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  1. Lets hope the panel allow us to to resubmit the P&S calculations and they are within the limits. Mr Morris can then hand the EFL its arse on a plate and we can all drink and be merry. I keep getting flash backs of Forsyth knocking that ball down to Paterson. Hopefully those thoughts will be gone by the time this is all resolved...
  2. This is all very strange. If the accounts will comply with FFP in either ammortisation formats then this whole process has been a waste of everyones time and money. I must be missing something
  3. They'll be loads of managers wanting to manage us. We're a decent sized club with facities to attract players. Just on a bit of a slump at the moment. You could almost say it would be a free hit for a manager if he were to fail.
  4. I'm hoping we'll get enough from the Blackburn/Preston games to be very nearly safe. If Bielik had stayed fit we would already be safe in my opinion but no more than that. We have been very poor this season. But if we get enough points to stay up then of course we deserve to.
  5. We'll play like we did second half against Brentford, run out easy winners and someone will start a play off thread again.
  6. Regardless of the manager the players are not good enough. He needs to keep it simple, stop changing tactics/team all the time and get to 50 points. When he does that send the loans back (keep the ones we might try and buy) and play the youngsters.
  7. The problem with this lies with fans expectation and funding. We as Derby fans think Derby should be in the top division or at the top of this division. We as Derby fans cannot afford to pay the players that are good enough to be at that level (and alot of us think season ticket prices are too much). Multiply that to virtually every club in the country and you find the problem. It is a problem that cannot be solved unless: 1. all funding at all football clubs is shared so size and fanbase becomes irrelevant. No chance 2. fans realise, expect and accept the standard of playe
  8. I would stick with most of the team that has played most of the recent games. So I'd switch Bird for Baningime. I'd get Robert's in for Waghorn. But I'd only do it if they are match fit, if not, the same team should start.
  9. No idea why anyone would want to own us. If we want to be competitive at the top of this league we will lose millions each year. If we get promoted we will lose even more. We can't sustain our own ambition.
  10. I was as distraught as any after last night but if we keep up the same form as the last 12 games I think we will be OK. What worries me more than anything is if we can keep that form without Bielik as we have quality in the midfield. Hopefully the lad from Everton will improve things.
  11. I find this strange. I would have thought the game should have been rearranged like all the other league games that have been? Surely Rotherham would of had enough players from their U123s/18s to play our fixture?
  12. It's crazy isn't it? How can a club like Derby not be able to sustainably afford a squad good enough to compete at the top of the 2nd Division. No idea why anyone would want to waste so much money on us.
  13. Has anyone from the club advised that we don't have a budget? I thought Rooney had mentioned targets in one of his interviews. That would suggest we do have intentions of making signings.
  14. I'd be more than happy for Mel to stay in control of the club. His intention has always been to invest in the academy. If we end up selling some of the players that come through then I would have thought that is a good thing as long as the money is reinvested in the squad. We are currently paying for living beyond our means.
  15. Be interesting to see what the outcome of the EFL investigation is on this. So far they have another player that has tested positive and have not called their Boxing Day game off yet. Cannot find what the covid rules are anywhere but hey have 29 players listed in their first team squad.
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