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  1. I spend too much time either on football manager or designing kits for football manager....these are my current ones
  2. Aww...thanks mate, it was bloody weird to do
  3. I'm doing a live one on Monday if anyone is so bored they want to put themselves through it. I'm not on the same level as others in this thread but should be fun https://m.facebook.com/manmademoonband
  4. It will be Chelsea proving my theory the draw is fixed
  5. I really enjoy ghost investigation programs up until they start investigating ghosts (or faking it in Most Haunteds case) as I enjoy all the stories and myths. I dont believe in ghosts and mediums and animal whispering etc..are just con men, its just clever mentaliam. The medium in the paranormal investigation program I'm watching called 'Help my house is haunted' (I think all the decent names had been used) who in previous episodes picked up on someone who liked a drink in a pub,a window where people look out of and some sort of battle at a castle,has just picked up on a priest and singing in a church....its amazing
  6. The free download period has stopped now, looking at the website stats there was about 20 people visited from here yesterday but after we set it to buy again, as we’ve had quite a lot of traffic over the last few days for various positive reasons. We are on spotify etc..so you can listen on there and the more follows on there and fb the better it is for the band, all links are on the website Thanks for all the kind words and likes etc.. COYR
  7. Best way is to subscribe to the website or follow on our fb,Twitter etc.. Felt like it might be spamming if I started a thread 🤷‍♂️
  8. Thanks mate,we're doing a new EP this year and a few big gigs to announce (big for us)
  9. I take it back, we've signed 3 Wayne Rooney's Against Barnsley I'll go Hamer Wisdom Davies Clarke Lowe Rooney Bird Rooney Holmes Knight Rooney
  10. It was...they also think if we get a half decent manager we'll be flying up the league 🤷‍♂️
  11. According to a Stoke forum he was played out of position at right back for a bit of the season. They dont rate him and aren't bothered about him leaving
  12. This is ridiculous, it's now 3 minutes since you posted this and still no one....Cocu out
  13. I agree,its the lack of positives that worries me, if I could see a game plan and i actually thought the right players coming in could change it round and turn us into a force, i may be more positive,but I would very surprised if it did....I hope to be proven wrong.
  14. This is my favourite post of the year. I'm amazed at the divide of opinions on in or out
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