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  1. I find this strange. I would have thought the game should have been rearranged like all the other league games that have been? Surely Rotherham would of had enough players from their U123s/18s to play our fixture?
  2. It's crazy isn't it? How can a club like Derby not be able to sustainably afford a squad good enough to compete at the top of the 2nd Division. No idea why anyone would want to waste so much money on us.
  3. Has anyone from the club advised that we don't have a budget? I thought Rooney had mentioned targets in one of his interviews. That would suggest we do have intentions of making signings.
  4. I'd be more than happy for Mel to stay in control of the club. His intention has always been to invest in the academy. If we end up selling some of the players that come through then I would have thought that is a good thing as long as the money is reinvested in the squad. We are currently paying for living beyond our means.
  5. Be interesting to see what the outcome of the EFL investigation is on this. So far they have another player that has tested positive and have not called their Boxing Day game off yet. Cannot find what the covid rules are anywhere but hey have 29 players listed in their first team squad.
  6. Let's go crazy and play them both. Tell Jose/Buchanon and Tom/Byrne to run down the wing, create overlaps and cross the ball in to them...
  7. I think 442 is worth a try. We get crosses in but there is nobody in the box. We've got a lump, stick Whittaker/Sibley/JHI/Stretton next to him and let's see if we can trouble a defence.
  8. I think Cocu did have a say. He wanted a better centre forward, centre half and attackers. He didn't get them. Centre half is either not good enough or needs more time to settle so he has to take the blame for that. But we have no money to spend.
  9. I think it's quite simple really. The players are not good enough. We finished mid table last year and the squad has got worse. It's been getting worse for several years now. The full backs and centre forward positions are not as strong as last year. Our best midfielder hasn't played in midfield and the youngsters are struggling. I had big hope's that Waghorn and Lawrence would sort us out but they were terrible last night. If Bielik doesn't play well when he's back then I cannot see how we can improve.
  10. Gutted. Think the club have made a mistake here. Long term thinking doesn't always get short term results. I'm convinced the team would not have gone down.
  11. I think it's quite simple really the players are not good enough and the squad is worse than last year in my opinion. We are therefore doing worse than last year. When everyone is fit and available we will progress up the league; I'm sure we will not go down but will be no more than mid table until we get better players. Question is really will a change of manager improve where we finish in the league significantly I.e. get us up. If not will the next manager be able to attract better players so we improve next year when we have more funds? I think Cocu will be able to attract better
  12. I should be clearer and say a centre forward who can play up there on his own. I was hopeful Waghorn could but he cannot.
  13. Has Cocu had a fit mobile forward thinking midfielder to get the ball to our attackers quicker. He also has not had a fit mobile centre forward. Until he gets both the system will not be very effective but Mel and the scouting team know that.
  14. Mel is backing him because he's doing as Mel has asked with the academy players and squad. We've generally sold players or players have left that are better than their replacements. Combine that with the young players not playing well, injuries (everyone must have seen Lawrence made a difference) and some signings not being fit we currently have a worse team than last year. We're not going down, we're not going up, so please let's get some stability.
  15. We might have asked already and simply cannot afford it? We must have approached other centre forwards before we ended up with CKR?
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