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  1. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Matlock Town or Man Utd? Tough choice. And there's some on here saying he's poorly advised.
  2. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Could you post a link please? thanks
  3. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    This is a terrific story (and explains the Celtic shirts)... http://www.eltnews.com/columns/patontheback/2013/06/reamonn_gormley_thai_tims.html
  4. From the BBC... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-41966741 The owners of Leicester City Football Club are reportedly being sued for £323m over money owed to the Thai government. A criminal court in Bangkok accepted the case against King Power International on Monday, according to Reuters news agency.
  5. Keogh Ledley Vydra update

    This thread really made me laugh. Some of you lot ought to be on the telly.
  6. QPR FFP Fine

    As we're kind of talking about 'Arry - this from The Sunday Times.... "America's stock market regulator has warned that it may prosecute celebrities for promoting cryptocurrency deals, in the latest sign of concern that a $200 billion dotcom-style bubble is forming. Public figures from Paris Hilton to Harry Redknapp have taken to social media to promote initial coin offerings - an unregulated form of crowdfunding that has become a wildly popular mechanism to raise money". Paris Hilton?! Harry Redknapp?! With expert financial pundits like that involved it's gotta be worth a punt, surely?
  7. Chris Martin

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I really don't need yet another Chris Martin thread.
  8. Thoughts on Lawrence so far

    I thought we'd found a replacement for Ince re: set pieces. But he's become inconsistent - some corners yesterday didn't beat the first man - that's a basic. I really want him to succeed but he looks like the pressure's getting to him. So maybe give him a rest.
  9. What would you have done differently?

    I'd have gone Christmas shopping
  10. QPR FFP Fine

    Really interesting read - it's good to know that their rule-breaking has brought them nothing but misery. Great insights into 'Arry but most of all into Fernandez's ambitions to use QPR as a vehicle to promote globally his airline. Had to chuckle at the bit about QPR being everyone's second favourite team - that's nonsense. They're disliked or disregarding by fans of other London teams, and nobody north of Watford could give a damn about them.
  11. Mark Sampson

    The Aluko issue is IMO a clash of cultures - White working class versus metropolitan educated liberal (she's a lawyer). His culture puts 3 sugars in tea, hers drinks matcha green. His refers to woman as "love", hers looks down at anybody using such vulgar, sexist labels. Her culture is in the ascendency especially in the modern workplace. I don't think he was ever going to survive the Aluko issue but he's given his employer a real issue to fire him - having - allegedly - a clandestine relationship with an employee.
  12. 30,000 Flags a'flappin'

    Well done - great job - at the end of the game do we leave them or take them?
  13. Come on Palace

  14. Come on Palace

    Re: the 8,000 at Blackburn... As a fan this wasn't the worst season - once we'd recalibrated our expectations the camaraderie was great. A mate of mine was a Man City fan when they were a normal club - when they were in the third division (after being a top league club) they lost home and away to Wycombe - he said that season was memorable as a fan with loads of gallows humour at games. Our last game - wasn't it a 3:0 home defeat to Reading? - I'm sure we cheered all their goals.
  15. Come on Palace

    I've been quietly wishing the same thing but daren't speak it out loud. I'm not as pessimistic as some posters - Palace's confidence must be shot already and no-one will want to join them in January. Plus they're already worse than us in some respects - we got a point AND scored 2 goals in our first home game. I remember thinking at the time "I reckon we'll do alright this season". Jeez what a foolish and naive optimist I was back then.

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