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  1. RebelScum

    Declining attendances

    So much of a clubs revenue is now generated by TV / subscription that they need to dramatically lower matchday prices to reflect this and generate more interest in actually going to the game.
  2. RebelScum

    Commonly known phrases..

    Nah! My understanding is that it refers to 'Duke' or an old English (Saxon?) word Ducas. Both are terms of respect.
  3. RebelScum

    Your celebrity crush...

    Kylie M, Nicola Stapleton, Vanessa Paradis... There are alot more - but I would end up looking a bit stalker-ish 😳
  4. RebelScum

    Walk Out Music

    Can't get used to losing you Andy Williams / The Beat Not really walk out music though is it!
  5. RebelScum

    RamsTV Feedback

    I hate the fact that the Radio Derby coverage only starts when the team comes out, which means that you have to close down listening to Radio Derby on the net when they stops broadcasting and log on to RamsPlayer... which can be distressing. I vehemently disagree with the fact that football league games can not be broadcast over the internet!
  6. RebelScum

    Favourite TV Commercials.

    Recently I thought the Haven advert with the two girls cycling round was pretty cool and clever (music by Portugal the Man). I tried to recreate it with my twins a couple of weeks back when they were there.
  7. RebelScum

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    "Come on the train did you? From London?... Ahhh, hitchhicked... One nil to me!... And your name is... Michael Jackson... 'Gonna need more plastic surgery Michael"
  8. RebelScum

    1946 FA cup team

    Wow! I'd get that framed if I were you.
  9. RebelScum

    1946 FA cup team

    You starting another venture and getting the '46 shirt signed by all?
  10. RebelScum

    Walk Out Music

    Ok, both Duracell and Roymac have alluded to this... What do we actually want? 1. An 'Anthem' that is ours and always will be like clubs such as West Ham, Liverpool and even that club at the dirty end of the A52 have. This could be the Dambusters, SBW or something like Mr Brightside like last season. 2. Changing the walk out music every season or so to keep it fresh, but still playing SBW and the Dambusters at some point pre-match (what we do at the mo). This debate is something that I have felt passionately about since the mid '80s and for me is more important than results on the pitch! 😁
  11. RebelScum

    Walk Out Music

    Because the Dambusters is very much connected with Derby (Ladybower Res and Barnes Wallis)... Pay attention 😉 Then again, I suppose the Spitfire's RR Merlin engines were designed and built in Derby... Bit of a long shot though init!
  12. RebelScum

    Derby County Flags

    I'd be interested to know where that guy is based, I've been tri-service since 2006 (can't do real Army 😜)
  13. RebelScum

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    As the Sgt Mgr Arthur Cox once said... "As soon as I've signed a player I'm looking to replace him!"
  14. Things I remember about that game are; the Referee was awful, the away end seating area had no seats and walking over a bridge going back to the station after the game and looking down on the sheer number of Derby fans.
  15. RebelScum

    Rogue Trooper film

    One of my favorite characters, loved the stories "All hell on the Dix-I front" and "From hell to eternity" South Side YEAH!

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