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  1. The Fox and Vivian in town is run by a Season ticket holder, will be back there after the game Monday. Theres a few who I've played football with, my current team is full of Leeds,Villa and Cov fans, i did enjoy putting on the whats app group for our last game of the season we needed to win to win the league 'Good luck today lads, don't do a Leeds'
  2. No i wasn't, i go to watch Leamington usually though
  3. I was going to travel from Leamington by train but I've got a lift now. Leam will be packed with Villa fans.
  4. My Leeds friends facebook status last night. "Derby deserve to go up. Diving, cheating, and bringing the game in to disrepute. Suits the Premier League."
  5. leamram

    Watchable telly

    Just binge watched the brilliant Line of duty from the start, wasn't prepared for Kate's kids having Forest scarves up in their rooms in season 5..what a twist, i liked her up until then!
  6. Its brand new, just under £800 Its so nice, I've wanted one for about 2 years, cant wait to use it on stage.
  7. Just purchased this from rattle and drum in Derby (The guitar not the drawers or lamp) Gretsch G5622T
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