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  1. I always remember this pen Waggy took for us against southampton in the FA Cup shootout last season, smashed it in the top corner, clearly got good technique and i'm not sure there's anyone else in the squad who'd be ahead of him taking them for me.
  2. Hahaha I meant out of all the carabao cup fixtures tonight, but obviously we're huge regardless 🐏🐏🐏
  3. Bein sports is broadcasting it and a few other foreign channels (https://www.livesoccertv.com/match/3338065/scunthorpe-united-vs-Derby-county/) Unless you meant the random pubs in the netherlands wouldn't be broadcasting it! Haha
  4. https://www.livesoccertv.com/schedules/ It's one of only two matches being televised abroad (the other being salford v leeds) so you'll be able to watch it if you know where to look
  5. Colm

    RamsTV Feedback

    Anyone know if RamsTV live streaming works in Ireland? I would expect so but you never know! Relocating to Dublin in a couple of months
  6. Paul Clement mate, always has been always will be 😍
  7. Just voted on 2 different accounts, looks like you're ahead slightly! Fingers crossed
  8. Albentosa, I remember us "beating off" 12 clubs to sign him
  9. Atmosphere was great where I was in block 122, could barely hear the villa fans at all second half... and we were right next to them!
  10. Definitely says 527, I thought the same but got it from dcfc so it must be Derby end surely?! haha
  11. I was 20,000 in queue when it started, when tickets officially sold out I still had 7000 people in front of me in queue and 40 mins to go. After refreshing about a 1000 times a few random seats kept popping up which I managed to get 2 in the end 😄 one in block 527 and one in block 122 (one above the other). Dont suppose anyone in either of those blocks would want to swap theirs so I can sit with my mate? Or does anyone know if those 2 blocks have the same concourse?
  12. Exactly same for me... Just says line busy and hangs up
  13. Millwall 1-0 up on bristol
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