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  1. That's not really fair though is it? Goals don't reflect the input a player contributes to the team... Russell for example has defensive tendencies that, along with his pace, make him a useful asset when tracking back. In contrast, Weimann is useless defensively! We need a new winger for next season, ideally someone better than both Weimann and Russell, but it's no surprise that over the course of a turbulent number of seasons at this club, under numerous managers; Russell has generally been preferred over Weimann. I'm happy trusting their choice.
  2. Fully agree, the press releases are usually pretty ambiguous so to come out with something so damning seems indicative of certainty from the club. It'll just be a case of waiting for further news from here. I am shocked though, as previous posters said we expected the departure but this seems a little more sinister...
  3. So Rowett has confirmed it was the players' themselves activating their extensions... so any argument about lack of ambition, poor decision-making etc has just gone straight out the window
  4. I really can't fathom the sh*tstorm surrounding this... Bent has proved this season he is a capable striker in this league, despite his advancing age. He has also scored goals for us during a season where we gave him very little service overall. He's also vastly experienced having played in the top flight for the majority of his career. The wage issue is not our job, as fans, to worry about. There are people on the inside of the club, that know far more than we do, whose job it specifically is to worry about this... My prediction is Bent will make 15-20 appearances for us next season, mostly off the bench and score 6-8 goals. Now for a player who isn't first choice in his position, and considering by extending his contract a year, we avoid any transfer fees that we'd have to pay for a new forward; I'd say Bent is about as good as we're going to get for a backup striker in the Championship!
  5. Despite the fact that he's scored regularly when he's played in pretty much only turbulent sides? Darren Bent is a great finisher above all else; he knows where the goal is and if you give him the ball in the right areas he'll score goals for you. Having him in the squad doesn't mean we have to play him, but if he scores us a couple of important goals next season, not many people will be complaining about the extension....
  6. The lack of a comma wasn't my problem, very easy to misinterpret... without punctuation you weren't really saying that
  7. that comma is very important
  8. bet you feel silly now ''no work rate Nugent'' just scoring a bicycle kick... couldn't make it up
  9. A genuinely top bloke. All the best wherever he goes in the future, hopefully he lands on his feet
  10. So what would define a 'good' game for Vydra, especially in the context of this season? The winning goal and probably his best performance in a Derby shirt is surely due more praise than merely ''decent'', especially with the length of time he's taken to pertain that level of performance?
  11. Watch the highlights, specifically the part where with his first touch he slips between 2 defenders due to his sheer pace... then tell me that Bent/Nugent/Martin could have done that... He had a good game last night and long may it continue, clearly talented but mis-used at Derby thus far, great to see him start to realise some of his potential.
  12. The stats are very much not on Mel Morris' side... we do look like a bit of a joke on the exterior due to the revolving door style employment, and so far, with no success to show for it.
  13. Well balanced, well written article
  14. I think Nugent's post-match comments certainly offer an insight into why, specific reference to Mac instructing them to sit deeper, play possession based football suggests a distinct change in the tactical set up. Maybe that's just the players using Mac as a scapegoat knowing he's gone but it certainly showed on the pitch today, Rowett might just have his work cut out so international break has come at a good time potentially.
  15. I agree many positives and we did excellently turning it around initially... but what have we got to show from it? 1 point when it should have been 3. I'm quietly confident Rowett will be able to fix these problems, he seems (on the surface anyway) to have good man management and hopefully can sort out our mental fragility because we're not going to get anywhere if we keep squandering winning positions like today!