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  1. Easily audible? I didn't realise that was him but it's made me love him even more, he's the ultimate sh!thouse player 😂
  2. Offence is taken, not given. You choose to voice your opinions, expect rebuttals
  3. Is that supposed to be a question? 😂 Just irks me to see uninformed negativity. You compared Sibley to Mahrez and Mbappe, 2 players with a combined value of over £200m! Using that to try and substantiate your point about not rating Sibley I just find very crass You should be referring to more relevant comparisons like Adam Idah at Norwich (scored a hattrick in the FA Cup)
  4. Still you 😂 imagine trying to wriggle out like that You endorsed the comparison, i never explicitly stated you were the first to voice it... 🤔 You're like a dog with a bone most of the time, it's fine to not rate Sibley but i swear you have to post 50+ times every time you have a negative opinion on something
  5. He scored a hattrick at a younger age than Messi or Ronaldo... Show me any set of fans that wouldn't treat their youngsters as such? I think this shows you've not really got a clue. 1 is a local lad playing for the team he supports and has recently broke through with only a handful of starts. The other is regarded as one of the biggest phenomenons in world football along with Erling Braut Haaland... Of course Sibley's not at Mbappe's level yet; he's played 100+ games less and is 3 years younger to start with. Sibley will likely never reach Mbappe's level, but anyone who tries to use su
  6. is that true? I thought the last we'd heard the financial plans were messed up because of the expectation that the takeover would be completed by Xmas eve. I thought the inference was this was being rectified and it wasn't an issue of cashflow?
  7. Have to disagree, I think Barker has been woeful. His analysis is very basic and doesn't provide much anecdotally either. Seems to be an advocate for route 1 football and constantly reverts chat back to balls over the top or defending, perhaps i'm being unfair and that's the remit of his commentary/punditry? Genuinely preferred Ramage and that's saying something... 😂
  8. Marshall Wisdom Davies Clarke Forsyth Shinnie Bielik Waghorn Knight Jozwiak Stretton Doubtful CKR can play both so probably more effective v Stoke Solid defense and 2 screening because we'll be under the cosh Waghorn in because he was excellent when he came on v Millwall
  9. Eagerly awaiting the call from Mel now offering me the position 😂
  10. If this is a church, you've spent the last 6 months slagging off the pastor... not very religious of you 😂
  11. YorkshireRam

    Matej Vydra

    I'd definitely have him back if we plan to continue using 4231, he was absolutely lethal 17/18 in the #10 role
  12. Wisdom has only won 36% of his aerial duels this season. I really rate his passing at CB and he never get dribbled past but if we're going to play with short fullbacks then the 2 centre halves need to dominate in the air.
  13. If we're sticking with 4231: Marshall Byrne Te Wierik Clarke Buchanan Knight Bielik Waghorn Sibley Jozwiak CKR Waghorn in on RW so he can supplement as a second striker, come into the back post for headers etc. Te Wierik in because Wisdom's heading/marking isn't quite good enough and Davies' pace is an issue Do I need to explain Jozwiak for Lawrence? 😂
  14. It's the lack of tactics at the minute: The lack of overlapping runs, the lack of one-touch, quick passing, the lack of understanding of our best XI and getting them playing well together. So I don't think it ''the tactics are not working out'', I don't think there are any to begin with...
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