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  1. Bessie1

    The 12th Ram Derby County Supporters

    Please no! Thank goodness they'll only be a few away fans to mock us.
  2. Bessie1

    Will it be on?

    Surgeons walking 3 hours to get to work. Care workers braving blizzards to reach the elderly and infirm. Nurses sleeping in hospital corridors. Derby fans maybe going to the match even though it's a bit chilly and they can't find their gloves. Heroes, all of them.
  3. Bessie1

    QPR away who is going

    Top clubs like Derby have under pitch heating so cold weather's no problem. Mind you, that's TOP clubs - not sure about the likes of The 'Oops.
  4. Bessie1

    12 games to avoid FFP sanctions?

    Oops! Ramblur's analysis was in the "surprised embarrassed etc" thread.
  5. Bessie1

    12 games to avoid FFP sanctions?

    @ramblur posted some good stuff on this subject in the "selling the Crown Jewels" thread. He had to make some assumptions but in a nutshell he showed that the legacy of past (over)spending likely played a big part in this season's ins and outs. It's to GR's credit that he's not moaned or made excuses.
  6. Bessie1

    Stadium atmosphere

    I'm at back of South Stand near SW corner. Singing starts at the other side of the South Stand and a few of us join in fairly early to try and expand it into our side. Doesn't always work though. What would improve things... No pensioner or kid discount season tickets in South Stand. Be prepared to join in, even if you feel a fool - it's amazing how a handful of folks joining in can get others around them involved. I wonder if everybody is waiting for somebody else to join in. Sometimes we're too darned English. Call out the moaners/abusers if safe to do so. I'm right near the back so I can shout out to those 4 or 5 rows in front of me - one guy kept calling Ince a lazy c-word last season - I shouted "give the lad some encouragement" and he shut up. I was only brave cos' he was quite a few rows in front so wouldn't know who had said this - for all he knew I could have been a hard-nut (instead of the shandy-drinking 10-stone southerner that I really am). Plus, of course, the abusers are cowards aren't they? Tell BJ to his face that he can't pass? No chance. Shout it out from the safety of a crowd? Yeah, sure.
  7. Bessie1

    Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Earlier this week BBC East Midlands News pointed out that forest have 1 point less than at this point last season. And last season was a bit of a nail-biter I seem to recall!
  8. Bessie1

    Surprised. Embarrassed. Frustrated.

    Honestly, this post needs to be prominently displayed on dcfcfans so it can be clearly seen every time people moan about GR selling or loaning out players.

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