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  1. leamram

    Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Its brand new, just under £800 Its so nice, I've wanted one for about 2 years, cant wait to use it on stage.
  2. leamram

    Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Just purchased this from rattle and drum in Derby (The guitar not the drawers or lamp) Gretsch G5622T
  3. What was our ticket allocation out of interest?
  4. leamram

    Word Association game

  5. leamram

    Bands FC

    Heard these guys on Radio 6 the other day, great idea and some really cool badges Death Cab for Cutie is the only Rams one on there, best one is probably the stone roses but its sadly Man Utd (I’m going to make a Derby one for my band I reckon) https://bandsfc.com/
  6. leamram

    Cat thread

    My Cat looks like Patrick Stewart (Catrick Stewart)
  7. leamram

    Snake City watch

    Their forum is calling for Rowett to start giving some youth players a chance...good luck with that one!
  8. leamram

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    Midnight man...a generous 3 out of 10 (Avatar remains the worst film I've ever seen)

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