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  1. The government advice is to carry on so the efl should until the virus prevents it. The season lasts longer than the Premier league due to the play offs so we need to crack on otherwise we'll be spending a July weekend at Wembley 😉
  2. We'll play Davies at CB, their cf is 6 foot 6 and they are direct.
  3. Birmingham Charge has been dismissed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51773298 Birmingham City have avoided a second points deduction in two seasons after an independent disciplinary commission dismissed an EFL misconduct charge. The charge, which was in relation to an alleged breach of an agreed business plan, was brought against the Championship club in January. The EFL said in a statement the decision is "subject to an appeal". Birmingham were deducted nine points last season for breaking profitability and sustainability rules. The club, who had denied the
  4. It was awful again last night. I wish they would not do it for the first 20 mins away from home full stop. Hamer takes too long on the ball as does Clarke, Davies can't do it but it's not just about the keeper and the two centre backs. We are doing it to make the whole team used to the way we play and hopefully they will improve next year. The new centre back will be better at it next year. They'll be on the look out for a suitable keeper as well.
  5. Don't think Luton fans will think they are the best two full backs in the division.
  6. I've got a ticket for the Luton game only 50 left when I got one 😔đŸ¤ŖđŸ‘ē(edit:tried to put a smiley face phone won't let me delete these) Northampton sold out before it got to us plain old season ticket holders ☚ī¸
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