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  1. It’s bloody ridiculous, isn’t it?
  2. That’s *never* been the team for tonight. Social media mix-up.
  3. It absolutely wasn’t/isn’t my place. But I thought it was important that *someone* said it. I just feel very sad.
  4. Derby’s most expensive keeper since the late ‘90s, I believe. Not sure what that tells us exactly, but it’s something.
  5. It’s almost like I have some sort of insider info, isn’t it?
  6. It’s the first one. Buchanan on the left of the three as he’s naturally left-footed.
  7. I don’t think I’ll get in too much trouble for telling you that cats do no feature in the design. Sorry, cat fans.
  8. Both. Think they live together.
  9. To confirm, extended highlights are now only available as part of the membership package.
  10. I’ve heard Shaun Barker is very good. Not sure where he is now?
  11. You can’t buy the rights to an individual game. No-one can show 3pm games in the UK. Sky Sports have the domestic package so if a game is picked for Sky, we can’t show it in the UK. Pitch International have the overseas package, so if a game is picked there we can’t show it abroad except for countries that don’t have a broadcaster with an EFL deal, hence the dark markets. I think that covers everything !
  12. The 3pm blackout is a government thing, I think. I think they had to amend a law last year to relax it during Covid.
  13. You can’t watch it on there either 🤷🏻‍♂️
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