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  1. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    No chance, will be on stupid wages and highly doubt he'd drop to this level
  2. Jota

    It's not that unrealistic really. Nixon claimed we were top of the pile aside from Premier League teams so assuming no move is made by a Prem club, and given Brentford's start to the season, a late move by us may well be considered by Brentford, especially considering his contract situation...
  3. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    He'll be on fairly big wages but would be worth it. One thing we're lacking is end product from our forwards and that's the one thing Snodgrass can do consistently. He'll probably go to a lower end Prem team though
  4. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Russell has an assist for one of the 2 goals we've scored this season... He's been poor so far but so have been the team performances. Curtis Davies hasn't particularly impressed me so far and Forsyth was one of the worst players on the pitch on Saturday yet I'm not calling for their heads because I realise it's early on in the season and the majority of players will not have found their form yet and may not even be fully match fit yet. Fans are quick to get on players backs', that's going to do nothing to improve form, support the team ffs (All that being said, Lawrence has to start v Bolton )
  5. Why Why Why Weimann

    Like watching a new signing today! His workrate across the pitch put Russell to shame and created a fair few chances. Earned his shirt for me. Should be starting alongside Lawrence on the wings at the weekend. Keep it up Andi, top quality
  6. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Of course! Because ''amateurs'' are regularly subject to interest from rival Championship and Premier League teams...
  7. Jon Toral

    I agree... sort of. Whilst I agree that the wingers were poor yesterday and offered little to no end product, there wasn't a lack of endeavor. Both Russell and Weimann ran a lot yesterday but the midfield was so static that the supply to the front 3 was very poor. When the wingers did receive the ball, they also didn't cover themselves in glory but that doesn't detract from the fact that the midfield combination yesterday was mis-balanced.
  8. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    How many times have you played CB? In that position, facing away from the goal, you have no idea exactly where the posts are. If you blame Keogh for attempting to clear the ball in that situation, you're showing your lack of footballing knowledge unfortunately... Had he not swiped at it and it had nestled in the bottom corner (as for all he knew it could have done), you'd equally be berating him for not defending properly! Drop the agenda, Keogh was one of the few players showing true commitment yesterday and had a solid, if unspectacular game at the back. Our issues lay in our inability to play creatively further up the pitch, which in turn put more pressure on our defence, again not Keogh's fault. When countless pundits praise Keogh and you're clinging to a couple of errors he's made in 5 years with us, you're disagreeing with people that know far more about football than you. Accept that you're scapegoating, albeit the wrong section of the team, let alone player
  9. Jon Toral

    yes, because our forwards were inundated with chances created from midfield yesterday...
  10. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    I presume you're talking about Johnson and Huddlestone? Huddlestone's only been here 2 games, give him a chance... jeez
  11. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Hang on... Johnson got promoted with Norwich. Huddlestone was seen as one of Hull's best players in the Prem last season. George Thorne is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders we've had at this club in recent years, as is Bryson. The midfield wasn't the issue today as much as the players in front of them, all 3 players beyond the midfield were woeful. Not exactly sure what you expect the midfield to do with such a distinct lack of quality playing in front of them in the final third.
  12. In all honesty I would! Weimann and Russell offered so little today that I'd rather gamble on Blackman than face another game with 2 ''wingers'' that we know have absolutely no end product... Maybe this is reactionary but I'd be willing to try anything after today's showing
  13. Che Adams

    Yeah I agree, any player better than what we've already got is going to cost £7m+ I'd imagine. Everyone's wanting a replacement as good, if not better, than Ince but winces whenever the figure exceeds around £8m... We sold Ince for £11.3m (all in), it's obviously going to cost around that mark to replace him with a similar talent...
  14. Che Adams

    Excellent point. With out recent purchases in mind as well, some unsuccessful signings may edge us towards playing safe. As many others have pointed out though, any attacking player of quality now is going to come with a hefty price tag and to an extent, any signing is a risk so personally, I'd gamble
  15. Che Adams

    I wouldn't even be against Adams coming in. He's a young, promising player and I trust Rowett's judgement, just casually observing that maybe we have not be able to get the calibre of player we were aiming for (for whatever reason) and whether therefore it's money well spent if whoever comes in is only marginally going to improve what we already have; or whether spending more money to get a real upgrade would be wiser? I'm not even sure of the answer myself, just pondering

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