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    sheeponacid reacted to Inverurie Ram in Musicians you go back to time and again   
    ........and the Stone Roses are the Stone Roses............quality.
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    sheeponacid got a reaction from I know nothing in Musicians you go back to time and again   
    Jefferson Airplane
    Joni Mitchell
    Stone Roses
    Happy Monday’s
    Heidi Talbot
    ....On nights out with lovely Lucy I still tend to go with 
    Ozric Tentacles
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    sheeponacid reacted to Kernow in George Evans   
    I like George Evans, I think he's a solid player at this level, and can cover multiple positions.
    He's never going to be a star player or the difference between a good or bad side at this level, but he's a good player to have in the squad.
    I'd say he's certainly worth more than £500k, although I'm surprised it was flat out rejected, and then leaked, if we're desperate for cash and getting bids like that for players which aren't guaranteed to start.
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    sheeponacid reacted to BIllyD in Kaide Gordon   
    Its not 1 million profit though is it. We have spent so much money on our academy and spent a lot of time and effort on this kid alone, let alone the cash side. What's the point of an academy if your attitude is, well he might not make it anyway let's sell him at the first opportunity.
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    sheeponacid reacted to JoetheRam in Random stuff that people do that annoy me   
    Derby fans getting riled up about us being referred to as "County".
    We were formed out of the County Cricket Club and the team represents Derbyshire, not just the City of Derby. So suck it up, it's part of the clubs identity.
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    sheeponacid got a reaction from I know nothing in Questions questions   
    Turnip in Beetroot, whilst not wanting to split Hares... A fox only has a similar top speed to a Hare in its dreams.
    Both the mountain, & brown hare have a far greater top speed than a fox will ever have... a fox’s top speed is very similar to a Rabbits though
    Perhaps when you were watching them racing it was a rabbit?
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    sheeponacid reacted to JoetheRam in Coronavirus   
    Supermarkets, offices, nurseries, shops, raves, weddings, funerals, people arriving from abroad...
    We have some restrictions on personal freedoms but lockdown it ain't.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Ellafella in Surreal   
    1. It wasn’t the money. WR was attracted by the opportunity Derby provided to seemlessly progress into management thanks to the pitch that MM provided. 
    2. Wrong again. I suspect MM has been working tirelessly to got things done. We have a very well-run Club which will be once again competing at the top before too long. Events beyond our control have had an impact but these things will be sorted.
  9. Haha
    sheeponacid reacted to Gaspode in Watchable telly   
    I’m not familiar with the term ‘jumped the shark’ - is it anything like ‘spanking the monkey’?
  10. Cheers
    sheeponacid got a reaction from i-Ram in Musicians you go back to time and again   
    Let’s just say, I’ve seen some really bizarre looking sheep on our farm over the years i-ram
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    sheeponacid reacted to TimRam in Watchable telly   
    Would I Lie to You is excellent.  Lee Mack is also good in Not Going Out (another that has passed me by until recently).
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    sheeponacid reacted to SouthStandDan in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    17 points from 10 games
    3 goals conceded in 10 games.
    What a turnaround this had been. Well done Wayne and the team. Their employer is letting them down and they're putting all of that aside to put in solid performances. 
    As a supporter, I cant ask for more.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Topram in Kelle Roos   
    Just like Keogh a mistake at Wembley cost him a lot of trust from fans including myself but today he was brilliant again, just like he was on Tuesday night.
    His shot stopping and his reactions are brilliant, he’s definitely a great back up keeper. Happy for him! Big part of a big big win today! 
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    sheeponacid reacted to LeedsCityRam in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    Cracking result. Was important not to lose today but to win is a real bonus. Couldnt give a monkeys whether we deserved it.. suck it up QPR.
    Will admit to not being impressed with the unchanged line up although it worked well initially as QPR didnt press. Played some good stuff with Byrne particularly impressive...Kazim obviously should have scored but lot of quality wide delivery without someone attacking it. Thereafter QPR overloaded the centre & our effectiveness was neutered.
