your captain yelling at you ''decimates'' your self confidence, you're probably in the wrong profession... As for ''picking on'' anyone, that's just nonsense. He had instructions to issue and he issued them. This isn't a schoolyard, these are professional players and with the defensive errors that they made, they needed a kick up the backside...
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