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  1. What's changed with Mr Morris? We've been losing £39m over three years by design under him to sail as close to ffp as possible. That's over £1m a month. Why pull the the plug now?
  2. We needed someone on the board that could have stopped this lunacy. Someone stopping them and asking where the money is going to come from?
  3. They wanted to punish us last time with points didn't they? But reluctantly agreed, based on the outcome of us doing not a great deal wrong other than not making it clear what we were doing, to give us a £100,000 fine expecting to nail us this time. Shame we can't up and move to the Belgium or Dutch League. Might win something and drink some decent (Belgium) beer....
  4. I wonder how we are financially now, in terms of being self sufficient. I know we lost a load of money due to the pandemic but I had a look at 2018 and we had a revenue of just under £30m I think. We now have a smaller squad with a low budget. I wonder if we are now actually self sufficient and as such Mr Morris is happy for this to continue until January.
  5. Its not said if teh accoutns will be published or not before the decision is made. You would have thought we could have visibility of them now the EFL have confirmed we met the deadline?
  6. I'm hopeful this is what the EFL want to give us but we're going to appeal. But, like numerous people have said, it's all hearsay until we see the accounts.
  7. Great point tonight. Seemed like tremendous support from our away support watching on TV. Maybe that's what got us over the line.
  8. Masks are not compulsory but are advised to help stop the virus spreading. The vaccine isn't compulsory but advised to help stop the virus spreading.
  9. We are due a bit of luck and beat Norwich at their gaff last year when we got some. WBA 0-1 Mighty Rams.
  10. Not sure if this is in the right place but I wanted to make Derby fans aware of the recommended guidelines - including wearing a mask. The TVs in the stadium advise wearing a mask but the vast majority of people do not. I can see us not being allowed in soon and mask wearing may help prevent that, but more importantly may prevent us losing more family/friends to the virus. https://www.efl.com/news/2021/september/keeping-fans-safe-at-efl-matches/
  11. Mistake by Buchanan and a lucky deflection pass gives them the goals. I thought it was good to see a bit of fight in Lawrence. Another day we would not have lost but we need to be more of a threat. I still think with this squad, if we are not adrift and Bielik gets fit this year we'll stay up. If Bielik plays tonight we win.
  12. I hope its like the home kit but yellow replacing the white 🤞
  13. Didn't leave on 42 yesterday to get a beer. Left when the whistle went just to try it again. Queue was massive when I got there. Queued all half time and did not get served. What a joke. My lad went down in the second half to get a coke and all shut. Much less covid risk going down early in my opinion. Hardly anyone wearing masks again despite the TVs asking everyone to again.
  14. I've got mine sorted. We renewed last year so mine was free. Had to pay for the 9 year old - last year Rams Squad membership gave a free season ticket but no biggy really (they refunded the Rams Squad payment ages ago but I need to check still). I also got a free one for my five year old. First time we have three in the immediate family 🥳 So we are adding extra to the attendance COYR! Interestingly I was told I cannot upgrade the 5 year old ticket if my 11 year old daughter occasionally wants to come instead. They are non exchangeble or something or other. Seems daft to me as the 5 year old will not be at mid week games and the 11 year old likes any reason to stay up late!
  15. I talk to people who have been to the game or seen it on TV and its like they have been to a different game. We all see it differently.
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