    Credit to Rooney for bringing Bird on early, a very effective substitution who brought a lot of control & energy and also for changing the formation. Waghorn & McDonald subs also well timed. Quality rearguard action from the back line & midfield with QPR not threatening last 5 mins. Also 2 magnificent saves from Roos, one in each half. 
    5 clear of the bottom three...lets finish off a good few days by making it 3 in a row v Bristol & telling BZG to do one. COYR
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    sheeponacid reacted to 86 Hair Islands in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    In fairness, those stats only tell half the story. Teams don't feel the need to double up on Whittaker the way they often do with Jozwiak, after all.
    It may not have been the most incisive of performances but it was a perfect away win in some regards. A chance came, we took it and then defended really well to ensure the points. If that was a Warnock team we'd be saying a job well done. 
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    sheeponacid reacted to BucksRam in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    Would love our performances to be awesome every game but for me all I care about, especially at this stage, is winning.  No point in being amazing....and losing. Brilliant 3 points.  I'm a happy bunny. 
  17. COYR
    sheeponacid reacted to Steve How Hard? in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    After a bright start we lost our way a bit there in that half. We're still in it though. COYR we can do this. 
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    sheeponacid reacted to jcidaho in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    Square peg in a Sibley shaped hole.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Premier ram in Musicians you go back to time and again   
    Saw Discharge play live in the 80s wow a night never forgotten , absolute mental
  20. Haha
    sheeponacid reacted to Sith Happens in Abu Derby County   
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    sheeponacid reacted to Sinistra ram rousse in Musicians you go back to time and again   
    Hendrix anyone? That's what's we're listing to at the moment. Not a great singer but an absolute wizard on the guitar. Died far too young sadly.
  22. Clap
    sheeponacid reacted to Tyler Durden in Coronavirus   
    No not on here should have made that clear, on social media, word of mouth, my own personal experience.
    I wouldn't call the comments strange just totally lacking any semblance of empathy and an I'm alright thanks Jack selfish mentality. 
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    sheeponacid reacted to Archied in Coronavirus   
    On 22/11/2020 at 19:40,  Eddie said: 
    Just opened our first BIAB order for a while (two arrived on Friday - opened one today and will leave the other one for a few days yet).
    I too was the recipient of a prezzy - a 75 cl bottle of Gulden Draak Brewmaster 2019.
    He must be desperate to keep my custom.
    ============== =============================================================
    Wow Eddie, obviously not breaking any rules but with your stance on covidiot s im really surprised you would put people at risk special ordering  ( from abroad?) with all the dangers that puts workers and drivers in ,something so non essential and self gratifying as foreign BEER ????? , personally no problem with it but maybe takes some padding from under the saddle of a high horse in the spirit of doing all we can to not put others lives at risk.
  24. Clap
    sheeponacid reacted to Archied in Coronavirus   
    Heard somebody say ,,,if your cold don’t expect sympathy from someone who is warm , also how many people who claim the moral high ground are more than happy to order and have delivered stuff they enjoy but are far from essential not caring that that stuff has to processed, packed by workers , handed to delivery drivers with drivers in transit and delivering to many doors ,, may not be breaking the rules but very much in the my poo don’t smell but I’m gonna call everybody else out 
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    sheeponacid reacted to Tyler Durden in Coronavirus   
    This. There are millions of people who have been denied support from the government as the arbitrary dates for furlough eligibility set has excluded them through no fault of their own.
    Cunningly the government have distanced themselves from this and placed the ultimate decision on the employer to decide whether they furlough a member of staff or not. 
    The amount of distasteful comments I've seen showing no empathy whatsover from the people who are fortunate enough to receive furlough towards this group is obscene yet these same people would moan like drains if they weren't getting what they thought was their slice of the pie. 
    Makes me realise what a horrible country we live in now.
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