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  1. I'm the geezer on the fence in the white t-shirt with the decent haircut πŸ˜‰
  2. And it will all start again! It seems that managers are always publicly promised time and sacked 10 months later. We finished lower in the league in Mr Clough's first season. Keep the faith.
  3. Blade Runner - Roy Batty's "tears in rain" speech played by Rutger Hauer, who I believe altered the script on the eve of shooting.
  4. The fictional blogger... I hope that's who you mean (not the actor)? πŸ˜•
  5. Intelligent and reasoned people believe leaving Europe will be a good thing which I accept. I was only referring to the masses, who leading up to the referendum and in the years following were very vocal in the press on the radio and especially on social media about 'The Empire' and 'we stood alone!' etc. as if this had any meaning or even relevance. Didn't want to start a political debate - I just took the opportunity to get a cheap shot in!
  6. Anthropoid WW2 story of the assassination of SS General Reinhard Heydrich, the main architect behind the Final Solution and the Reich's third in command after Hitler and Himmler. in 1943 he was sent to stamp Nazi authority on the people of Czechoslovakia. The films really draws you in and makes you think about what people in Nazi occupied countries had to endure, flag waving Brexiteers who think we stood alone and Europe owes us etc. should watch! I have never really understood why they did this considering the repercussions, but I guess there is always a bigger picture involved in these things. Bit of trivia, 'Anthropoid' means resembling a human being - fitting as the film stars Cillian 'cold as ice' Murphy.
  7. He hasn't really though has he... Minor and petty point, but I haven't posted for a while. 😎
  8. This reminds me of when we signed Paul Mcgrath, what was he 36, 37? Never has a player played so few games for Derby and be so loved!
  9. I went to my first game in the late 70's, cant remember much about it except we drew (0-0?) because I remember saying that it will be replayed next week and having to have the difference between league and cup matches explained. So it must be the Archie Gemmil free kick against forest in 1982... That's not too bad though is it?
  10. RebelScum


    Found Belle in a cardboard box at the side of a road whilst I was based in Cyprus, she was less that a week old so what was I going to do? Suffice to say she has behavioral issues. Despite raising the garden fence to 10 foot she could still leap over and terrorize the neighbors. Food that was cooking on BBQs and children's tea off their plates was her specialty. Once while I was out looking for her I was confronted by my rather angry 2IC who went into detail about what he would do if she "attacked" his children again. Managed to get her back to the UK as a rescue dog - but it still cost me a packet. Named her after the childrens tv show Belle and Sebastian.
  11. RebelScum


    Guy's with this weekend marking the 100 year since the end of WW1 I thought I'd see what peoples views were. I personally haven't missed a Remembrance Day Parade since 1987, in recent years it has been perhaps more poignant as I have watched friends getting on the plane home in wooden boxes. Is the RBL insistence that everything stops for two minutes at 11 o'clock on 11 November wrong? I think so, it's too much, often in the working week and therefore very much unworkable. Observing Remembrance Sunday should, IMO be the only act of Remembrance. Also, after this year should we focus less on WW1? Yes, it was utter carnage (so was Waterloo - and that also kept us free), but now it is not in living memory and is consigned to our history. I think that the date of 11 November should remain significant, and therefore the second Sunday in November should be the date of Remembrance for all who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Thoughts on a Friday?
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