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  1. And yet he's the only player to win us a game this season... 🤔
  2. It's been a different XI every 3 months under Cocu, with all the turbulence at the club, it seems there's been very little consistency to build any sort of form around. Starting to become a different story now everyone is fit though, that excuse is wearing thin so very much make or break time now. In my opinion, the performances have been improving and our last 2 losses were better performances than the win v Norwich. We need a win tonight but more importantly we need a win with a performance, not another smash and grab. There's lot of talent in the squad and I think the confidence from a
  3. So was it more concerning that we went 6 hours then without a goal under an attacking philosophy with McClaren, or that we're struggling for results with a more defensive manager with lots of injuries? Isn't the point of this post to show that even exciting, attacking teams have barren spells and it only takes one game to turn it around?
  4. I know it means very little but would he be retweeting this if a deal in January looked unlikely/impossible?
  5. Can you confirm/quote how you know it was Cocu's decision, or that Cocu had a say at all? Could have been he never sanctioned the move... Quite happy to see heads roll without even knowing any of the finer details, classic 🙄
  6. Marshall Byrne Wisdom Davies Clarke Buchanan Shinnie Knight Jozwiak Lawrence CKR/JHI
  7. That's just incorrect and you're being deliberately reductionst to fit your obviously negative agenda. Short-term success was the job description for the previous 7 managers but we brought Cocu in to signal a change of approach. Longer term stragetgies heavily involving youth progression were introduced and Cocu was the man demmed best suited to oversee and implement that. He's done a terrific job on this front and the development of the likes of Knight, Sibley, Bird & Buchanan has been a joy to watch. It's still a results business, however. We need to start picking up results so
  8. I literally listed them v Watford's... Holmes about 16 yards out at end of 1st half, Lawrence's run and shot straight down keeper's throat about 73 mins and then Rooney's golden chance about 88 mins-ish Watford had a screamer from outside the area and... that's about it
  9. How else could we have set up with the players available?? We didn't have any attacker ffs We created more chances than the opposition, better chances and a lack of clinical finishing is the only reason we didn't win. The rest of the performance was far improved from Norwich and even without attackers we played offensively with impetus. You're a bit of a broken record at the moment. Everything you say has to be twisted to be anti-Cocu and it's annoying. I don't think we'll see a balanced, objective opinion from you for a while because you just can't help but let that bias slip into y
  10. 2 that we should have scored: Holmes in the 1st and Rooney 2nd, also Lawrence's that he should have done better with. So 3 very good chances... Inversely, how many did Watford create? It took a stunner for us to concede. We deserved a point, and had we been clinical, we could have won 3-1 but that's football. Overall, a better performance than Norwich to build on for Tuesday
  11. 2 of the younger prospects that are generally seen as not quite ready and Rooney who has played more as a midfielder... I think my point still stands. We look a lot more solid with 5 at the back. It allows Byrne and Buchanan to get forward more and we can now actually defend crosses into the box- I don't think we should take for granted just how much better we've been defensively in the last 2 games. Didn't think Evans had the best game and would have Wisdom in that slot next time but I'd definitely stick with 5 at the back for now. Shinnie and Knight as a midfield 2 is perfect for
  12. Buchanan was a 7 for me, thought he did very well. Shinnie also a 7, combative and battled well in the middle. Also thought Lawrence made a real impact when he came on We did play well, especially to say we had 0 fit attackers, we got forward a lot more than i expected. If it takes an absolute screamer for a newly-relegated team to beat us, then it should be interesting to see how we are with Jozwiak, Ibe & Lawrence all in the same side together
  13. Cocu has said that isn't how we wants us to play. I've literally just explained the mitigating factors to you as to why we can't attack at full effectiveness (not having any fit attackers being pretty unhelpful) and you still can't grasp it. Wait until we have a full strength side, or at least something resembling it before you make assertions on his managerial quality
  14. I'm beginning to despise fans like you. Absolutely no sense of perspective but quite happy to make sweeping statements regardless. We started with 5 attackers and 5 midfielders yesterday because 0/4 of our first choice attackers were fit. Sky screwed us with Jozwiak, if we played today, he'd probably have been okay to play, but because Sky get to move games to Fridays he wasn't ready with only a days rest. Waghorn not quite fit and Lawrence only fit enough for the bench but looked class when he came on. Then Ibe will take a few more weeks to be prepared. I thought the signs were prom
  15. In fairness, if you're going to compare the 2 then you need to wait and see what the outcome of Forest's appointment of Hughton is before drawing conclusions. If that goes down in a ball of flames then it'll retrospectively validate our decision to stick with Cocu
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