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  1. Atmosphere was great where I was in block 122, could barely hear the villa fans at all second half... and we were right next to them!
  2. Definitely says 527, I thought the same but got it from dcfc so it must be Derby end surely?! haha
  3. I was 20,000 in queue when it started, when tickets officially sold out I still had 7000 people in front of me in queue and 40 mins to go. After refreshing about a 1000 times a few random seats kept popping up which I managed to get 2 in the end 😄 one in block 527 and one in block 122 (one above the other). Dont suppose anyone in either of those blocks would want to swap theirs so I can sit with my mate? Or does anyone know if those 2 blocks have the same concourse?
  4. Exactly same for me... Just says line busy and hangs up
  5. Millwall 1-0 up on bristol
  6. Video on rams TV not working at all for me, audio says its offline
  7. I'd take palace away, never been
  8. https://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/news/2019/january/club-statement/ He asked to leave! 🤣
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