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  1. RebelScum

    Rogue Trooper film

    One of my favorite characters, loved the stories "All hell on the Dix-I front" and "From hell to eternity" South Side YEAH!
  2. RebelScum

    The Derby Ram Song

    I have never understood why this isn't our signature song??? It's why we are called The Rams! I think it's a great song and there are some very good versions out there!
  3. RebelScum

    Derby County Norway Supporters Club

    Had a drink with these guys a couple of times over the years both in the Neptune and The Waterfall... Really good bunch, friends with some on FB. Our large fan base in Norway is due to the fact that they only had one tv channel on the '70s and used to show our 1st Division games on a Saturday.
  4. RebelScum

    New Kit Sponsor - 32Red

    I've not read through the entire thread but I have no doubt that it has been discussed. I have always been pleased that Derby have never had betting or god forbid a pay-day loan company as a sponsor. Hey-ho!
  5. RebelScum

    Worst foul you ever saw on a Derby player?

    Mickey Lewis in the mid 80s... TBH don't remember that much about it (or even if it was a foul) just remember that he had a spasm whilst on the ground. Shaun Barker by Mad Frankie Fielding against forest May 2012 😎 Is Frank Lampard our manager yet?
  6. Empathise with this as I remember asking my Dad about it, and he said that he was glad when he went as he was a big-mouth. Not saying I agree, just another side to counter the nostalgia over recent years. So, for me it's: Steve Mac (1st)- Newcastle came looking and all he apparently said was 'you can never say never...' well, I think that's wise words, he could be sacked the next week or in the next decade, why burn bridges? Nigel Clough - Treated disgustingly after he had steadied the ship! and I would say he is in a minority in that he genuinely had an affection for Derby. I often wonder how he would have fared with a transfer budget? (Didn't like the way he would publicly ridicule the players).
  7. RebelScum

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Doesn't Uncle 'arry live on the same street as our Mel?
  8. RebelScum

    Next manager, who would you like in charge?

    Where the hootin-heck has this come from? http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/05/23/some-derby-county-fans-call-for-the-return-of-billy-davies/
  9. RebelScum

    Who is the best support band you have ever seen live?

    The Cropdusters supporting The Men They Couldn't Hang. Year: 1988 Venue: Confetties Derby Student Union May Ball
  10. RebelScum


    Last August I was prepared for it to be a 'transitional' season in which we start the rebuild but will linger around the mid table position with nothing to play for. Instead, we are in a position where there is something to fight for right up to the final game in May. The reality of this is that the expected rebuild hasn't happened, the players brought in, with the exception of Lawrence are quick fixes and therefore, if we don't go up we will be in a much worse position for 2018/19. Hey-ho!
  11. RebelScum

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    Not unforgettable but probably the most disappointing was Albentosa. He came with a big fanfare, do you remember the "Albentosa Signs!" video with him arriving at the ground with the tune 'Baby, I don't know" by Pnau playing. Shame he never settled here. I was back in Derby a few years ago and saw him wandering around Westfields looking lost... I wanted to give him a hug!
  12. RebelScum

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    The Book Thief. Very good, thought the young actress, Sophie Nelisse was excellent.
  13. RebelScum

    After-Shave/Eau de Toillette (Fragrance)

    Old Spice - Classic smell, iconic bottle! Wont use nothin else!
  14. RebelScum

    Get To Know Each Other

    Exiled (in the forces) for the last 23 years after being made redundant from the railway. Left-winger, drinks too much and a snappy dresser!
  15. RebelScum

    Derby fallers

    It's a play on words, an 'idiom' if you will - referring to the Epsom Derby in which horses 'fall'... It's quite clever really.

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