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  1. 1.) Leeds....I like the football they play but the fans are such **** **** 2) liverpool 3) Forest.....I no longer live in Derby area so the rivalry is a bit diluted 4.) Man Utd 5.) Millwall....purely because of the awful fans
  2. This made me do a lol (it's what the kids say for laughing a lot I think)
  3. They'd have to re record Steve Bloomers watching if we changed to blue......... seems to much hassle
  4. Dursan,Jones and an experienced midfielder (Will Hughes please) would do me. I think long term we need two central defenders and a striker to challenge Colin.....(I still wished we had signed Kiefer Moore)
  5. I have no link so this may get locked, but I had two mates message me that Derby were at Leamington yesterday looking at Sam Osborne, once of Notts County, there was also a mention of it on the unofficial fans page on Facebook....like I say, I have no link. I goto watch Leamington whose ground is about 5 minutes from my house hence the messages.
  6. Probably fairytale and about 500 other songs we need to beat in fairness, I'm not giving up the day job yet
  7. So if a Forest fan singing about Sausage rolls can have 2 Christmas number ones in a row, surely a Derby fan with an actual festive song can have some sort of festive success? 😂 My band Man Made Moon have just released our new single 'Where the stars fall' available on our website, and via streaming sites from the 4th of December, you can hear it at http://manmademoonband.wixsite.com/home/wherethestarsfall Apologies admin if this is classed as spam, quite a few people on hear asked me to keep them updated on our releases and thought this was the easiest way to do it
  8. Totally agree. Wazza could be amazing or awful, so could any manager, even those who have previously done well else where. It's a gamble and I'd be happy with any the top candidates, I kind of hope its Wazza.
  9. Any managerial appointment is a gamble, I thought Pearson would get us up and was dreadful, I thought Lampard was to inexperienced....yes he made mistakes but ducking hell what an enjoyable season. Give it Wazza,cant get any worse,rock bottom and dreadful dreadful football. He could be brilliant,he could be awful....so could anyone
  10. 1 nil down at half time to a Mowatt screamer. Phil receives this WhatsApp from Mel at halftime. 'Soz Phil, enough is enough, you're fired, cheque is in the post, please leave the Lighthouse family CDs I leant you with Wayne' Leroy is put in charge and brings on Ibe and Trialist and we win 4-1. All hail king Leroy......God I'm tired
  11. Yes, I was talking about the Derby goal which the topic is about, it didn't say also discuss the Forest goal! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Derby goal no...waghorn in an offside position and does enough to distract the keeper (even though he wouldn't of got near it) I'd of been furious if it was the other way round and given.
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