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    sheeponacid got a reaction from Stagtime in Canberra Raiders   
    He put in a awesome shift...the whole defensive effort shown by the men in green, was one what which wins big games. Some great one on one strips at key moments & a never say die attitude.
    Not really bothered who we face, but I think I’d prefer Melbourne again, although it’s a big ask to turn a team of their calibre over three times on the spin...East’s just look more menacing currently.
    Anyroad it’s going to be a cracking final, & with the spirit that the green machine are running on at the moment, it just could be our year: 
    From my point, it could be a really golden year in league with Salford remarkably in with a real shout of making our final over here...Wigan are definitely beatable, as shown when we ran them close last week. St”s on the other hand just look a step up l. Salford reaching Old Trafford  would give the whole game in & around Manc land a real lift. 
    Its just a shame there’s no tests against the kangaroos this year, as I’m convinced we could turn them over....then again I’ve been thinking that all my life, only to see hope melt. The try by big Mal Meninga at Old Trafford in 1990 still haunts me. Come to think of it, Ricky Stuart owes me for that pass in 1990.
    Cmon Canberra 
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    sheeponacid got a reaction from Stagtime in Canberra Raiders   
    Get in....Great Raiders performance, grand final it is then.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Stagtime in Canberra Raiders   
    Yessss we’re into the GF with 12 men Go you green machine Fck yeah!!!
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    sheeponacid reacted to TigerTedd in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    People with aspergers (of which I'm one, as are several members of my family) suffer with depression. It's quite common. Do you know why? It's because we think logically, like a Vulcan, and logically, what's the point in any of it, we're all just going to die anyway, and the world will eventually be destroyed as the sun goes supernova. I didn't actually know Greta had aspergers, but it makes sense now. Of course she's depressed. She can see the world around her being destroyed. She can see that it can be fixed, and no bugger will do anything about it. It depresses the duck out of me. But you can take a load of happy pills and forget about it, or you can get on with trying to get your message across and do what you can to fix it. She's doing the latter. More power to her. What's more likely to bring about the depression again, someone telling her she's wasting her time, so she probably ought to just stop, or someone encouraging her to get out their and make a difference?
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    sheeponacid reacted to Kennington Ram in Keogh out for the season   
    What a horrid sinking feeling.
    I realise he's a wealthy man but I feel bad for Mel Morris. Time and time again everyone lets him down. What a bunch of Bamfords.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Highgate in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    It's not Greta's 11 year deadline though is it.  It's the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's timescale.  We had 12 years (in 2018) to act or we will miss our target of keeping global warming within 1.5 C overall. 
    It's not a figure that she just made up, it was the opinion of the world's leading climate scientists last year.  Of course their figure could be off, but all the most recent information, including the IPCC report just released detailing how global warming is affecting the oceans and ice-caps, seem to suggest if anything the 11 year, 1.5 C  threshold was an overly optimistic outlook rather than a pessimistic one. 
    I can't understand why any poster would treat the opinions of the most relevant scientists on the subject as if they were some sort of Mayan calendar prediction.
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    sheeponacid reacted to dog in Pets   
    Just to let you know that Jess passed away a few minutes ago. She had gone downhill rapidly today and we took her to the vets. She was surrounded by love as she went
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    sheeponacid reacted to dog in Pets   
    Been better 🦆
    She's breathing heavily at my feet and we're taking her tomorrow afternoon
    Her stomach is distended and she's not eating so we're definitely doing the right thing
    But right things often aren't easy
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    sheeponacid reacted to ilkleyram in Pets   
    On Friday we had to make the same decision about our 11 year old Cocker Spaniel @dog. Many tears have been shed. The younger one misses his mate, I'm looking around for him on walks and force of habit nearly made me put his tea out tonight. I've just spent an hour reliving memories via photographs of walks taken over the years, particularly since I retired. And I have a new screensaver.
    I share your pain. But if there's a small piece of comfort it is that I know it was the correct decision for him.  Not for me perhaps, but certainly for him.  And the memories that he leaves behind are all happy ones not only for me but for the missus and the kids and grand kids for whom he was a significant part of their formative years.  He is remembered with love, joy and laughter as I'm sure your girl will be, and what more could any of us ask?
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    sheeponacid reacted to dog in Pets   
    Just taken her for her penultimate walk to the top of the road. I know that I am doing the right thing
    But this is mourning before mourning at our house
    She was a rescue dog which my wife bought,. Having the hound kept my sanity and because she needed running saved my health as I needed to run with her
    Having a pet is beautiful, but unless it's a tortoise you are destined for a long good bye
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    sheeponacid reacted to ramit in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    The world is badly polluted, the entire ecosystem is at great risk of collapsing.  The greed diseased are destroying the planet for financial gain which in the end buys them nothing.  This has been warned about for a very long time and i find it mind boggling that those who are in denial point to it having been warned about for a very long time as a clear indication that it isn't happening.  People will apparently argue about this issue for some time to come. Countries will not unite under a single cause until everyone can acutely feel the pain and we may not have that much time to react as one planet.
    Questions.  What price are you willing to pay to turn this thing around?  Would you agree to a one world government?  No more countries, just districts?  Even if it means major decisions being taken without you being asked an opinion on them?  The end of democracy?  The end of the money system, a resource based global society?
    i believe this is what may be coming and even as i ask them i am not sure how i feel about those questions, because as i admit this is probably the only way i also know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
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    sheeponacid reacted to ramit in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    i wasn't referring to comments in this thread as such as common rationale i have seen repeatedly on other forums.  i don't know if irreversible damage is due in 11 years, at a later date or has already occurred, i am just convinced that is the path that we are on and have been on for a long time.  We can debate dates while watching the ecosystem crash, but i see no point in it, the fact remains, we have some hard choices to make as a species.
    i didn't add a third option, the one i hope for because i don't see much evidence as of yet of it coming to fruition, that world wide people unite to a common cause, realize we are all in this together, reject an elitist led one world government and form one ourselves with direct democracy, forgo the middle men and finally take responsibility for this planet and it's inhabitants.  We could even keep our countries, our cultures and traditions, but the money system has run it's course, am convinced only a resource based society can answer our future needs.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Highgate in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    I think the fact that without radical action it won't end well for any of us is precisely the point she is trying to highlight.
