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  1. Sorry David but you’re talking tosh here. Of course we are Derby-focused, I don’t know why you’d expect anything other. But given the feedback we get on our commentary and coverage generally from both people inside and outside the club, I’d say we get it about right. To answer your question, ultimately Derby will get what the deserve at the end of 46 games, and so will every other club in the division.
  2. I don’t mind this at all, for the record. I generally make at least 2-3 errors a game, usually more, and I’d much rather know so I don’t do it again! My stats stuff is usually spot on, it’s identification that lets me down, but I’ll blame that on having to commentate off the monitors. I will defend myself on the above though - I think I said, Ince has scored against Derby since leaving, and that he left is 2017, I didn’t say he scored that goal in 2017 😉
  3. Technically yes, and I did add that caveat. But given the context of that game, I’m not sure we’re really counting it? A bit like with the numbers for the Chorley game being 1-11, rather than squad numbers.
  4. Unless the guy I just spoke to in the car park was a ghost, Steve is definitely still around.
  5. I actually know the answer to this one: he was playing with his kids on Sunday and got whacked in the face by one of them!
  6. I think he’s relaxed, feels more confident, maybe feels more comfortable as a manager? I’ll say this though. Of all the manager’s I've worked with since covering Derby, he is undoubtedly the best to deal with. Like many I was sceptical when he was first given the nod, but he’s blown me away with how he’s handled everything, media & football. He’s genuinely engaged with the academy in a way I haven’t seen from a previous manager, too. Think he’s going to go a long, long way. Hopefully with Derby, of course!
  7. Scheduling conflicts, issues with venues, budget. All sorts of reasons, sadly.
  8. It was indeed Leicester’s feed!
  9. Actually, it was first mentioned by Rooney in his RamsTV interview. I’m not going to offer comment on it all but it was definitely distracting for us on the stream, and I think I apologised for the language at one point, though I’m not sure on that.
  10. We have always, since RamsTV started, commentated from Pride Park for away games. For various pandemic/technical reasons we’ve also done a lot of Pride Park games from inside off monitors too. Radio Derby aren’t travelling to away games either at the moment.
  11. Gibbo is still very much with us! As someone already mentioned, he did the post-match interviews on Saturday, and he’ll be at Rotherham for us tonight. He’s also done a couple of RamsTV meets over the last few weeks. The Facebook page is correct in that he isn’t head of comms anymore, but he hasn’t been for a good few years due to various restructures etc. Hasn’t retired yet though!
  12. No we didn’t 🤣 I said pre-game Derby *could* go above Forest with a win.
  13. I’m blaming that on the production team!
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