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  1. Crystal - New Order (well it's The Killers init 🤣)
  2. More up-beat at the possibility of staying up. We may only need to draw on Saturday and if we can't be motivated to do that, well... But TBH, it's the way we play that upsets me! (Don't think I need to elaborate).
  3. Yes! I was pondering after the match yesterday that it has never been this bad (in my living memory). The financial situation (we came within seconds of being wound up) and subsequent relegation to the third tier of English football in 1984 is when I really started being passionate about Derby - there was so much fighting spirit!. And then the time of the 3 amigo's - well, it just doesn't seem as bad as it is now.
  4. It's Encona dammit! 😜... Always use it to spice up a snack of beans on toast! x
  5. 1940s - 'Glenn Miller and his Orchestra' 1950s - Dave Brubeck 'Time Out' 1960s - 'Velvet Underground & Nico' 1970s - Buzzcocks 'Going Steady' - Although 'Big War Movie Themes' was the album I played the most in the 70's 🤣 1980s - 'The Stone Roses' - If it had been released a year later The Smiths would have got this with 'Hatful of Hollow' 1990s - Nirvana 'Nevermind' 2000s - The Killers 'Hot Fuss' 2010s on - Struggling now, I think the way I listen to music changed, I've never heard it but Adele's 21 must be somewhere and anything by 1 Direction 'cos my d
  6. "Time at the bar (time to go now)" Song by The Men They Couldn't Hang...
  7. All right guy's, crack open a cold one, step outside and look in... things make sense when you do
  8. A genuinely top-guy! When I was on my first tour of Afghan my wife was invited to meet him, she was very nervous and took a great deal of persuading to go. She said that he walked up to her and said something to immediately put her at ease - these are what his infamous 'gaffs' were done for. RIP x
  9. Just finished the second series of Snowpiercier - really enjoyed it (it may be an acquired taste). Dystopian, political, megalomaniac and a big duck-off train - what's not to like? Be a good idea to watch the movie first.
  10. The men who stare at goats Really enjoyed it on a watchable, easy-going type thing. I'm ex Psyops though.
  11. Jenny Powell (No Limits) but she has been claimed already Joanie Cunningham (Happy Days) she has also already been claimed So, I'll go for Kimberley Drummand (Different Strokes) Surprised no one has owned up to Pat Sharps Fun House twins😅
  12. I was just thinking that only 10 minutes ago!
  13. I was going to respond to the original post but didn't. My wife is what is called strawberry blonde and so are my twin daughters. Even Before I met my wife I used to cringe at people saying foxes p!ss - just seemed so infantile! Many years ago while at the start of my military career I was on my trade course and my wife took a job as a cleaner in the Royal Signals School, a group on an upgrader course had this corporal - a black guy who was special forces and who made her life hell! She used to be in tears at night. she once asked him why he hated her and if he carried on she have to wou
  14. Very sobering when players from that era pass - Rob Hindmarch a few years back. As has been said - it's no age to go! Funny, but my only real memory of Mickey was an evening match at the Baseball Ground where he was badly tackled and had a spasm on the pitch. RIP
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