    She seems self motivated to me.  If she is being pushed from people behind the scenes, beyond what she herself is comfortable with, then of course that is wrong and regrettable.
    But surely it's her message that we should be all discussing, not her personal circumstances or motivations, which none of us can even remotely be sure of.  Why are people digressing?
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    sheeponacid reacted to Highgate in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    I'm going to assume @Hinzy9 and @Sexydadbod are just trolling and address @maxjam's point about China instead. His point is a relevant one. 
    It's true that even if the US and the EU clean up their act completely it won't be enough to prevent catastrophic changes to the global climate.  It would buy us some time and I would never call it pointless, but it's true that if just those two regions became carbon neutral while the rest of the world, including China, carried on as normal then the reductions in GHG emissions would be insufficient and inadequate. 
    I don't see this as a reason for inaction however,  As of 2017 the US still far outstrips China in per capita carbon dioxide emissions, so the US is probably the best place to start implementing the radical changes necessary (after Trump is gone in 2020 hopefully). We can only do what we can to create and facilitate a green economy here and then try to influence other countries to the best of our ability. The case for switching to a green economy is becoming more urgent every year and the argument is becoming easier to make as the penny finally drops for more and more people.
    The Chinese are as aware as anyone to the dire threat that pollution and climate change pose.  How could you be unaware of pollution if you lived in a Chinese city or next to one of it' rivers?  It's all too apparent.  It's just that the population there has no simple way of influencing policy or the shape of the government.  They can't really protest can they?  And yet, seeing as Xi has all but appointed himself as president for life, we must hope that he gets the message somehow.  If he does, the changes will be rapid and determined.  He doesn't seem to do things in half measures. 
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    sheeponacid reacted to 1of4 in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Never been jealous or envious. I've no problem with anyone sending their sprogs to a public school. Just don't think the fees they are willing to pay should be subsidised by the taxpayer.
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    sheeponacid reacted to reverendo de duivel in Greta Thunberg & Extinction Rebellion   
    What sort of world do we live in when it becomes a child's responsibility to open the world's eyes to the destruction of climate change?
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    sheeponacid reacted to Van Gritters in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Surely lying is a qualification for a politician.
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    sheeponacid reacted to AndyinLiverpool in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I read something very interesting (but can't remember the source) that suggested that it's specifically boarding schools that are the cause for ducking us over. You go to boarding school and it's a feral atmosphere of survival. A gauntlet of house masters, bullies etc create a 'kill or be killed' approach to survival, which basically destroys any feelings of empathy. What you are left with a bunch of self-obsessed individuals who continue through adult life with their 'better him than me' attitude. And it's these people that run the country. People who lack basic social skills like empathy but are adept at watching others take the rap, adept at stabbing others in the back, adept at survival at all costs.
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    sheeponacid reacted to dog in Pets   
    Ours is on the way out. The thin balance between enjoying life and suffering has clearly been crossed.
    The vet had said it would be quick and he wasn't wrong. Heart disease
    She didn't have breakfast this morning, she's not walking. 
    Took her to see my folks for the last time this morning
    Had her as a rescue dog eleven years ago so she's done well
    Taking her to the vet on Wednesday
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    sheeponacid reacted to Carnero in Playing out from the Back   
    All we need is some common sense, play out from the back where possible, if nothing is on then go long, preferably to one of the wings.
    It's not rocket science.
    I'm looking at you Kelle Roos.
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    sheeponacid reacted to McRamFan in The Politics Thread 2019   
    You have neatly contradicted yourself.  When you know the facts, please feel free to come back.  Please stop thinking I am a Labour supporter, life is not black or white, unless you are a deluded brexiteer and have to work for someone.
    Going where ever the reaction takes it.  Very few can 'trace' there lineage back to being 'english'.  This land we live in is a bunch of mongrels, interbreeding is rife throughout the centuries.  I just like yanking the short chains of jingoism.
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    sheeponacid reacted to Van der MoodHoover in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I'm seeing some feeds of articles that Farage and his Brexit MEP mob have been "raging" in the European parliament today, calling the Luxembourg PM a "pipsqueak", asking "how DARE he humiliate our PM?", stating that "a clean break was absolutely necessary" and generally being disruptive and heckling.
    Is it just me that hopes we can keep this shower over there in Europe after Brexit? Any chance of weaving that into the withdrawal agreement?
    "We demand a clean break and you won't get your money. Or, you can have your £39bn if you'll keep Farage"...😂
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    sheeponacid reacted to Uptherams in The Politics Thread 2019   
    McRamFan he's one of their own 🤣 
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    sheeponacid reacted to Mafiabob in New NHS Northern Gambling Clinic opening.... my video   
    Thought I’d put this in the RamsTalk section (hope you don’t mind mods) as this was filmed at Pride Park 
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    sheeponacid reacted to McRamFan in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Please get your facts right, otherwise it's simply embarrassing.  Just one for you.
    Australia, Independence on 11 December 1931 Acts of Parliment: Statute of Westminster 1931 and Australia Act 1986
    Papua New Guinea gained independence from Australia on 16 September 1975.
    As for Adolf, his approach was to blame the immigrants, ie the Jews, and his idea was to annex Europe, until Russia stopped him.
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