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  1. Yes, I have a monthly sub for those flights as well 😄
  2. With my 30€ subscription I can watch two pre-season friendlies this month (not the Manutd one though, as it is UK only), so I can't really complain, can I? I mean 15€ per game is great value, right? And in August they let me see 3 out of 6 competetive games. Brilliant! Unfortunately I have no choice but keep on subscribing as I would hardly ever see Rams or Championship at all here in Finland. We're not a Dark Market but when it comes to Championship in practice we are. I guess it is just a case of three and a half pints less every month...
  3. It's a gamble but it could work! He's been here for awhile. He's one of the few (in recent seasons) to get mad on the pitch when things get sour. He can be dirty and wake up the team. He can make something out of nothing. If he gets Keogh's eyes I'm defitanely sold. Also people hate him, always a bonus.
  4. He's too busy doing his best Butterfield imitation, again.
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