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  1. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    When it was called off, I was as disappointed as some Cardiff fans but I had a coffee and got some perspective, conditions are fairly hazardous and the journey for some could result in injury. Regardless of the footballing politics you want to assert over the situation, the decision was probably made in the interest of public safety, no need to personally attack anyone over social media in response as some fans have... jeeezzzzzzz
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    yeah but I wouldn't be a bell about it and look to be making official complaints with the police etc like some of your lot are. responses like that just make me hope that it is all a farce to mug you off, just to justify some of the over-reactions
  3. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    They're citing when Boro(?) did it because of injuries and got docked points so we should have the same applied. In fairness, the ground looks okay but to be dense enough to assume that Rowett would have the power to make the decision is silly
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Warnock's livid aha, I find it more amusing than anything. Just know full well if we beat them, he'll moan to the end about how this has happened and how it's a massive injustice etc... which will also make me laugh
  5. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Cardiff fans saying they hope we're docked points... fair enough, I hope they finish 3rd, missing out by goal difference
  6. Derby Snow - Game called off

    If Warnock's angry now, imagine what he'll be like if we win the tie. That'd make me pretty happy
  7. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Ahah love seeing their fans getting pissed off cos Rowett's rigged it... I too heard that jet fuel cannot melt steel beams
  8. Derby set pieces

    It'd help if we had a wide player that could cross. Lawrence's 2 set pieces both always fall flat: the floater or the deceptive curled shot at goal... When Huddlestone can deliver the best cross in your team, you know you're severely lacking end product out wide...
  9. Time to stick togather fight for play offs

    I think we've dis-spelled the expectation attached to us now and if the fans can get behind the team and inspire a resurgence in form, we have as strong a chance as anyone else in the play-offs. Just need to end the season strongly so we go in confidently, spot on b4
  10. Would missing out on the play offs

    Well considering the subsequent injury to Winnall, he's hardly torn down any trees (maybe on Sunday? hopefully literally) but a sensible investment in regards to the squad.
  11. Kenny you are so funny

    Ramage makes a good point, our play has been so lacklustre, something like this to rile us up could have a positive effect so that when the players step out on Sunday, they have the drive to take the game to forest
  12. Vydra and Palmer- how to work them together?

    We'd be missing composure and passing ability but gaining mobility and a touch more aggression, in a local derby, wouldn't be the end of the world...
  13. Reading v Derby County

    Yes it is and that's judged just on what i've seen with my 2 eyes this season. Rowett can clearly organise a defence and you only have to look at the line and structure of our back 4 over the course of the season to understand that Rowett is clearly a better defensive coach than Mac. For the majority of this season, our defence has looked impregnable, it's during the last 5 games it's started to quiver. I think there's a multitude of factors for that but it needs to be addressed quickly....
  14. Reading v Derby County

    True, however the defence under Rowett for the majority of this season has been far superior than at any point under Mac. Mac's team was always defensively unstable, Rowett's aren't, hence the concern...
  15. Reading v Derby County

    Reminds me of the first of our annual meltdowns... 2-2 after 35 mins isn't far away from the 3-3 v Rotherham and 4-4 v Millwall we were seeing under Mac in 14/15, has tinkering with the back 4 too much in recent weeks come back to bite Rowett on the backside?

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